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In some of the countries in the world today, the people are asking for a change in governance because they want political and spiritual freedom while in other nations of the world, the government is oppressing the people and asking them to be patient.




Divine Government Programme Of Love In Nigeria

There is an argent and pressing reasons why the whole world is undergoing revolution and evolutionary changes in this golden age of life. If you look around the whole wide world today through the CNN or the BBC you will find that the world itself is asking for a change through earthquake, flood, tsunami, hurricane, typhoon, oil spillage and other unbearable disease including protest over the world. In some of the countries in the world today, the people are asking for a change in governance because they want political and spiritual freedom while in other nations of the world, the government is oppressing the people and asking them to be patient. (For how long we are going to be patient?) These are some the questions that made them lose their temper thereby causing violent protest and political uprising leading to wars and unrest in such countries. The end result is for the UN or NATO forces to go and rescue the situation– confusion everywhere. You can now see clearly how human and material things are going through a dramatic change in this golden age of life.

Question: what are the reasons for the change and how can we find solution? In the next article you are going to see how the father of creation the Holy Spirit incarnate SATGURU MAHARAJ JI gave answers to this important and timely subject.


It is true that the whole world is undergoing economic, social, political, financial and ecological reformation in this golden age of life, back home in Nigeria the people are asking God to give them God sent president who cares and listens to the crying of the masses in his heart against NEPA light, Pipe bore water, good roads, and other infrastructural facilities that will better the living standard of the masses. If not for the manifestation of the holy spirit incarnate SATGURU MAHARAJ JI, who took the forces of darkness by surprise on the 17th of July, 1980, to prepare the country to be leader nation of the world, the whole world would have been going through a third world war, a situation that will make people feel there is no God, and the doom prediction of AMAGEDON by some religious bodies would have come to pass – not now anymore said MAHARAJ JI, any person or groups of people, organization or religious bodies anywhere in the world who predict doom should be ready to face it by divine law which says: what you sow is what you reap because, the creator who owns everything in creation SATGURU MAHARAJ JI is back in control to order and reorder his world from Nigeria. It is the greatest thing that have ever happened in the history of mankind.

What is actually happening in Nigeria today may not be clearly understood by many Nigerians, Africans and a vast majority of mankind. The fact is that many human beings on the earth surface are not really human beings. Many of them. elemental beings who though look human in every respect, do not have what it takes to be human. They have not the sustaining pure energy of the soul in them, so they are soulless, conscienceless, programmed elemental here to cause pain, distress and all sorts of problems for man… their atrocious behaviour attracted them to the earth plane in the first place to cause pains and distress for the children of light so that when the living perfect master manifests along with his master plan, the people will be confused to know who the light giver and the soul resorator is. This is what has led to the low level of spiritual consciousness in the country which no man can erase except now by the grace of a spiritual guide the holy spirit incarnate SATGURU MAHARAJ JI who has come to reveal to the people a high level of spiritual consciousness through his divine knowledge. In-fact, they never gave up the fight because, there were predictions of the stolen power returning to nucleus Africa.

The master is however equal to the task and that is the reason (s) for his manifestation, it is now absolutely clear that if the world is to achieve meaningful world peace, progress, stability and infinite prosperity the divine government is the best instrument for transformation. All the sabotage attempts have failed, the churches have failed, manipulative intelligence have failed, and Kaduna mafia and its European overlords have failed to stop the SATGURU. These human vampires do not want Nigeria, nay Africa to regain its rulership role in the world, they falsely believe that they could assassinate themselves not MAHARAJ JI.

Armed bandits numbering about 30, mostly in Khaki uniform, entered SATGURU MAHARAJ JI village around 4.00am tricked two security men at the gate and compelled them to where the master was. They broke into the hall, entered the office, searching for the Lord of the universe. They were rebuffed by the few devotees in the hall. In their desperation, shot at two devotees without success. They got petrified at their folly and after realizing that their military might and charms could not work, they ran out of the village.

Meanwhile, army trucks were used to barricade the Ibadan bound expressway while vehicles were diverted to the ljebu-Ode overhead bridge to enter Ibadan through Odo-ona and new Garage. The other end of the road to Lagos too was blocked around the tobacco company. They left behind some GSMS, a torch light, tape recorder, dresses and a handbag containing tens of gun cartridges and charms, which were about to be used. The case is still in police hands for investigation. We wonder why some people can plan such an attack on the Giver of Life. Anyway, they have to realize that any offence committed against the Holy Spirit is unpardonable. One day, the truth will dawn on the people to realize that The SATGURU is the One the world has been waiting for. Nigeria should wake up! This must be the beginning of the end of assassinations in this country.


The case of Nigeria today is just like it has always been with nations which hosted the Godfather power. That is, any time the Holy spirit manifests in a physical form, most people are not given the grace to embrace the Holy Man. Man is pre-occupied with reading the menu list (the holy books) instead of eating the food on the table. If stories about a past master can be accepted and imagined as alright, then the next step is for man to request for what the current master gives.

The situation becomes dangerous when a few others believe they have the audacity to confront The Holy Man, unaware of the consequences and that is the inevitable path to self-destruction.


The manifestation of the Divine Father or expected Messiah is the highest blessing any nation can receive in this creation. Now that we have the SATGURU we should tap the blessings because Nigeria is the home of God and the chosen nation in creation. The master’s manifestation confers on Nigeria the spiritual and physical leadership on global issues. Human institutions regarding political leadership, economic activities and social advancement are at their perfect level when the Master is allowed to lead and supervise activities.

All what has happened in the past since 1980 and ever since to date, were enough to collapse any nation. But because the SATGURU has spiritually fortified the nation, it is able to withstand all games by the forces of negativity. As the chosen nation, the leaders and all others should give honour to whom honour is due. SATGURU MAHARAJ JI has established Nigeria in the past 31 years. Many have agreed that God is a Nigerian, judging from the fortitude to withstand all human pressures and to remain as a nation.

The Maker of All Things Created ( Satguru Maharaj Ji) In Talk with The President 1993

The kingdom of heaven on earth has been established. The next is the divine government which today the master guarantees Nigeria’s corporate existence. All efforts to use ex-president, Chief Obasanjo have not achieved total success because he distanced himself from The Power that installed him and so the leaders betrayed him. He could not successfully accelerate the structural reforms mapped out for the takeoff of Divine Government because, he did not know that the Kaduna boys had put him in the lion’s den.

All we know is that, The Godfather Power is in Nigeria, in a Nigeria Body and has the creator’s mandate to order and re-order the world from Nigeria so that this new millennium will be void of human inequalities associated with past civilizations. This new age-The Golden Age of Life is a cycle for the nucleus children in creation to assume their roles as world leaders. Divine government have been established so that humanity will return to the peace of old as the grace has been given to PRESIDENT GOODLUCK EBELLE JONATHAN to head a divine government programme of love in Nigeria.


SATGURU MAHARAJJI’S kingdom of heaven on earth was established on the 17 of July 1980, the date of his manifestation. His primary objective is:

1) To teach the people of Nigeria and the world the truth about the creator and the original way to love one another for the realization of oneself through his divine knowledge.

(2) To usher in’ the Golden Age of Life at the turn of the 20″ century for a golden change that is imminent in our human society, which in effect took 20 years from 17th July 1980 to year 2000, being a patient Father who cares for the reasons of his manifestation.

Key Note of his Presence

Before a proper Golden change can be effective, all the machineries for a change and the structural patterns have to be installed in their appropriate positions like a foundation stone that can be build upon. Some of which are:

(A) The Atlantis children of light (his devotees) were installed in all Strategic locations of the earth, to arrest and take charge of all the negative elements (the forces of darkness) that may be hidden in the sun, in the moon, in the star, the air, the water, the thunder and of course the mother earth because, the owner of all things created has come to take charge of his creation.

(B)  Nigeria was officially declared the New Holy Land of the universe on the 29th of May 1993 at the main bow of the National Theatre, Iganmu Lagos, Nigeria which MAHARAJ JI used as a blessing to upgrade the host country Nigeria for feeding, clothing and hosting the Living Perfect Master of our time and to send the forces of darkness parking their loads and thus leaving the country for the people to be fully aware of his presence, which has now become the National Democracy Day in Nigeria by the special grace of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI.

(C) He consecrated Nigeria a “No War Zone” on the 16″ August 1993 to stop the forces of darkness from destabilizing the people and to realize that the Godfather power they have been waiting for is around.

(D) SATGURU MAHARAJ JI put a stop to doom prediction and ask those who predict doom to face it because; you cannot tempt God or predict doom for SATGURU MAHARAJ JI or the people he has come to save their lives, the fine for such offence is: you reap what you sow. That is the punishment under the divine law.

With all these machinery of structures in place, we can now realize our journey back home to the lotus feet of the Father of Creation SATGURU MAHARAJ JI.


(1) Why has it taken so long for the creator MAHARAJ JI to come to our rescue?

(2) How can we compete with the white man who has gone very far ahead of us in science and technology?

(3) After God, it is said that the white brothers always win the race why so?

To those lovers of truth, the questions raised here are very timely and are subject to divine answers said MAHARAJ JI. Some people say that God is not real, others hold on to the fact that God is a vast impersonal force. Infact, those who believe that he is a real person teach conflicting doctrines about the qualities he displayed. I am sure that some people have a zeal for God’, but not according to his accurate divine knowledge. When you receive the divine knowledge of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI, you too can also give accurate answers to these questions because they are inspired through divine knowledge.


The question why MAHARAJ JI has taken so long to come to this part of the world is because of the mistakes done by the people during the past civilization when this power was in the body of (Orunmila) the past master. Meaning: someone who reveal the secret of life. The truth is that this part of the world then’, was known as the Atlantis civilization in Africa where every person was enjoying around the clock, the essence of having a living God in their midst… because real technology abounds everywhere, the creator was always taking human body again and again and dwelling among them.

He was always coming as Oduduwa, Manukofi, Elijah, Elisha, Abraham, and a host of others etc. Not only Jesus Christ as the white man made us to believe today, so SATGURU MAHARAJ JI is the True Master who is now here. “At the beginning we were dark people enjoying the sun round the clock with real perfect health, love, Peace and harmony, and technology was really homemade. Suddenly, some of us started misbehaving, committing crimes, hatred, eating flesh, flirtation, etc, so the universe got annihilated and in this process the earth crust got submerged under the holocaust and water, and perished. Those who remained under water are those spread all over Europe and America now.

Ever since then, the white skin has always been coming to earth from water and all became part of the system. SATGURU MAHARAJ JI’S presence is to give positive practical perfect vibration that will direct all their energies into one direction to avoid Armageddon due to hatred for one another.” What happened was that the people of that time later feel that without them, the creator will not exist, ego came in, and they started misbehaving. The call on them by the creator in person to change their heart was ignored. Infact, the law of nature was infringed upon. At that time, anything you ask for will be given to you by the creator and how to use them for the benefit of mankind will be shown to you and not for the destruction of man.

The whole idea becomes do what you know best and forget the creator. They don’t even leave the shore of Africa to find out what is beyond. They were satisfied with the knowledge given to them by the masters of their time. But they fail to understand that the creator is like a baby because, anyone who takes good care of a crying baby is his mother. So, a time comes when a stranger from other parts of the world came to Africa, only to find out the world here was a beautiful place. Infact, heaven on earth; he later finds out there is a secret behind their success, and this was as a result of the divine knowledge of the Masters.

He went to the Master with his humble heart and received his Divine Knowledge and obey all the divine rules, which are the qualification needed to become a divine child now, SATGURU MAHARAJ JI saw the honest role played by this stranger and feel there could be good people in wherever he has come from, because human beings have the creators light of mercy in him. This is how the power was transformed into the body of the stranger and left the shore of Africa soil. But before SATGURU MAHARAJ JI left the African soil, he was touched in his heart and told the people of Africa to be ready to face the Karmic consequence because, it is the measure you give that you will also receive.

It is a divine injunction. Infact, many things happened to the nucleus Children. They were taken as slaves to sugarcane plantations in America and other parts of the world. This is how you find the black people all over the world today. After we were freed from physical slavery etc. through the effort of William Wilberforce the white brothers, were still able to hold us down spiritually through the practice of the divine knowledge given to them by the past masters (the stranger). In short, the revealed truth is that no concept, ideologies, church, mosques and all other religious body have the answers to the problems of man, except now by the special grace of the creator in person now dwelling in body in Nigeria – THE NEW HOLY LAND OF THE UNIVERSE.

It was the crying and calling for the creator (Christ) to come back to earth that made the manifestation of SATGURU MAHARJ JI a reality. when people make a sincere call for the creator to come to their rescue, little did they know that their call will become a reality because, the creator causes to become, likewise his children will ask and be given, when they seek-they will find, when they knock – the door will be open. This is what has happened to those calling on Christ to come back to earth. I am very sure that your quest for the truth about the realities of life has been fully digested.

Answer to Question (2):

The question of how we can compete with our white brothers who are very far ahead of us in science and technological breakthrough is one of most painful elements that has eaten deep in the heart of people of this nation Nigeria and African in general. This is one of the reasons why SATGURU MAHARAJ JI manifested in his real colour (Black) to balance equation between the whites and the backs in other to regain our lost glories, like the knowledge to know your God, the knowledge to know yourself, where you are going and where you are coming, the knowledge of scientific inventions like, it was during the Atlantis civilization.

If you come closer to MAHARAJ JI, you will find that he is a jealous God who wants the best for his children and If you look around the world you will see that all the inventions made by our white brothers are defective and destructive to human life – Ranging from gun, destructive missile, drug, cars, aeroplane, house structures like the World Trade Centre in the USA which was built by plywood, even the food we eat was grown out of fertilizer to mention just a few.

All these things are the cause of our short lifespan in this modern day and age. SATGURU MAHARAJ JI’S coming is to effect changes in the life of the nucleus children (the blacks) to put them in their rightful position so that you can experience heaven on earth and the best in technological advancement. This is why Nigeria has now been blessed with a Divine Government to become the leader nation of the world.

There is no better time than now because, if you check all the inventions in the world today, you will see that they are all death trap inventions, but the invention MAHARAJ JI gives today through his Divine Knowledge in communication is called telepathy, you just communicate with your hearts. In terms of transportation it is through meditation-you take your instrument of meditation and go into your private room and meditate for only one hour or two and you will go to wherever you want to go anywhere in the world, but if your house is not convenient for you, those places for public meditation will be built in all places like ‘hotels’ where you can go and spend any days you want, do your business and come back home.

In terms of goods and services-: you don’t need them because man is not made to labour so much for his needs. Your heart manufactures all your needs through meditation, and you get them at your disposal. In terms of feeding: Divine food is what is suitable for human consumption. They are called vegetarian foods made out of (a) Nuts, (b) Fruits, (c) Vegetables, (d) Soya beans etc. that can be made into bulk of thick substances that you can consume as meat because, you don’t need to destroy other lives for you to keep your own life, it is a divine injunction.

In the case of using gun, missile and other mass destructive weapon to settle dispute, not now in this golden age of life said MAHARAJ JI. The teaching of the SATGURU’S Divine Knowledge will spread all over the world and people will be happy to live in harmony with one another. They will know the difference between love and hatred, between the dead and the living, between good and bad, between what is real and unreal, powerful and powerless, genuine and deceptive, pure and contaminated, clear and confuse as well as relative degrees of one extreme or the other. To the extent that people will ask SATGURU MAHARAJ JI for forgiveness for destroying themselves by what they have used their hands to manufacture and produce.

Answer to question (3)

Many people are of the opinion that after God, it is the white man who is next. The answers to this question have enough reason to address the issues raise here. However, looking back at the misuse or abuse of the knowledge given to them by the past masters, you will wonder why a person is forced to surrender all he has or taken hostage by the use of arm (guns) only to find out that the person is dead in the next minutes. This is a pathetic influence on man.

What you are saying here in effect, is that people have the feelings that if a white man wants you to die in the next minute you will be dead, and if he wants you to live you will be alive, but this is not God! Because the Godfather power never destroys, this is why the SATGURU has come to consign all these destructive inventions to the garbage bins for a real peaceful world (THE GOLDEN CHANGE) in our life to flourish. It has come to be and will come to pass that those instruments of life destruction will be no more.

The publication in this book is highly important because of the global scope of SATGURU MAHARAJJI’S network programme (the divine government, programme of love) now in Nigeria is the realization of God’s Kingdom Government It is also very important because, it points to what people are thinking and what they should be thinking about. People should give this information to any person they come in contact with, to herald the momentous event of SATGURU MAHARAJJI’S divine government programme of love in Nigeria.

The prophetic verse in the scriptures are being fulfilled today, you are also involved because it contains both invitation and warning. It also offers you a choice to accept God’s kingdom or oppose it, the choice you make affects your very life. In one of Jesus Christ sermon, he gave a model prayer which includes this petition to God: “let your kingdom come” countless millions of people have memorized and repeated it often, unknown to the people that SATGURU MAHARAJ JI is listening to them and hear the cry of their petition because, it is heart to heart communication or the positive vibration of your words that makes your demand a reality. Now, the kingdom and its government is here and has become a reality.

“It is the principal prayer used by all Christian in common worship” yet, many who recite it have little or no idea of what the kingdom is or what it will do when it comes. so, it is not surprising when Christendom leaders offer conflicting, confusing, complicated explanation as to what the kingdom government is. Many people write that God is something supernatural……. or an inner link with the creator…… or an experience with God in which man and woman find solution.

Others define the gospel of the kingdom as an instruction about the church. The catechism of the Catholic Church states: the kingdom of God is the righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. You will find a much clearer explanation in this book as you progress. SATGURU MAHARAJJI’S Divine Kingdom Government is real just as MAHARAJ JI is real in body, mind, and soul and in flesh! It has already started in Nigeria. It is the government that have issued out mandate “TIME-UP” to the forces of darkness and all wickedness in the world which will transform the earth into a paradise starting from 50th anniversary of the golden jubilee celebration of Nigerian independence which took place in Abuja National stadium on October 1″ 2010.

The Atlantis children of light are the ones to rule in the Divine Government Programme of love in Nigeria, while SATGURU MAHARAJ JI will oversee the affairs of the government and the way forward. His enthronement from heaven to earth was described in a vision given by Prophet Daniel many centuries ago, who wrote: (I kept on beholding in the vision the night and I see there!) With the cloud of the heavens someone like the son of man meaning: (the nucleus child in black body) and to Ancient of days meaning as it was during the time of the Atlantis civilization. ‘Which means in his real colour’ black).

He gained access, and come down close even before the one that was on the throne meaning: the white body carrying the power before the baton change or “hands”, from whom SATGURU MAHARAJ JI received the divine knowledge… The East Master Shri-Prem-Pal-Singh-Rawat who gave him the power by divine providence to continue the leadership role of the world as the Living Perfect Master and Father of Creation of this Age. To Him was given rulership, dignity and kingdom that the people, national groups and languages shall all serve. The SATGURU’S divine kingdom government is an indefinite lasting one that will not pass away, and the kingdom will not be brought to ruin.


“If there is no life, there will be no living because, the mills of the creator grind slowly but, they exceedingly gring great. The whole world is like a factory where the creator manufactures foods gradually but, exceedingly. If the people of the world do not love good food for their living, the living creator will love them to it. But if they refuse to eat, the world will be wasted again like it was during the Atlantis Civilization because, it was you who refused to eat” There is no better time than now because, the love of the creator SATGURU MAHARAJ JI is flowing around every human being. All religious bodies today, do not preach that their past masters are coming back again except in the Christendom where they believe that it was only Jesus that will come back again. When is that going to happen except now that the manifestation of the holy spirit in body and in flesh made it happen by the special Graces of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI.

It is said that you have eyes you cannot see, you have ears you cannot hear, and you have mouth you cannot say that SATGURU MAHARAJ JI is the one. Even the people in government themselves knows about his presence but they bluntly refused to tell the people or are they afraid to tell the world that the creator has manifested in Nigeria? if they are afraid, why don’t they call on the CNN or the BBC to interview MAHARAJ JI? It is our belief that anything that happens physically has already taken place spiritually.

Before a baby is born, she was already composed spiritually and finally come down to earth, that’ is to say anything that happen to you in your earthly life, either for good or for bad has already been programmed for you to happen. But now, by the special grace of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI, you can use flowers as a symbol of love to call on the holy name MAHARAJ JI to cancel any of your bad experiences.

In the case of Jesus, the Christ who had his earthly life experience by nailing him onto the cross publicly, and disgracefully to die for sins he has not committed…… was not only paying for his karma as a retributive justice for something he has done wrong in his past life, but also denied other masters the ability to come and do divine service for humanity.

The truth of the matter is that, anyone who has the power and the courage to come out and challenge SATGURU MAHARAJ JI is now free to do so because, the divine government programme is already here for freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of life and living, there is no going back to the old saying that he was crucified on the cross because the world is now a free place for a good life and living.


The Living Perfect Master, SATGURU MAHARAJ JI, while addressing a world press conference recently in Lagos, as part of event time up to mark the 50th Anniversary celebration of Nigeria independence, has given his solid support to the president of Nigeria, DR GOODLUCK EBELE AZIKIWE JONATHAN. By calling on the G.8 leaders, Northern Nigeria leaders not to be afraid to rally round the president, for the progress and development of our Nation.

SATGURU MAHARAJ JI while addressing journalists and devotes in Lagos, called on them to enable him to use the human and material resources in this country to give a purposeful leadership to bring about world peace where the G.8 and G.20 countries leaders have failed the world through racial religious, ethnic and tribal inclination. SATGURU MAHARAJ JI made it clear while responding to a question from journalists that anywhere the Living Perfect Master is based, the leadership of that country must be decided by the masters for the country to enjoy progress, peace and speedy growth. It was because of the previous disobedience to SATGURU MAHARAJ JI that the country is still where it is today. Once the leaders listen to SATGURU MAHARAJJI’s advice, every facet of Nigerian life will grow tremendously because everything in creation will assist Nigeria for listening to the Father of Creation.

Speaking on a wide range of issues SATGURU MAHARAJJI advised the nation on how to go in the coming years, now that Nigeria is no longer a baby nation. SATGURU MAHARAJ JI talked about the need to abolish zoning Godfatherism, Doom prediction, Oath taking with the Bible and Koran. MAHARAJ JI said that the biggest achievement of Nigeria at 50th anniversary of Nigeria independence is the fact that Nigeria is hosting the SATGURU MAHARAJ JI of this Age. SATGURU MAHARAJ JI spoke on burning issues, advising Nigeria and African leaders, especially the lovers of truth generally, on how to make the world a more peaceful and enjoyable place. SATGURU spoke on His role so far in Nigeria the new Holy land, which has not been opposed by any group of persons. He also stopped war in Nigeria in 1993, by declaring Nigeria a No War Zone. The Nostradamous prediction of the world ending was stopped by the SATGURU, and He has ever since then banned doom predictions in Nigeria and the world. SATGURU MAHARAJ JI condemns Godfatherism in Nigeria politics and calls for cheaper means of campaigns.

He also calls for postponement of election, to enable Nigeria to review the constitution and settle all electoral issues that needed to be in place for a credible election. There should also be a new population census. He condemned the so called “immunity clause’ and advised that it should be limited to president and vice president only to strengthen the war against corruption. SATGURU MAHARAJ JI being a lover of sports, and that the just conducted illegal NFF election should be cancelled and those involved in the illegal acts should be tried and jailed, if found guilty. MAHARAJ JI also said that the banking system in Nigeria should be re organized and all the bank executives caught in any form of unwarranted act should be brought to book. The use of our Deities and Oracles as means of Oath taking was also reiterated by the SATGURU, saying that they are potent and practical unlike the Bible and Koran, etc which are elements of slavery.

Zoning was said to be unconstitutional by the SATGURU and should be treated null and void. He said National Award should not be given to any indicted person not to discourage the younger generation. UN was also advised to support the arrest of Sudan President for trials. MAHARAJ JI later gave a final warning to IBB saying he should not continue in any presidential election in this country, if he does not want to see the wrath of the Deities and Oracle.

SATGURU MAHARAJ JI warned all troublemakers in the country to desist from promoting violence in the land. Condemning the violence in Ibadan, MAHARAJ JI calls for caution on the part of the actors, advising everybody to handle the matter with respect for the Almighty. SATGURU MAHARAJ JI will never support violence, oppression, and cheating, no matter who is involved” he stated. One final note, MAHARAJ JI advised His devotees and the entire human race, to be more spiritually conscious to ensure good health, security and peaceful coexistence of Nigeria, as a nation. He said it is time for his Devotees to be given the chance to appear in television and radio programmes to proffer solution as to move Nigeria forward, because the churches and mosques have failed the World.


Born on the 20th of November 1957, being an imaginary date as nucleus child from the sun, Dr Jonathan hail from Otuoke Community in Ogbi Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, but it seems providence had an occasion in his life as he was growing up. It was indicated that Jonathan was going places, eyewitness in 1982, after the mandatory national service in NYSC, Jonathan sought appointment, and was invited for interview by the old Rivers State civil services Commission, but as things would later turn out. He got appointment as an inspector of education (Science). That was a quantum leap in real terms, for he was thus able to get appointment that normally take others many years to attain.

In his earlier life as a young boy, his grandmother had nicknamed him “Zik” a wish that her grandson would attain a prominent position of the nation as a president, like the late Rt Hon. Dr Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe. Jonathan sought appointment and was invited for interview by the old Rivers State civil services Commission, but as things would later turn out. He got appointment as an inspector of education (Science). That was a quantum leap in real terms, for he was thus able to get an appointment that normally took others many years to attain. In his earlier life as a young boy, his grandmother had nicknamed him “Zik” a wish that her grandson would attain a prominent position of the nation as a president, like the late Rt Hon. Dr Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe.

The late Zik had a Ph.D, and Dr Jonathan, earned a similar degree in zoology from the University of Port-Harcourt. He Started his primary School life at St. Stephen Michael primary school (now state school, Otuoke) which he completed at St. Michael as well as Secondary Education at Mata Dei’High School, where he sat for and passed WASCE Examination in 1975 after working at the Department of custom and excise from 1975 to 1977, he left and enrolled at the zoology department of the University of port-Harcourt in 1977, graduating with honours in 1981, in 1985 he obtained a master’s degree in fisheries and Hydrobiology, and a decade later, added a PH. D

A young, dynamic and pragmatic politician, Dr Goodluck Ebelle Jonathan, the New President of Nigeria is indeed a man of destiny. From the position of a Deputy Governor to governor. In 2007, Dr Goodluck Jonathan was considered from among many of his colleagues, as a suitable candidate for the position of Vice-president to Acting President and now to President. Infact the SATGURU had further increased his position to lead a Divine Government Programme of Love in Nigeria beginning from 50th Anniversary of the Golden Jubilee Celebration of Nigeria Independence. Dr Goodluck Jonathan was the first Civilian Deputy Governor, of Bayelsa State from May 29″, 1999, to Dec12″ 2005. His Governorship tenure started from Dec. 12th, 2005, to May 29th, 2007, when he was sworn in to replace the impeached Governor, D.S.P Alameiesegha of Bayelsa State.

Dr Goodluck E. Jonathan had performed in acting President capacity since 9 February 2010, when the National Assembly, through a resolution, invoked the doctrine of necessity to empower him to serve as Acting President until 5th May 2010 when the news of sudden death of former president occurred. The Chief Justice of the Federation, Justice Aloysius katsina Alu swore in Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, as the nation’s substantive President, following the death of ailing President, Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.

President Jonathan who was sworn-in at the Council Chambers in Aso= Rock at 9:20am Thursday 6″ May 2010, becomes the Nation’s first President from South-South geo-political Zone, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan’s emergence is in line with chapter 6, Section 146, subsection I of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which stated that “the Vice-President shall hold the office of president if the office of president becomes vacant by reason of death or resignation. He is married to Mrs. Patience Dame Jonathan, and they have two children Aruabai Jonathan, a female and Ado Aruera, a male.


President Fed. Republic of Nig

President Fed. Republic of Nig

Senate President

Speaker of House of Rep

Deputy Speaker House of Rep

Sec. to the Govt. of the Federation

Chief justice of Nigeria (CJN)

President NBA

Nigeria First Lady

Goodluck Special Adviser on Power

Goodluck adviser on media and publicity

Special Adviser on Policy

Inspector Gen. of Police


NLC president



To provide alternative inputs into policy formation, promote good governance in the areas of power, economy, security, infrastructure, social sector, the electoral process, and the fight against corruption, among others.

