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One Love Family (The Nucleus) Satguru Maharaj Ji Village, The Highest Spiritual Center Of The Universe

Maharaj Ji Village is located at the outskirt of Ibadan City in Ibadan land. It situates along Km. 10, Ibadan/Lagos Expressway, which is opposite Odo-Ona Kekere Village, Oluyole Local Government Area, Oyo State. It is bounded on both sides by Odo-Ona and Ogunpa Rivers and stretches along the Express Road to the former Toll Gate in Ibadan.





Maharaj Ji Village is located on the outskirts of the ancient City of Ibadan. It is a serene environment that is met with different perceptions and diverse interpretations. Aside from people who have received Divine Knowledge from The Satguru and others who have been exposed to the divine path by previous Living Perfect Masters, the disposition of many to Maharaj Ji Village needs the revealing assistance of truth and fact. First, the unique importance of Ibadan as the capital city of the Pacesetter State of Nigeria needs to be highlighted.

On April 17, 1987, Maharaj Ji Village was established. This location has a very important past that is not captured in popular accounts of world history. It was precisely the physical hub of the governing spiritual entities of the universe. When the Great Light of creation began His global sojourn, moving from Africa to the West and beyond, events that followed gradually re-shaped the erstwhile thriving hub. Authentic world history is destined to make a strong rebound from isolation. The world will be re-awakened to truth – genuine truth about life, our planet and the area now known as Satguru Maharaj Ji Village. This is part of the irreversible promise of The Light’s return to His original earth-base.

From the pristine expanse of Maharaj Ji Village, immense quanta of divine energy are generated and projected on the broad range of damage, strain and stress that once set the world on the edge of terminal catastrophe! Prior to the physical manifestation of The Supreme Life Force of creation in Africa – Nigeria, the world was set adrift to the abyss of total destruction! Political leaders, lost in their egos and inordinate ambitions, acted off the path of love and truth. Economies were engineered to feed their selfish and troublesome preferences.

The world existed at the mercy of a heinous few – ruling elites of paralyzed, dying and dead conscience. Our planet was divided along two principal ideological lines – communist and capitalist. The US and USSR split the world in two, prodding and funding nations to violate one another towards achieving their unreasonable goal of annihilating our planet to satisfy their posturing and pride.

Maharaj Ji Village is the ultimate geographical source of spiritual solutions to all problems! It is where man sets his feet and returns home with his loads of burden taken off his shoulders with ease free of charge, without excruciation. The simplicity of this great destination captures the divine nature of The Satguru. Your doubts are understandable. We now live in a world of flash and show-off, where the material is gratified above the spiritual. This mis-prioritization lies at the center of mankind’s troubles and calamities. The spiritual determines the physical. Genuine, durable and edifying material fortune is a function of divine grace. The Divine Knowledge that Satguru Maharaj Ji reveals is the key to Divinity’s ceaseless grace.

The land on which Maharaj Ji Village is situated has been associated with awesome tales of mystery prior to its acquisition by The Godman-Satguru Maharaj Ji. Most people regarded the vast land as evil forest of some sort, because they get bewildered on account of the mysterious tales that emanate from the area, which rendered it as the most dreaded zone along Ibadan/Lagos Expressway. Such bizarre stories include broad day physical attack on people by unseen forces, for which in most cases, victims of such attacks hardly live to tell their stories.

Those who are aware of the state of affairs on this parcel of land were stunned when The Lord of The Universe, appeared and chose the land as the Universal Headquarter of the One Love Family. In their state of disbelief in what they considered as an unusual choice, those in this frame of mind adopted a wait-and-see attitude for such a choice.

However, The Satguru maintained that the choice is of Divine significance in the sense that before the coming of Maharaj Ji, the location served as the Universal Headquarter that served as a meeting ground for the World Council of Witches and Wizards, from where they hope to launch a counter attack on The Great Light as they were very conscious of the fact that The Light was sure to return to its Nucleus Base. It was from here that these forces of darkness invoked the spirit of Ogunpa River that bounds the Village on the east, to wreck havoc on Ibadan City, the Original Nazareth, during the tenure of the erstwhile Shagari‘s administration in the early 80’s.

