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Put simply this is the devotional song of the One Love Family. In essence, it is Guru Maharaj Ji Himself. It is a chance to beg for fresh opportunities, to send new petitions to the Creator. As it is sung daily, it offers the scope for the renewal of pledges and commands a profound surrender value: It brings us to a point where the consciousness of Guru Maharaj Ji is again re-enacted for our growth, good health and prosperity. If followed carefully and sung respectfully, its ability to swallow human encumbrances is unique. It also helps to resolve differences previously harbored about others.



    ARTI is an ocean of pure vibrations and is either sung in the physical presence of Guru Maharaj Ji or before the alters as a closing remark. It extracts major confessional visionary statements from many who are tormented by evil spirits, dementia or other ailments previously hidden. And this is because evil forces find the purity of the vibrations uncompromising. Its capacity to heal is a matter of natural efficacy.

     The ARTI has been sung from time immemorial by Devotees of Past Masters. It was sung at the time of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna and all the Past Masters. Each time a person sings the ARTI before his or her Altar (The photograph of The Lord Satguru Maharaj Ji with fresh flowers in a clean glass of water by the side) in the home or at any places and time, all problems disappear. The effect is ultimate when ARTI is sung while kneeing down, but one should be extremely careful not to do so with the photograph of the past Masters that have died and or living. because you cannot milk a dead cow. Since there is no vacuum in life.

     Today, Maharaj Ji is the ultimate cover against all dangers. Wherever you are, in Africa, Russia, China, Europe, United States of America. Australia etc., sing ARTI and by the Grace of MAHARAJ JI things will never fall apart. As the world transits to a New Age of Peace and Abundance for all otherwise known as (The Golden Age), the expired era (Age) in whose lifetime mankind was led astray to soil and pollute himself to the detriment of his divine access to peace and happiness, has its leaders insisting on wasting as many people as they possible can. Fixated at different levels of diabolical plots and heinous conspiracies designed to keep the world perpetually under their calamitous control, leaders of the spent Age of Destruction are trying all they possibly can to extend its longevity beyond its cosmic lifespan. Their determination to exercise control on our world is costing many lives Indeed, the daily loss of priceless lives in colossal numbers to war, disease, poverty, frustration and more across the globe, is part of the core objective of their wicked agenda.

     From the harmonious dawn of human civilization, there has been a very powerful and divine (Devotional Song) used by man to protect himself from adversity. That song is ARTI! Spiritual Knowledge is Power!! ARTI is the Sanskrit Language name of the most powerful devotional song in Creation that attracts total and perfect spiritual grace and protection to man’s life and his endeavors. Be it by singing or by reading it first thing in the morning and at night before going to bed, ARTI calls the omnipotent capacity of The Supreme Spirit or (Source of Life) who is always physically present on earth in human form. (i.e.,) manifest in the human vessel of His divine choice.Satguru Maharaj Ji The Light of the World

     Today, a Black man and a Nigerian is serving humanity in the capacity of The Satguru. Satguru Maharaj Ji is the Sanskrit name for that very special soul chosen to embody The Supreme Light of Creation in His divine totality and spiritual completeness to save man from death and misery. Satguru Maharaj Ji equips man with complete divine potency, making him spiritually sound to overcome all forms of evil or adversity shot at him.

     In His selfless and unlimited Divine Service to humanity, Satguru Maharaj Ji presents ARTI to all who seek to survive the ongoing national and global confusions and threats to life in the tumultuous, soul-snatching and blood-drenched end-time of the notorious Age of Destruction.


By the Grace of The Grace of the Almighty Creator, the Omnipotent, the Omniscient and Omnipresent, the entire human race, particularly Nigerians have been enjoying unquantifiable, immeasurable and infinite blessings and benefits accruing from Knowing and singing the most holiest, strongest and greatest Song of Life called ARTI since 1980 when The Living Perfect Master, SATGURU MAHARAJ JI, The Saviour of this Age, appeared in the confused global scene in a Nigerian body to save the world from collapse

     The insistent begging of our Ancestors has been heard by the Creator. As a result, the Holy Spirit Incarnate is now manifest in a Nucleus Black Body and back to the nucleus zone in Creation where the creation started, in Nigeria, the South-West to be precise.

     From time immemorial, though lost to the archives of history, ARTI, The Devotional Song and Constitution of all Premies and Disciples of Light, is a composition of the Divine Masters to regenerate Man and the entire Creation. Through constant recitation or singing of ARTI before the Altar of the current Camel of Life, as manifested today, life becomes natural. positive, progressive, simple, safe, educative. Most importantly. ARTI unites you with the people and the creation.

     Singing ARTI attracts the compassion, mercy and love of the Creator direct and gives insight to all the Elements in Creation -Sun, Air, Moon, Stars, Water, Fire and the Earth. It is the most potent secret weapon to solve human problems, no matter the magnitude. It dispels evil or negative forces instantly anywhere. anytime, day or night. Sing ARTI regularly, first thing in the morning and last thing at night, and acquire the bullet-proof coat to escape illness, accidental and untimely death.

     When the world lets you down and there is nobody around, sing ARTI and you will feel the presence of the Angels of Life and the Ancestors around you with overflowing joy, peace and bliss. ARTI at the right time, raises the dead and guarantees your safety 100% on Land, Sea and Air. It makes the farmer’s crops grow bigger and yield bumper harvests. While it makes the student intelligent, it makes the trader, businessman or worker to feel contented, progressive and hopeful at all times.

     ARTI is a hotline to the Creator, hidden from man and for centuries of colonial rule we did not know that such a Song existed, nor do we know that even the Creator has a Spiritual name perfectly above the impotent adjectival names like God, Allah, Yahweh. Tetragrammaton, Jehovah, etc. that were used cunningly to sap everybody dry culturally, politically, economically, socially and spiritually.

     Singing ARTI regularly will rubbish the CIA’s negatively powered vibration and Nigeria will remain intact against their wishes of breaking it up in 15 years’ time. The so called ‘natural disasters’ cannot be part of us because the Oracles. Deities, Ancestors and other Divine Spirits have been rejuvenated by The SATGURU to serve as the brakes on man’s excesses and in unison with the Seven Elements in Creation to stop such hazards.

     Today, with the Golden Child in our midst, we need to sing ARTI in the morning and at night in our schools, hospitals, at meetings, boardrooms, colleges, universities, offices, factories and farms to prevent disasters, end of century and global de ecology and unforeseen dangers at all times. ARTI is the gateway to all the Ascended Masters past and present, trust and cooperation in the community and the oneness of the entire human race.

     All Honour, Praise and Glory be to SATGURU MAHARAJ JI

We are Supremely Blessed.



  1. Avatar of Abraham Joseph

    Abraham Joseph

    2023-07-16 at 11:05 AM

    This is very impressive
    All honour, praise and glory be to SATGURU MAHARAJ JI

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