Other terms of reference for the PAC to be chaired by former minister of defence Lt. Gen. Theolophilus Yakubu Danjuma, include:

  • To evaluate policy implementation and advise on areas requiring adjustment.
  • To advise the president on low income and maximize the benefit derivable from government’s efforts.
  • To advise on such actions and programmes that will improve credibility and performance of the government, and
  • To advise on any other matter referred to it by the president

Made up of 10 members for effective and easier management of the commission, and in accordance with section 21(1) of the NDDC Act which empowers the president to appoint members of the presidential monitoring committee on NDDC. Chairman of the committee, pledge the commitment of members to the actualization of the goals of their assignment.


Director of Gen. Dept. Management Office

Head of service of the Federation

Governor of central bank of Nigeria CBN

Group managing Director of NNPC

Managing director of NDDC

Chairman of NDDC

Director gen. of NAFDAC

Director Gen. of National Orientation Agency

Director Gen. of Copy Wright Commission

INEC Chairman

EFCC Chairman

President Gen. of Trade Union Congress

ICPC Chairman

MTN boss

Chief Executive officer Estisalat

Resident Gas Strategist

Executive Director Operation (PHCH)

President Nigeria Institute of Architects

NDLEA Chairman

Globacom Chairman

NYSC Director

M.D Nigeria Gas Company


Nigeria operates Presidential system of government with three distinct complementary service namely: the Executive, the legislature and the Judiciary, as a check on the other two.

The executive arms of government at the federal, consists of the president, the vice-president and other members of the federal executive council, while at the State level, it is made up of the Governors the deputy Governors and the other members of the executive Council. The Legislature is equally found at the federal and state levels. The federal legislature comprises 109 members of the senate and 360 members of the House of Representatives in the Divine Govemment Programme of Love in Nigeria.

  1. EFCC-Economic and financial crimes commission
  1. ICPC- Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission
  1. NAFDAC- National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control
  2. NPF/NP-Nigeria Police Service Commission (Formerly Nigeria Police Force)
  3. NDLEA-National Drugs Law Enforcement agency.

Was established on Tue. 13 June, 2000

Responsibilities of ICPC are:

  1. Investigation
  1. Prosecution
  2. Prevention through studies of system and practices and procedure that may be open to corruption.
  3. Proffering remedial measures to system that is open to corruption
  4. Enlightment, Education and Mobilization of the citizenry against corruption.

In 1999, immediately after the swearing in of Obasanjo as the president, he established Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

Membership of NDDC are:

Bayelsa, Delta, Rivers, Cross River, Edo, Akwa Ibom, Abia Imo and Ondo States.


  1. Even and rapid development of the areas
  1. Economically prosperous, socially stable and ecological regenerative and politically peaceful
  2. Make the people of the areas feel a sense of belonging by up their standard of living through the implementation of life touching projects.

Despite the efforts of government to ensure the peaceful co-existence of the areas, the areas are known as violent / conflict areas.


  1. Environmental denigration
  1. Accumulated injustices on the part of government
  1. Poverty hover the land
  1. Rights to life
  1. Equality before the law
  1. Right to liberty
  1. Right of association
  1. Freedom from slavery
  1. Right to fair hearing
  1. A suspect is assumed to be innocent until pronounced guilty by court of law
  1. Freedom from discrimination
  1. Right to religion of choice and conscience
  1. Freedom of expression
  1. Freedom of movement
  1. Freedom of assembly
  1. Right to vote and be voted for in an election
  1. Right to own a property
  1. Right to education
  1. Right to private family life
  1. Director General of NAFDAC
  2. Comptroller-General of Immigration services
  3. National Youth Service Corps
  4. Code of Conduct Bureau
  5. Accountant General of Federation

Economic Objectives of Government of any Country

  1. Achievement of full employment to maintain the standard of living of her citizens
  2. High economic growth
  3. Steady price of essential goods and services
  4. Equitable distribution of incomes
  5. Balance of payment equilibrium
  1. THE EXECUTIVES: head by the
  1. Head of Service
  2. The Secretary to the Fed. Govt.
  3. The Political and Civil Service Arm


  1. Federal Civil Services
  2. Statutory Corporations
  3. Govt. Owned Companies

Federal Executive Council

President, Vice President, Secretary to the Fed. Govt., all the

ministers (40) and Head of Service

National Council of States

President, vice president, secretary to the federal government past and present living Heads of State/Presidents, Elder Statemen and the 36 Governors.

National Security Councils

For maintenance of national security and territorial integrity


  1. National Security Councilunder the President
  2. National Defence Council-under the President
  3. Nigeria Police Headed by inspector General of Police
  4. The armed force (Army, Navy and Airforce) headed by chief of Defence Staff.


  1. The Executive applies the law for the series of Decrees under the Military (3 rule which is enforced by the judiciary. Uphold and protect the constitution of federal republic in Democratic Government.
  2. Execution and maintenance of the constitution of the federation
  3. Carry out Government policies


The council of ministers or executive council is responsible for deciding polices and the activities of government.

(2) THE LEGISLATURE: National Assembly. Consist of 360 House of representative members and 109 senators (3 from each state and 1 from FCT).


  1. Has power to make laws for the peace, order and good government of the federation.
  2. Has power to legislate on any matter in the concurrent and exclusive Legislative list.
  3. Has power to approve the budget of the government
  4. Confirm the president’s nominees into political posts
  5. Has power to remove the president and vice president on ground of misconduct or ill health.
  6. Has the power to approve or to disapprove state Emergency in any part or the whole Nigeria so proclaim by the president
  7. Has the power to investigate any public officer
  8. They are watch dog to both executive and the judiciary arm of government.

(3) THE JUDICIARY: (Headed by the Chief Justice of Nigeria

  1. The supreme court of Nigeria (21 members) headed by the chief Justice (22 in all).
  2. The court of Appeal (49 members)
  3. The Federal High Court
  4. The High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja
  5. The Sharia Court of Appeal of the FCT
  6. The Customary Court of Appeal of FCT


  1. Interprets the law and defend the constitution
  1. Acts as a check against the excesses of the executive and legislatures.

The Tribunal and Court Marshals have the same Jurisdiction with High Court and their decision is contestable in Court of Appeal.


Millennium development goals is an 8-point Agenda of United Nations Organization to take poverty, Education, Health, Environment and global partnership problems and proffer solutions to them latest by year 2015.


  1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
  2. Achieve universal primary education
  3. Promote gender equality and empower women
  4. Reduce child mortality rate
  5. Improve maternal health care
  6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
  7. Ensure environmental sustainability
  8. Develop a global partnership for development


  1. Poverty
  2. Education
  3. Health
  4. Environment
  5. Global Partnership Sectors


  1. To make Nigeria one of the top 10 largest economics countries in the world by the year 2020.
  2. To have zero tolerant for corruption
  3. To address tension in Niger Delta sub-region
  4. To arrest power failure in Nigeria
  5. To be father of all irrespective of political, religious, ethnic groups you belong
  6. To make all political office holders servant leaders. To be a listening government on important issues.
  7. To have a clear separation of power without interfering in the activities of other arms of government

Globalization means the total policies devices and technologies put in place to make the world closer. The world is called a global village as modem technologies makes it possible to get a product newly produced in far away Germany or Japan within a day.


  1. Tele-communication
  2. Computer
  3. Satellite
  4. Sports equipment
  5. Aviation
  6. Banking
  7. Armament or military equipment
  8. Road network
  9. Educational equipment
  10. International bodies

The Divine Government is the most incorruptible endowment Programme that has the power to direct all affairs of polices put in place and to improve on them where and when necessary for the benefit of mankind all over the world. Nigeria has been blessed with the Godfather power (the father of creation) to commence this divine government programme in Nigeria and to give directives on the way forward. What a Glorious blessings for Nigerians.


Golden Age Festival is here again for various reasons, this Year’s GAF 2010 celebration is associated with some uniqueness. It is very special for the fact that, it has gradually heralded a divine government programme of love in Nigeria, that is to say, the grace is here for the system to flush out this heartless, tribal cum religious zealots who have been ruling from outside the country through their agents and causing all the delays in the system.


It is worthy to note that it is in this year that Nigeria celebrated 50 years of political freedom dough not much has been achieved since 1960, the independence golden jubilee has a spiritual foundation for divine government so that we will be able to tap from the blessings touching Nigeria for hosting the Living Perfect Master. This will lead Nigeria and the world to establish a divine government, to end humanity’s suffering.


It is MAHARAJJI’S manifestation that has revealed the hidden holy Name which is the spiritual key to all successes in this physical existence. You must appreciate the fact that the Creator through His physical embodiment, The SATGURU of this Age, has a divine plan to re-crown the nucleus children of old to lead the world so that all the problems of humanity, including spiritual managerial hazards like tsunami, typhoon, earthquake, flood, decertification and human- propelled societal problems will be subdued by the Master’s presence.

Golden Age of life is, therefore, the most serene age in creation when man’s karmic load will be terminated for man to experience heaven-on earth and return to purity. It is an age when all human sufferings will disappear along with unnatural ways of life – irreligion, illness, corruption, mismanagement, witchcraftcy, drug abuse, and arms proliferation. In its stead, sprouts spiritual consciousness which attracts all positive human traits and, with the support of the elements in creation, man lives in consonance with nature.


In any age when The SATGURU manifests, a new dawn is ushered into existence. Along with it, is the emergence of divinely propelled leaders who are used by the Master to institutionalize a human-faced government. The events leading to the emergence of President Jonathan at the threshold of our golden jubilee, is not by accident. As a chosen leader, to rule the chosen Nigeria nation in creation, he had to emerge surprisingly, to supervise the celebration of fifty years (of misrule) and to use it as a launching pad to enter the Golden Age of life.


It all started when the Federal Government of President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua ignored MAHARAJJI’S directive to use dialogue in the settlement of the Niger Delta freedom fighter but instead, he resorted to military invasion in 2009. The SATGURU then declared that for peace to be restored, a minority person must emerge to rule Nigeria, to ensure that loosing lives are not the payroll for genuine demands for a fair share of wealth that belongs to them by right. Now, peace has been restored after Yar Adua’s death, so all should co-operate to assist and remain in peace.

The grace that has catapulted Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to migrate from political obscurity, through Deputy Governor, through Vice President and ending up becoming Nigeria’s President before the golden jubilee of Nigeria’s independence. Therefore, this spiritual permutation is a call on all political aspirants, political parties and individuals to realize that Nigeria has the spiritual edge to lead the world. And it is a duty on all, that the Creator’s wish must be achieved. In the days of old, when the Oracles were in total control, we need no support for the choice of divinity but this time around Nigeria will emerge to lead the world. Any attempt to offset this plan will not be in anybody’s interest.


A few Northern elements are against the irrelevance of zoning in picking presidential aspirants. Zoning is a “cheat” approach to earning a ticket to rule. Democracy has no provision for zoning. Democracy is a universal practice that promotes free and fair elections, which encourages the best available human talents to rule. Once a good leader is chosen, the question of where he comes from is irrelevant and not for the pride of PDP insisting on a Northerner to rule. The moment they apply zoning as a way of selecting leaders, mediocrity becomes legalized and it is the nation that suffers. PDP should stop the defeatist idea of promoting mediocre leaders, at the expense of marketable and competitive human talents. The acceptance of zoning by PDP amounts to advertising the party as People’s Destructive Party.


Among the reasons for The SATGURU calling for the postponement for the 2011 elections are, for Nigeria, to truly feel and imbibe democratic representation. The call for the country to produce a new population Census and a new Voter’s Register; these are the real determinants for a new democratic practice. Nigeria is too big that we cannot continue to hold elections based on forged or unreliable population figures and corrupted voter’s register. Such statistics aid governance and help to determine development projects and improve economic planning. Any rush to ignore these services will keep Nigeria in the dark and allows a gang of politicians to cheat on the people. This results into chaos in the end.


It should be reconstituted so that exert grassroots knowledge of the people and natural intelligence on governance, can curb the excesses of politicians.


The eight years of Babangida’s rule over Nigerians are pregnant with suspicion, doubt, agony, hatred, loss of lives, super inflation, economic suicide and fear of existence. All these makes it impossible for any true Nigerian to accept IBB as a prospective president. His regime has carved an unparalleled notoriety for savagery, insecurity, fraud, total disregard for right of individuals including opposition views and existence of life. Beyond that, IBB has offended Nigeria’s sovereignty and authority by disobeying the Military Command to appear before the Justice Chukwudifu Oputa Panel.

IBB’s government has failed in either to probe deaths and disappearance of notable Nigerians, or refusal to institute probes, or where there were probes, the results have been concealed. Infact, IBB has not accounted for the 1991 Gulf Oil $12.4 bn windfall. His fiscal policies have devalued the naira and sapped everybody’s income. He had terrible human rights’ records too numerous to mention. His annulment of the June 12, 1993 elections, are enough to disqualify him from ruling Nigeria. He does not believe in democracy. Such a dictator, who even failed to issue out military decrees, cannot operate within the limit of a constitution with its conventions and regards for the views of the public. IBB should stop campaigning or nature will catch up with him for all the sins he has committed against humanity and the Children of light.


The modern court of justice is established but we have to agree that there are numerous loopholes causing delay and giving room for massive corruption and miscarriage of justice. The manifestation of the SATGURU as the Godfather power has aided in purifying the Oracles which are the natural brakes in nature’s vehicle.

They were instituted by nature to supervise unadulterated justice. We identify them with incorruptible Deities to commence oath-taking during inauguration into office and deciding cases right from the Palace of our Kings and at the local government level with this divine government programme of love in Nigeria. Their success will end all the argument so that we adopt them alongside the conventional judicial system to eliminate delay and injustice. Imagine, if we applied the Oracle in oath- taking during inauguration into offices and for determining election rigging cases, it would not have taken time to announce the rightful Governor in Ekiti or Edo State. Africans should appreciate their nucleus powers.


We ask that religious leaders should remember the ban on predictions which is still in force. They are once again warned to desist from the established maimed and witchcraft techniques for predicting doom for prominent people in the Society. Their victims should realize that such prophets of doom are not agents of good but parts of the spiritual manipulation of our colonial overlords who want to keep the Blackman in spiritual servitude. There is no God who will foresee bad for his child and give condition of prayer or sacrifice etc. before saving the child. The creator does not discriminate. It is not even your prayers or church attendance that saves you. It is the purity of your heart which is expressed towards others. So, with the SATGURU around, show a little love to others and no one can manipulate you to pay ignorant fine to pastors or prophets. They should learn from Prophet Olabayo.


The Nigeria football federation’s election, which produced Alhaji Aminu Maigari as chairman, was illegal since it was conducted in disregard for a court injunction. It is pleasing to note that the case has been withdrawn from court and settled amicably.

In fairness to the laws of this country and to the parties who obeyed the court order, the election of the chairman and other members in NFF should be nullified and a fresh one conducted. Anything short of that is aiding illegality and disregard for the courts; it will not help football or sports development in this country.


Our long-drawn desire and begging to ensure that Nigeria is coached by a warm-blooded blackman has materialized as against oyinbo whose vibration is inferior to a child from the sun. At last Nigerians and their leaders have taken to divine directive. This is our chance to use The SATGURU to know the grace of the Godfather Power. Football is just one of the sources through which our people rejoice seeing the Super Eagles win. Coach Siasia, NFF and the players needed MAHARAJJI’S special blessings, to rule the world.


The increased demand for wages and salaries for workers nationwide and those of University lecturers in Nigeria must not be allowed to paralyze the nation. We are all aware of the high cost of living and the sacrifices of workers and lecturers. But as Africans, we want to demand that, dialogue has more room for permanency and togetherness than the oyinbo confrontational approach of strikes.

With honesty, strikes could be unavoidable resorts to situations which aim to stopping the abuse of constitutionality and illegality of executive actions. That means labour can go on strike against our law makers fixing fat salaries for themselves because it affects the common man. They can, as well, go on strike to insist that indicted politicians are tried or stopped from contesting elections. Strikes are alright to stop illegality and misuse of public funds.


Nigeria and all African leaders should teach the world to imbibe the doctrine of African-no-crazy. That is the practical democracy of ruling by dialogue and regard for collective communal existence, devoid of sectional, religious, national or secular interests which have caused all the wars on the global scene. African Kings should be allowed to use their natural Oraculum powers to direct leadership. The SATGURU is spiritually behind them to ensure peace and success, as the spiritual Commander of the Universe.


The manifestation in Nigeria of The Godfather Power, SATGURU MAHARAJ JI, confers on Nigeria the grace to attract world peace and should be made a permanent member of the UN Security Council. It is always The Divine Father who is the Spiritual Commander of the Universe, and He has the key to sustain world peace without resort to arms. This position will ensure global peace and attract the creator’s mercy and blessings for not destroying lives and property.


The UN Secretary General, in collaboration with the US and others to negotiate peace between Israeli and Gaza authorities. They should intervene to avoid another war in the Middle East. There is need to teach others to co-exist so that our leaders can concentrate on making life better for the people. We should learn from the mistake of George Bush Jnr. in his invasion of Iraq.


All countries periodically plagued by hurricane, flood, typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, etc. should arrange to have statues or photographs (Altars) of the current SATGURU MAHARAJ JI erected in important locations in the areas of disaster. The Altars could be placed along with other Saints in the area, and prayers offered, and the disasters will be drastically reduced Those countries which are smart enough should invite the SATGURU, who on setting his foot on the land, stops the disasters.


It is a privilege for a country to host the Master which makes it qualify to become The NEW HOLY LAND so that the people can enjoy the special privilege as the chosen Nation in creation. The SATGURU has sacrificed enough to keep Nigeria one. That is the reason why all the destabilization plans to cripple Nigeria has failed.

Nigerians, in particular, must not continue to be ignorant of the spiritual Grace that we are the nucleus in creation. Now that we have regained the crown of creation via MAHARAJJI’s physical manifestation, we have to try, test and experience by using the Holy Name so that we do not become the Pharisees and Sadducees this time around. Let us drop all these religious togas and join the Noah’s Boat of this era to live forever on Earth.


We want to welcome all on pilgrimage to The New Holy Land, which is now a practical reality, unlike the expired ‘holy lands’, The Lord is at your disposal. You have the grace to meet with him, chart, eat, drink, dance and be blessed by Him. Beyond that, you should drop your problems on Him, receive the blessings. For the very smart ones’, you receive His Divine knowledge which is the eternal gift of the Master so that you reincarnate in superior life cycles to inherit the kingdom of heaven on earth, happy gold feast and blesings with the new divine government programme in Nigeria.


Members of the Press,

Children of Light,

Ladies and Gentlemen.

As I write, my heart bleeds of profound joy and gratitude for the grace to be alive to take part in this great feast of defenders of truth and educators of life to prepare ourselves for the 50th anniversary of the golden jubilee celebration of our great nation, our fatherland, Nigeria. My happiness knows no bounds because our wish for NO WAR IN NIGERIA since August 16, 1993, has been realized, in addition; nobody has challenged the declaration of NIGERIA as the NEW HOLY LAND of the universe on 29 May 1993 to replace all the old holy land which have become plastic monument since the holy men have passed away.

This great joy in me and equally being enjoyed by sincere Nigerians like you, has compounded into bliss for the fact that today, it is a Nigerian in Nigeria and on Nigerian soil that has revealed to us the true original, divine, spiritual and wonder working, perfect, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscience name of the creator as MAHARAJ JI (Pronounced MAHARAJ JI) to the world. Moreover, it was from Nigeria that one of the Nostradamus predictions that the world would come to an end on 6 and 7th July 1999 was cancelled, revoked and turned to thrash.

Besides, it is on record for the first time in the history of the human race, Nigeria produced the SATGURU MAHARAJ JI of this age, to confirm the prophesies of saints, sages and the wise men of old that a Saviour, from the most thickly populated black country in Africa” would come to redeem the black race from bondage and prison for fighting over material things.

From empirical records all over the world, the indices of war which engulfed Korea, Vietnam, Congo Kinshasa, Ethiopia, Angola, Burundi, Rwanda, Ireland, Kosovo, old Yugoslavia’ etc are not up to 5% of what obtains in Nigeria, but this great blessed country is infact waxing stronger daily due to the fact that all those pressing issues were taking care off by the Godfather power. From the above, I would like to express my profound gratitude to all of you present and those living now to join me to thank the God of MAHARAJ JI for protecting us till now, as a confirmation that Nigeria is safer than any other country in the world.

Happy Blissful Birthday to all Nigerians and Nigeria for being the home of love, the throne of light and the Centre of gravity to receive direct blessings and protection from the Genius of Divinity whom, by divine grace we know today as MAHARAJ JI. Having said that, it is time to prepare for removing the weeds to ensure bumper harvest which, in this case, is by identifying and tackling problems facing the entire human race as a result of ignorance and lack of Knowledge about the True Name of the Creator and his physical presence as the SATGURU.

The world has become notorious for economies, political and social crimes while nations are fighting nations militarily, economically, financially through misinformation, convert acts of all sorts of activities have become rebels, and human rights defenders which have become opposition parties, not to talk of kidnaping. assassination, political thuggery, election rigging, etc. others are child labour, drug abuse, hard drug export, fanaticism, money laundering, dismissal of genuine striking workers.

On the social landscape, there is cultural degeneration, resulting in sex trade, homosexuality, and women evangelism. The situation has even been worsened by the inability of governments to pay workers’ salaries, delay pension, high taxes, not to mention that there is no provision for social amenities. There is massive brain drain of scientists, lecturers, doctors, nurses, technicians, sportsmen and other professionals due to racial, tribal and ethnic considerations which block merit, hard work and efficient management and control of the vast human and material resources we have on the planet now. Education standards have also correspondingly fallen and yet no leader cares.

To win an election, you need a political Godfather or IBB, the kingmaker who out-maneuvers the electoral system with assistance of police only for the winner as Governors, Ministers, Senator, Reps or Council Chairman to regularly remit money, pay homage, in all ways to the godfather, through US, European or now China banks. This state of confusion necessitated our meeting this afternoon to offer some salient advice by which the world, particularly Nigeria, can move forward from imminent economic collapse, bearing in mind the experience of the last few months which resulted to the sack of two banking officials and change of government all over the world, air crashes, etc.


The records before us all, in the 50 years clearly indicate that until we stabilize EFCC, ICPC and agencies for eliminating graft, we shall move nowhere, whether we celebrate 50 years, whether we spend N87 billion or employ the most incorruptible men or not therefore, the objectives of President GOODLUCK E. JONATHAN will be to reestablish and to check corrupt leaders ruling the country. It is also to check siphoning of our wealth, particularly capital meant for development.


The fact that ‘immunity’ does not allow politicians indicted for corruption to be tried while in office. But today, some of these politicians have vacated office since 2003 and 2007, yet they walk free in streets, and some have shameless audacity to be in the senate or as ministers or Governor. They must be stopped, including IBB. Immunity should be for the President and vice president only. The appointment of chairman/CEO/DG of EFCC/ICPC and all other agencies fighting corruption should be vested in the president, subject to approval by the NASS.


As a sign that the Government of President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is for a true change, the government must direct new election in the NFF. They cannot hold elections when there is court order. All those who took part in election should be arrested, remanded and released after thorough investigated and new election held as the court pleases.


Once there is an Ashram (House of worship) in Abeokuta all those criminal acts stop. This does not stop federal Government declaring state of emergency with new caretaker Government, if the constitution allows it, to enable it to settle the unhealthy barbarism going on, if they fail to heed advice to return to status quo in the peace, progress and stability.


Now that we know the problem of Nigeria-spiritual ignorance-it is now time for our religious leaders to stop Doom prediction because they are ventilation holes for the darkness forces from Europe and America to stagnate the people and the nation. Such prophets predict to attract customers who seek their help to make money. It was those who ignore them that they do all to manifest such evil prediction.

In the name of MAHARAJ JI, you can cancel such prediction, or you call on MAHARAJ JI to intervene. Doom predictions have been banned and anybody who predicts doom should be ready to face the wrath of the Elements in creation-The sun, moon, stars, Mother Earth, wind, Thunder and Ocean. It is not correct that the creator will wish his subject doom and stop it only on praying and paying the prophet. We do not want to belong to God of Prophet Olabayo who paid him with paralysis for being obedient servant and mouthpiece. We reject it because it is Oyinbo deceit.


Anybody found to have stolen or mismanage funds should be severely disciplined.


All those involved in its crash must be fully investigated and dealt with according to law.


The president should look for non-politicians from other parties, not necessarily decampees, those who distinguished themselves and have solid integrity, respect and honour to defend, as ministers


It has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that the African Oracles, Deities and Ancestral powers were bequeathed from the creator to our people. They are the brakes in the vehicle of human existence which check human excesses, like the brake in a car, lorry, motorcycle, etc. By SATGURU MAHARAJJI’s presence, oracles have been rejuvenated. We should stop killing live for them. That was as a result of the introduction of slave trade which have reduced their potency and turned them to be corrupt. The Oracles can be made potent by appeasing them with foods, fresh fruits, nuts, spices; etc. MAHARAJ JI! has directed that virgin boys should roast yams, minimum of seven, with pepper and red oil, add fruits of any type, keep them on the Altar for at least seven hours and share for all to eat. That is enough to purify the Oracles and they will protect the people and prevent sin and repent, provided offenders confess in time, to stop eventuality.


We should replace oath-taking in the courts and swearing – in of leaders (during inauguration into public offices), using the Oracles is to prevent corruption, thuggery, assassination, money laundering” and abandoning of projects. The holy books have failed to check this menace. We have to progress by using the African Gods instead of waiting to sin before repenting.


The federal government should take immediate steps to find other alternative ways for replacing fertilizers for growing crops, because of its hazardous and poisonous effects to lives, in addition it makes the land unfit for use because of the disease it breeds.


Zoning is illegal and a satanic way of clogging the path of unity, integration and progress. It should not be discussed at all because it is borne out of fear, mistrust and uncalled for hegemony, not to talk of its inherent undemocratic values which lack dynamism and encourages pessimism.


They Should be arraigned now to pay back their debts since the moneys were not given as national cake but loans from the common man’s savings and investment.


Don’t award honours to those who have been indicted in business, money laundering, direct or indirect killing of any kind; breaching of national security, in order to encourage the younger generation to grow.


The manifestation of The Godfather Power in Nigeria as SATGURU MAHARAJ JI confers on Nigeria the grace to attract world peace and should become permanent member of the UN Security Council since SATGURU MAHARAJ JI, by spiritual hegemony, is the spiritual Commander of the Universe. The position will ensure global peace as the Master has the key to sustain peace among men.


US should take steps to withdraw its troops in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The US should support the arrest of the President of Sudan, Chief Al Bashir, for being indicted by The Hague. US should step into the Gaza/Palestine/ Israel uncalled-for cold war by making its position felt in all ramifications to allow, not only for peaceful settlement of the crisis, but also give the people of Israel, Palestine and the whole Middle East, a sense of hope and love to grow as children of the same Father, MAHARAJ JI. US should supply the people with food and aid materials to clear the state of acute mistrust and fear of war, to prove the US is a leader nation.


The recent deportation of some aliens from France, UK and other parts of Europe is against the Geneva Convention and United Nations Charter on human rights. Any citizen, who has lived in the EEC, for more than six years with a clean, clear record and as a law abiding citizen, should be given the grace to exercise his rights as a citizen according to the law.


The west should flood Cuba with food, cars and all kinds of equipment’s, to prove that they mean well for the people of Cuba, and this will spur all efforts towards World Peace and Cooperation among men which will eventually drop drastically because of the old thinking that Americans don’t love them.


They should, with immediate effect, appoint a consortium of Elder Statesmen to see to the possibility of releasing stolen funds from Africa stashed in Swiss banks and other banks across the world in order to map out and build infrastructural edifices for employment, housing, clothing, water, roads, etc. to alleviate stress which is the indirect cause of disasters of all kinds.


Must be encouraged to sign Nuclear Arms proliferation Treaty.