Unfortunately for these minor organizers, The Lord took them by storm and forced them to abdicate. This posed the greatest devastating blow to these forces of evil as they got petrified and scampered. The Lord of The Universe later got the place purified through walking round the land seventy times with some devotees who sang Arti, the Devotional Song of Creation throughout the trekking exercise. It was this purification exercise that restored the land as the safest and most Holy place in creation, by virtue of being the Nucleus home base of The Good Shepherd of Old and Holy-Spirit-Incarnate.


Maharaj Ji Village is located at the outskirt of Ibadan City in Ibadan land. It situates along Km. 10, Ibadan/Lagos Expressway, which is opposite Odo-Ona Kekere Village, Oluyole Local Government Area, Oyo State. It is bounded on both sides by Odo-Ona and Ogunpa Rivers and stretches along the Express Road to the former Toll Gate in Ibadan.

MAHARAJ JI Village At 36 April 17, 1987 - 2023. Home For The Entire Creation


The Lord and Savior Of The Universe, Satguru Maharaj Ji founded Maharaj Ji Village on April 17, 1987. It is the physical home of The Lord and the Universal Home of the entire human race. The establishment of Maharaj Ji Village is in fulfillment of the scriptural text that says: ‘Thy Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven. As the Most Merciful and Most Compassionate, The Father of Creation, moved swiftly to ensure that a safe home is put in place for His children, which will equally serve as a pivot in Maharaj Ji mission to save humanity. Maharaj Ji Village is severally known and referred to as:


Being the Universal Headquarters of One Love Family, the Alajobi of Old, Maharaj Ji Village is variously known as The Highest Spiritual Centre of the Universe, The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, Centre of Conflict Resolution, Centre of Divine Knowledge, Home Holy Pilgrimage and Tourism, the Divine School of Possibilities, Throne of Light, Home of Succor and Hospitality, Home of Inventions, Centre of Free Skill Acquisition etc.

Maharaj Ji Village is rightly known as the Highest Spiritual Centre of the Universe because it is the dwelling home of all the forces controlling the affairs of the Universe namely: the Divine Forces of Love, the Ascended Masters, Cosmic Forces, the Galaxies and the Milky Ways, who are all under the command and control of The Satguru. Of course, like the saying goes, wherever the Creator lives, Satan will always go there to put up a small tent, as a platform to lay ambush, in order to trap the disobedient and weaker ones among the Creator’s children. Hence, destructive spirits propelled by mermaid, emere, ogbanje and witchcraft equally co-habit with forces of goodwill at the Highest Spiritual Centre of the Universe, because they get magnetized by The Light in the same manner, light attracts insects physically. But, because the power of The Light is absolute and supreme, their negative activities are totally neutralized by The Light, all the same, they tarry with a view of trapping disobedient and weaker souls, who though, at the Lotus Feet of The Lord and Savior, lack the wisdom to understand the mission of The Satguru on earth, hence indulge in uncalled-for games to destabilize the Divine order of things. Thus, all spiritual problems, known and unknown, no matter the magnitude gets melted away the moment one steps foot in Maharaj Ji Village as the ultimate home of the Forces of Love and all Spirits in Creation.


Experiences have proven that pilgrims who come to the Village heavily ladened, upon setting their feet in the Village get perplexed by the way and manner their crushing loads of problems disappear without noticing and they instantly find themselves in a state of overwhelming peace of mind and bliss.


It is from Maharaj Ji Village that The God Father Power; Satguru Maharaj Ji, is currently Generating, Operating and Directing the affairs of the entire creation. It is from Maharaj Ji Village that The Great Light is exerting irresistible magnetic pull on everything in creation forces of goodwill, evil forces, the Ancestors etc., which spiritually gravitate at the Lotus feet of The Lord, because Light attracts naturally.


Maharaj Ji Village is The Centre for the revelation of Divine Knowledge by The Satguru. Remember, in Hosea 4:6, it is said, “my people perish for lack of Divine Knowledge, which is power. This is because, it is the underlying key and the secret behind everything in creation also The Creator’s birthright to His children. Divine Knowledge restores the link with the ‘Perfect Life Force’ within man, which is Light. Man lost the link with this creative energy that was there at his cradle on account of his misguided actions. It is from here that The Holi Father founded all other missions in The Kingdom with the exception of the Mother Ashram at lju, which is unchallenged as pioneer-mission of The Lord’s Soul-Saving Mission.