We are glad that the President of Iran has proved that Israel must exist but without its Zionist tendencies; it is a welcome news. This calls for immediate drop of sanctions against the people of Iran. In the last one year, Iran has suffered many plane crashes due to lack of parts, and sometimes, old aircrafts. The UNO must act now.


Journalists all over the world are being asked to come for My Divine knowledge in order to guarantee their 100% safety on land, sea and air during the course of doing their jobs to tell the truth and make people lighter, happier and be free from negative manipulation.


The goal of life is to succeed as a Businessman, Lawyer, Governor, Senator etc. but this does not give people the chance to know whether during the course of service one did the right things or not. But because the European and foreign books claim that man was born in sin, so nobody cares about how one overcomes this fear of sin and die until the appearance of the SATGURU to give and reveal the purpose of life.


It’s to know the vibration, energy or light which is sustaining man and the entire creation within us which is not done by the use of money but, the SATGURU of the time realizing him is the purpose of life attained and total repossession and recovery of one’s inheritance from the beginning when the human race was one. This experience which is borne out of deep sense of sincerity, love, humility and highest desire to become the perfect image of the creator, makes you the most 10 able person in the world, especially when it is coming form the store that has been rejected, dehumanized, demonized and declared non grata, makes the journey of life salubrious, lucid and sanctimonious.


They should engage in building roads and housing estates for the war affected areas without conditions, with the moneys they collected from innocent citizens all over the world who do not know that the power to create abundance is within them, not in the books. In this way, the men of God would be pardoned and redeemed from their deliberate sins.


The production, sale and proliferation of arms for the purposes of sustaining peace through war, should stop. We are all witnesses of the two Iraqi wars which have strained relations between the west and the Middle East, destroying lives and properties and their effects on trade and global tension can be avoided. The idea of using violence to sustain peace has exposed the human race to unacceptable coexistence.


Finally, we are here to beg all the G.8 leaders, the Northern Nigeria leaders who are afraid to rally round President Goodluck Jonathan to enable him use the human and material resources in this country to give a purposeful leadership to bring about world peace where the G.8 and G.20 countries’ leaders have failed through racial, religious, ethnic and tribal inclination. Dear Reporters, we believe with your kind, moral and honest support, the world could be a better place to live in till a day after forever. We thank MAHARAJ JI for everything through your positive, sincere and honest approach towards the Grace that has touched us all to fly to freedom.


As part of the World Press Conference, the Father of Creation organized Saturday February 6, 2010 in Festac Ashram in Lagos, a stress was also on the need for all governments to address the issue of economic depression since it affects all the peoples in creation. As a merciful Father, MAHARAJ JI disserted the causes and talked at length on spiritual and human problems which have brought about the meltdown. On the other hand, the SATGURU opened a new vista of spiritual angle as the only pure way of getting ride of such human faults which become burden of the society. Read on:


“For over a year now, the world has been confronted with two seemingly unassailable problems devastating the economy and the climate, both which have become issues that need joint and accelerated approach by all governments.

These issues are the global economic meltdown and global warming. Scientists and economists at large are however to contain the problems of breakdown of economic integers which have destabilized the economics of even the so-called advanced nations. The banking system has been exposed as incapable of global balance and this has exposed the deficiencies embedded in over dependence on international economic coexistence. And it is Africa and the other less developed economies which are feeling the burden, the more.


“The effects of the economic meltdown have become a burden on borrowing, on debt repayment and rescheduling; on foreign exchange and exchange of goods and services; on employment and job opportunities and on general standards of living, the world over. The situation is extremely severe on dependent economies, i.e. African nations and governments, since they have ignored the need to process raw materials, instead, they export their products raw, and it returns to them. They use the proceeds to import virtually every manufactured good, including rice, fish, meat, tin food, and many luxury products which are, in most cases, irrelevant to the masses. The worst crime is that these nations import more ammunition and food than allocations for education and development, instead of expanding local production of food at home.

“Apart from the fact that such imports have discouraged production of consumable foods, the prices of imported foods result in inflation since the eternal effects of meltdown are carried over to African market. Resultantly, farmers and local industries are discouraged from increasing production since they cannot favourably compete with imported foods. This is the beginning and sustenance of the vicious cycle, living with little or no hope for an end to the economic meltdown on African nations.


“The leaders of the so-called advanced nations have played inhuman and anti-social roles which have tended to bully the less privileged nations and distanced the average citizens of the world from benefitting from social programmes which could have been put in place by governments to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich. These key economic players have been reckless their spending and unable to control economic development of their nations and resources. A few political leaders, economic manager, financial institutions have operated and managed resources of their nations unfairly, resulting in total collapse of the economic values of the world.

“Most advanced nations have over the decades set up economic targets to suppress nations which depend on raw material production. For instance, the advanced nations import raw products to sustain their factories and industries. They then process, re-brand and export such finished products at inflationary prices, to the detriment of the owners of such resources. The governments set in place to run these slowly developing African nations do not believe in the welfare of their own people. They therefore siphon and waste wealth in foreign lands while the people look up to Europe and America for economic survival.

“It can be observed that the spirits of the economically suppressed owners of the wealth have no alterative than to revolt. The result is the turbulence in economic instability being experienced the world over.


“There is always a natural way out of every human problem. The Spiritual Commander of the universe always lives among men as the physical embodiment of the creator. Whenever the special one is around, he is called the Living Prefect Master. It becomes relevant and incumbent upon world leaders to acknowledge his pre-eminence. The ability to identify and accept his divine solution always gets humanity out of the human induced vicious cycle of imperfection. Such leaders always need the master’s divine knowledge. With knowledge and the master’s divine support and directives, leaders always have the creator’s grace to administer human services with the fear of the seven elements in creation the Sun, Moon, Star, Mother Earth, Wind, Thunder and the Ocean.

It is the ability to relate to these Seven Pillars in Creation which harmonizes human activities to fall in line with the spirit of the elements. At that point, man is given the natural key to manage resources and for which all peoples are well cared for without fear and doubt. Any nation which is able to explore the presence of the Living Perfect Master and his spiritual superiority combine with human excellence, his environment and his citizens become the happiest in creation. It is from this home of love that world peace, global unison, climate conduciveness and human perfection become tools of excellence for all.


“In the absence of a world unifying force, the seven elements are not able to forge union. The result is that we always fail to control the environment. Any advancement in science and technology is invariably mismanaged to the detriment of the society. For instance, man, out of the grace of the divine knowledge of masters in various lifetimes, discoveries have been made and society uses such progress to propel society.

In the past decades, minerals have been discovered, including gas and crude oil. The manufacture, use and industrial capacity of such minerals have as well polluted the atmosphere. For instance, Nigeria has failed to harness its gas potentials since the 1970’s. Other developed nations have turn gas into domestic and industrial potentials but all have failed to ameliorate the negative effects of such services on the climate, and today, the atmosphere has been dangerously polluted, thus warming the atmosphere beyond human habitation.


“Men’s economic development has over run his ability to control its negative effects on the atmosphere. Rivers in mineral producing areas are polluted. The landscape, topography, vegetation, animals and other human activities suffer a lot from their negative destabilizing effects on human and animal existence.

“This danger is so demonstrative that unheard-off illnesses have taken hold of the health of the people. There have been attempts to enlighten on the danger. No wonder, there was a recent global conference in Copenhagen, a few weeks ago, to stress the need to control climate pollution, if life should not become a disaster as a result of our developmental strides to improve living through industrial activities, targets have to be nominally set to control emission of gas, toxic waste and devastation to nature.

Unfortunately, the conference has not got the mandate to enforce compliance to a united action, just like all global conferences, be it by the League of Nations formed after the 1914-18 First World War or the existing United Nations which is a product of the 1939-45 World War, II, also formed to sustain peace. That notwithstanding, the freedom is given to all nations to study the Copenhagen, Conference Resolution, in the hope that it will be ratified so that the world can unite to fight the global warming in the interest of all peoples of the world.


“We are all aware that this world was created by a special energy which can identify human expression as God that Holy Spirit, we are aware that he is perfect and all his creations are perfect. This means that, it does not matter how complicated the problems of this world are, there must be a creator’s solution. It is known the world over that there always exists a very special person who represents the creator and whoever meets and accepts him, is in a position to live by his spiritual guidance and excels in the world.

It is therefore, not strange that nations which hosted such Messiahs, Perfect Masters or Avatars have become great and noble nations. In some other cases, great men or saints like Confucius, Mahatma Gandhi, Galileo, Isaac Newton, Socrates, Pythagoras, Einstein, Kennedy, Chairman Mao, Nkrumah, Mandela, and a host of others have variously and positively added value to the lives of their people. This is so because the creator has blessed such men to uplift society.


“So the human problems relating to economic meltdown and climate change are not beyond human solution. Agreed that the advanced economic need to adjust and imbibe human consideration in the formulation of their economic strategies so that other nations are not consumed by their dominance. Also, entrepreneurs and governments of the nations should imbibe the culture which can check environmental pollution and compensate for such degradation, out of their enormous profits. That is to say, our economic and political leaders must devise human policies to offset inconveniences.

“Now, beyond the level of human excellence, there is need for our leaders to seek higher spiritual consciousness so that their human limitations can be stepped up through spiritual emancipation. This is where the SATGURU’S relevance is inevitable. If the success attained by Britain, The US, Japan, China, India, even Malaysia and Korea can be attributed to the presence of Masters or Saints and Blessed souls, there is much to be achieved realizing, seeking and accepting the expected Messiah of our time. SATGURU MAHARAJ JI is the spiritual commander of the universe and the bridge between the creator and the human race. The world has reached a point where human competence, religious = piety and the mastery of miracles have attained diminishing returns, far below the challenges confronting society. We must therefore go beyond the physical, even beyond spiritual, since some moribund religious groups believe they are spiritual. This is the time we enter a divine periphery, into super perfection where human solutions are given divine touch. That is the point where The SATGURU takes off.

The stone the builders rejected now becomes the cornerstone. let us try, test and experience the Master and go beyond all these mere conferences on global warming and economic meltdown.


In a Divine Government Programme, your success in life is not as a result of your quantity of accumulated possession, neither financial nor popularity, rather it consists in the attainment of the creator goal and purposes for one’s life. Anyone who receives the divine knowledge of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI will be shown in advance how to manage the affairs of a company, a local government, a state government, federal and of course international managerial positions. It is an advanced spiritual undertaken for anyone who shows the SATGURU a little love and receives his divine knowledge and you will be given the grace to exercise your divine experience for the benefit of mankind. The problem with the government of the past is because they don’t listen to SATGURU MAHARAJ JI advice and the experience of his devotees. They are so busy stealing the money in government treasury. This was why SATGURU MAHARAJ JI advised Obasanjo government to set up the ICPC and the EFCC to check their excesses.

The Electoral System in Nigeria has been monetized to a very high degree that today, no honest, hardworking poor man, can win election in Nigeria. The eleven years of Civil Rule in Nigeria since 1999 has deepen our inefficiency in democracy and narrowed the political space for only a few set of people, who can buy what the political process demands.

The recent outcry in the PDP over cost of obtaining nomination forms for the various positions in the country goes a long way to tell Nigerians the extent of damage money has done to our polity. Many PDP members who have the interest to contest the 2011 elections have actually been shut out of the race due to the over exorbitant cost of the Nomination Forms. Some PDP members have threatened to sue the party for excluding them out of the political process.

Other political parties have, however, made their charges for the Nomination Form to be very small, but the process of obtaining political party ticket is very expensive due to the money politics introduced by the ruling party at the centre. Many grassroots politicians have been spoilt by the people who won elections in 1999, they made the people to see politics like a business, instead of a process of contributing to the development of a community. They hire and pay few grassroots people for any meetings attended, every rally attended and what have you. They see it as the only means of sustaining their interest, since they do not have any development to show the people over the years.

The ugly trend simply creped into other parties in such a way that for a politician to address his people, he must buy drinks, kola nuts and still be ready to drop money for them to share or else, he will be regarded as a time spoiler by the local grassroots politicians. The situation is so bad that politics at the grassroots has been completely left for the rich people only.

You can imagine that whenever people see an aspirant to any elective position, they automatically think that the person is a bank, he is expected to take care of their transportation, drinks and all their welfare. The aspirant suddenly develops a way to avoid the people and only see the people when he is willing and capable to provide them their needs. And as soon as he wins, the same attitude gradually keeps him out of reach of the people.

So, our grassroots politicians need political re-orientation, to make them realize that politics must change both in result and in proceedings. Because you cannot continue to do the same things and expect a different result. We must reduce the burden on our aspiring political leaders, so that they will be accountable to the people when they get to power. Our grassroots politicians and political parties must ensure that politicians are discouraged from giving out money to every Adamu, Ade and Okoro during Primaries, because the moment they win, what will be uppermost in their minds will be how to embezzle govemment funds to refill the purse from which he financed his campaigns. The end result is that the people are left with no option, but to keep the people poorer and underdeveloped, all in their quest to recover spent funds.

It is this unwholesome demands that have created the situation of Godfatherism in politics. As the aspirants’ battle to meet up the financial challenges of the people, they are forced to seek sponsorship from people who have money. The result is that most sponsors are only willing to finance the campaigns after certain agreements have been reached. This makes the elected officer a stooge or a surrogate who does only what his sponsor approves. So, for politics in Nigeria to change, every politician must begin a campaign of MONEY-FREE politics. At the beginning, it might be hard, but gradually, the change will come. Another Nigeria is possible with the divine government programme of love in control.


Like-terms often attract each other to accomplish maximum and positive results. In the case of unlike-terms, they seem to repel each other if they are assembled together and thereby yielding negative results.

The same is true of light and darkness which cannot live together anywhere they found themselves in the same environment, this offers a typical example of unlike-term whose components sees each other as a threat and cannot associate together. Religion and politics have their origin in Western culture. The twin-brothers transmigrated to Africa during the invasion of the continent by the Whiteman base on the origin, both of them have shared identity at their levels of operation. Politicians in Nigeria, for instance, fabricate lies and make frivolous promises to earn voters’ confidence. Similarly, practitioners of the western religions a grossly engage in misinterpreting the so-called holy books by adding what is not stated there and subtracting salient facts of life from them.

All this is aimed at creating confusion among societies and converting people to accept their falsehood. Like SATGURU MAHARAJJI’S press statement marking His 30th Anniversary Appearance in Nigeria, Saturday, July 24, 2010:he said, nobody knew that the holy books were meant to hold the human race to ransome, particularly the Black man to become a guinea pig (firewood for cooking of food), if you can judge by the ever-increasing number of hospitals, remand homes, accidents and accidental deaths, detention camps, etc, which were not there when Africans were one (not black and white), and were using the oracles and Deities by MAHARAJJI’S grace.

Politics could be comfortably categorized as a concept or philosophy emerging as a product of mental activity.

QUESTION: How do the two gang up to form a pair to become like-terms as partners of corruption in Nigeria?

ANSWER: Originally, “Religion” having do’s and don’ts and are meticulously coded in religious constitution, ably referred to as Bible, Koran, Ramayana, Gitta etc, for members of religious bodies to strictly follow in their alleged match to “heaven”. The question then is, where is the heaven itself?

However, their undated constitutions, cunningly referred to as “holy books are written by human beings, having Pastors and other men/women of God to interpret and monitor church members against possible violation and infringement. “Politics” on the other hand, relates to matters concerned with acquiring or exercising power within a group of people or an organization. This simply infers that politics is the art of giving selected people the free will to exercise power to govern a group of people like local government, state, nation, or organization such as United Nations Organization (UNO), Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), World Health Organization (WHO), etc.

Invariably, like religious constitutions, countries and socio-political and economic organizations have written constitutions being operated by a handful or politicians to pilot the affairs of state, nation or human organizations to ensure the peaceful co-existence, love harmony and progress within the group. It is not far fetched to contend that either the constitution of a nation or church has the interest of the people or members of church in their hearts.

In Nigeria, politicians in governance, and church leaders, the so-called men/women of God behave exactly the same way in handling the affairs of the country and the churches. For instance, politicians and men/women of God have found governance of people and church leadership a heaven of safe money-making factory. As a matter of fact, Nigerians swim in politics desperately for their personal gains and not for the welfare of the people they are representing. Evidence abound that a wretch or poverty-stricken, quickly develops swollen cheeks and stomach only six months old in politics. That is why any Nigerian initiated into politics would like to remain stick to it till the rest of his life. This contention is never a fanfare, but a reality. Reasons for this could be seen as:

(1) Exorbitant salaries and allowances for political appointment often lure people’s interest to politics. For instance, just recently members of the National Assembly requested for a higher pay packet of N340 million per quarter, of the year. One can imagine how much of the yearly Estimates going for only salaries for members of the House of Representatives, excluding those of the senate.

The question is, how much of the national yearly Budget would be left for structural developments and for those who voted them to power?

(2) Political appointees both at the federal and state levels have a hidden agenda among themselves government and companies to their close relations without cognizance of other voters.

(3) Senators and Members of the House of Representatives and State Houses of Assembly are often given huge sums of constituency project funds for development of their respective areas they represent. In the same vein, the affected politicians said to be representing their constituencies, covet such huge sums of money meant for providing structural development project for communities they are representing.

(4) The involvement of Governors, Vice Presidents and Presidents in the deal ranks the worse. For these categories of politicians, the freedom of uncontrolled and unrestricted spending of public funds, granted them by the immunity clause in the 1999 Constitution, intoxicates them to behave like raving lions.

Despite the huge bulk of security vote at their disposal, Governors, Vice Presidents and Presidents abuse ethics of the constitution via undertaking serious money laundering activities and thereby keeping state and nation’s treasuries completely empty and dry. A proponent of this shady practice was the former Governor of Bayelsa State of Nigeria, Chief D.S.P. Alamieyeseigha, a.k.a Ona governor-general of Ijaw land. Consequently, the practice has caused profound economic crisis for both the state and federal governments while the affected politicians who looted the treasuries of government had their revenue base swollen up.

Politicians therefore rush for political appointments only for their selfish interests and not for bargaining better social welfare package for the masses. Money laundering, stealing public funds and much other illicit human behaviour have no place in the Nigeria constitution because, politicians act themselves above the constitution and arrantly abuse it by defrauding public money entrusted in their care. Church leaders who style themselves men/women of God also adapt the same lust for materialism as politicians in their leadership pattern and role.

Like the money thirsty politicians, church leaders, pastors, reverends, bishops etc, physically engage in the practice of looting the treasuries of the various churches in defiance of the Whiteman’s manipulative bible which says, “Thou shall not steal”. For now, churches have turned out fully commercialized business centres: seriously competing with other business enterprises, advertising their business products, like Jesus is coming back again, Blood of Jesus, Hell fire. Judgement Day, Holy Ghost Fire, in the mass communication media as an instrument of membership drive.

This is because the success and financial viability of any church is virtually determined by the ultimate membership strength. That is why desperate advertising of their philosophies, using radio and television, for public acceptance and patronage becomes a doctrine of necessity. Church leaders have therefore adapted indiscriminate /mass acquisition of material wealth by hook or by crook become dominant in their respective societies. Religious organizations, churches, mosques, temples, etc, have totally abandoned their conscious search for spiritual salvation and eternal life for material gains in vigorous pursuance of their goals, church leaders have discovered two major areas of concentration to enrich themselves (1) Education (2) Air transport services.


Accordingly, every church in Nigeria, no matter the size of membership operates nursery primary and nursery secondary schools to beef up their economic base. Usually, the practice involves employing unqualified teachers to do the job of highly qualified ones at the expense of providing children with quality education. Church leaders, the so-called Christians, also further their interest in tertiary education setting.

Pastors and bishops establish universities, named after their churches, like Redeemer’s University of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, or Christianity related such as Covenant University at Ota. These Christian Universities don’t offer free education to even children or members of their churches. Rather, children or members of their churches are expose to the same conditions of admission and payment of fees of non-members.

church leaders Air transport

As a matter of fact, of the 33 privately owned universities in Nigeria, about ten of them are owned by churches while the balance is by politicians. In the aviation sector, four pastors have ventured into acquiring aircrafts of different capacities in Nigeria under the guise of Jesus of Nazareth. Latest in the series is the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Eunoch Adeboye who purchased a new Gulf stream 4XP aircraft, Number 707EA, worth four-billion-naira, last year, March 8th, 2009. The aircraft is a transatlantic, having capacity to airlift 15 passengers.

Pastor Adeboye was formerly a mathematician now turned a preacher to the league of private jet owners. Private jets bought by Nigerians last year went up as a result of interest shown by bankers, oil barons, church leaders and politicians. Other church leaders taking cue from the likes of acquiring aircrafts are late Pastor Gabriel Oduyemi of Bethel Ministries, Pastor Sam Adeyemi of Daystar Christian Centre, and Bishop David Oyedepo of living Faith World-wide a.k.a. Winners Chapel. Surprisingly, they are the same or almost the same church leaders shifting selfish interest from owning universities to acquiring aircraft, simultaneously.

For instance, it is the same Pastor Enoch Adeboye establishing the Redeemer’s university also owns a IS-passenger capacity jet. Besides, church leaders and their subordinates have political appointments in government, state or federal, as Governors, Commissioners, Ministers, Senators, Special Advisers, similarly, all politicians, holding political positions or not, are either Christians or Muslims in Nigeria. As a result of the neat interplay of interest between religious men and politicians, anything that affects a Christian or Muslim is a sore concern of the politician and vice versa.


Consequently, if a Christian or Muslim is not ready to expose a politician found in corrupt practices, the two are certainly birds of the same feather that flock together, acting as a cover for each other. That is why there is unabated corruption incidence in Nigeria due to the weakness and inability of religious agents and politicians to checkmate each other against corruption virus.

Obviously, until pressure is brought to bear on the two bodies to separate and become antithetical to each other, corruption cannot get reduced in Nigeria except now by Divine intervention. Fortunately, for the entire humanity, the ultimate source of the much-expected Divine change, is that SATGURU MAHARAJ JI is with us now. Eventually, all would soon become past stories, be it politics, church and other agents of corruption, threatening the stability of the entire human race.

As the SATGURU has declared, “no church would exist in any part of the world when the time comes as they deceived people into spiritual misery.” “Politic is also a foreign culture alien to Africa, the cradle of civilization and nucleus of the world. “Africans did not go to poll to elect a leader through voting at the beginning of creation. “Rather, it was the leadership role and activity a person exhibited and demonstrated in a group of people that earned him a leader. “A change for a new world of love, peace and harmony is irrevocable in the divine programme of love in Nigeria.


SATGURU MAHARAJ JI has become one of the most controversial personalities in history. Not only is he enigmatic but phenomenally consistent. Since 1980, when this Great Light manifested in Nigeria, He has maintained his disposition as the Living Perfect Master and the Messiah of our time. Quite often, he is venomously criticized and attacked that nobody seems to be interested in anything that is related to him.


SATGURU MAHARAJ JI came with the nucleus body (BLACK) as the Godfather power and made the black man to climb the highest Leadership position in the world been the source of Barrack Obama’s victory during the United State of America presidential Election on January 20th, 2009. The truth of the matter is the extraordinary event which have a tremendous built-up of devotees of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI in festive mood to celebrate the fateful day at their Ashram (house of worship) at road 208 House D23, FESTAC Housing Estate, Lagos. Addressing His devotees, who railed at the FESTAC Ashram, January, 20″ 2009. SATGURU MAHARAJ JI announced that he has since launched Barrack Obama’s election victory at a press conference in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria on November 2nd, 2008, exactly 48 hours to the date of the election. At the press conference, declaration was made that, if Americans refused to vote for Obama, the fishes in the water, the trees in the forest, and every other thing in creation would take human body to vote for him. The Living Perfect Master stated further that making Obama the President of United States is so symbolic and unique. This action did not base neither on sentiments nor fanfare. Rather, he is found both spiritually and physical qualified for America to move and drive a lot of benefits.

According to him, OBAMA as a president has the most desired capacity to redeem the shattered image of the United States which has lost its international prestige, interfering and instigating civil and international wars throughout the world. He also represents the voices of the teeming downtrodden, the oppressed, the weak and the poor; he therefore possesses the quality for calming down any uprising emanating from any of these groups, aimed at causing socio-economic disorder and security risks. He stated further that Obama will use the instrument of welfare to fight poverty and violent, restiveness grossly characterizing the America society generally. This instrument, He said, implies the provision of general health care services, create recreational facilities for inducing comfort and Happiness, and security for the people’s measure guaranteeing safety of lives and properties.

He however believes that in the on-going economic and industrial downturn the united state is experiencing, Obama could find panacea to adjust the ailing situation by directing Americans to use the true name of the creator, MAHARAJ JI in their begging for the country’s industrial revamp. “In His words. “Barrack Obama is therefore my ideal choice for the solace, and progress to the United States, for the time is now to break down the existing socio-Economic, ethnic and tribal barrier to comfort the present world to what it was at the beginning for the new Golden Age of life to flourish”

“I have therefore installed Barrack Obama the President of the United States, in good faith, to pilot affairs of the country and to regain her lost pride and international integrity. America should endeavour to see Obama’s election victory as a rare opportunity for them to come together and support the country’s present administration in its effort to build America to greater height and retain the status of the most powerful nation in the world” he concluded.

All these and more are some of the mysteries of SATGURU MAHARAJJI’S manifestation which no man can really define. While it is true that SATGURU MAHARAJ JI has a mysterious nature, it may be myopic and callous to conclude that he is evil. To the curious mind, elitist and non-elitist and other agitated few who desire explanation on who this phenomenon is, the power behind his invincibility and his mission, it may be necessary to pay unannounced, unofficial visit to the abode of the “Living Perfect Master’ at the SATGURU MAHARAJ JI village, the highest spiritual center of the universe, km 10, Ibadan-Lagos Express way, opposite Odo-ona kekere, Oluyole Local Government Area, Ibadan.

Infact, Curiosity prompted the editor of Amazon magazine to embark on a fact finding mission to this village. Days to the voyage, some friends who heard about their intention and felt concerned, advised that they should drop the idea.

Why? Some said they won’t come back alive because it was alleged that SATGURU MAHARAJ JI is a vampire and sucks human blood. Others said, they would be hypnotized into cultism. Well, they damned the consequence. Their pilgrimage to the village coincides with the celebration of 14th anniversary of Nigeria as the New Holy Land of the Universe, 29th May 2007. One striking thing about the SATGURU MAHARAJJI’S family is the contagious love that pervades their existence. One would stop and think for a moment, why is this feast of calumny organized against the Godman so hated, many alleged that he is the Messiah, Saviour, Christ-come-back and the Mahdi of our time. Yes, if his claims are blasphemous, why don’t we allow God the Father to subject us to divine judgment instead of being hypocritical, exhibiting holier-than-thou attitude? The Holy books admonish that we should not judge so as not to be judged because the measure you give is the measure you receive. SATGURU MAHARAJ JI has continue to reveal Divine knowledge to millions of Nigerians and people from all over the world to save and immortalize man with hundred percent guaranteed protection and safety of life from accidental, untimely death, on land, sea, air, and from the perdition of end time Free of change.


Barrack Hussein Obama was born to a white American mother, Ann Dunham, and a black Kenyan father, Barrack Obama, Snr., who were both young college students at the University of Hawaii. When his father left for Harvard, she and Barrack stayed behind, they separated when he was two year old and later divorced and his father ultimately returned alone to Kenya, where he worked as a government economist. Barrack’s mother remarried an Indonesia oil manager Lolo Soetoro and move to Jakarta when Barrack was six. He later recounted Indonesia as simultaneously lush and a harrowing expose to tropical poverty. He returned to Hawaii, where he was brought up largely by his grandparents. The family lived in a small apartment-his grandfather was a furniture salesman and an unsuccessful insurance agent and his grandmother worked in a bank-but Barrack managed to get into Punchaou School, Hawaii’s top prep academy. His father wrote to him regularly but, though he traveled around the world on official business for Kenya, he visited only once, when Barrack was ten.

Obama attended Columbia University, but found New York’s racial tension inescapable. He became a community organizer for a small Chicago church-based group for three years, helping poor south side residents cope with a wave of plant closings. He then attended Harvard Law School, and in 1990 became the African America editor of the Harvard Law Review. He turned down a prestigious judicial clerkship, choosing instead to practice civil-rights legislation. He also began teaching at the University of Chicago Law School. Eventually he ran as a democrat for the state senate seat from his district, which included both Hyde Park and some of the Poorest ghettos on the South Side. In 2004 Obama was elected to the U.S. Senate as a Democrat representing llinois, and gained national attention by giving a rousing and well-received keynote speech at the Democratic National convention in Boston. In 2008 he ran for president as a democrat and won. He is now the 44th president. This is the fulfillment of Martins Luther dream: He said a time is coming when the white and the black shall seat together dialoging “an issue of Nations”.