It is from Maharaj Ji Village the Savior of Man releases photons of Light to the entire creation that has gone a long way in melting down all the vestiges of darkness that have so far enveloped the world including the dirty things in the hearts of men, before the coming of The Lord and Savior of The Universe. The resultant multiplier effects have been salutary in creating a new vista of love and understanding across the globe. With the passage of time, the pockets of arguments here and there that is still creating doubts and misunderstanding among men will equally melt away as more photons of Light radiate from the Lotus Feet Of the Lord.


The Special Grace of The Creator touch blessed lucky souls who are in receipt of Divine Knowledge to specifically and constantly tap from the overflowing Fountain of Wisdom direct from The Source/Store House Of Wisdom. The opening of the door to the infinite wisdom enables one to tackle everyday life challenges with great ease and equanimity. Answers to daily challenges come so easy without much mental exertion.


The aura of love, bliss, goodness, mercy and compassion enveloping Maharaj Ji Village is overwhelmingly encompassing that those who come to Maharaj Ji Village heavily loaded with anger and hatred unbelievably get perplexed how the animosities inside them disappear and can’t reclaim such negative vices even when they consciously want to do so, in order to execute certain negative intensions. This is because Satguru Maharaj Ji as the King of Kings of All Hearts melts the mind away and touches the heart for one to become humane, kind, loving and caring.


History is always in a pendulum. The twists and turns of history in the life of man resonate across ages with varying degrees, in terms of its, frequency and aptitude with profound impact in redefining and harmonizing man’s isolated existence on the planet earth, geared to wards the emergence of a guaranteed safer world, now that the Savior of man, Satguru Maharaj Ji is on the earth planet. The lesson of history serves as useful guide for man to forge ahead in life.

Historically, some figures, days, dates and years could be significantly unique more than others. In One Love Family parlance, the figure 33 is one of such special figures. For instance, at the youthful age of 28 years, out of raw bravery and uncommon bravado, the yet to be identified Avatar of mankind, left the shores of Nigeria while in pursuit of the golden fleece, like every other mortal, and as Divine Providence would have it, got engaged in global contests in a strange land, that will not only rewrite the history of the human race but also save the world from the brink of collapse. The coveted trophy at stake then, in this silent Divine game of love, was The Great Light that sustains everything in Creation. London, United Kingdom was the Divinely ordained theatre for the silent contest that lasted for barely 3 years.

At the prime age of 33, one of the heir apparent to the stool of the renowned and world-acclaimed Olubadan of Ibadanland, Prince Mohammed Sahib Ajirobatan Dan Ibrahim Akanji Akinbami, to the chagrin of the forces of negativity and out of Divine Providence got crowned as Lord and Savior of the New Age, whose responsibility was to save humanity from destroying themselves and at the same time ferry the entire human race across into the foretold Golden Age of Life, more abundant, whereby, the dignity of the races will be fully restored, for true love, peace, harmony and progress to reign supreme on earth.

This Divine game of love is an epoch in the change of baton of Divine Mastership that heralded the return of the Great Light to its Nucleus base in Nigeria, Africa, The Light Continent of the New Age.

Significantly, it will be recalled that in 2013, which marked 33 years of relocation of the Light to its Nucleus base, the Father of Human Race honored Nigeria physically for hosting The Light He brought back home at the age of 33; for 33 years, by donating the coveted trophy of AFCON soccer fiesta that was held in Ivory Coast in that year.

The Divine Holy Father has this to say among other things while decreeing the donation: “I have donated the 2013 edition of the African Nations Cup to Nigeria and they will return with the trophy. At least this team will win the tournament with nothing less than three goals per match. “From scriptural account, they said, Jesus died at the age of 33, I commenced My service at the age of 33. I have been in Nigeria for 33 years as Satguru Maharaj Ji to save the world. Nigeria is the winner. For this feat, I have donated the Nation’s Cup trophy to Nigeria and it is not changeable”….Culled from Dally Independence Newspaper, Tuesday, January 22,2013

Lo and behold, at the end of the AFCON tournament, Nigeria’s Super Eagles came back home with the Cup. As the Most Benevolent, hopes are high that Maharaj Ji Village attainment of this special unique age, which will be celebrated on April 17, 2022, holds high prospect for special blessings for the Children of Light, in particular, the people of Nigeria and the world in general because it is a unique landmark in the journey to save the race.

This assertion is based on the fact that The Good Shepherd of Old used the auspicious occasion of celebrating 33 years of His physical manifestation on the earth planet on July 17, 2013 to donate the AFCON cup to Nigeria.



Open 24/7

Satguru Maharaj Ji, the distinguished and venerable spiritual luminary, stands as the sagacious and esteemed Head of the One Love Family, an amalgamation of both Nigerian nationals and individuals hailing from diverse corners of the global tapestry, who have been bestowed with the ineffable and transcendent gift of Divine Knowledge by the venerable Satguru himself. Within the sacred and harmonious folds of this cosmic familial entity, there reside Nigerians of multifarious ethnicities, encompassing the rich mosaic of Igbos, Yorubas, Hausas, Efiks, Idomas, Binis, Urhobos, Igallas, and a myriad of others, all bound by the common thread of spiritual enlightenment and a shared aspiration for a united, harmonious, and flourishing Nigeria. It is with unwavering commitment that we, the members of this eclectic family, ardently strive towards the realization of a collective vision for a Nigeria that transcends the boundaries of ethnic diversity, fostering unity and prosperity for the greater good of the nation, the entirety of the black race, and indeed, the entirety of humankind. Phone No: +234 803 719 2667 Email: [email protected]

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The Living Perfect Master and founder of One Love Family, Satguru Maharaj Ji, has called for the immediate dissolution of the present board of the Nigeria Football Federation.






The call came in the wake of the country’s poor 2026 Fifa World Cup qualifying campaign, labelling it “unacceptable” after a 2-1 defeat by Benin left the Super Eagles winless from their opening four games.

Following draws with Lesotho, Zimbabwe and South Africa, Nigeria sit fifth in Group C with three points from a possible 12.

Only the group winners are guaranteed a place at the World Cup finals, which will be jointly hosted by the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

In addition to the call for the mass resignation of the NFF board, Maharaj Ji also advocated for a comprehensive overhaul of the nation’s football structure to arrest the current drift.

“The country had not witnessed such inept football administration in its entire history as the current board is made up of self-seeking individuals who have no inkling on how to develop the game.

“This time around, the ineptitude of the team and the mediocre nature of football administration, was bared for all to see, unlike in the past when we would have attributed the blame for the loss on poor officiating by the match officials.

“We now have a Technical Committee, whose head was more concerned about inconsequential things to the detriment of our football,” he said.

Meanwhile, Maharaj Ji has called for the prosecution of the politicians who imposed the Alhaji Ibrahim Musa Gusa – led board on Nigerians. “It is clear that Gusau and his team have no pedigree in football administration, as they were appointed to achieve cheap political patronage.

“Their predecessors qualified for major competitions but these people cannot pass the simple test of adequately preparing teams; much less qualifying for competitions.
“The country will only get a sound set of football administrators only if it adheres to the rules and regulations pertaining to electoral matters, to guard against the foisting of mediocre individuals on football administration in the country,” Maharaj Ji posited.

“If it were in other climes where integrity is the watch word in every public office, the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) board, led by Alhaji Ibrahim Musa Gusau, ought to have resigned en-mass with an unreserved apology to Nigerians. The board goes down in history with the worst performance record since the creation of the Football Association in 1945.

Imagine how the NFF treated one of the technical assistants before and during training just to discourage the whole team to failure.

We are unreliably informed that 50% FIFA support fund for the upliftment of soccer has been used by one of the chairmen to build an Estate and that they the NFF management have now commenced negotiation to spare the football team and coaches twenty percent (20%), if so, how can we ever move forward in football sports in Nigeria.

We would recommend that Coach Finidi George, Daniel Amokachi and co. should be recalled and Austin Jay Jay Okocha and Kanu Nwankwo be made Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively of NFF while Fani Amun and all the Atlantis brothers who defeated Brazil (Bebeto and Co.) in USA be made ex officio members of the board.

A situation where hard-working people are treated as monkeys in the name of sin and repent for the Baboon to chop” should stop now, for Nigeria is neither a pariah state or colonial territory.