On this note we can see that “if America Can, Africa Can also do it through President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Infact, history has been made by SATGURU MAHARAJ JI in the election of Barrack Obama as Black African to be elected as United States President and, in a very wonderful way, in the Politics of the country. By extension, his victory at the polls is historic in the existence of the black man. Especially the African American who has been a victim of plunder for over 400 years. Well, mankind took another giant leap on Tuesday 4th November 2008, when Barrack Hussein an African-American was elected as the 44th president of the United State of America. It was something we thought would remain in the realm of a dream as envisioned by Martin Luther king, and for which he was murdered by the white supremacists in 1968 which he said.

I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former Slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a Nation where they will not be judge by the Colour of their skin but by the content of their character” Martin Luther King.


Barrack Hussein Obama took the oath of office as the 44th president of the United State before an unprecedented crowd that had started gathering at about 3.00 am (American time).

It was history in the making as an uncharacteristically tensed Obama took the oath with the Bible used by Abraham Lincoln in 1861. The man of the moment took the oath of allegiance at the west front of national mall in the capital. Supreme Court Justice, John Roberts, presided over his inauguration at about 12.03pm (6.30pm Nigerian time).

Obame took the oath on former president Abraham Lincoln who is Obama’s role model. The Bible was held by his wife, Michelle, while he took the oath.

He was already president before he took the oath of office. All the pomp and pageantry were simply ceremonial because the Constitution of the United State transfer of power from the old to the new president and his vice are automatic once the time clocks 12.00pm. Section 1 of the 20th amendment to the United States Constitution specifies that “the terms of the president and the terms of Senators and Representatives at noon on the 3rd day of January, of the years in which such terms would have ended if this articles had not been ratified; and the terms of their successors shall then begin.”

President Obama later proceeded to give his inaugural speech which was woven around responsibility. He said “American must choose “hope over fear” The new president commenced his speech by saying starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and begin again the work of remaking America. “The Challenges American faces two wars

.(1) economy in crises,

(2) Healthcare,

(3) Education,

(4) Environment,

are real he said, but added: “On this day, we gathered because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord.

“On this day, we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations, and worn out dogmas, that for far too long have strangled our political differences he said.

The Golden Change


Leader of the One Love Family and Living Perfect Master, SATGURU MAHARAJ JI has declared a rare spiritual upliftment for United States of America’s Democratic Party candidate, Barack Obama as the one and only man chosen by destiny to lead the world’s biggest nation at this point in time. MAHARAJ JI castigated the role president George Bush played in the area of Global Peace insisting that Bill Clinton was the best man who did the job well and created a lasting peace through his era and natural grace between the Blacks, Whites and even the Arabs.

Speaking at two various occasions, on May 12th, at His Festac Ashram, Road 208, House No. 23, and on may 29, at His km. 10, Ibadan Lagos Expressway, SATGURU MAHARAJ JI Village. MAHARAJ JI said Barack Obama is the perfect man to rule America. The Living Perfect Master who clocked sixty last year also said the biggest place to be right now, and the only Holy Land of the Universe is Nigeria. Castigating those who still go to Rome in Italy and medina in Saudi Arabia for spiritual purification, MAHARAJ JI said they are only being ignorant you tell me what is happening in Rome, where prostitution, homosexualism and all manners of inhuman acts take place. And you call that a holy place? In Saudi Arabia, people behead people. Even the Bible and Holy Quran frown at killing, yet you kill them saying they took drugs and all that. Is there no better judgment than killing? So, is that a holy land? Save yourself the ignorance and spiritual misdirection and come to Nigeria; come to MAHARAJ JI village and see the wonders of nature. A village where you don’t even need to see MAHARAJ JI before you get healed. The Living Perfect Master went ahead to illustrate His story with the experience of a woman who secretly came to the village with a breast cancer. “This woman never told MAHARAJ JI; she was sick. It was while I was throwing the prashad, a banana hit her and that was how she got her healing. So, what are you looking for? What do you call a holy land? Barack Obama is US President:

The Living Perfect Master started by illustrating how an earthquake in the very beginning broke mother Earth into pieces and caused human race to fall apart; with the race of colour bringing a difference. He said both the white and Black races were of same fatherhood. And that ever since then it has been a war of attrition between the races. MAHARAJ JI who maintained that some elements of creation live under our soil, said the creation Air, Sun, Moon, Star, Fire, Sea, and Earth are complete, there was no reason for racial antagonism. He said it was the Whites who later became Americans who came with the mystic concept of having one Supreme being who manifest so big and whom everyone should hold obeisance to, but among ourselves we should not respect each other. Anybody can do whatever he likes and at the end of the day will go and seek for forgiveness from this being. He said the ideology has since killed the spirit of love among races.

MAHARAJ JI said among these races America has come to be the number one manager of world affairs. He said even America through her human penetrating bodies have hijacked the churches in Nigeria, giving them heavy sums to support activities which predominate the psyche of the people and enslave them in a new form. MAHARAJ JI said although he loves America for her religious sense of human welfare care. He noted that America is the only place in the world where the human race is fast developing due to “pragmatic individual welfare”. But MAHARAJ JI wonders at the actions of someone like George Bush. “If you take note of what George Bush is doing then you begin to wonder at the rationale behind this man who lives in the world of freedom, where even at the entrance you see a statue of liberty. But where is that justice you are talking about with the issue of Iran and Iraq? Even Sudan, Israel and South Africa up to Zimbabwe. These issues have brought questions about the integrity of America in the global arena. So that is why we need a rapid change. Obama is that man who will change the image of America and make American’s embrace all nations that is at ill with her.


With Obama, America will not lose her mighty power. But will use it to better the lives of younger nations. Not to suppress. Repress, compress or oppress poor nations. And that is why Barack Obama must be there whether they like it or not. He must be there. We must call the fishes in the ocean, all the plants in the bush, all the trees in the forest to vote for him. If America must be great for once. Ooh, that is my ideal president. A president what will put together the ideals of the elder statesmen of the past and put it in such a way that America will put her problems behind and forge a new front. All the ancestors are behind Obama. With him in the White House we will work together to close that gap that has been opened since Bill Clinton left. When Clinton was there it was happiness for everyone. In his time, you could see a Blackman working in the White House. You can see a Blackman working in New Jersey, everybody worked together for peace, only for Bush to come and within twenty days we started witnessing attacks if your father lost a war, must you help him win it at all costs?


The founder of the One Love Family is always in the middle of controversy over his undying love for his teachings and intuitive knowledge of the creation and the universe. In this interview with JONATHAN EZE, he bares his mind on the essence of his teaching and what he has achieved in the last 31years. It is also to be as a mark of peace in the lives of people and the history of this nation to know that falsehood, accusation, counter accusation, national or international conspiracy cannot stop the SATGURU from attaining his goals and objectives of saving souls because it was not by your effort that the world was created, either will it be by your power to destroy it. You don’t even know where you are if you were not born either will you know if you are dead, except now by the special grace of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI that you will be transformed through divine knowledge to know why you are here and where you are going, this was created out of love and his mission is to save his creation from imminent destruction by love.

Question: –Can you tell us more about who SATGURU MAHARAJJI is?

Answer:-I’m the teacher of truth and a staunch believer of the need for a rapid spiritual reawakening of the people from sliding into the rudderless ride to destruction. I am also interested in preventing them from capitulating to the devil’s design and mandate of bringing the world into a total collapse.

My presence is meant to replant all souls in creation like the good farmer cuts down all diseased and infirm crops as to prevent their utter destruction, thereafter, replacing them with seedlings which are then tendered into maturity.

Question: What does MAHARAJ JI stand for?

Answer: –MAHARAJ JI stands for peace, love and harmony. It is the only name that was missing. Not because it wasn’t there but because of religious fanaticism. The name was changed by the European aristocrats during one of their meetings. They replaced the holy name with ELOHIM and all the rest. But that has not changed the divinity of MAHARAJ JI. Since then, man’s life has become problematic. Man has become a shadow of himself. So MAHARAJ JI is the divine intervention that comes every seven billion years.

Question: – What is the relationship between SATGURU and MAHARAJ JI?

Answer: – It is very similar. SATGURU is the vehicle, (the physical body). He is the embodiment of the spirit called MAHARAJ JI. He is the true master carrying the MAHARAJ JI’S power and using it to work physically among the entire creations. He is the teacher carrying the supreme kinetic energy that is controlling the universe.

Question:- What is this divine knowledge that you are taking about?

Answer:- The divine knowledge of the master is the key to self-realization and entry into the new age. The lack or absence of this priceless gift is what accounts for man’s elusive search for truth and happiness. Human problems are not rooted in social, economic, political or religious factors. They are simply symptoms of man’s lack of touch with the divine line of communication. Every human problem can be solved only through divine intervention. Any other effort is a grope in the dark for a helping hand where there is none.

Question:- how can we understand this divine knowledge?

Answer:-Divine knowledge itself is the foundation for divine intervention in human affairs since with it; man is equipped to tap from the ocean of divine abundance. It is a religious affair. It is the institution of spiritual orderliness in the heart of men to all in line with natural approach to existence, in other words, all must obey and accept the laws of nature by having regard for fellow human beings and by upholding the sanctity of life. This knowledge is the gateway to seeing the creator alive by receipt of the promise holy spirit which then equips the recipient with the requisite power to contend with negative forces and the power to live forever on earth.

Question:- A lot of opposition has trailed your person and teaching; what do you think is responsible for this?

Answer: – It is the ignorance that emanates from civilization. At the beginning of civilization, we were all dark skinned. There was an abomination that resulted into satanic and unholy war. Hence, they were submerged under water. Those submerged under water, however, re-emerged centuries after only have, to continue the same wickedness that originally sent them aground. They are now writing all sorts of things about the creator without rationalizing it. The controversy is not just because it is needed but man has become of the flesh, and he is not able to give in. Day in day out, he becomes degenerated. The controversies are there because they are consumers. They are hopelessly searching for the truth, and they don’t even have time. The Europeans are just manipulating them, but their fear and doubts will soon vanish. I have been telling people, call him from anywhere, he will answer you. With due respect, the Pope, or the chief Imam in Mecca and other prominent leaders cannot say so. Because this truth is coming from a black man and an African, so they rationalize that he is a devil. The same goes for so many who are trapped in religious quagmire of geocentricism who face the tragedy of denial and persecution. They don’t want to recognize the Living Perfect Master and that is why they have continued with their barrages of criticism.

Question:- There have always been cases of destruction of your temples in both Festac and other places. What is your response?

Answer:-Those who were responsible for such destructions have committed sacrilege. It is the height of abuse of power and injustice. Individuals and govemment are spearheading illegalities. The destruction of my temple in Festac and other places and all the harassment I and my devotees have passed through are a product of extremism.

Most of the destruction was under the nose of our law enforcement agencies. That is why I want to use this medium to call for state police. State police is the solution to the numerous abuses and unprecedented crime that is being perpetrated by people in government. They came and they said that they had an order from above. Which law allows for the flagrant destruction of citizens’ property and place of worship? They are infringements of our rights. When there is state police, they will be familiar with everything around them and their environment. They will not be used and they will not be manipulated. Destruction of my Ashrams is unwarranted. Those behind that shameful act are ignorant.

Question:- Is it also true that your temple at Festac was seized illegally from the owners?

Answer:-The allegation is not correct; the fact on ground speaks for themselves. It is a fact that the place was already a temple during the lifetime of Olufemi Orbih and I know that there was one of their relations living with them. All of them received my divine knowledge but, because they could not carry on with the injunctions, so they left. You know when a place is called a temple; it is no longer business as usual; it is no longer husband and wife relationship.

The Federal Housing Authority wrote to us saying that they have revoked the ownership because it was converted into a temple and that we are doing things that are inimical to society. All blatant lies. In Nigeria, we have a right to religion and worship, to associate. The housing association threw us out for three months or thereabouts. When we spoke to them, they did not listen so the devotees decided to sue them. So the claim of Sunday Orbih was wrong. They are falsifying information and they kept on saying that we claimed the place from the father after his death. Whereas, the father had already given us the place before he died.

Question:- Is it also true that you lost out in court?

Answer: –It is not true. I know that the judge in his judgement actually missed the way. If you look at the whole thing, it was a kangaroo case. He did not understand that one who is looking for equity must come with clean hands. Before we realize it, he made a statement and said that as long as rain comes from heaven we cannot win. He even went on to say that this is Jesus Christ court. I can’t believe that a judge will listen to one person’s case and leave the other. He did not allow us to cross examine Sunday Orbih; the exhibits were not even tendered. It was a miscarriage of justice, we appealed and till date, a date has not been assigned but justice shall prevail.

Question:-You recently celebrated the golden age festival. What is the significance of the celebration?

Answer: –This age represents the period in history when a better life or the soul of a person is re-charged and cleansed of all debris (karma) to enable it to qualify for reincarnation along with the entire creation forever on earth. It also marks a spiritual rejuvenation when all material and social achievements are consigned to the garbage heap of history thereby giving way to the precious gift of the SATGURU, the New Life which witnesses the total purification of the individual being to equip him for life eternal. Golden Age festival is a golden opportunity afforded man by the creator to effect necessary changes to enhance peace, love, unity and progress in the world. It is an occasion for spiritual reawakening and stocktaking so that the steady and rudderless ride to destruction could be reversed and humanity enabled to find its feet.

Golden Age festival also affords man a forum for the harmonization of objectives, goals and interest for mutual benefit of society to find solutions to the multifarious socio-economic and political problems which usually endanger a fragmentation of the entire creation into small conflicting units. Against humanity’s inescapable surrender to the devil’s design to bring the world to total collapse is the manifestation of the Godfather power whose presence is to replant all souls in creation. The festival, therefore, prepares all beings for the realization that the Father we have been expecting with such longing is at last here in flesh. There is no better time than now to come before His Lotus Feet to be re-charged so that the fire of life will be rekindled to shepherd humanity across the century, away from the ocean of Maya into eternal bliss.

Question:-What is your message to Nigerian?

Answer: – Politically, I want to urge them to shun money politics. Their vote is their power. It is only when they do not collect money from politicians that they can demand for their rights and experience the desired change. If they stand up for what is right, they will be enthroning peace, justice, rule of law and democracy. This is the Age of all Ages as it marks the crowning of time when there comes about a cosmic re-alignment and ultimate harmony during which timelessness sets, and death is finally swallowed up.


During the thousand years of mankind’s history, man’s search for God and direction has led to the enormous diversity of religious expression found worldwide. From the endless variety of Hinduism to the Monotheism of Judaism, Islam, Christendom and to the oriental philosophies of Shinto, Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism. In other vast regions, mankind has turned to animism, magic spiritism and shamanism. This search for the ultimate being has indeed been fascinating.

The obvious reason for this desperate search for the creator lies in the undeniable fact that someone was behind the creation of the universe and the need for salvation and a guide through earth’s dark nights and distresses. Others though, atheistically do not believe in the existence of a creator ascribing the marvels of creation as a product of chance.

The history of religion is as old as the history of man himself. Even among the primitives, there are temple evidence of worship of some form. Hence there have never existed any people, anywhere and at any time who were not in some sense religious. Besides its antiquity, religion also exist in great varieties. The headhunters in the jungles of Borneo, the Eskimos in the frozen Arctic, the nomads in the Sahara Desert, the urban dweller in the great metropolises of the world, has its God or gods as its way of worship. The diversity in religion is truly staggering. But where does all this religion emanate from? Since there are marked differences as well as similarities among them, did they start independently. or could they have developed from one source?

When it comes to the question of origin, people of different religion think of names such as Muhammad, the Buddha, Confucius and Jesus. In almost every religion, there is a central figure to whom credit is given.

The history of religion is as old as the history of man himself. Even among the primitives, there are ample evidence of worship of some form. Hence there has never existed any people, anywhere and at any time who were not in some sense religious for establishing the faith.

Some of these were iconoclastic reformers, moralistic philosophers; still others were selfless folk heroes. Many of them left behind writings or saying that formed the basis for a new religion. In time, what they said and did was elaborated, embellished, and given a mystic aura. Some of these leaders were even deified.


Speaking with Nigerian compass at the weekend, he said “Many people have a wrong impression that perhaps SATGURU MAHARAJ JI is a religion or have a fear that receiving his knowledge might disturb their former religions. No. it is not so. SATGURU MAHARAJ JI is not a religion. He is the comforter, the living mediator to link us back with the creator. Call him the world Teacher, the Mahdi, Saviour, etc, but he is the True Father! Be you an American, a Russian, and African, a Briton, or an Asian, you better take a step to SATGURU MAHARAJ JI by silently praying to him and receiving his divine knowledge that will link you with your creator practically.”


On what the divine knowledge entails, he said that it is the key to self-realization and entry into the new age and that its absence accounts for man’ elusive search for truth and happiness. His words “The divine knowledge is the foundation for divine intervention in human affairs. It is not a religious affair. It is the institution of spiritual orderliness in the hearts of men to fall in line with natural approach to existence. In other words, all must accept and obey the laws of nature by having regards for fellow human beings and by upholding the sanity of life. This knowledge is the gateway to seeing the creator alive by receipt of the promised Holy Spirit which then equips the recipient with the requisite power to contend with negative force and the power to live forever on earth without the process of dying and reincarnating anymore.”

SATGURU MAHARAJ JI is conscious that divine knowledge is the key science and technology. In his words “No nation on earth ever achieved scientific and technological breakthrough without the pioneering of a divine master. Ask the Japanese, Chinese, Americans, Germans, and British etc. How did they get it? It was not by idle talk or nebulous concept or transfer. Technology is not transferable. It’s acquired through a divine guide. Noah built his ark to divine specifications. Abraham built the tabernacle after the pattern shown to him in his experience. That key is here today in Nigeria with SATGURU MAHARAJ JI, and it will unlock the hidden treasures of nature. The irrefutable evidence is that this knowledge energizes the individuals who receives it from the master at no cost”.

Question:- Is this Name not an Indian name?

The Living Perfect Master also dispelled the notion that the name is an Indian name and further explained the distinctions between SATGURU MAHARAJ JI Christianity and Islam.

Answer: –SATGURU MAHARAJ JI is not an Indian name. it is the original name of the creator derived from Sanskrit language, the mother tongue of creation which the European elites changed to God, Allah, Jehovah, Elohim, El shaddai Gott, etc. at a conference and that was the beginning of man’s problem in life. Civilization had hitherto been built on the quicksand of mutual fear and hatred because man was standing on only one leg while his second leg was not recognized. This is a violation of the divine injunction to love one another. Man has therefore throughout history persistently governed himself by a violation of the divine government and this is what MAHARAJ JI has now manifested to put a stop.”

“In churches and mosques, they are being guided by the books, but the books cannot talk, God is not in there. So, the tendency is like saving your money in the bank but told to collect the interest after death. But MAHARAJ JI will connect you with the ascended masters; take you across time and space. He breaths the Holy Spirit into you and then you are born again and become resurrected with the power to incarnate, believe in all the ascended master, Jesus Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, etc to mention but few. They are with me. This is why if you receive my divine knowledge all will be there to assist you. If you fail, they will all reject you.”

Question:- Do you believe in prayer and miracle?

Answer: – SATGURU MAHARAJ JI does not believe in prayers and miracles. He sees miracles been performed as a ploy to convert unsuspicious ones. “You don’t need to pray to God. He created everything in the world. The earth, the sun, the moon and put us there as an extension of His light. But because we don’t know that his within us, that is why we are shouting because we are empty. Once we have MAHARAJ JI the subtle connection between man and God will start to function. As for miracles, it is the traps to catch converts. Actually, anybody can perform miracles. The whole situation is like this; illness, disease, always occurs to people who have not received the divine light. And because they are in darkness, they are being injected with these vicissitudes of life that manifest as accident, sickness, bad business, etc. So, whoever says he has healed someone by miracle is just using those actions to thwart the attention of the people.”

Question: who are to effect these changes?

Answer: –you are also one of them, MAHARAJ JI believes that the descendants of the Atlantis are now around to help Nigeria. He described them as the children of light which forms the fulcrum of the world, which also implies that everything in creation started from them. In his words” The Atlantis way of life is that we treat others with equal respect and have the love of everyone in our hearts.

Question:-What makes you believe in their culture?

Answer: – If not for civilization, it would not have been possible to accept the Atlanteans as people who once lived in this world and that their mistakes created the problem of human evil. They grossly overused and abused the divine help at their disposal that made them as children of light, with a definite sense of reasoning. They created an identity which others cannot ignore in the world arena. They are the custodian of useful information about the world. They believe in living and working together for the betterment of all people”.

Question:- what has the Europeans done wrong for expanding civilization to the people of Africa?

Answer: –SATGURU MAHARAJ JI believed that the Europeans through the process of civilization exploited Africans and took away all their cultural artifacts. He wants a paradigm shift to the roots. “If technological advancement is used as deceitful methods by the western societies and governments to hold Africans hostage to Europeanized cultures, then, there is this divine guide that balances man’s existence. The power of the Atlantis relies on the divine knowledge of the creator through a definite sense and mentality to cope”

Question: How did all these mysteries start?

Answer: – On how mankind’s misery started, MAHARAJ JI said “At the beginning we were dark people enjoying the sun round the clock, real perfect health, love. Peace and harmony, and technology was really homemade. Suddenly, some of us started misbehaving, committing crimes, hatred, eating flesh, flirtation, etc; so, the universe got annihilated and in this process the earth crust got submerged under the holocaust and water, and perished. Those who remained under water are those spread all over Europe and America now. Ever since then, the white skin has always been coming to earth from water and all became part of the system. SATGURU MAHARAJJI’S presence is to give positive practical perfect vibration that will direct all their energies into one direction to avoid Armageddon due to hatred for one another.”

QUESTION: –What is the cause of our misunderstanding?

Answer: – With the wide diversity of religious expression that has developed around the world over the past 6,000 years, it is at least educational and mind broadening to understand what others believe and how their beliefs originated because this might even open up vistas of a more concrete hope for the future, like the Bible, Quaran, Gita and so many others trying to educate the people through theories, but now is the practical.

Understanding one another’s viewpoint can lead to more meaningful communication and conversation between people of different faiths. Perhaps too, it reduces some of the hatred in the world that is based on religious differences, there is no basis of hating a person because he holds a different religious viewpoint. Now MAHARAJ JI has come to open the secrets of life and how to go about them physically and practically.


Two decades and four years ago on Friday, April 17, 1987, humanity secured a home from where the spiritual aspirations of all human beings on the planet could be attended to which was founded and re-opened on the planet. That spiritual home, opened as it has been in the beginning of creation. That day, Friday, April 17, 1987, coincided with a Christian oral celebration of Good Friday, purportedly marking the “crucifixion” of the Master “Jesus”. This popular religious Easter ritual runs contrary to the objectives for the founding of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI Village as The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, so that exercise adds 13 years to one’s lifespan, for seeing the practical Lord of the Universe, because he lives in body and flesh. This defeats the contention of one dying before going to heaven or before seeing God


Nobody in this existence can claim to have seen the manifestation of the Godfather power. So, the manifestation of the SATGURU, way back in 1980, could not be taken seriously until the establishment of the SATGURU MAHARAJ JI Village. The sole aim of establishing the headquarters of the One Love Family was for the Village to transform into the Highest Spiritual Centre of the Universe from where the expected Messiah is to take control and direct the affairs of the universe. Focus on this centre-point of the world is an opportunity for all conscious souls to receive Divine Knowledge, which has been hidden from human beings and in its stead, religions have been spreading with their ritualistic paraphernalia of pray, chant, shout, curse imaginary enemies, struggle to live, cheat and die one day. Meanwhile, no one can account for the future of the soul which existed.


SATGURU MAHARAJ JI Village is therefore, the abode of the Godfather power and the home of Pilgrimage. All other such homes are mere plastic monuments designed out of racial prejudice to perpetuate suffering. SATGURU MAHARAJ JI Village is also the centre of knowledge where Divine knowledge is revealed to pilgrims, to assure perfect life, reincarnation and earn the passport to inherit the earth, the home of man because, it is only the Living Perfect Master who can manifest one’s will “to be done on earth as it is in heaven”.

The establishment of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI Village pumped billions of photons of light and life into the creation since the Masters manifestation as the current bridge between man and his Creator who is able to Generate, Operate and Direct (GOD) and people all over the world, including its leaders from this centre point. It is now possible to stop the excesses of our leaders and those of the negative forces controlling the world, right from here.


It is from SATGURU MAHARAJ JI Village in the Holy City of Ibadan that the SATGURU solves the world’s major spiritual and physical problems. In fact, if world leaders and individuals have taken advantage of the presence of the SATGURU, or taken His divine directives, or physically meeting the Lord to receive blessings, at least problems of humanity would have melt down more rapidly. That notwithstanding, the Saviour of man has always been directing affairs and stopping mishaps, right from the spiritual continuum. The much-predicted world ending in 1999 by July 6 and 7 and 31″ December was averted by the SATGURU MAHARAJ JI. So merciful and compassionate, indeed. It was from this same MAHARAJ JI Village, on January 1st, 1990, MAHARAJ JI ordered De-Clerk, the former Prime Minister of apartheid South Africa “to release Dr Nelson Mandela by July (same year) or face it,” and it happened accordingly within the limit. Ditto asking IBB to live office and vacate Aso Rock or face the wrath of God.

MAHARAJ JI also declared Nigeria as the new Holy Land, May, 29, 1993, to ensure humanity is privileged to meet The Living God in person for spiritual directives as well as physical solutions to one’s problems. It was this same declaration, which sacked all the forces of attrition from Nigeria. It is also from this spiritual headquarters The SATGURU identified the nine women of negativity destabilizing all homes and the creation. These women are: – Eli, Margret Thatcher, Benazir Bhutto, Elizabeth Toro, Mfon, Kike, Maryam, Banuso and Ngozi-have since had their wings clipped off, to give respect to the new world.

They use to control and supervise negativity on people. It is from here that dictatorial governments are being controlled by the SATGURU; and being replaced by humbler and human-hearing leaders, pending the time children of Light will emerge to lead the world. That is how the following left. The Bushes administration, Saddam Hussein, Mobutu and Kabila of the congo, Buhari and IBB, De Clerk, Papa Doc and those of Tunisia, Egypt and many others. It was from this same SATGURU MAHARAJ JI Village that MAHARAJ JI went to crown OBJ to become the President in 1994 at Ota farm. Others are Oyegun, Osoba and Otedola, etc.


It was from this SATGURU MAHARAJ JI Village that we stopped the impending civil strike in Benin when the Military Governor and Bishop Idahosa were manipulated by the Kaduna Mafia to threaten the peace of the state. It was this Light that made leaders to support the anti-corruption war meaningfully, influencing the leaders to be aware of the potential dangers awaiting everyone if we allow the funds of building human capacities to be diverted into European Banks and private Pockets.


As earlier warned that the INEC Chairman should be bold enough to make sure that election petitions for 2007 are cleared, electoral register made ready and adequate security before the elections commence in some troublesome states, we are glad to say that the INEC obeyed by postponing the elections. However, the elections were flawed in certain areas while majority areas were credible, particularly the presidential one, which proved that the Nigeria Electorate are getting matured now to know that it is better to vote for the right person not the party.


The violence which took place before and after the 16th of April 2011 election and spread through in a larger scale deserves the condemnation of the people concerned, it is a threat which needs to be addressed very quickly. We are aware that the Chairman of CPC tried to hide behind this illegal act vote peacefully and if they found any discrepancies should be channeled through the proper channels for investigation and necessary action taken. But why didn’t he advise his followers in that vein immediately after the election results were known. Rather he said and I quote part of it, “INEC should not announce the result”

This is somebody who has been a mafia for long, who left IBB Group to join the Buhari Group to strengthen the North to win the presidency for Buhari who is an exponent of Shariah law, which supports the suppression of the masses with old draconian laws and to tell us that the Chairman of CPC and its presidential Candidate, Buhari and IBB and Atiku with their mediated poor pastor (past Story Teller) Bakare to join Buhari should be invited for interview in the violence which followed in all parts of the country after the presidential Elections.