As reported earlier, and/or in the past, the black man has now connected with the Creator to enable constant pure positive and magnetic vibration flow within us now to prove that the Creator loves all and therefore the black people have the Grace to compare favourably, comparatively with the Oyinbo to prove that we are the origin of man to lead the human
race from the dreg of failures, scarcity, wars and disappointed hence hiring of Oyinbo Coach becomes a taboo if not sacrilege and recolonization.

Sack the NFF now. Also sack and replace all the Senior Oyinbo coaches now. They are unfit to manage soccer in the present circumstances, if we want to win.

MY Love and Blessings


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David Adeleke


Jun 26, 2024

…Maharaj Ji Will Never Forsake You

The Living Perfect Master and founder of One Love Family, Satguru Maharaj Ji, has sent a serious message to superstar David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, over his plans to quit music.

He noted that many people didn’t want him to be part of the game, so it was best he left the scene.

His message split many people, with some pleading for him to stay and others criticising him for his victim mentality.

Maharaj Ji responded by admonishing him not to make room for trolls and pointed out that prominent individuals often attract criticism and negativity from jealous or envious individuals.

He questioned why he would retire for them, pointing out that the musician is a blessing to Nigeria and Africa.

The Living Perfect Master, however, hurled a shade at those against the singer’s advancements.

He said: “Retire for who? Retire because of trolls? When the Creator made you great? Trolls will always troll great people. Great people, steadily making headlines. You’re a blessing to Nigeria and Africa.
Keep giving us hits. Losers will never stop hating.

“Dear 001, Davido!

I just wanted to reach out and let you know how much your music means to Nigerians and countless others. It’s disheartening to see the negativity and criticism you face, but please remember that you have a massive fanbase that loves and supports you unconditionally. Maharaj Ji is always with you.

“Your talent and passion have made a significant impact on the music industry, you’ve become a role model for aspiring artists, showing them that with hard work and dedication, dreams can become a reality. And let’s not forget about the next generation.
“They need you, Davido. They need your guidance, your strength, and your music to inspire them to overcome challenges and stay true to their passion. You’re not just an artist but a role model, showing them that perseverance and staying true to yourself are crucial in the face of adversity. Your music has brought joy and inspiration to so many, and we’re all rooting for you. Don’t let the haters bring you down. Keep making incredible music, and know that your fans will always have your back. Stay strong, Omo Adeleke!”

Don’t be impatient or rush for help anywhere else than Satguru who has come to resolve all crisis between fellow citizens of the world like Beatles did by being misled to Maharashi and the Illuminati which led to the statement by the group that they are popular than Jesus after receiving the quack knowledge and that led to their breakup.
No you will live to enjoy your wealth. In the same where Michael Jackson tried to go practical by wearing a T-Shirt of Oduduwa, one of the past Masters called “Oduduwa” which annoyed the whites who questioned why he made it to the top in the name of Jesus but why is he calling Oduduwa now, led to a war of attrition and ended up in his death through one of his doctors who was accused of murder.

Same way, it was later on known to the people that Bob Marley was killed with a special object hidden in his shoes for his songs about the need to go beyond the caucasian doctrine about the Creator which does not show love or save life.

To follow religion for safety is like killing a python with fresh eggs, it empowers to swallow the person anytime, anyhow.

“It is said the taste of the pudding is in the eating. We have tried Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna and others and they have failed us in more ways than one. Try Satguru Maharaj Ji now!

The potency of the Holy Name is a Zillion percent! The Satguru is practical and real. He isn’t any of these things. Satguru Maharaj Ji is quite! We can see Him, touch Him, discuss with Him. He smiles, dances and is walking with us in real time. Satguru Maharaj Ji is the Teacher and the World is the Classroom. Don’t sit on the fence anymore, join the World Teacher in His Classroom and receive His Divine Knowledge to learn a new way of life as how to live on earth to become a producer/inventor of ingenuities. With Satguru Maharaj Ji by your side, no power on this earth and beyond can destroy you.

“Today, there is the Holy name we can call that will swallow all our problems in exchange for peace of mind and a blissful existence.
Don’t short-change yourself by patronizing these gbomo gbomo houses known as religious houses that will gradually sap all your energies, leaving you high and dry with nothing to show after so many years of toiling endless to make ends meet.

“Knowledge is the Divine gift of the Creator to His Children. The moment one receives Knowledge, life becomes meaningful, easier and blissful. The Noah’s Boat of this Age is on sail now. Make haste and come in before it is too late!
Maharaj Ji, however, advised Davido, to forgo the thought of quitting music as that’s what the Creator has destined for him.

“Forget about those detractors who are trying to convince you of leaving music. Don’t yield to any pressure from them. They’re all enemies of good things.

“Maharaj Ji will never forsake you in all your undertakings.

Signature of Satguru Maharaj Ji

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Date: June 10, 2024

…Says They Want To Blackmail and tumbled the Elected Government.

The Living Perfect Master and founder of One Love Family, Satguru Maharaj Ji has said that the planned strike by Labour leaders to force another shutdown from next week if the government does not agree to a minimum wage amount to “economic sabotage” and blackmail of the government and as a result they should be arrested for trying to cover up their aggression against the country for attacking the National Grid.

Recall Nigeria’s Trade unions earlier this week went on a nationwide strike, shutting down the country’s power grid and disrupting flights as they resorted to drastic measures to press the government to hike minimum wages amid a cost-of-living crisis.

The labour unions suspended the indefinite strike on Tuesday after government officials invited them for negotiations as the industrial action affected power supply for the country’s 200 million people and stranded thousands due to flight cancellations.

Labour officials, for the first time in Nigeria’s long history of strikes, went to substations housing the country’s electricity grids, chased workers home, and cut off power supply nationwide. This is a heinous crime and a mutiny against the state just like attacking the Defence Headquarters, the Senate or the House of Representatives and_or attacking the Chief of Defence Staff etc. of the Nation.

All airports, including two international ones, were shuttered. Workplaces and schools were closed and health services were disrupted. Crude oil production – Nigeria’s bread and butter – was also paralysed, likely amounting to a loss of millions of dollars.

This was contained in a press statement by Satguru Maharaj Ji through the One Love Family Minister for Information, Ojo Mogbadewa, at the weekend and
made available to newsmen at the weekend.

Maharaj Ji said “that going on strike again would cause negative repercussions on the overall economy.

“While the arguments put forward by the NLC and TUC on their decision to embark on the indefinite strike are well noted, there is need to thread with caution on account of negative repercussions on the overall economy.
“Abandoning negotiations and shutting down the country will have untold hardship on all segments of the country.

“This hard stance Will also fatally impact on the survival, resilience, productive capacity, and competitive advantage of the more than 39 million – strong MSMEs ecosystem,” He said.

Maharaj Ji explained that the MSMES contribute significantly _ to economic stability through job and wealth creation as they account for 48 percent of
Nigeria’s GDP and 84 percent of employment.

He called on the Labour leaders to sheath its sword and go back to negotiation table. They should stop threatening lives of Nigerian workers.

According to Maharaj Ji, “It’s the fourth time Nigerian workers have been striking since May last year when President Tinubu was first elected. Last August, resident doctors demanding better pay went on a three-week strike that ravaged the public health sector in defiance to a restraining court order barring them from embarking on the industrial action and we are yet to determine those who lost their lives.

“The two major labour unions, NLC and TUC, had last year declared a strike action, following the brutalisation of the NLC president, Joe Ajaero, in lmo State on 1 November, Mr Ajaero was attacked in Owerri, the state capital, during an NLC protest against the Imo State government over alleged maltreatment of workers in the state. “This is despite the restraining order issued by the National.

Industrial Court, in Abuja, on Friday, stopping the labour unions from embarking on the strike. What a leader disobeying court order.

“Going on strike again is an illegal and unwarranted act, a blackmail of the government.

“Joel Ajaero and his gang are not economists, and worse still, they are supporters of Peter Obi. They endorsed him during the election. They campaigned for him.
They defended him. Please assume 1 am a liar and fact-check me. They are fighting a proxy war for Peter Obi. Obviously, the 2027 election is affecting their direction. They do not have an economic agenda. They have a political objective. Where there is no motive strike is done perfectly okay with workers carrying placards to present their protest letter to the authorities concerned.

Mark you, this is not the first time this group of men called the Labour leaders have tried to to cause trouble in some states.

Remember, how, inspite of court order to stop strike few days to the elections in one of the Eastern states, the NLC President disobeyed and he nearly lost his life.