There is need to put them under house arrest because this is barbaric evil act if not urgently controlled could plunge the country into another political turmoil. The same way the BBC (The Bad Brothers Company) should be queried to defend similar announcements made by them direct and through the IBB channels in the Ray power Radio which could be part of a syndicate to create social unrest. Remember most of the so-called apostles of dead zoning system have in the past sworn that there would be trouble and would not allow things to work if a Northerner did not win. But I believe strongly that they are not above the Constitution of this country, which stipulates that every Nigerian has a right to vie for any elective position of his choice under the laws of the land.

We deeply sympathize with the families of all those who lost their lives during the mayhem after the presidential Elections and wish to assure their families that their souls have reincarnated to continue the battle to free Africa from foreign ideological and racially infested tribal differences, which has been used to hold Nigerians back since AD 60. As publicly stated by our new president elect, President Dr. Ebele Omoluwabi Azikiwe Jonathan, that all victims of this uncalled holocaust shall be fully compensated. We implore your Excellency to move fast in order to stop the heart beats of the parents of all those affected, by MAHARAJJI’S Grace.


There should be massive military presence in all polling areas to make sure that nobody is intimidated to vote, and that the INEC officials are not kidnaped or abducted during the vote count and while on the way to deposit the ballot boxes but, it was the policemen that was used in the polls while the military were in a distance on most of the express roads.


We have just concluded April 2011, the month that decided President Goodluck E. Jonathan winner of the 2011 elections who became our elective political office holders in the next four years. Elections have already started since April 9, and it is our individual and collective responsibility to ensure that we vote the right person in their respective positions.


As a Merciful Father, SATGURU MAHARAJ JI had to initiate a special spiritual fortification to ensure Divine Government is stabilized in Nigeria to offset Nigeria’s political leaders’ unreadiness to follow the SATGURU’S directive or seek His blessings so that Divine Government can manifest to lead the world. The Father of Creation therefore caused to celebrate the program-Divine Government which was signed, sealed and Delivered between March 11 and 18, 2011 ahead of the 10 April 2011 elections. It was this program that has cleared the system to ensure the elections run smoothly, as deviation from the previous ones. The elections now have the potentials to produce a more perfect representation in government. This is to let President Jonathan to become a perfect tool of Divinity so that Nigerians can tap the grace for hosting the SATGURU. This means that the world can experience peace as dictatorial leaders will be removed from office and suffering of man shall melt away.


Ibadan is well noted for its leading role in Nigeria’s political landscape. That is why Ibadan and Oyo State are referred to as the pace-setter City State in Nigeria. This is part of the grace for producing the SATGURU, as The Expected Messiah, an Ibadan Prince, to unite the world. So, our people should aim at tapping from such an immense grace. Lately, however, the people of Ibadan, the largest black city in the world, are being used to disseminate false propaganda against SATGURU MAHARAJ JI, even before the 2011 electioneering campaigns, a lot of false news has been circulated, by spiritual counterfeiters, indicating that the SATGURU has a negative pact with Governor Otunba Alao-Akala in an unprintable allegation. Some say Akala’s taxis were meant to carry passengers to MAHARAJ JI Village for rituals. Glad enough in the past two years, there is no incident relating to such a claim earlier last year. They mentioned sale of apples relating to a vile propaganda. The latest rumor is that the staff Governor Alao-Akala uses was given him by SATGURU MAHARAJ JI with related and empty claims of its effect.

There is need to reiterate that Perfect Master’s services are to give humanity a spiritual election to change the world and make life serene and enjoyable. MAHARAJ JI‘ manifestation and services have resulted into immeasurable benefit to all, not only Nigeria and Nigerians, but also to Africa and the World. Those who are mulling such dangerous, negative and sadistic information should realize that they are destroying souls who would have benefited from knowing and using MAHARAJ JI. These religious leaders who are the proponents of negativities must also understand that no one has even succeeded in covering the Light of creation because it always burns them in the long run. As for the innocent public, they should realize that when you are deceived to close your eyes for the enemy to pass, you may as well miss the only good man among the lots.

I want to state clearly that i have no pact with Governor Akala. He was the only incumbent Governor to visit MAHARAJ JI Village, Ibadan; (on June 2, 2007) after all other Governors were invited. With such a benevolent wise act as the host Governor of the SATGURU, it will be unfair not to credit him for going beyond the voice of the people…therefore take caution.

MAHARAJ JI Is the True spiritual Name of the Creator who manifests as the SATGURU This Holy Name was removed by the European Elites at their illegal Constantinople Conference of AD 21 and AD 60 and replaced with the edited accounts of MAHARAJ JI Mission on earth in several bodies of past masters as Ifa, Orunmila, Adam, Moses, Amadioha, Abraham, Jesus, Zoroaster, Mohammed etc. due to racism. MAHARAJ JI is the physical body of the potency of the Creator’s Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscience and therefore, He gives Life through the Divine Knowledge He reveals which makes and gives a person 100% guaranteed safety on Land, Sea and Air perfectly. He gives the person the Grace to create abundance through the connection with the life force within him which is the store house of all inventions.

Love Him in any capacity and your problem will disappear gradually. He is Omnipresent and will be with you day and night to prove that He is divine and the only One ordained to save life. Therefore, He is the living horse you can ride, the living cow you can milk alive. Using the other man-made names for blessing will make you a guinea pig and a spoon for others to drink their tea. As a matter of fact, from physical experiences of all human beings on earth today, it has been proved beyond reasonable doubt that calling on the racial “God” will make you not only a slave but a shadow of yourself to impoverish and die gradually painfully like the saying… “what will it profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his life.” So, embrace the Light now to live longer, peaceful and prosperous and be a famous person with your integrity, respect and honour.


A short regular exchange in cultural activities between the affected areas and the Living Perfect Master will avert this ugly and devastating occurrence and hoping that all hands will be on deck to let the authorities of the countries involved to take a step and get the address to write to One Love Family, SATGURU MAHARAJJI Village, the Highest Spiritual Centre of the Universe, Odo-Ona Nla, Opposite Odo-Ona Kekere, Km. 10, Ibadan/Lagos Expressway, Oluyole LGA, Oyo State, Ibadan. Email: [email protected].


The UNO should not be used by NATO to start another civil war between the Arabs in that sub-region, sending clone crafts to attack Ghadafi rather than calling for peace meeting to settle conflict is like invitation for war.


The leaders should be invited to attend a UNO conference for settlement. Civil war is never the answer for democracy.


Imported food items are damaging to health of our people. Such food items are not good for human consumption particularly canned products, sea-foods like fish and foods from the Far East are poisonous as a result of tsunami and other disasters, resulting in leakage of gas and nuclear plants which have polluted atmosphere and the waters. Nigeria is reported as importing rice worth over N10billion in last year alone, as well as fish also in hundreds of billions of naira. These products are poisoned by gas from the leakage nucleus plants. The European Union has banned such products from Japan, while Nigeria still feeds its people with such poison. A quarter of such amounts spent on importation will be enough to encourage production of rice and other food items locally particularly in the Middle Belt and North using improved farming methods and assistance to farmers.


Government should ban the sale and smoking of cigarette in publics places. The sale, smoking and drinking of such hazardous products be limited to designated shops, stores and in hotels.

This will curb the exposure of youths to such unwarranted habits and sales will be restricted to willing adults only. The production of cigarettes in particular should be reduced or banned. The Ministry of Heath advertisement warning smokers on the danger inherent in smoking is too hypocritical. Nigeria has a responsibility to protect its citizens particularly where we cannot sponsor free medical care. Let us stop killing our youths. The public ban should also cover brothels since Nigeria as The New Holy land of the Universe must not allow unholy acts among the citizens.


Now that the 2011 elections have injected some kind of reasonable level of free and fair process of voting for representation, it is believed that such winners will seek the blessing of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI. The 2011 elections, in spite of a few hitches and loss of lives, are clear that MAHARAJJI’S Divine intervention has aided a better choice of our leaders. MAHARAJJI’S blessings in the interim, is so much that it can be used to lead the people in honesty. This is very vital so that Nigeria will lead the world with fear and blessings of the Creator. Members of the press, ladies and gentlemen, I feel highly honoured to say that today by the special Grace of the Almighty Creator, MAHARAJJI, Nigeria has now won the war to have a president who will serve the people direct without any bias for religious, tribal, ethnic and personal sentiments, which has been the blockade on our political progress and national advancement. As children of Light, we went through this struggle single handed and we did all we could to make sure that we overcome and fought the war of ethnic, tribal and the manipulative intelligence of the whites without any war of words resentments from us and or without war. This is a special Grace which has touched all of us present as Nigerians.

We beg that to avoid any deadly violence of this nature which took place in the North, we should roast plenty of yams and put them inside the shrines and sanctums and altars along with garden eggs, walnuts and all kind of fruits plus red oil and salt for seven (7) hours after which it should be shared to all round the country by virgin boys and girls. The mothers should wear winish buba and light iro while the men should wear long or golden bubas and trousers in addition, the big men and women among us should declare parties everywhere to unite all of us and serve as an appeasement to the Gods of our land and the souls of the dead to realize that we love them and that Nigeria is our home this account for our safety, progress and stability.


SATGURU MAHARAJJI village, being the highest honor to all Nigerians and humanity at large to meet The Lord, who offload one’s load to get blessed and dine with the SATGURU. This is the true Holy land among others, now that the Master is physically in existence. This opportunity cannot be experienced in Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, Tibet or elsewhere and the reason is obvious. The SATGURU is the current Link between Man and the Creator, period! Come on pilgrimage to SATGURU MAHARAJ JI village, along Km. 10 Ibadan-Lagos Expressway, Sunday April 17, 2011 goodwill message and thereafter.


Any country in the world where a Living Perfect Master manifests, the progress and development of that country or nation, is the direct universal power of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI to give the people the legal right to research and discoveries. The advance studies describe research as a careful study of a subject especially in order to discover new facts or information for improving people’s life and living. It is true that, science is knowledge about the structure and beheaviour of the natural and physical world, base on facts that you can prove but, the divine knowledge of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI will give you the basic information essential to the understanding of the spiritual, natural and physical world, without taking pains to read books or traveling to different places to find such information.


In the past science books used in Nigeria and other African schools were written by people who have little or no knowledge of the people and their environment. Many illustrations and examples in them meant very little or nothing to a young African, in short the books were strictly written for the African scholars because it was a spiritual gift to the white man who wrote the books through divine knowledge imparted into their soul in their past lives. But now, here is a passage in this books written by an experienced Nigerian whose knowledge of the people, their environment, and their susceptibility is thorough and was built from personal experience for the divine knowledge of the creator in person who’ manifested as SATGURU MAHARAJ JI in Nigeria far back in 1980.

It is an attempt to bring the people closer to the world around them and to make them appreciate the importance and usefulness of what nature has placed around them. It further attempts to instill in them the desire to gain from the divine knowledge of the creator in person, the practical appreciation of the materials available in nature thereby fostering the spirit of adventure and preparing their minds for more advanced work at a larger skill.

Take for example, the yield of crop by plants has been greatly increased by the knowledge which scientists have gain of what the soil contains, and what kind of food plant use. A knowledge of what our food contains and what type of food our body needs now help us to choose the best food most suitable for our healthy body. Almost everything that has to do with shelter is the direct work of scientists. The bricks, the cement, concrete, the metal, the iron sheets, and the paints we use for our houses just to mention but a few are the products of the scientists. Our clothing too, is the product of the gift of the great masters who come to reveal the divine knowledge to the people.

All machines used in the textile industries where our clothes are made were devised by scientists. The dyes used in dying them are products of science. Modern work in science has also given us the new man-made fabrics for clothing e.g. Nylon or Silk. A complete list of the ways in which our health depends on science would fill many pages. Purification of water for drinking, the various drugs, pills doctors give us in hospitals either to prevent or cure our diseases are direct benefits we received from great Masters who imparted this divine knowledge into our soul in our past lives.

We can now also undergo surgical operations without feeling any pains, thanks to the scientists who discovered chloroform and other anesthetics. Science also contribute much to our recreation, musical instrument, transistors radio, tape recorder, televisions, the cinema and all scientific achievements. You can think of many more examples yourself. All means of transport and communication are the inventions of scientists. Our bicycles, cars, trains, ships, aeroplanes and telephones are evidence of this. Since we come regularly in contact with what science is all about, it is right and proper that we should know what divine knowledge is all about. Apart from this, there is hardly any profession today in which divine knowledge is not required. You must therefore lean with a view of getting yourself ready for your future profession. But this is not all, the above are merely material benefits we derive from the divine knowledge, to mention just a few:

(a) This divine knowledge enables a person to understand, imprecate or cultivate a scientific attitude, thus liberating yourself from superstitious belief and fears.

b) It provides a person with the understanding of the nature of scientific method and instills in him the habit of applying it to solve the problems of life.

QUESTION: How can we get such information and, what are the secret?

This question was raised by the head of a department, in the Nigeria institute for oil palm research (NIFOR) recently. As you will see in the next articles, this questions was fully digested for the people to understand by the father of creation SATGURU MAHARAJ JI.

Answer: You were told that knowledge is power, knowledge is life, knowledge is the source of all known and unknown information about yourself, the people and everything seen and unseen. It is not the knowledge you can read in the books and understand. It is the divine knowledge given by the masters of the universe known today as ‘MAHARAJJI‘ THE NEW HOLY NAME ‘who’ by the special grace manifested in Nigeria in body and in flesh to give this manna of love to the people.


The source of your information is given to you through the practices of divine knowledge. When you receive the divine knowledge of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI, you will be given the grace to perform the three mandatory assignment of SSM to prepare yourself for a divine spiritual undertaken if you are to grow fast in knowledge. FIRST “S” is: SAT-SANG from “Sanskrit language which means the company of truth that is simply given testimony of the potency of his power about life before and after it found you. This is to wash away the physical contamination of oneself.

SECOND “S”: is “Service or Selfless Love” this implies being useful to the whole of humanity by placing at their disposal any blessing or grace one has tapped from sincere follower-ship of the SATGURU. As much service as one does in cash or in kind so the grace flows. Those who do not either do service or give Sat-Sang are like those stopping the refreshing pipe water from flowing to the thirsty citizenry, as they are serving as pipes or channels or cables for transporting the light force or the positive vibration or the water of love of the SATGURU to the needy.

THIRD “M”: stand for Meditation” this is to view the television of life through the experiences given to you by the SATGURU to know the kind of gift you have for the benefit of mankind. It will also show you event in the past, present and future perspective. You can also take advantage of unforeseen circumstances that may have any negative impact on your life and the life of many other people far and wide. Anyone who fails from the grace of the SATGURU is found terribly wanting in all these three activities which constitute the armour for waging the spiritual battle to free oneself from bondage of Maya and restore a person to his constitutional spiritual position to realize himself and the goals of life. These are the chief determinant of rapid spiritual/physical growth in SATGURU MAHARAJ JI kingdom of heaven and earth.


Electricity supply in Nigeria is almost practically not possible and this is evident in the number of failures recorded by the government and its various organs that are responsible for the generation and supply of electricity power to Nigerians. The way forward on this issue have been articulated by various schools of thought yet there seemed to be no meaningful progress recorded in this regard. It is either that the authority have exhausted all means to tackle this persistent problem or they are actually not committed to the realization of constant and effective power generation in this country. I want to add through this medium on how to compliment the generation of power and electricity in Nigeria.


The first major problem that we see in this whole matter is that we as a nation have over depended on the generation of power from non-renewable energy source which is the fossil fuel, (hydro electricity, petroleum and natural gas) while neglecting other sources of energy and power which invaluably would have been cheaper, and easier to maintain. Amongst such other sources of energy and power is the solar energy power and of course solar Technology. Briefly I will differentiate between these three.


(1). The solar energy is the free gift of God to man. It is the radiation of light and heat which comes continuously from the sun and by virtue of the location of Nigeria on the equator, Nigeria gets the supply of this energy more abundantly than other nations in the world. The solar power is the generation and conversion of solar energy into electricity and thermal usage in our homes, industries offices etc.


(2). The solar technology of course is everything about the techniques used for the sourcing, conversion and supply of the solar energy. This technology is broadly characterized as either passive solar or active solar, depending on the way they capture, convert and distribute solar energy. The active solar techniques includes the use of panels and solar thermal collectors to harness the solar energy.


(3). The passive solar technique involves locating a building where there is sun always and then making choice selection of materials with favourable thermal mass or light dispersing properties and designing spaces that naturally circulate air. The effective combination of the three mentioned so far would give continuous supply of electricity and power to man without fail. The success of solar application in Nigeria can not be left solely in the hands of the government. Doing so which of course have been the case would mean that the solution to our problems in electricity and power supply will never come to play. The reason I say this is because, individuals can be trained on developing solar techniques which they can use to generate power sufficient enough to meet their demands at home or offices. The application of solar in Nigeria will greatly enhance all the sectors of the society i.e. economy, social, industrial etc. which would mean better life style for the citizens.

Solar application is diverse, apart form electricity, it can be used to heat water, heat up homes during cold and harmattan seasons, it can be used for cooking, there is solar air conditioning, and more of recent there is solar powered car. In all these Nigeria have not so much participated in the effective utilization of solar except of recent the installation of solar street lights which have been noticed in some major cities in Nigeria. Beyond this, solar energy can also be used to power bore hole water system and many more.

We can advance and do better than where we are now. What we need is commitment from both government, institutions and individuals in taking deeper interest in the love of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI and his message and in no time, we will achieve greater success. If we choose solar, we do not have the time to waste or wait for a new technology to save us, all the technologies for solar application already exist. Happy enough, solar application will help stabilize our climate, put an end to atmospheric pollution as a result of our dependence on generators, reduce the burden of excess bills paid on light (most of them over bloated bills) and generally create a good standard of living. It is therefore high time we start harnessing the resources of solar.


Civilizations have come and gone. Now the GOLDEN AGE OF LIFE is here to stay. Thanks to the Father of Creation, SATGURU MAHARAJ JI, and Whose Love for the works of his hands has been the propelling force behind the majestic march of humanity through time. Beginning November 9, and running through December 31, the 53 day millennium celebration marks the final Triumph of civilization against the forces of destruction which have twice swept mankind off the planet. The Atlantis Civilization which flourished before the Aquarian. The age boasted the most stupendous scientific and social invention and achievements before the catastrophic deluge of the Atlantic Oceanic that swallowed up, not only the wicked ones but also, the achievement of civilization. Those submerged under water however re-emerged centuries after, only to continue the same wickedness that originally sent them aground.

With the arrival of The Father of Creation. SATGURU MAHARAJ JI, on the shores of the African continent on July 17, 1980, the trend of live die; live, die has been reversed! MAN CAN NOW LIVE FOREVER IN PARADISE ON EARTH.

The Divine Knowledge of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI is the Key to that Glorious Hope. The power of creation is the sustaining force of that life. As the One Love Family, the nucleus of the Universal Family, celebrates the 2011 Golden Age Festival, you are cordially invited to the Lotus Feet of the Lord of the universe to dine with The Holy Father and His children. Civilizations had hitherto been built on the quick sand of mutual fear and hatred because man was standing on only one leg (Whites) while his second leg (Black) was not recognized. This is a violation of the divine injunction to Love one another! Man has therefore throughout history, persistently governed himself by a violation of the Divine Government. And this is what MAHARAJJI has now manifested to put a stop.


Golden Age Festival is therefore a golden opportunity afforded man by the creator to effect necessary changes to enhance peace, love, unity and progress in the world. It is an occasion for spiritual reawakening and stocktaking so that the steady and rudderless ride to destruction could be reversed and humanity enabled to find its feet. Golden Age Festival also affords man a forum for the harmonization of objectives, goals and interests for mutual benefit of society in order to find solutions to the multifarious socio-economic and political problems which usually endanger a fragmentation of the entire creation into small conflicting units. Against humanity’s inescapable surrender to the devil’s design to bring the world to total collapse is the manifestation of The God-Father power whose presence is to replant all souls in Creation like the good farmer cuts down all diseased crops so as to prevent their utter destruction, thereafter replacing them with seedlings which are then tendered to maturity. The Festival therefore aims to prepare all beings for the realization that The Father we have been expecting with such longing is at last here in flesh. There is no better time than NOW to come before His Lotus Feet to be re-charged so that the fire of life will be rekindled to shepherd humanity across the century away from the ocean of maya into Eternal Bliss.


It represents the period in history when the battery of life or the soul is recharged and cleansed of all debris (karma) to enable it qualify for reincamation along with the entire Creation forever on Earth.


The Age marks a spiritual rejuvenation when all material and social achievements are consigned to the garbage heap of history thereby giving way to the precious gift of The SATGURU. The New Life which witnesses the total purification of the individual being to equip him for life eternal.


This period is characterized as “golden” because it is the last opportunity for man to re-unite with himself, discover the Living God within him so as to take control of the elementals that had hitherto subjected him to servitude. He will then become truly the master and driver of his own destiny. This is the Age of all Ages as is marks the crowning of Time when there comes about a Cosmic re-alignment and ultimate harmony during which timelessness sets, and death is finally swallowed up.

The festival further aims to prove to humanity that it is taboo against Nature to discriminate against fellow human beings just on the basis of their culture, colour or other such artificial distinctions. Importantly, the Golden Age Festival will afford our scientists, sportsmen and women as well as leaders all over the world, a life time opportunity to come back home to the Original source of Eternal Wisdom who now dwells bodily in Nigeria.

In this connection, we urge our brothers, such as Mike Tyson, Hakeen Olajuwon and a host of others in Europe and America who are now swallowed in modern-day programming, to come over home and join in establishing the nucleus order to take man to a pure state of consciousness. We sincerely desire that they partake of a pure life, devoid of all the hazards, uncertain calamities such as hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and incessant star warfare against fellow human beings, all in the name of intellectual excitement. It is our hope that their vain search for light on artificial foundation, due to hypocrisy and lack of truth, will now give way to this golden change to connect with the rare jewel, (The Father of Creation, SATGURU MAHARAJ JI).

In the light of proper guidance, it is true that alligator pepper is erroneously tagged “spice” but to the mature mind and contemporary students of spiritualism, one seed of alligator pepper can serve so many useful purposes. The present SATGURU is back where Creation began. People should therefore not be confused with the lesser gurus that inundate Japan, Germany, China, India and such other countries where they exist. SATGURU MAHARAJ JI is the Father of all these other Masters. If ordinary masters could effect such gigantic growth in these countries, how much more the Father Himself.

Get cracking, brothers and sisters, the Godman is walking on the planet today. His love, mercy and compassion are at the disposal of the entire race, so don’t be left out. We are sure that if eminent people like Jim Brown, Lady D., John Kennedy and wife, Commodore Ikhazobor, Evangelist Adewole, Archbishop Idahosa, Bimbo Odukoya, the late Sultan Maccido had received the Divine Knowledge of our Dear Father, SATGURU MAHARAJ JI for the lever of love they had shown for God, they would have been living by now.

The same goes for so many who were trapped in religious quagmire of geocentricism who faced the tragedy of denial and persecution. They never knew that the king of all the Gurus, SATGURU MAHARAJ JI, The Lord of the Universe, is a Nigerian now walking on the planet. This is the same who has come again and again throughout history as Adam, Moses, Elijah, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Kofi Manu, Orunmila, etc. All scriptures sing His glory. All Angels sing His praises. But at the separation of tongues, the mis-impression came that he is just one of the numerous Masters. That is the genesis of mankind’s problem today.

He clearly says “Don’t believe Me but try, test and know Me by talking to Me from your heart wherever you may be and I will answer you.” It is no wonder that our Savior Our Father, SATGURU MAHARAJ JI became the butt of savage and vicious attacks from the imperialist forces, using their agents in government, as well as the local press, to further their sinister motives. Finally, the Golden Age Festival avails all and sundry the chance to put on the complete shield against all known and unknown dangers as Knowledge will be imparted to those willing to inherit the legacy of The Light which includes 100% guaranteed safety on land, sea and air. Living testimonies abound to prove that with just a photograph of The Master on your person, you will come out alive and unscathed, even if an airbus in which you are traveling is completely burnt in mid-air.


Divine Knowledge of the Master is the key to self-realisation and entry into the New Age. The lack or absence of this priceless gift is what accounts for man’s elusive search for truth and happiness. Human problems, YOU MUST KNOW TODAY, are not rooted in social, economic, political or religious factors. They are simply symptoms of man’s lack of touch with the divine intervention. Any other effort is a grope in the dark for a helping hand where there is none! Take it or leave it. Our leaders, having gone spiritually bankrupt, have come under spiritual siege from the minor forces as a result of their invasion after the sad dismantling of the people’s culture and the result is desecration of the land’s through mono-cultural practices. and because these leaders are not adequately equipped and protected for the battle that leadership entails, since they are not in Divine Knowledge, they are subject to manipulation from the elemental. Selfishness, greed, hatred and lack of wisdom can only be overcome by this Knowledge which makes one immune to the conventional human pitfalls. Divine Knowledge itself is the foundation for Divine Intervention in human affairs since, with it, man is equipped to tap from the Ocean of Divine Abundance. It is not a religious affair. It is the institution of spiritual orderliness in the hearts of men to fall in line with natural approach to existence. In other worlds, alL must accept and obey the laws of Nature by having regard for fellow human beings and by upholding the sanctity of life.

The knowledge is the gateway to seeing the creator alive by receipt of the promised Holy Spirit which then equips the recipient with the requisite power to contend with negative forces and the power to live forever on Earth without the process of dying and reincarnating any more. Divine Knowledge ensures a restoration of your link with God, which in turn, guides every step you take in life to the ultimate end that disease, woes, agonies and fear are forever overthrown and in fact buried.

Divine Knowledge is the Key to Science and Technology. No nation on Earth ever achieved scientific and technological breakthrough without the pioneering of a Divine Master. Ask the Japanese, Chinese, Americans, Germans, British, etc, how they did it. It was not by any idle talk of some nebulous concept of transfer. Technology is not transferable. It is acquired through a Divine Guide. Noah built his Ark to divine specifications. Abraham built the tabernacle “after the pattern shown to him”. That key is here today in Nigeria with the Father of Creation, SATGURU MAHARAJ JI, and it will unlock the hidden treasures of nature. Acquire it. It is your heritage! The irrefutable evidence is that this Knowledge energizes the individual who receives it from the Master at no cost, so, save your obedience to the laws of nature. Man will learn from Divine Knowledge to give up his mundane ways and then try, test, experience and embrace the practical Love as directed by the Godfather Power. These and more are the heritage of those who are fortunate enough to enter into the BOAT cruising across into the GOLDEN AGE OF LIFE.


Nigerian was declared the NEW HOLY LAND by SATGURU MAHARAJ JI on May 29, 1993. Since then, Divine Forces have taken over rulership of the country. It is no coincidence that Democracy was finally enthroned on May 29, 1999, after six grueling years of clearing the debris left behind by decades of military misadventure into political governance. Today you are invited to take a step and Come for Divine Knowledge so that all these legacies will be yours for eternity. Come to The Highest Spiritual Centre of the Universe at km.10, Ibadan-Lagos Expressway, Ibadan (Old Nazareth) from November 9th to December 31st, for that all-encompassing spiritual rejuvenation and the complete armour against all human problems arising from social, political, economic to health and more importantly spiritual. Join the Chariot Now, and your smooth passage into ETERNITY is guaranteed. It is a deal!


Founder of One Love Family, SATGURU MAHARAJ JI has challenged Nigerians to be more politically conscious in the 2011 general elections, by monitoring the activities of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). He also admonished Nigerians to stand up against injustice and work towards consolidating the nation’s democracy adding that only Nigerians can fight for the good of the country. MAHARAJ JI who spoke to newsmen in his Ibadan village residence, on Monday, during his 63″ birthday celebration, said it was imperative for Nigerians to publicly monitor every action of the INEC geared towards the conduct of free and fair elections in 2011 and other elections.

He said: “if we are going into another election, we need to stand up firm and monitor all the actions and activities of the INEC. All the resident Electoral Officers need to be publicly screened so that we can know the antecedents of those we are employing in our national lives. Everybody that will work in INEC should be screened by the public and for them to be publicly screened; Nigerians have to be more politically conscious to find out what is happening in the commission.