We can remember vividly well during the oil windfall, the workers demanded for payment 18,000 in 2008 as recommended, in Anambra, the then Governor failed because the Labour Group who were visiting the states compromised which lea to the Labour leaders being bribed but the salary awarded was not given. Some had gifts of bus while the local labour leaders were given free tickets to the lsrael Holyland.

The unpatriotic zeal and mischievousness of the Labour Leaders influenced the Governor to hijack Pension Scheme for workers into the Fidelity Bank and uptil now workers funds have not been paid whilst we wait for another Mbonu Ojike to resurrect to help them.

How can a Labour leader who compromised with the Governors become the spokesmen for workers at this crucial time and whose leadership supported the opposition candidate in the last Presidential elections be the one to be allowed to attack the national grid during their striking hours goes a long way to prove that those guys have a hidden agenda to truncate the new government into anarchy.

So what do we call this, the attack on the National grid is a total attack on the nation, this cannot happen in UK, Russia, China, France, Germany and or USA for striking workers to attack the national grid while the soldiers guiding the area fold their arms. No, something has gone wrong otherwise, the soldiers on duty too are complicit They too have to be arrested and tried. This is an act of aggression.

The price of bread led to the revolt in France in which almost all the leaders were killed. This can’t happen here because the story is different.

The difference is that an offer has been made to the workers and labour leaders for the fifth time running against a new government who should be supported to lead the country from the deadwoods of neglect, squalor and self-imposed poverty, arising from indirect rule from Europe. Edo has taken the lead with 70,000 per month (we hope this is not another Atiku game of the untouchables in PDP) whilst the other state Governments have expressed their unability to even pay for the Federal Government 60,000 per month goes a long way to prove that dialogue is better than the coupist way of trying to use the wage protest to over throw the Government. This is unacceptable.

Another example is the attack by the Muslim Cleric Zaki Zaki and his followers who were opiomised by the horse on paper called religion and who do not fully recognize that Allah who created Nigeria like any other country has a constitution in administering it and so Zaki got arrested and many died along with it, for terrorism. Today Zaki Zaki would never attempt to attack the Army Chief of Staff or block his path.

This is not to talk of Ken Saro Wiwa who met his untimely death in a non-violent manner, fighting for equity.

In Okuama, 18 Army Officers were killed which led to the town being flattened and more than hundred died, as reported in the dailies, for taking law into their hands.

Remember how Odi in Bayelsa was knocked down by General Yar’Adua for the death of some security men on duty.

Nigerians are law abiding people and would be ready to take the new salary offer while negotiations continue, because half bread is better than none.

Thereafter, the Labour Leaders, if they are sincere will go round the country to ensure compliance and if possible picket employers who refuse to pay the recommended salary award and recommend then to the government for sanctions or trial.

The Labour Leaders should not forget that the 5% gift for whistle blowers is still in force and it would benefit them to take full advantage of this policy to enrich themselves instead of putting their integrity at stake on the platter of sin and repent when it is quite clear that what you sow you reap.

We are yet to ascertain how many died during the stampede in many homes, hospitals, business centers, etc. when the National Grid was attacked by the Labour Leaders Group without due respect for the people whom the Labour Leaders claim to represent.

The same way today if we do not teach the Labour Leaders the lessons of how not only to win elections by fraud, we should be able to let them know that they have fumbled by attacking the National Grid and if they are not prosecuted, they might go beyond that so prevention is better than cure.
Nobody is against strike action with protests but it has to be non-violent to show how serious the matter is. But to decide to attack the National Grid is a serious crime and an act of terror that should not be overlooked.

In the words of the Secretary to the Federal Government of Nigeria no where in the world would striking workers dare to attack the national grid of the country
as if we are in a lawless country.
The Federal Government of Nigeria must act now to arrest the Labour Leaders and the security men at the National Grid at the time of the attack for terrorism, treasonable felony charges while at the same time find true patriotic Nigerians to replace them.

The security men who are responsible for guarding the place needs to be arrested and treated as terrorists as such along with the Labour Leaders to serve as a deterrent against others who might likely wish to attempt this dastardly act.
Pleașe arrest them for trial as terrorists. They are on their own, the don’t believe in the workers plight, they are servicing their personal interests.

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