“We must not accept money from any person seeking political office, because if we do he is no longer accountable to you. The INEC Chairman, Prof Attahiru Jega should be able to make his mark. I am not saying that we don’t believe in him or we don’t trust him, no, we trust and believe in him, but he must surrender himself and those he uses in the states to public scrutiny.” He also called for a special commission to monitor the activities of INEC saying the commission should be independent and be separated from government’s interference.

He stated that the proposed commission should monitor closely the activities of INEC and report back to the nation the kind of personalities that coordinate every activity of INEC. “We must not take any chance in the election; the police men on the post, government must supply us with their names and their past records. The men posted to Lagos, Ekiti, Kebbi state as Residential Electoral Commissioners, the government must supply us their names and their past records “he said.


This is not time for prayers offered by Lebanese, Asians, Cypriots, Britons, Angolans, Liberians, Nigerians, Sierra Leonean, etc. displaced from their homes due to some unknown mistakes. You don’t therefore expect MAHARAJJI to start calling on Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, to join the queue of misery, agony and sleeplessness, No! I have come to address and redress the situation, whether the world likes it, believes me or not. Use my badge or remember to call The Holy Name, MAHARAJJI, daily and everyday you will be alive to witness the emerging Golden Change and Age of Life. “This is not time to use rosary, talking to the wall or TV miracles to draw customers’ money only to droop dead in the pulpit because I am here to show and prove to you that I am the Holy Spirit and source of everything in creation and The One to save you and reincamate you now. “I have plenty of overflowing love for you to show you that I am The One you can trust, rely on and concentrate upon, to get across year 2000 to the Heavens and back again and again. Just try Me.”



We have been following the West and Eastern worlds. This is why we are suffering. This is not the time to rule people with theories and constitutions of interest groups. We thought political independence was everything with no spiritual base. We abandoned our culture to practice the system of government presented to us to follow. With the system, we have been conditioned to yearn for higher answers through books (school). We have produced the wrong people to be in charge to distribute the values of life because they have book answers (big qualifications) but no solutions. We could be wise and noble men full of fine words but quit unable as leaders to control the diverse and ununited members of our societies because of lack of Divine knowledge of a Living Perfect Master. This, Zik realized after receiving this blessings from SATGURU MAHARAJ JI. He then understood after the Divine knowledge that he did not know as much as he thought he knew about life.

“I am very happy to be recipient of this gorgeous gift which MAHARAJ JI placed at my disposal.”Rt. Hon. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe.

Having all material convenience is not enough to make one feel okay, but this is the way people have been conditioned to believe in, even those who claimed they have made it, there is still fear and doubt. That is to say there is still something missing the ‘Divine knowledge’. And furthermore, is anybody happy out there? If so, what is the secret, none, it’s all illusions. If you have Divine Knowledge the world will not mislead you.


Today the question facing us is where is the Man who can save us? There is no trace of Blackman as a human being today even when it is said that we are the cradle of civilization. What have we got to offer the fight for independence that was collectively achieved with all efforts? We have followed all what has been given to us as a way of life, but has not taken us anywhere. Is there someone among all these leaders in our land (Africa) who can lead the world? Sorry will not be enough, we have to take a step and balance our spiritual freedom. As the Godfather Power is with us now because, we cannot afford to stand on one leg unless the Blackman is free.


The Atlanteans are the children of Light, they are the fulcrum of the world, which means everything in creation started from them; that is to say that they evolved the Nucleus Culture of Man. The Atlantis way of life in manner is universal people who treated each fellow beings with equal respect and the love in their hearts.


If not for civilization, it would not have been possible to accept the Atlanteans as people who once lived in this world and that their mistakes created the problems of human evil. They grossly over used and abused the divine help at their disposal that gave them a definite sense of reason. They created an identity which others cannot ignore in the world arena. They pioneered the existence and civilization of the nations of the world in line with process of modernization. All the main features of civilized societies originated from them.

So, thinking about the Atlantis can only put you in the limits of your imagination. Their presence today is another change for a new way of life, the source of a new found strength. They are the custodians of useful information about the world. They believe in living and working together for the betterment of all people. If you are looking for the real owners of the world, they are the Atlantis children. Tapping from the cultural practice of the nucleus people (the Atlanteans) life from the nucleus culture translate nature through divine help to the benefit of man and through constant efforts, improves the quality of life nurtured for good value with respect for one another. Their feelings and opinions count, their ideals have value and they have the knowledge to change and make things happen. If each new generation offers humanity another chance to shape the world we live in, then let the descendant of the Atlantis, now ready to help, be given the right in the agenda of human affairs.

They are the most exposed people on earth whose decisions can be used to direct the affairs of the new world. If we want the best out of anything, the opportunity is being offered now by the children of Light that travel at the speed of light with divine guidance to avail ourselves of the growth and progress for the society we belong. If technological advancement is used as a deceitful method by the western societies and government to hold Africans hostage to Europeanized culture, then, there is this Divine Guide that balances man’s existence. The power of the Atlantean is relied on Divine Knowledge of the creator, the definite sense which gives a sound mentality to cope. Anybody who receives Divine knowledge is empowered to receive direct guidance from the Creator, the source of ideas, explanations and solutions to get ahead in all ways of life. Divine knowledge can only be given by The Living Perfect of our Age in the passage of time, if you know Him.

But as for this Age, the Living Perfect Master is called SATGURU MAHARAJ JI. His Divine Knowledge is the best thing that have ever happened to human being in a life time.


As the Nation battles the recent massacre in Jos based on religious sentiment, the Lagos State Police Command almost created a similar crisis in Lagos by Tony Momoh’s Chambers and the Christian sect to perpetuate havoc on the lovers of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI. The way the Police and a Lawyer from the Chamber called Peter Azubuike (Esq) conducted himself was very unprofessional, and capable of destabilizing Lagos State and by extension, Nigeria.

The Jos killing took place on Sunday, 7th March, 2010, in what look like a calculated attempt to foment trouble in Lagos, So that the condition becomes worrisome to the Acting President. As early as 8.30am, about fifty (50) Armed Policemen and Lawyer from Tony Momoh’s Chambers stormed the worship Centre of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI in Festac town, purporting to have come to carry out an execution of a controversial Judgment delivered by Justice Gbajabiamila on Friday 5″ of March, 2010.

The devotees of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI, at the gate requested to see the Court Judgment order, the police had none, they requested for the Court Bailiff who is the person empowered by law to implement or execute Court Judgment, none was around. So they insisted that, since they have already filed an Appeal, and are in the process of obtaining a Stay of Execution, it is very improper for the police to invade the promises on the next working Day, Monday, 8″, March, 2010 after Judgment was delivered.

As the Argument ensued, they requested for Seven persons who followed them to the Festac Extension Police Station. There, the Divisional Police Officer (D.P.O), said he has nothing to say since he has confirmed that the order came from above, that he couldn’t stop them. The head of the One love Family team, Chief Nwako Obinka, told the D.P.O, that the order is a wrong order, he smells conspiracy, most especially, now that a lot of Area Boys have been hired to assist the Police, yet the D.P.O said he couldn’t give a counter order, since the Commissioner of Police is involved.

At this point, the Policemen and the Lawyer came back, and started trying to force that gate open, at the point SATGURU MAHARAJ JI Himself had to come out, to help the situation, because already some devotees had started having clash with the police. SATGURU MAHARAJ JI told the Police to see themselves as agents of change, that judgment are not executed that way, mostly now that he had filed an Appeal. He said that he had called the commissioner of Police who told Him that except he had a copy of the Appeal or the stay of Execution, nothing can be done to Stop the assault by the Police. So when SATGURU MAHARAJ JI was talking, the lawyer came with a phone to the leader of the team, asking him to speak with the Commissioner of Police. After the call, the team leader asked if the Guru could follow them to the Commissioner of Police, which He obliged to save the impending crisis, on the way they took him to Panti Police Station and detained Him.

According to an eye witness, while SATGURU MAHARAJ JI was at Panti under detention, they sent more Policemen with those sent in the Morning to go and carry out the unlawful act of breaking into the Premises of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI without a warrant of possession, or the Court orders. They came with some Area Boys and Fulani/Hausa boys, who assisted the Police in packing out everything. The Police have beating up devotees of SATGURU and break into places vandalizing properties without restraint. If not for the orders of the SATGURU, the Police would have killed more than 50 person on that day, because they were ready to die. But since MAHARAJ JI had told them not to do anything, they had to obey. It was that order of MAHARAJ JI that stopped the planned crisis to heat up Lagos, to shake the Presidential election. A Devotee of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI, who introduced himself as Kolawole, and MAHARAJ JI knows their plan from the beginning, that they are fighting a Religious War, which is not supposed to be, he said even the Police Commissioner of Lagos and the DCP Panti have all been bought over. They are supposed to know that since the case can be appealed, they have 90 days after Judgment, if not appealed, that is when the court will now issue a warrant of possession and send a Bailiff to implement the Court judgment.

Based on SATGURU MAHARAJJI’S order, the devotees watched as the Police loot, damage and vandalize their belongings. The lawyer of plaintiff, Peter Azubuike (Esq.) was the person who was directing the operation. He personally locked the gate to the seating room after they have finished parking out the properties. when they have finished the building, as they were about to lock the outside gate, a Senior Police Officer, suspected to be coming from the Assistant Inspector General of Police arrived the scene and commanded the policemen to immediately stop the wanton destruction of properties and return to base. That was when they left the place.

SATGURU MAHARAJ JI was later released from Panti Police Station after they had finished their illegal operation, meaning that he was only taken away, so that they can loot the House. In a Press Conference held on March 19th 2010, at the said premises, SATGURU said that it is all part of the fight to destabilize the Children of light by the Mafia and Cabal Group. He said, for his intervention their plan was to cause an assassination, in the confusion that will follow. He describe the victory as the triumph of light over darkness. Journalists were conducted round the building and the destruction was described as wanton.


March 8th, 2010

The Inspector General of Police,

Force Headquarters,

Louis Edet House,



Dear Sir,


  1. Please Sir, help us investigate this case of forcible entry, criminal trespass, house breaking and stealing of N45 Million cash and properties worth N6.5 Million belonging to the One Love Family of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI at House 23, D Close, 208 Road, 2nd Avenue, Festac Town, Lagos, involving 50 gun carrying policemen, purportedly acting on the orders of the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State, Mr. Marvel Akpoyibo and the D.C.P. Panti Police Station, Mr. Solomon E. Arase, on Monday the 8th day of March, 2010.
  2. Please help us recover our above mentioned money and properties from these men whose official job is to protect life and properties but who sold themselves out as lawless assailants.
  3. Please help us discipline these uniformed men of the Nigeria Police Force involved in this dastardly action and bring them to book for being used for illegal purposes as a deterrent to others.
  4. Please help us trace out, arrest and prosecute, with them, the following persons: Sunday Ekhaegbah Orbih who instructed the siege and his lawyers namely: P.J.N. Azubuike (Esq.) of Tony Momoh Chambers, 13A, Sylvia Street, Anthony Village, Lagos and his boss, Tony Momoh (Esq.) who wrongfully used their connections with the Police in aiding and abetting this heinous crime.

My name is SATGURU MAHARAJ JI, The Living Perfect Master, a Nigerian whose Temple of worship situates at House 23, D Close, Road 208, 2 Avenue, Festac Town, Lagos. It is true that I, along with five others are the Defendants in Suit No ID/87/M/1999, between us and one Sunday Orbih. it is also true that judgment was delivered in that case by justice Olayinka Gbajabiamila of Lagos High Court on Friday the 5″ day of March 2010 and that we were asked to vacate House 23, where we have our place of worship since 1986 in the life time of B.A. Orbih who dedicated it to MAHARAJ JI. We are already processing our Notice of Appeal and Stay of Execution and the law allows us a good 90 days from the date of judgment to do that. Moreover, the Court will not issue and/or execute any warrant of Possession of that house before the expiration of 90 days after judgment, according to the rules of Court.

It is common knowledge Sir, that a case is not finally determined in this our blessed country Nigeria, until the Supreme Court, or Apex Court adjudicates on the matters. it is also common knowledge that before any one can take vacant possession, such a person must have applied to Court and obtained the Court’s warrant of possession duly signed by the judge to be executed by a Court Bailiff who must take an inventory of the properties removed in the presence of the owner and with his signature affixed thereto in the presence of at least a police officer.

In our case, this Court is being protected against right from the beginning of this case and one occasion, the National Judicial Council, headed by the then Chief Justice of Nigeria, his Lordship, Justice M.L. Uwais, GCON, wrote to the Chief Judge of the Lagos State a letter dated 18″ July 2003, calling his attention to our request to transfer this case before another judge. Again, another Chief Justice of Nigeria wrote to the present Chief Judge of Lagos State on the same issue of transfer of the case in a letter dated 18/11/2009. Again, the call was ignored. We hereby attach the two letters. To cut matters short, we are saying that nobody has a right to impose a judge on anybody who has no confidence in him and this is the main thrust of our appeal.

However, to the greatest shock of every reasonable person, on Monday, the 8 day of March, 2010 at about 8.00am in the morning, a group of 50 uniformed policemen from Panti, Lagos, with about 20 Area Boys of Housa/Fulani came to our premises and later left only to re-appear 30 minutes later to arrest 7 of My Devotees whom they took to the police Area Command Station at Festac Town.

After this step, the policemen from Panti, Lagos, now reinforced, fully armed with guns laid siege on our Temple. Mr. P.J.N. Azubuike (Esq.), the Solicitor to the Plaintiff in the case led the group and we have photograph and video clips to prove this. The policemen asked me to come outside and ordered me to pack out of the building. So, I demanded the Court’s Warrant to take vacant possession from me and the Bailiff to execute it, if any. They did not have any authority. They showed us the newspaper publication of Saturday and Sunday. Knowing that they have failed to comply with this rule of Law, the policemen asked Me to follow them to The CP’s Office but on the way, was told that we are for Panti Police Station, Ebute-Metta, Lagos and I respectfully complied.

While at the Station, I received telephone calls from my Devotees that the police broke into the premises and embarked on a rampage, destroying our Temple and damaging our properties in the process.

I also received calls that they entered My Living Apartment and the treasury of the MAHARAJ JI Temple and upon driving out everybody, after serious physical assaults, made away with money in the Treasury amounting to N45,000,000 (Forty-Five Million Naira) cash, which was money realized from a launching recently made for the erection of a befitting Temple in Lagos.

The assailants also made away with sophisticated equipments like electronic gadgets and other valuables worth N5,366,000 (Five Million Three Hundred and Sixty-Six Thousand Naira). Attached is an inventory of the stolen properties.

Mr. P.J.N. Azubuike (Esq.), Counsel to the Plaintiff in Suit No. ID/87/M/1999, referred to above, also forcibly entered into the house and started applying padlocks he had brought to doors in the house.

As the scene of rampage was going on, one or two of my Devotees were recoding it in their camera and video camera from secret angles and we shall be relying on the recordings and photographs.

Meanwhile, was asked to make a Statement at the Panti Police Station, which I did. Shortly before making the Statement, I received a call that a top ranking Police Officer, came to the scene at Festac and reprimanded the Police for their action and later departed after ordering the Panti Policemen to withdraw from the siege of the Temple. He also appealed to My Devotees to pack in our properties. But the damage had been done!

It is obvious from the foregoing that Mr. P.J. N. Azubuike (Esq.), brought the Panti Police to My premises to take possession of the place before I could perfect the process of my Appeal and stay of Execution. This kangaroo action also is an unfortunate thing for a man who calls himself a lawyer and who hails from the Chambers of Tony Momoh.

But the damage has been done and all we are crying out to you is for justice reign.

Yours faithfully

My Love and Blessings


Living Perfect master




Dr. Goodluck Jonathan,

Federal Republic of Nigeria,


The Senate President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, National Assembly Complex, Three Arms Zone, F.C.T.Abuja.

The speaker, Federal House of Representatives Federal

Republic of Nigeria, National Assembly Complex, Three Arms Zone, F.C.T. Abuja.

Alhaji Aliyu Gusua, The National Security Adviser, Office of the Presidency, F.C.T. Abuja.

Minister of Justice/Attorney General of the Federation, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Minister of Justice, F.C.T. Abuja. His Lordship, Justice Alloysious Katsina Alu. Chief Justice of Nigeria and Chairman, National Judicial Council Supreme Court Complex, Three Arms Zone, Central District P.M.B. 483, ABUJA The Governor of Lagos, His Excellency, Babatunde Raji Fashola S.A.N. Governor’s Office, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos. Hon. Justice I.E. Akande, The Hon. Chief Judge, Chief Judge’s Chambers, High Court of Justice, Ikeja, Lagos.

The Assistant Inspector General of Police, Zone 2, Onikan, Lagos.

The President of Nigerian Bar Association, Chief Rotimi Akerelolu SAN, Plot 126, Adeola Hopewell Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

His Royal Highness Oba Rilwan Akinolu II The Oba of Lagos Iga Idunganra Isale-Eko Lagos His Eminence, Dr. Fredrick Fasheun, Human Rights Activists, Founder of OPC International, Lagos.


Ancients races of the world believed in the existence of invisible entity supposed to be strong and powerful enough and capable of doing or achieving anything supernatural. Special situations beyond human capacity were assigned to this entity or entities to effect desired results. These entities for want of a better name were called gods in English language while other races of the world gave these entities similar name in individual dialect. The names of these gods and the mode of worshiping or inducing them to action is what we now term religion. The objects of worship could be stone, tree, river, metal or any material for that matter. A latter day idea of one god introduced the deitification of a human being no matter the way this latter system had been clothed, expectation is not essentially different from the original practice introduced in time past. Nor the effects and impacts from the two systems any different. These people had over thousands of years been worshiping the same gods in the same shrine and had become impregnated with different but powerful thought forms over many centuries. These communal thought forms had become so strong and powerful that in war times they could file out as warriors to confront opponents who might carry arms and ammunition.

These thought forms were indestructible by any force of arms and ammunition nor could any nuclear reactors had discharging effect on them. They could chant and destroy depending on the invocatory prowess of the chief worshiper in the shrine. Indeed, they could render inactive any machine or engine no matter how sophisticated such machine could be. However, they are subject to gradual disintegration over a very long period of time due to neglect and abandonment. It should be appreciated that there are certain areas even toady that are not favourable for occupation or habitation or farmland because this area had once served as a major shrine abode of a deity or deities that had been enshroud with communal articulated and consolidated thoughts.

The systems have one thing in common from inception, purification and articulated concentration; in the former, it was not readily observable because nearly everybody in the society lived same way, whereas the latter-defied human being toga of discipline in all mode of existence could be found. Life around them did not readily fit into pattern of easy acceptance nor endangered outsiders to emulation. Non-practitioners however observed these people had district features in them because they were reliable, sincere, honest, straightforward, truthful and not given to frivolities nor were they easily lured into anger in the face of provocation because they were essentially lovers. Man, woman or child adhered rigidly to set principles from which they hardly deviated throughout life. Systemic indoctrination of their calling were spelt out and imparted to their words. Every step of life taken used to be purposeful and have a lesson imparted to discerning observers.

This life-style found no favour amongst the twentieth century generations because they continued a progressive conscious breakdown of all that had been previously achieved. It is to be noted that each system had been operating independent of the other. Defied human beings and their admires now came up with a master plan, of invasion. While previous systems practitioners were simple and trustworthy, living from day to day, the latter group was poised for expansion. Expansion does not come without treading on toes while trying to consolidate resources whether indigenous or foreign. That was when might was right. The weaker were directed to go to hell to protest which signaled the beginning of disappearance of role model stance of religion.


Delimitation invent theories to justify invasion and occupation, our experiences in black Africa had been very unpleasant when we remember slave trade, forced labour, trafficking in black human beings, plunder of our cultures, disposition of our cash products, solid minerals and Deities, desecration of our holy places and partition of the continents into European hands. All these expansionist programmes were blueprints by those who brought the Bible and the Quran. Worse still, is the philosophies about God viz-a-vis human beings. These props were ploys to destroy the vibrancy of our operative methodology in nearly all areas of human existence. It might untruly be imperceptible to them to recognize our cognizant order of existence and management, infact this modern day concept of democracy was carried out to foist this alien practice of governance on us so as to destroy our system of Oracular consultations which give no room to boiling polity during selections at primaries and which indeed eliminate elections malpractices with their attendant palace coups.

High pitch exaltation of pretense and deceit by men of God in interpersonal relationships and in business circles in order to gain substantially in armed robbery loots and pen robberies are fallouts of irredeemable decline deriving from fallen standards of religious practices. It is no longer news that Pastors and Reverend (the gentle thieves) offer their congregations safe stolen money in their account and pastors who use old platonic pastorship to relate with members’ wives and female children. Hey-day of religions in black Africa could attest to high degree of morality. They jealously guarded their utterances because they were aware that words were spirits that must accomplish whatever goal was set out to achieve. In the past everything around high profile personalities were then considered sacred and so needed to be protected. Names, personal or family were regarded as windows through which the interior could be gleaned and so determined the degree of caution people exerted on individual soul so as not to soil the legacy the generation yet unborn could inherit from belonging to such family tree bearing the name. That was when corporate existence was considered extremely expedient to provide early acquisition of good things of life without wasteful or undue exertion of both mental and physical resources to achieve same.

Definitely, it is the inconsistencies in the practice or tenets of these religions between the converts and the propagandists, that ensure things could not be the same. While the formation of converts adhered strictly to the code of ethics as laid down in the blueprints for dogmatic religious practices, the propagandists who were foreigners indulged in opulent but culpable lifestyle contrary to the tenets of expectations of life beyond. Resultant effects of disparity in the practice was abatement of zeal of the converts. Early fanaticism was given waning for abating at such geometrics pace that fears started gripping the propagandists. You will recall that many of them were pseudo-spiritualists who could draw inspirations from beyond on what further steps could be taken to retain their world dominance on economic scenes, across the globe.

It must be accepted that imposition of religions on us was not because of love for the Blackman. Subjugating of our souls would allow them to raid us without suspicion of foul play while emphasis was being laid on eternity as a result of their meekly bahaviour with less emphasis on acquisition of knowledge that they were using that chance on subdued hearts to cart away their belonging, money and farm products, prices of which were determined by the buyers who were the religion overlords. While cheating and stealing continued, outstanding children of the cheated were being encouraged to have formal education. Many of them were taken aboard for higher education and concurrently, was slave trade thriving seriously which opened the way for escape bids.

Early escapists from slavery and few willingly trained had become elites in the society. These elites now understood the underlining rules behind religious indoctrinations. While they were not opposing the overlords, they were mounting pressure, no matter how subtly to achieve measure of understanding the game. And it become apparent that possession of material power underscored spiritual elevation being pontificated as far superior to the former.

It dawned on the propagandists/oppressors that they had to reverse the end-preaching and condemning amassing wealth. Which focus and emphasis are being placed on wealth preaching. Stimulation of adherents’ interests became an integral part of tools to defocus the black race from realizing the games on ground. To compound our minds further, is instituting novel idea of pumping dollars and pound sterling’s into the churches. You can imagine Pastor Kumuyi, Oyedepo, Bakare and Adeboye who abandoned lectureship in their respective University to become white collar personalities of international repute. Undiscerning minds would not see the underlining implication of their action. Minds that would have been inventful in ivory towers now become oratorical on others inspirations documented or astute minds to decipher instead of maintaining tutorial minds trained along vestigating postulations of empirical compounds of scientific connotations. If not wealth, tell me what Kumuyi and Adeboye two giant mathematicians in the universities; Pastor Bakare, a lawyer, Oyedepo, an architect and Christie Okotie, a singer, are looking for in white collar. These people and many more unmentioned ere inadvertently drawing back our pace of technological advancement as a nation. As third world countries are Conspicuous consumers, we are people who prefer ostentatious life-style that would discourage the future of younger generations from technological advancement.

But religions and their exponents from time had no other intention than to use them as opium to dull our brain and sensibility while they make away with our wealth. Much as we may feel disappointed in our men who would want us to believe that it was God’s calling they obeyed to start wearing round collars, the money they would be accumulating in five years as university dons could not buy the best car in town talk less of owing a jet which each of them now has. What is the purpose of becoming affluent, living opulent lifestyle while our race is billed for extermination? Whereas a little mathematical postulation with practical application could probably turn the whole joke of extinction in favour of the black race, it is unfortunate that we allow ourselves to imbibe propensity of religions to the detriment of our survival.

Currently we have become laughing stocks in academic world because of brain drain to evangelism which is being used as spiritual leverage to suppress, oppress, manipulate and eclipse our rise as a giant nation in technological breakthrough. Wealth preaching is proactive in the emergence of drug barons, women trafficking, piracy, prostitution, 419ners, armed robbers, assassins and many other vices prevalent in the nation. Many involved in these nefarious activities would not have developed those syndromes and tendencies. now, religious leaders have failed to be shining examples to emulate. It is no gainsaying that pastors do carry guns and are involved in many negative sharp practices. Religious leaders constitute the bulk of our ruling class. We are witnesses to inept management of our resources in spite of qualifications that would have made their handling of our natural endowments exemplarily result oriented. But watch their avarice, egoism, nepotism, self-centredness, their holier than thou attitudes, neglect of their mentors, the disdain with which they attend to national issues and needs.

Their children are regularly involved in disgraceful activities ranging from drug addiction, raping, suicide bombing, lazy and indolent, dropping out from schools, university cultists and organizers of dissident groups in tertiary institutions, examinations malpractices’ experts to impostors of the highest orders. Are these people the seeds of a new generation on whom the future of the country will rest? If our tomorrow is already rotten and stinking to high heaven through their ignorance of wrong parenthood and religious indoctrination, what are the redeeming factors and features? It is only the children of light who will accept the fact that religion which have disgracefully driven us far, cannot retain that role modeling grand stand of old.


Nigeria is so blessed to host the Father of Creation, because the greatness of any nation is dependent on the Divine Masters “who” by Divine providence select quality leaders for the people and generation yet unborn. Nigeria is a country so blessed with great leaders, human and material resources but we lack the capacity to maximize the potentials we have. Our inability to utilize our abundant resources is due to greed, selfishness, corruption and lack of spiritual of upliftment. Ignorant leaders are short sighted; they attach much importance to money than good name, honour and respect. This is the major problem our beloved country needs to tackle for Nigeria to move forward with God’s Kingdom Divine Government in Nigeria as the sting solution. The urgent need for re-orientation and re-education of political and economic leaders need not be over emphasized because MAHARAJ JI knows that honey can not buy us good name and lasting greatness, for greatness is only achieved by rendering a judicious service to the people. Our leaders should be able o lead with example by setting good records.

They should be ready to immortalize their names by genuinely working for the Nigerian people, design programmes that are self-sustaining and masses oriented, pam all the consequences and write your name in gold, by embarking on projects and activities, that needs no much talk but action.

Any body blessed to lead must realize that it is a special opportunity from God, to use him/her to bless his people. So our leaders must ignore the selfish agenda from the various cabal groups and provide genuine democratic dividend for the people. It is only foolish leaders that will continue to enrich god-fathers at the expense of the people, followers of democratic governance all over the world, play active role in determining the type of leaders they get. This is why all Nigerians, at all level, should be seriously involved in the process of electing their leaders, and how their leaders administer the office. Emotions and sentiments must be killed, so that the people can get the best they deserve. When the leaders know that the people are interested in what government is doing, and would react to misrule and bad leadership, which might lead to lost of position, the leaders will be careful to govern with care.

On this note, “Our leaders should help the suffering masses of this country by doing what is right at whatever cost, to make Nigeria a leading country in the globe, with sufficient food, shelter, energy, defense, social welfare and many more. It is a common knowledge today that every average Nigerian wants to visit Paris because of her beauty, when you travel to USA to see how God has helped to arrange and build up the place that gave rise to the name “God’s own country today, Nigeria is God’s own home by MAHARAJ JI grace”.

Many African Countries prefer to patronize made in London, made in Italy. made in Japan because they believe they produce superior things. Nigerians, except few never know that Japan had to ‘Close her windows” to foreign interventions economically, politically and socially to allow her “go in” to find her source and when they finally “Found it” they flung their windows open to the world markets.

With large turn-out of PHD and professors in Nigeria, they have not been able to tell us how some countries are classified as developed and others underdeveloped. they have not been able to tell us the source of the whites man’s numerous inventions.

Is there any where in history of the world where it is said that it is a crime to try something new? If the answer is in the negative, then why do we (Nigerians) choose to deliberately obstinately and foolishly resist change. I would say vehemently and categorically clear that, this God’s kingdom government headed by Dr. Gooluck Ebele Jonathan will be the lasting solution to our problems in other to regain our lost glories & suffering in the midst of plenty. We have been brain washed to believe in many dogmas and concepts, even though we can see and feel the negative impact and when a change is introduced we resist it “that means something is wrong”.

We have to come back to the point which says “I have found my God” there is no suffering again. A popular advert has this to say “that the taste of the pudding is in the eating”. I must eat from the manna which MAHARAJ JI have brought to mankind. Little did we know that the white man had a secret which they kept to themselves. The secret is what we have found now, which our professors. doctors, engineers, have not told us because they don’t even know it. That is why MAHARAJ JI is worried with the plight of Nigerians. They don’t know that instead of waiting for the one that says he is coming to dish out the stuff, they should quickly go to the one that have the stuff in his hands and receive his blessings and Divine knowledge.

In fact, within a short time, they will start to dance macabre dance because, If a tailor claims he/she can sew dress very well, what you do is to give he/she a material, if me/she sews the dress and it fits you, then you can recommend him/her to others.

A university is supposed to be the place for learning, anything learnable, but from MAHARAJJI’S observation, he found out that they are no more receptive to wider knowledge rather, they feed on the learning of fanatics, wasting so much time and energy which they would have used to do research and give reports. At the end, the girls sell themselves to lecturers to pass their exams and these men involve themselves in exam malpractice except few. For the above reasons our undergraduates find it difficult to know what knowledge to accept.

Those developed countries, the people opened their hearts to new changes of the Masters that appeared in their own time. The various Masters gave to them “divine knowledge” in it we have perfect meditation which is an act to be perfected by the devotees. MAHARAJ JI teaches people the act of going into divine world to tap necessary and vital information that would help their country, not prolonged prayers of speaking in funny tongues, hence when you hear anybody profess to have the key to our problems as is being experience today from SATGURU MAHARAJ JI. Call him/her immediately, show you the source of his power or to surrender his mouth power. Definitely, if lie is of man, he will go with the wind but, if not, nobody can stop him from attaining his goals of life. Actually if this power of MAHARAJ JI is from man, by now, the world would have silenced him with their malicious propaganda, but you can see clearly that since 1984, when MAHARAJ JI started his knowledge revelation, he is still moving steadily and stronger.

That means, he is beyond what the ordinary eyes can see. It is so painful that Nigerian journalists are not helping matters, because they refuse to report truth. MAHARAJ JI is a self imposed investigative journalist, he investigate controversial matters especially the one concerning the lives of the people in existence. It is through this investigative journalism that he got all necessary information needed to promote life. He always talks about God’s Kingdom (Divine government) of peace on earth,’ have you notice that human government even those with good intentions have failed to satisfy the real needs of the people? None have solved the problem crime and racial hatred or have provided proper food and housing for all the people, they have not freed their citizens completely of disease nor has any government been able to stop aging and death or to bring the dead back to life. There is no one that has ever brought lasting peace and security to its citizens.

Government of men are simply not able to solve the problems facing people. Our creator knows how much we need a righteous government that make it possible for all people to enjoy full and happy life. So, that is why bible tells us that a government under God’s direction will be established. So, is there anything wrong for Nigerians to give SATGURU MAHARAJ JI a chance to prove his mantle? Even if you don’t believe in him, what about the prediction going in Nigeria, from prophets Adewale, Okunzua, Prophet Nwuko Cos and even the many silence one’s going on in the churches and mosques, that a very potent force is here in Nigeria. It would have been proper for our sincere journalists to investigate all those who claims one power or the other e.g. TB Joshua, Ndarandy, Olabayo, Okogie Hon. Elele, Ubaka and others to come out for an open contest, and prove their cast for us it looks like a Child’s play. MAHARAJ JI is sure that the same methods was used in the bible to direct the true God by Pharaoh’s king maker and Moses, we need this kind of show to help our gullible Nigerians to be able to reason fast and suggest that all concerned should swear if MAHARAJ JI is not the messiah and lets see what happen in 7 days time.

Masters come in to give his rare gem to those who go to him with a humble heart, he have done so for the Americans, for Japan and many developed nations through the divine masters that visited them. Some of the great devotees of various masters are people like Socrates, Archimedes, Aristotle, Plato, Empericus, to mention but a few. These people contributed immensely to the different fields they were graced to explore through the art of perfect meditation. Nigerian, why not give MAHARAJ JI a chance? He has single handedly declared NIGERIA THE NEW HOLY LAND, nobody challenged it. He declared Nigeria a “NO WAR ZONE COME WHAT MAY” since 16th of August, 1993 that, no matter the level of provocation from any Conner it cannot and would not culminate into war. Many are surprise till date with all manners of provocation’s, no war has been experienced in Nigeria even though some tried to lure the people into war but failed. What about the ocean surge, MAHARAJ JI stopped it and many others because this “Divine knowledge is what Hosea complained in the scripture “that my people perished because of lack of knowledge” it is beyond the book knowledge. It is that thing that makes the white man to say “knowledge is power” Nigerians let get serious and uphold our culture and dignity by MAHARAJ JI‘S grace.

Satguru Maharaj Ji is the Head of One Love Family made-up of Nigerians (and non-Nigerians) who have had the divine grace of being equipped with Divine Knowledge by The Satguru. We are Nigerians — Igbos, Yorubas, Hausas, Efiks, Idomas, Binis, Urhobos, Igallas etc., who seek a united and prosperous Nigeria in the best interest of Nigeria, the black race and mankind as a whole. Phone No: +234 803 719 2667 Email: [email protected]

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It appears from the looks of it that Jesus is not coming anytime soon. For centuries we have been told the same old story of the coming of the Messiah, but little did we know, the Promised Comforter isn’t going to come in the same body/name of Jesus, but a new body and name.

Going by the scriptures, it was written in Rev 1: 7-8. “Every eye will see Him.”

“God will manifest in the flesh justified in the spirit” 1 Timothy: 3:16
“He will wipe every tear from our eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old things has passed away.” Rev 21:4.

But we are glad that sincere men and women like Prophet Timothy Obadare, Dr. Lobsang Rampa, Prophetess Galindez Gupana and others were able to come out publicly to tell the world about their experiences concerning the Savior of Our Time.



Prophet Obadare during a revival ministry organized by WOSEM, a prayer warrior ministry, in 1979 held at Elewura, Sango, behind Sango cemetery, prophesied the coming of the Godman, Satguru Maharaj Ji in Nigeria and in a Nigerian body. At the climax of the prayer-warrior session, prophet Obadare declared everybody to stop praying. There was absolute calm and quiet following the instant compliance to the order. Prophet Obadare then declared on top of his voice, saying: “I have just had a vision that will have profound impact on the affairs of Nigeria. In the course of the prayer session, God told me that He has chosen Nigeria as a place of abode and will be coming down soon physically in Nigeria. God therefore, directed me to spread the good news to Nigeria and ask them to pray hard so that everybody will know and accept Him when the hour comes.

Also, in a related development, few years later, after a crusade 1982/1983, in compliance with God’s instruction, prophet Obadare sent many members of the WOSEM ministry to conduct a street registration exercise in the Holy City of Ibadan land, Old Nazareth, to ensure that the names of the city residents enter into the Holy Book of Life. At that time, members of the Ministry actually went around the street of Ibadan and carried out the registration exercise as directed.


Likewise, is Dr. Lobsang Rampa in his book published in 1978, “The Chapters of Life” said, “an era is coming, the world will witness the coming of The World Leader who would manifest in the most thickly populated Black Nation of the world. He would be coming as THE SATGURU; who would bring the Golden Age of Life. The Golden Age of Life would be of no death, no sickness, no pain, no poverty, no hunger, no war… would be period everything would be there for the asking. With the Golden Age of life era, would come the Titan Race………. which would be highly spiritually conscious race.”


Not forgetting prophetess Galindez Gupana, a business woman, who runs the Kingdom of Jerusalem Foundation in Philippine, where she first hoisted the banner in Ibadan on December 18, 2010. According to her, God had his chosen one in the country whom He would use for Nigeria’s deliverance. She said, “I have never been to any country with a black population until God asked me to come to Nigeria. He directed me to Ibadan where we unfolded the Lion of Judah flag. I don’t know why He directed me to Ibadan. In Philippine, we have light 24 hours, but in Ibadan, we don’t have light for up to 4-5 hours daily, but I heard the voice of God there and He told me He will raise a man of His choice that will raise Nigeria. The banner we are hoisting signifies victory.”

From the foregoing, we now know that the messengers of religion have used heavy information war and pogrom to make humanity spiritually death.


In recent past, Pope Francis revealed he has instructed the Vatican Secret Archives to unseal a set of ancient scrolls that have been kept hidden from public knowledge for centuries by the Church. The scrolls, which were encased in marble and buried in 463 AD are said to contain the true name of God as communicated to Moses in the Book of Exodus. … Culled From Real News Right Now Online Media by R. Hobbus J.D Feb. 24, 2017.



A spokesperson for the Vatican has officially announced today that the second coming of Jesus, the only son of the God, may not happen now after all, but urged followers to still continue with their faith, regardless of the news.

Cardinal Giorgio Salvadore told WWN that this year’s 1,981st Anniversary is to be the Vatican’s last in regards to waiting for the Lord to return to Earth. “We just feel Jesus is not coming back by the looks of it” he said.

The Vatican defended Jesus’ broken promise, claiming “he was probably drinking wine” at the time when he made the comments. “Having the ability to turn water into wine had its ups and its downs.” added Cardinal Salvadore. “We all make promises we can’t keep when we’re drunk. Jesus was no different.” The church said it will now focus attentions on rebuilding its reputation around the world, but will keep an optimistic mind for the savior’s second coming.
…April 18, 2014 Waterford Whispers News.



However, in order for Nigeria to gain victory over the invading forces of war from Europe and America, Satguru Maharaj Ji declared “Nigeria The New Holy Land of the Universe and Leader nation of the world” on May 29, 1993, at the National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos. Also, Maharaj Ji launched a book titled “Nigeria, Is the New Holy Land of the Universe”, which was attended by notable personalities from all walks of life.

Furthermore, in the course of the restoration of hope, Satguru Maharaj Ji granted an interview on OGTV, Abeokuta, on August 16, 1993, where Maharaj Ji stated categorically “No War In Nigeria, Come What May!” and admonished all Nigerians to stay where they were, never to be afraid with a strong promise to convert all assembled weaponries of war into bread and share same to Nigerians to eat, The Satguru crisscrossed all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria, buying bread and throwing them to Nigerians, who out of fear were running helter-skelter that war might break out.

The Divine declaration came on the heels of the then military Head of State, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, IBB who was used by the Euro-American expansionist forces to declare war on our fatherland in the wake of the political crisis that engulfed the country as a result of his annulment of Nigeria’s first ever credibly conducted free and fair election at the instance of late Sultan of Sokoto, Ibrahim Dasuki and other arrow heads of the Northern Oligarchs.

After going against the Divine Instruction by Satguru Maharaj Ji after the affixed date of June 12, 1993 for the General Election, Maharaj Ji came out and warned that the date was not okay for the election to hold, because the day was the same date slated for the general meeting of the Conference of Witches and Wizards Worldwide and that the elections should be postponed to either June 11, 13 and or 15. …. Sunday Tide, May 16, 1993, front page headline “Shift Presidential Polls; June 12 is Witches Day, Portends evil.”

The truth has to be said, it is unthinkable, unbelievable that up till now several reasons IBB has given for his demonic annulment of the June 12, 1993 Presidential Election has still not been able to convince Nigerians. So, there is need to make things clear. Chief MKO in the cause of struggling and preparing for the presidency went looking for the Creator’s blessings to America, India, it was there he was told that Satguru Maharaj Ji is the One. So, through one of his staff, he was able to acquire some of Maharaj Ji’s Altars, which he gave a tract to Alhaji Arisekola Alao, the then Supreme Council of Islam Secretary-General and one of the erstwhile Muslim scholars in Ibadan, Alhaji Ajagbemogeferi asking them to put Maharaj Ji’s Altar under their pillow and say whatever they want to say, in order to test the efficacy, power, love and invisibility power of Maharaj Ji.

Alhaji Ajegbemogeferi said when he tried it, Maharaj Ji appeared in his room and he asked Maharaj Ji, “how did you enter?” The reply was “it is Divine Knowledge.” He checked the door and windows they were all closed. He was wondering, how could Maharaj Ji be here this afternoon that I am having my nap? So, Maharaj Ji disappeared. With this, he consulted Alhaji Arisekola and they agreed a letter should be written to the Sultan and signed by Makefiri that they should not allow Chief MKO Abiola to be President because if they do, the Muslim community will not be able to control him. That was what made the Sultan of Sokoto to inform IBB that Chief MKO should not be allowed to be Nigeria’s president. That was exactly what happened.

So, whatever reason the military junta, IBB gave is a lie. This is the crux of the matter. This is in confirmation of what the leaders in the North said, “the coming of the Mahdi, is the one who will free all humanity from the shackles of colonialism, which can be seen as an instrument of oppression, repression in the world. So, Maharaj Ji is here now.



Renowned French Astrologer/Seer of His Time, Michael Nostradamus who predicted with dead-accuracy some major world events that came to pass, put the world on alert that there would be a global cataclysm that will consume everything living on the earth planet on July 6 and 7, 1999. Lo and behold, rather than the world collapsing on that fateful day, Iju Ashram located along 27/29, Powerline Street, off Rogo Bus-Stop, Iju/Ishaga, Iju Water Works, Agege was destroyed and looted by hoodlums acting at the behest of all the religious groups who are under the spell of Euro/Arabian expansionist forces.

Subsequently, the Good Lord and some of His devotees were arrested and detained and later charged to court on trumped up charges of murdering the brother of a sick Ghanaian lady, Ami Afesi, who got attracted by the Great Light and got healed, irrespective of the fact that she came to embrace The Light for the wrong reasons. On July 25, 2000, barely a year after, the Most Compassionate Father got discharged and acquitted on merit of the sensational case in a court ruling delivered by Hon. Justice James Oduneye and satan was put to shame at the end.



In 2011, an American Evangelical broadcaster, Harold Camping, jolted the world community when he predicted that the world will end in May 21, 2011. When this did not happen, he came out more emphatically to say that “Come what may, the world must surely close up on humanity on October 21, 2011.”


Anxiety loomed amidst panic-stricken people who began to dispose their properties as measures preparatory to the global cataclysm. To reduce tension and douse people’s fears The Lord and Savior had cause to publish the PUMP ACTION SONG (ARTI) AGAINST ANY DANGER on Sunday Tribune, October 2, 2011 a full page advert as an antidote to the end of the world as predicted by Harold.




Over the years, Nigeria has risen triumphantly through courage, strong determination and resilience above all evil machinations. Ironically and contrary to separatist prayers on Nigeria, but by Divine Providence, Nigeria is still waxing strong despite and in spite of several challenges and adversaries confronting her. The nation have survived their wish of doom and emerged stronger and more united after each election. Some individuals/groups through their so-called intelligence reports have brazenly predicted Nigeria breaking up before, during or after elections.

There has been predictions and suggestions in recent pasts by Nigerians and foreigners alike about Nigeria breaking into different ethnic groups or religion inclinations or referred to as a failed state. Among those who have suggested Nigeria dividing and labeled a failed state includes the Libyan leader, Muammar Ghaddafi, USA’s Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, the former American Ambassador, John Campbell, Primate Ayodele, Prophet Olagunju, Prophet Joshua Iginla etc.



According to the Libyan Leader, while giving a speech to students at Sufism Seminar in Misrata he was quoted as saying, “Nigeria should be divided into two nations to avoid further bloodshed between Muslims and Christians.” “Splitting Nigeria would stop the bloodshed and burning of places of worship.” States news agency Jana. In another report, Col. Ghaddafi was quoted as saying, “that Nigeria be broken up into several states along ethnic lines like the former Yugoslavia.” “Nigeria …. Resembles the Yugoslav union which included several peoples, like Nigeria and then these people gained independence and the Yugoslav union was ended in peace.” “The model that fits Nigeria is the Yugoslav one.”


Satguru Maharaj Ji reacted through a Press Release, “Your Excellency, Col. Muammar Gaddafi, Nigeria Can not Be Broken.” Ref: OLF/PR/020995/HSCU; Dated September 19, 1995. Excerpts from the Press Release: –
“The statement credited to Your Excellency, Col. Muammar Gaddafi of Libya at a Sufism Seminar in Misrata, Libya at the weekend published in the front page of two newspapers, A.M. News and Nigerian Tribune of 19th September, 1995 is uncalled for, dangerous and diabolical and against the Charter of the OAU, the UNO and Divine Laws that govern the Creation.
“While I appreciate the effort Your Excellency is making to better the living conditions of the people of Libya, Your Excellency must have known by now through My letters to you of the divine role Nigeria is to play in the scheme of things, as the model nation to help the world from its ignorant drive towards total collapse. It is lack of communication that has made some leaders and nations make careless statements, and sign fake treaties refraining people and nations from making friends with Nigeria and disposing them to be used as agents of destabilizing of the efforts to salvage mankind in this era.
“You should remember that it is the divine guidance from Satguru Maharaj Ji Village that has protected Your Excellency from attacks by global Mafias and failed agents. If now you are waging a war without provocation on the divine protection you have enjoyed, Your Excellency must note that Nigeria of today is not the Nigeria you used to toy with, because the Nigeria of today is the New Holy Land of the Universe. You should learn a lesson from the global events taking place around you which do not take cognizance of the politics of destabilization of divide and rule and of blind ideological speculations.
“Therefore, the Ascended Masters, the Cosmic Forces, the Divine Children would wish to have an apology from Your Excellency or a clarification within fourteen days of receipt of this letter that Your Excellency, Bro. Col. Muammar Gaddafi wishes Nigeria to be one, just, peaceful, progressive, prosperous and powerful otherwise, I shall have
to consider as a matter of urgency the request from The Seven Elements of Creation, to stop the special privilege given to you by withdrawing the Divine Commander responsible for taking care of Libya President and you can imagine the untold unforeseen trepidation Your Excellency would be subjecting yourself and the good people of Libya to.
“I wish Your Excellency to take this letter as a total demonstration of the absolute human kindness that the Creator, Allah, has for you in order to make you more and more aware that your innermost prayer for Allah to send Somebody and a new nation to help you out of slavery, has been answered.



In 2005, President George Bush realized to his chagrin and consternation that he can no longer meddle in Nigeria’s internal affairs under the able presidency of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, with strong backing of The Great Light. Hence, he resorted to the use of ludicrous intelligence and security intrigues, harassment and blackmail in pursuit of his agenda to destabilize Nigeria, using a series of so-called intelligent report on Nigeria, which his NATO allies can capitalize on to isolate Nigeria.

Within the month of May, 2005, America through its secret service agent, the CIA, has released at least three mischievous so-called intelligence reports on the state of Nigerian nation, predicting disintegration.
The series of these mischievous so-called intelligence reports are:

  • US Experts: – “Nigeria may be Al-Qaeda’s New Heaven” (Thisday May 3, 2005, front page).
  • Ethnic Crises Dangerous For Democracy, CIA Tells Obasanjo.” (The Nigerian Tribune, May 3, 2005, front page)
  • “Nigeria May Break-Up” – US Intelligence Report (Punch, May 25, 2005, front page)


Satguru Maharaj Ji, the Universal Divine Policeman took exception to the brazen affront on Nigeria which He declared as, New Holy Land and emerging Leader Nation of the world on May 29, 1993 at the National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos and issued a terse Press Statement condemning in its entirety the American insult, with stern warning that the US should swallow their words and wish Nigeria well or face the consequences of their evil wish, since man reaps what he sows.

Below is excerpts of the Press Statement captioned: – “RE: Nigeria May Break-Up.” US Intelligence Report Is Mischievous.”

“America should take note that Nigeria rejects completely this deliberate and fatuous attempt to intimidate, and rubbish Nigeria’s effort at stabilizing its course in governance, economy, growth and progress at our own pace and style.

“Nigeria considers the latest subtle maneuvered by America’s carefully tucked in so-called intelligent reports to insult the intelligence of African nations and scorn the dignity of the Black Race, as a very serious affront to world psychology, and the undermining and/or lack of respect to the basic tenets of international relations, and that is non-interference in the domestic affairs of sovereign nations. It is therefore about time that the detractors of Nigeria, and architects of Africa’s woes and degradation, began to live with the realities of the present thinking in the 21st century, that Nigeria and Africa have resolved to take their destiny in their hands by the current effort to extricate our subservience to the West; especially now that the tilt in the spiritual leadership equation is favorably disposed to Nigeria and Africa by which Nigeria is evolving towards emerging as the next world power.

President Bush and America should be wise to know that Nigeria by its current status as the New Holy Land of the Universe, can no longer be intimidated, nor shaken any more. Nigeria is the emerging Mother and Leader-Nation in the 21st century. Whatever is happening in the domestic front in Nigeria is purely Nigeria’s internal affairs in the evolutionary process to reposition, to re-engineer and to re-invigorate it for the greater task of global leadership.

“Nigeria is under physical guide and control, by the ultimate Power that has taken a nigeria body and is physically present on the planet Earth, in Nigeria; by this special grace therefore, NIGERIA WILL NOT BREAK-UP, rather America should be wary of its actions and pronouncements on Nigeria or any other African country. We are fully aware of America’s game plan, it is all aimed at Nigeria’s oil, hence its unhidden interest in the affairs of the Niger-Delta region by tacitly fueling the restiveness and agitations against the Federal Government of Nigeria.

“By this, we refer to the militia groups in the Niger-Delta region, that it is on record that President Bush of the United States of America, sometimes in 2004 called President Obasanjo of Nigeria to want to dictate how Nigeria should handle the leader of the Niger Peoples Volunteer Force (NPVF), because “America has interest in the Niger-Delta region” – the question is what interest has America in Niger-Delta? “After all, the supposed interest of America oil companies prospecting and exploiting Nigeria’s oil is Nigeria’s prerogative to allow any country to come in for the business of oil or any other venture, should not automatically mean the giving up of its sovereignty and/or integrity.
“At this hour, there is no known problem, domestic or external, that Nigeria cannot solve, including the agitations from the Niger-Delta and elsewhere in the country because the hand of Divinity is behind Nigeria.

“Gone are the days in the last century when the US and its NATO allies had their way when it came to undermining the security of African nations. It is not a hidden fact that they staged direct and subtle resistance to nationalists who would have evolved progressive policies to stabilize their nations. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Lumumba, Ben Bella, Sankara and others were never allowed to sprout.

“In the case of Nigeria, in 1979, the CIA told the world that Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and Chief Obafemi Awolowo must not be allowed to win the elections and so subsequently wrapped up a strategy which robbed the duo of the presidency in favor of Alhaji Shehu Shagari. That is now history which will not reoccur because Nigeria is spiritually at the highest level of world leadership.

“America should leave Nigeria alone to build the nationhood and Africa of our choice. Gone are the days Nigeria and Africa used to bow to threats, antics, treachery, subservience and debauchery of any socalled super power. “It is well known that America’s foreign policies have at all times been mapped out and orchestrated by articulated actions to suppress rising nations wishing to develop. America thus feels threatened to face contemporaries in the power and industrial equation, hence does everything possible to dismantle any such nation that has the potential to develop.

“This posture of the United States’ foreign policies only portends one thing–the show of form that this subtle but effective course takes and draws attention to the attitude that Western imperialism wishes to continuously inculcate on up-coming democracies, and potential economies of developing nations, toward perpetually holding to ransom and submission, purely for political and economic considerations, to maintain the carting away of resources from developing nations, which are unacceptable.

“We must warn the United States that the case of Nigeria at this hour is a different ball game. Any act inimical to the peaceful atmosphere enjoyed in Nigeria and Africa may be met with disastrous consequences for America, the karmic reaction could only be best imagined.

“America cannot, and must not stampede Nigeria with frivolous and mischievous security, so-called intelligence reports. “Nigeria holds the ‘ACE’ to intelligence and security surveillance, throughout the world because The Satguru is the Chief Security and Spiritual Head in the Universe.” ….. Press Statement by Satguru Maharaj Ji on America’s Goof, “Nigeria May Break Up” In Maharaj Ji Village on June 30, 2005.



Former US Ambassador to Nigeria, John Campbell, had severally predicted that Nigeria will not exist beyond 2015. He first made the controversial prediction in 2011. Again, in August 2014, the former US Ambassador reiterated his prediction that Nigeria would not exist beyond 2015. In the build-up to the 2015 general elections, he said, “Nigeria will cease to exist as a nation beyond 2015.” In his words, “My view has not changed about the serious challenges Nigeria faces. I think the challenges are more pronounced than they were before the Boko Haram insurrection began in the North. Political life is also unsettled by the approach of the 2015 elections.”

In his book, Nigeria: Dancing on the Brink. “Nigeria, the United States’ most important strategic partner in West Africa, is in trouble. While Nigerians often claim they are masters of dancing on the brink without falling off, the recent vacuum in government authority, the upcoming 2011 elections, and escalating violence in the Delta and the North may finally provide the impetus that pushes it into the abyss of state failure.”….. Extract from Nigeria: Dancing on the Brink, published June 2013.

Also, in his examination on Nigeria’s 2019 general elections to the America Council on Foreign Relations in Washington DC, he is quoted as saying, “The poor quality of this election cycle and the low and declining number of voters do not inspire confidence, and some Nigerians have begun to question whether democracy is right for their country.”

Subsequently, in 2021, the duo of John Campbell and Robert Rotberg have described Nigeria as a “failed state”. In an article titled, ‘The Giant of Africa is Failing.’ Extract from the article, “Nigeria’s worldwide companions, particularly the USA, should acknowledge that Nigeria is now a failed state. In recognition of that truth, they need to deepen their engagement with the nation and search to carry the present administration accountable for its failures, while additionally working with it to supply safety and proper financial system.” … Published in “Foreign Affairs Magazine”, May/June Edition, 2021.



However, in a bid to avoid the karmic reaction and disastrous consequences for America, the United States earnestly dispatched the American envoy to come to Ibadanland where Maharaj Ji Village is located, to denounce the evil America’s wish, for Nigeria to break-up. Hence, former US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Terrence Mc Culley came down to the Holy City of Ibadanland on Thursday, February 1, 2012 and proceeded to “America Club,” Jericho, Ibadan, Oyo State to beg the Creation for forgiveness for Americas’ transgression against Nigeria.

While denouncing the evil American wish, the former US envoy “insisted the US has never predicted that Nigeria as a nation will be no more by year 2015. He further continued, “if the US had believed that Nigeria would break up by 2015, it would not have involved itself in the developmental programmes, aids and grants to the country.” “The United States considers Nigeria its most strategic partner in Africa, and I am very optimistic about Nigeria’s future.” ….. The Vanguard, February 2, 2012.



These views were further echoed by his predecessor, Mr James Entwistle, in January 8, 2015, while speaking to some journalists during an interactive session in Lagos, said, contrary to previously held notion, the United States Government has said there are no signs that Nigeria will disintegrate before, during or after the February general elections.

The US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. James Entwistle, who however, acknowledged that Nigeria was facing “big challenges,”, stated that the problems at stake were surmountable. According to the American envoy, Nigerians should “throw out of the window” the idea from “some think-tank or somebody outside the (US) government” stating that Nigeria would fall apart in 2015.

“But in my opinion as the US Ambassador to this country, I am not worried in the least that Nigeria is going to disintegrate in 2015. Regardless of what someone may have said, the question is that we are now here in 2015: Do we see signs that Nigeria is going to disintegrate or fall apart or something? I don’t know what you think. But I don’t see those signs.

You can see from the above, the behavior, attitude and expressions by the intervention of the internal affairs of sovereign nations consitutes viz-a-viz a threat to a sovereign nation’s existence, which has been the ploy again and sinful ways of destabilizing countries of Africa. This could be said to be tantamount to savagery, political turmoil and destabilization in the region but for the presence of the Divine Father of Creation, Satguru Maharaj Ji who prevented and blocked it from ever happening.



Primate Ayodele who presents a book of prophecy to the public every year had in 2010 declared Nigeria would split, adding that it didn’t matter whether the citizens prayed or not as it was God’s wish.

Again in 2017, Primate Ayodele emphatized the nation would break up precisely in 2035. In his fresh predictions, the prophet said, “Already we are working towards breaking up. He warned that if Nigerians fail to appease Tafa Balewa’s spirit and these other powerful forces,the country will break up peacefully.



This prophet of doom, while stating his 48-point prophecy for Year 2020. Said among others, “the cabal holding Nigeria to hostage will pass away and then the Nigerian nation will break-up. He said, “Divine judgment on the cabal will begin this year 2020 and there can never be peace in Nigeria until Nigeria break-up as revealed to me by the Living God.

No. 45 of my 2016 prophecy (God of ancient Prophets, said except by accident, presidency will remain with the North for the next 12 years.) I stand by my prophecy because I see nothing in those southerners now clamouring for the country’s No. 1 seat.



Prophet Joshua Iginla in a prophetic video warned of coming events revealed to him by God are scary, adding that he saw a dark cloud pregnant with an evil baby. According to the prophet, “oh Nigeria, our land of Glory, I weep for you because you are already injured and bleeding. “who can stop this bleeding and flow of blood? I can’t tell you what I see. May history not repeat itself. In reference to
events of 1966.
“Mark all I have said in parables. My spirit boils. God has been revealing to me some things that are hard for me to say. We need to pray for Nigeria. “I appeal to those in authority to be cautious and sensitive because the cloud is dark and it is pregnant.
“And the baby that is about to come from this pregancy is an evil baby. I will repeat myself, the cloud is dark and very pregnant with an evil child.”

From the foregoing, it is obvious Primate Ayodele and other prophets of doom are the new voices of treason who have been used to cause mayhem, destruction, fear and panic in the lives of the people. They can be said to be junior neo-colonialists programmed as their foot soldiers to cause trouble not only in Nigeria but in Africa in the name of the Paper Tigers, they have been using namely God, Allah, Jesus, Yahweh, Jah, Gott, Elohim, Jehovah etc. One may ask whether there is a Nigerian air, a Soweto air, an Ontario air, a Cincinnati air etc. The answer is capital NO!

The concept of God, Allah, Jesus etc., is a primordial defective, rusticated opium way of life, which has over the years almost succeeded in destroying the lives of the African with inducements of scientific and technological finished goods to make a Nigerian, an African feel a sense of false life. Not knowing that their minds are being conditioned and manipulated. The end result is that through trial and error, the pure energy is replaced with impure ones that gradually impoverishes the person to become a victim of eventual death.

So, with The Satguru, you will be one with Maharaj Ji, your heart will be pure and your body becomes the Temple of the Creator for good things to flow naturally like the air, sun, moon, water etc. and one can incarnate and live longer than the European trap of seventy-one years.

I have reiterated in the past and I repeat once again, anyone who voices doom on Nigeria and the world in the face of The Satguru’s physical presence on the earth planet should be prepared to rest the doom on his or her own head. And so, my dear friend, live your life to the fullest without anxiety and fear. My love and blessings.



Satguru Maharaj Ji stated in His Press Release; A SOUTHERNER WILL BE PRESIDENT IN 2023, COME WHAT MAY! REF SGMJJ/OLF/04/019/1641. Dated Nov. 03, 2019.

Power-hungry Northern Oligarchy should stop the rabble-rousing that the North will retain the office of Nigeria’s president till eternity. It will be re-called that the same Oligarchy class from the North in their unrelenting bid to destabilize Nigeria and failed during IBB’s tenure reemerged in General Sani Abacha’s tenure as Head of State in 1994 used Sheik Abubakar Gunmi and Prophet Adewole to destabilize the country by illegally proclaiming on NTA Network News that no Southern will rule Nigeria in their life time. The Satguru countered that demonic pronouncement through a Press Conference in order to stabilize the country and restore people’s confidence that Nigeria belongs to all of us.

The duo died and went to Oyinbo heaven, in the sky, by the time Satguru Maharaj Ji released OBJ, a Southerner, from Prison and catapulted him to ASO Rock Villa as President of Nigeria. Nigeria in its current recovery state does not need a Northerner or Southerner as President per-say. What is important is one good Nigerian who will love Nigeria and Nigerians irrespective of tribe, tongue or religious leanings.

But for Nigerian leaders who are not awake and conscious of the twoterms arrangement, between the North and South, I had to step in to stop the cheating habit of the North and to say categorically that after Buhari’s second tenure in office, I will surely raise a good man from the South among those who made the sacrifice to avert the political turmoil that could have led to war to rule Nigeria in 2023, come what may!

I have been working relentlessly hard over the past three decades to ensure the unity and indivisibility of Nigeria, which I declared New Holy Land of the Universe, for her to lead the world into the Golden Age of Life and those who are working to derail this objective will be visited by the Koboko of Divinity. They are hereby warned because Nigeria is not their private estate. All Southerners interested in contesting for the Presidency and wish to win should come for My blessing later ooo.



A well-deserved victory, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu against all odds, became the president of Nigeria. Going against seventeen others contestants at the just concluded February 25, 2023 General Elections. Of all the elections Nigeria has ever conducted in recent past, the 2023 general election, can be said to be the most credible, free and fair election conducted by President Buhari after Nigeria transitioned from military to civilian rule in 1999.

The rumor mill were constantly grinding churning out all manners of make believe stories just to question his person and discredit his integrity. Through it all, he was steadfast; moreover he had Satguru Maharaj Ji blessings. Therefore, he had no reason to fail.

At the climax, we saw pictures of needles attached to President Tinubu arms when he returned from his trip abroad, just to convince Nigerians their president was truly sick and not fit for the presidency. Some even went as far as saying he had a double just like in the case of the out-going President Buhari, where we heard of one Jubril from Sudan. At the end, glory be to Maharaj Ji, a Southerner became the President of Nigeria without Nigeria breaking up or going to war before, during and after the elections.

I can assure you, this is the first time we are going to experience a true African President, who would deliver not only Nigeria, Africa and indeed the entire human race. All he needs is your co-operation, suggestions, recommendations and readiness to abide by the truth of our common humanity and in the spirit of one love, you will be able to put the pain, agony, hatred, insecurity, recklessness, impoverishment, confusion and state of hypochondriac that has turned our people into beggars or displaced and even made us to use our private cars for taxi, will be a thing of the past. Thanks Maharaj Ji.


El-Rufai while addressing a group of Islamic scholars said among others that he ran a “Muslim dominated government in Kaduna State, which has successfully been replicated at the federal level.” This statement credited to the ex-governor that they have succeeded in making Nigeria an Islamic state is a claim only out of hatred and deceit.

The ordinary and ignorant man on the street have been conned to believe that Islam is the only true religion. For example, the late Alhaji Shodeyinde in an interview some years ago, when asked how he became a Muslim, narrated how he came into the faith. According to him, as a young man residing in Isale Eko, some Oyinbos came and introduced the religion to them, telling them about Prophet Mohammed. He only decided to join Islam because the Prophet Mohammed not only did his job but got married as well unlike Jesus Christ who was said to have died for the sin of men.

In the same vein, King Henry VIII, who formed the Church of England in the 1530s was born out of his desire to annul his first marriage without the papal approval. This infamous split led to the king severing all ties with the Catholic church. According to history, it allowed the king to divorce the first of his six wives and marry another wife who would possibly fulfill his longing for a healthy male heir since he didn’t have a male child to succeed the throne.

In the case of Nigeria, the promoters of religion are luring people with money in order to give credence to a well thought out illusion. Unknown to the people, the scriptures were stolen from Oyo-Ile and doctored to suit the narratives of the Whiteman god in the sky that one must die in order to meet in heaven. They removed every semblance of our Black history from it and changed the Holi Name, Maharaj Ji to God, Yahweh, Elohim etc. This was done to mislead the Blackman who are the custodian of all cultures in the world.

If God truly created religion, why are there so many unanswered questions about His existence or lack of it? A closer look will reveal so much lacuna. If God is Omnipresent, why did the books say I must die to see Him in heaven? If He is Omnipotent, why do I call on Him to be saved, yet I continue to wallow in afflictions? If He is Omniscient, why do I have to pray yet no answer? Invariably, if one follows religion, death can come at any time. One subjects his/her life to the whims and caprices to the idea or notion that the Creator gives and takes. Hence, it is God’s will if one dies at any time. With so much damage religion has caused, you will find out that religion is aimed permanently at destroying the Black race.

The Black man have been duped for many centuries to believe they are inferior in all respect to the Oyinboman. The Oyinboman have created a world full of impunities, wickedness and other vices under the guise of sin and repent so that the Black race may be driven under water just like the great Atlantis deluge, when the world was still one big land mass. History gives account of a people of sophisticated civilization in the world that ended when it was swept under water.

In order to suppress the Blackman into believing that religion is the answer. Many have been sponsored to propagate its false doctrine. Just imagine, Bimbo Odukoya died, T.B Joshua died, Boko Haram killing, acts of terrorism everywhere etc. yet people are calling God, Allah, Jehovah, Angelus etc. it is all a farce.

Sudan, Somalia, Mali etc., are living testimonies of the havoc created by religion. See where it has led these countries to. For example, in Nigeria, let something happen you will find all manner of religious arguments come up and then the killings start. In the South, everywhere you look, you find it littered with buildings that preaches a particular faith. The whole programming is propelled by the church for one to believe that Jesus will touch you and you will fall; deceitfully promoting the name Jesus while concealing the fact that this feat can only be achieved with the use of African science. Even the Oyinbos who brought Christianity to us never performed such. Or where was it recorded in the scriptures that there was a touch and fall session as we now see so-called men of God display in our society today?


Whereas, they used religion to suppress us with the aid of the barrel of the gun. There are so many countries who have banned religion in their state. Because religion is an opium of the masses, that talks about dying to see God in heaven. This has been the bane of universal freedom, peace, progress and tranquility. They have conned the Blackman into disregarding their tradition and culture. We now find ourselves ignoring our Deities and Oracles which Maharaj Ji left behind during the Atlantis deluge that saw the breaking of the large land mass into pieces that we today make reference to as continents of the world then Maharaj Ji found Himself in the East.

The case of Utah is an example where the authorities have banned the bible from elementary and middle school libraries. saying the books exposes bad faith process and are vulgar or violent in nature. Emphasizing that the bible is most likely to create doubts, fear and propagate the acceptance of violence in these young minds. Also, it has been established in the state of Utah under legislature that “no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office of public trust or for any vote at any election, nor shall any person be incompetent as a witness or juror on account of religious belief.” In China, religion is discouraged on a wide spread basis. Tajikistan, also has significant restrictions against the practice of religion in general and in Europe, most of the churches have been converted to pubs.

Now, see what religion has done to our society. Today, we have wide spread killings, corruption, broken homes, terrorism, sicknesses and diseases, accidents, sexual pervasions, kidnapping, yahoo, pill popping and all manner of disasters has become our lot. And so, the socio-political and economic life the Blackman is seeking by looking up to the oyinbos for direction is but an illusion that is far-reaching.

We are in trouble because the European refuse to believe that the Black man is the first man on earth and civilization started from Africa. We don’t need to buy books, cry and shout for the Creator to hear our plea. We don’t need to die by accident either. Do juju again because we can’t produce anything and so there is so much struggle and fight for the meagre resources at our disposal.

Little did they know that to achieve scientific and technological enlightenment and advancement these can only be gotten through the experience of the Creator within him, through the receipt of Divine Knowledge which can only be revealed by The Satguru of the Time. His Divine Knowledge is the panacea! It will undoubtably ensure social coherence because you will experience that love and bliss from within. Knowing that the power Maharaj Ji will be by your side to reveal to you everything you need to make it and achieve your goal in life. Just like any organization, there is always a hierarchy of power. We have the chairman, managing director and others who will ensure it attain its objectives. Thus, the idea of hurting one another is uncalled for, because it will help in breaking the impunity that religion has imposed on us as individuals and society at large.

Receiving Maharaj Ji’s Divine Knowledge is the only Key to save humanity! Surely, we do not want a city that is be built, but nobody to live in it. Today, disasters like tornado, volcano, tsunami, cyclone, Hurricane etc. has become the order of the day, these can be stopped by using the Holi Name Maharaj Ji. But these disasters are increasing on a daily basis because religion has subjected man to live on a trial and error basis.

Today, with the Light in you, you will be profoundly blessed and humongously possess the power to increase in abundance. Situations where you find people sell their properties for medical tourism will be a thing of the past, which is as a result of ignorance of the presence of the Creator in our lives.

We must know that this world is not a cosmic joke. It was created by one person who is on the planet now. He has asked us to use His name and we won’t pay fine for ignorance anymore because we will be well off like the bee that makes honey. We will be gainfully employed as an additional gift of life to erase scarcity, poverty, accidents and other vices, which is the cause of the present situation where patronize the finished goods of those who are using gun and pen to destroy the world. This must stop from your homes by calling Maharaj Ji, the true name of the Creator.



I. Create an Altar of the current Maharaj Ji by setting up a special place (table or stool) consisting of a piece of clothe of any color except blue, spread on the surface, a picture of Satguru Maharaj Ji placed on it with some fresh flowers with nice fragrance placed on or in front of the picture. Leaves we can used when fresh flowers are not available.

II. Every morning or in the face of difficulty, speak silently to Maharaj Ji about the problem through the fresh flowers held in hand, after which they should be placed on the picture.

III. Note that the flowers are to be replaced every morning. Always use fresh flowers to talk to Maharaj Ji. Artificial flowers should not be used.

IV. There is no limit as to how many times one can call on Maharaj Ji for help or as to the daily frequency of using fresh flowers to seek Maharaj Ji’s intervention.

In a situation where there is no Altar (photograph) of Satguru Maharaj Ji of Our Time, you don’t have access to the internet to download an Altar, visit any of The Satguru’s Ashram nation wide, simply get a plain sheet of paper, draw a big Zero and put two smaller zeros to represent the eyes draw a nose and a mouth and under it, write MAHARAJ JI. Maharaj Ji will answer you nonetheless. The potency of the Holi Name is still the same.


Yes, it is as simple as that. What you need to do is to communicate silently and sincerely from your heart and Maharaj Ji will do listening to grant you all your heart desire as well as guarantee your safety 100% on Land, Sea and Air. Just try, test and experience before you believe. From the above, you will come to the conclusion that the philosophy about Christianity, Islam are all matters of the mind because if truly and sincerely God existed and carries the omnipotence, omniscient and omnipresence of the Creator, He would have like the air that everybody is breathing, right and wrong appeared to man constantly and consistently without prayers.

Therefore, you can see that the statement in the scriptures that says “you search the scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life and these are they which testify of Me. But you are not willing to come to Me that you may have life.” John 5: 39. Can be seen to hold sway now that Satguru Maharaj Ji is here.

Hence, the whole world, particularly the Blacks who have been at the receiving end of all kinds of toxicism has no option because the idea that the Black culture and civilization is a taboo while the White mono-cultural values have not helped either have finally been put to rest by the presence of The Satguru in a dark skin. It also ends the feud between the Whites and Blacks as to who and what is the Creator? That they have been given hybrid names like God, Allah, Elohim etc. to destroy the nucleus race painfully, silently and criminally.

In other words, with whatever have been said and are still saying, the books they brought are toxic. i.e., to kill the Black man. Thus, you find out that all the names and titles given doesn’t conform with divinity.


Alaafin of Oyo



Unfortunately, many have died believing in a God that is up there yet no one is willing to go meet Him! For example, is TB Joshua, the founder of Synagogue Church of all Nations, who is well-known for his touch and fall deliverance sessions, but when satan touched him, he went to the world of no return, heaven in the sky, an illusion.

Also is Pastor Bimbo Odukoya who made a payment for death. Just as she arrived the airport, the passengers flight was full, so she paid extra by exchanging a seat with a fellow passenger because she didn’t want to miss her appointment. As a motivational speaker and pastor to speak at Port Harcourt in the next one hour about Jesus. She didn’t see her death because she was spiritually blind. She did not receive the Divine Knowledge of Maharaj Ji, where The Satguru connects one with the Creator sustaining us within and opens the inner/third eye of the individual to know what will happen in the next hour. This means there is nothing inside the books judging by the way she crammed the scriptures; she simply would have quoted one or two verses in the books when confronted with danger! Even a university student would have gotten a first-class result, if he took his studies seriously. But she lost her live.

We have Sammy Okposo, the gospel singer who gave beautiful rendition of praises to the God in the sky. Shortly before his death, he had held the Okposo Praise Party in Lagos, where he led the congregation in an intense praise and worship session to the Oyinboman God. Little did he know his life will be cut short. According to reports, on the day he died, he sat on the chair watching TV before sleeping, from his sleep, death came and robbed him of his life. Dying at age 51, he didn’t attain the three scores much less ten age milestone. And the list is endless. Many of our best brains have been lost to this farce/spiritual yahoo called religion, a horse on paper that you can’t ride. The God who is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, yet you have to die to go see him.

We have been cheated for a very long time, it is high time we free our selves from this dog-eat-dog game called religion. When you know the Holi Name that saves, protects, guides and gives 100% guaranteed safety on land, sea and air, then you are finally and completely free. The scriptures said, “my people die for they lack knowledge.” (Hosea 4: 6) this is the knowledge of who and what he is. i.e., the knowledge of the Creator within man. Try Maharaj Ji today, it is the original/true name of the Creator that was there at the beginning of creation which was changed to God, Elohim, Yahweh, Tetragramaton, Gott etc., by the European Elites at their illegal Conference in Constantinople in AD 21 and AD 60 and that was the beginning of humanity’s problem. This Holi Name has never failed and will never fail.

Merely by watching the news around the world, will reveal to you that all is not well with the people of the world because one finds it very hard to believe that the Oyinbos will build a cult of nepotism, when you seen the whole world been fought on the screen with the photograph of Robert Powell who is animating the name Jesus Christ with heavy propaganda against the world. Should we call it racism, no? should we call it nepotism, no? Should we call it tribalism, no? Because, it is a criminal act of terror, horror that should not be allowed to go unchallenged. Each country of the world must be prepared to ask the film makers to please release all the proceeds to charitable organizations in the world and a letter should be sent to the United Nations, while we ask all the 195 countries of the world to please take steps to redeem it because we believe that a strong spiritual background is the only basis for invention, peace, progress and tranquility in any nation.

Today, we can’t allow individualism to obstruct the grace that has touched us to come together into the One Love Family of old. That is why we beckon on you to take a step. Use Maharaj Ji and you will find eternal peace of mind.



  1. Satguru Maharaj Ji is Omnipotent
  2. Satguru Maharaj Ji is Omniscient
  3. Satguru Maharaj Ji is Omnipresent

Satguru Maharaj Ji’s omnipotence means His is capable of being active in any form and in any dimension. As an omnipresent being, He has the capacity to make Himself present at multiple places at the same time addressing different situations with the required perfection. He is omniscient in the sense that He is capable of creating anything at any realm of Life or in any circumstance of need.

Satguru Maharaj Ji is not against religion but claims He is the proof that the Creator is love and like He did in the past, He would never abandon His children in time of confusion, hence His presence on planet earth. Central to Satguru Maharaj Ji’s Appearance on earth is to save humanity from destroying themselves and usher in the Golden Age of Life of abundance, love, peace and unity and phase out the Kali Yuga Age of destruction and human holocaust.

It is worthy of mentioning here that the Holi Name Maharaj Ji which is derived from Sanskrit, the Mother tongue of the human race, was replaced in the Bible and Quran with God, Allah, Yahweh, Gott etc. by The European Aristocrats in their illegal Constantinople Conference of AD 21 and AD 60 and that was the beginning of the problems of mankind.

It can be said unequivocally and unquestionably that Satguru Maharaj Ji is the Chief Whistle Blower of the Universe of the Century by revealing the Original True Name of the Creator as Maharaj Ji which gives 100% guaranteed safety on Land, Sea and Air.

We confirm that the Spiritual dynamics of Maharaj Ji’s Messiahship is We confirm that the Spiritual dynamics of Maharaj Ji’s Messiahship is Divine. It is about empowering man with the Knowledge of how to utilize the quantum of Divine energy in him or her to achieve redemption from the problems of earthly life. He is the Revealer of the Divine Light that dwells in man. He is the Teacher of the primordial art of connecting with and projecting forth this Great Power of Life and productivity. He guides and protects man along the path of divinity. He is more or less the Physical and Spiritual face of the Creator, i.e., the human personality in whose form He appears to man.

Who else is given the Special Blessing to Captain the Golden Age Boat of Life except This Great Friend of old manifest in Africa, precisely South-Western Nigeria, where civilization started in spite of tons and tons of colonial books tagged as religion, Eureka! Eureka!! Eukera!!

Try, test and experience Maharaj Ji with whatever problem-sickness, accident prone, witchcraft attack, marital problems and infertility etc., before believing. Satguru Maharaj Ji is there for you 24 hours day and night, in spirit and your dreams non-stop and by calling this Holy Name your safety is guaranteed 100% on Land, Sea and Air. You do the talking sincerely from your heart and Maharaj Ji will do the listening.


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Your Ref: SGMJJ/DLM/PR.2/5/2023

Date: August 05, 2023


Niger War: It Is Needless To Go To War At This Particular Time, Satguru Maharaj Ji Tell Tinubu

Satguru Maharaj JI The Living Perfect Master, and founder of One Love Family has kicked against plans by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to deploy military personnel against Niger Coupist, saying it is needless to go to war at this particular time. In a statement by Satguru Maharaj Ji in Ibadan, he warned against the war which it described as proxy war on behalf of resources-hungry powers whose interests lie in it continuous subjugation.

The statement reads as follows: “One Love Family is particularly worried by ECOWAS ultimatum given to the Coupists to restore power to the person they overthrew within one week (which was vehemently rejected by them) or face the wrath of the Union, which presumably include employing violent means against a sovereign member. Having considered the far reaching implications of such an eventuality, we make the following observations, and advances some suggestions accordingly, in the interest of the governments and peoples of the Sahel region and by extension that of the world order in general.

The statement reads as follows:
“One Love Family is particularly worried by ECOWAS ultimatum given to the Coupists to restore power to the person they overthrew within one week (which was vehemently rejected by them) or face the wrath of the Union, which presumably include employing violent means against a sovereign member. Having considered the far reaching implications of such an eventuality, we make the following observations, and advances some suggestions accordingly, in the interest of the governments and peoples of the Sahel region and by extension that of the world order in general.

“Notwithstanding the preference which many people have for democracy and its principles, the choice for the route to good governance is strictly that of citizens of each country. It is the right of the people of Niger to fight for the restoration of democracy in their country, if they so wish and any attempt by anybody, anywhere, other than in Niger, will tantamount to employing undemocratic means to achieve a democratic end. “The ultimatum given by ECOWAS to the current leaders of Niger goes counter to democratic protocols and it encroaches on the sovereignty of the country.

“Given the general and widespread insecurity now bedeviling the Sahel, any international war of the nature that some people are mulling will not only compound the security challenges of the region but will also make governance more difficult as more and more people will be militarized while food, insecurity will bite harder, Satguru Maharaj Ji said a war between the duo countries will harm friendship, cause economic hardship, worsen humanitarian crisis, and leave hard-to-heal wounds on each party.

“It is certain that the vast majority of people in Nigeria are not, and will not be, in support of war with an erstwhile good neighbour which always looks towards Nigeria as a senior partner. A war between these countries will harm friendship, cause economic hardship, worsen humanitarian crisis, and leave hard-to-heal wounds on each party.

We are not yet free from the pain, agony and despair of the Biafran war that ended in 1970.

“Worse of all, the putative war will render the region a theatre of war vulnerable to the exploitation of foreign interests. No, we cannot afford to fight a proxy war on behalf of resources-hungry world powers whose interests lie in our continuous subjugation.

We feel strongly that the coup and planned attack on Niger is an indirect attempt to destabilize the region and is a strong manipulation by the Aristocrats in the West who declare war on Nigeria through Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida in 1993, repeated same before, during and after 2015 elections and failed in order to prevent the unity and oneness of the biggest highest concentration of the blacks which they see as a threat.

“It is vitally important for the Nigerian government to consider its current formative stage and the security threats that are spread all over the nation which are stretching its resources and capabilities than to rush into an avoidable conflict with a neighbour at the behest of global politicking.

According to Maharaj Ji, “international community” is an aspirational phrase that hides the reality that world politics plays out in an “anarchical society” (apologies to the late Oxford University international relations scholar Hedley Bull) of nation- states each advancing its strategic interests via international cooperation in multilateral organizations.

He said: “it is often the dining table at which African countries get eaten for lunch by the great and medium powers. If we had done the right things, Nigeria should have become a certified medium power like Turkey, Brazil or South Korea by now. A big population of 200 million mostly poor and long-misgoverned people is not the equivalent of a real “demographic power”. Altering this reality for the better is our number one priority. We must not become a pawn in a global power game that carries the risk of a further destabilization of our already troubled country.

We are supremely blessed.

Signature of Satguru Maharaj Ji
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Our Ref:

Your Ref:SGMJJ/DLM/PR.1/5/2023

Date: August 05, 2023


Member-nations of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) should avoid falling into the war-trap set by Western nations following the military overthrow of the civilian leadership in Niger Republic. The coup in Niger is a product of a long-running leadership deficiency in Africa. Western imperialism in Africa feasts largely on mass impoverishment and political destabilization.

African leaders should use the current political situation in Niger to reflect on their stewardship. Have they done well-enough for their citizens and for their Maker to praise them?

Widespread abject poverty does not constitute an antidote to mass resentment which constitutes the core basis for coups. I must add that Western powers are known to orchestrate military coups against African leaders that tilt towards favoring their citizens’ natural and Constitutional right to comfort and happiness.

Instead of engaging the coup in resource-endowed but wretched Niger from the West’s Afro-sensitive and manipulative moral perspective, West African leaders should use the mood of that country’s masses as the basis to decide the best possible political solution. A people who are well-catered for do not celebrate the overthrow of the government that caters for them. Love does not breed hate. It does not produce resentment.

The coup leaders in Niger, as arrow-headed by General Abdourahamane Tchiani, should be encouraged to set-up a peaceful transition process that will end at handing power over to a civilian leadership that is morally and ideologically consistent with the right of the people of Niger to comfort and happiness.

Remember in our journey towards Africanocracy, the Europeans threatened war before, on or after the 2015 elections and failed it is not gain saying that the coup and planned attack on the country is as a result of heavy manipulation to achieve their failed aim to destabilize Nigeria the largest concentration of blacks in the world who accounts for 40% of the worlds human and material resources as a threat.

Are ECOWAS leaders aware that one in every three light-bulbs in France is lit by uranium extracted by French authorities from Niger, where over 90% of the population live without electricity supply?

General Tchiani has stopped the shipment of uranium to France. The military leader in Mali has taken the same decision. In Burkina-Faso, Captain Traore speaks of the need of African leaders to stop their subservience to Western imperialist pedagogy and caprices.

Other African leaders should wake up and look into the state of their respective countries and commence actions that will actually free their citizens from abject poverty and its life-souring social concomitants by asking for the return of all the funds meant for developing the countries of Africa but stolen and stashed in European, Asian and American banks. I urge ECOWAS leaders to support a political process that will free Nigerien masses from extreme economic impoverishment, instead of plotting to use force; as subtly instructed by Western powers, to dislodge the military government in the semi-desert West African country (Niger).

Few weeks ago, it was Mali followed by Burkina Faso, while we should take steps to avoid Africa spring the like of the Arab spring which saw many Arab countries falling away due to corruption, nepotism and disregard for the rule of law.

France has been robbing and raping Niger for a very long time. France laid the foundation for the anti-imperialist military coup in that country. It is either France reverses the damage it has done to Niger or the people of Niger rise up against France to terminate the rot without compromise to peace and national sovereignty.

We are supremely blessed.

Signature of Satguru Maharaj Ji
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