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This goodwill message is further asking Nigerians here and, in the Diaspora, to jettison Religion and embrace our Nucleus Culture and Tradition as Maharaj Ji is bringing a new Age of Life; the Golden Age along Divine Government a product of Divine Knowledge, the Special Pump Action Gun to crush darkness and march on with The Light, at the beginning of Creation.




Nigeria at 61 will be Blissful
OCTOBER 05, 2021.

Fellow Compatriots,


This is the best of times. The times we are commemorating our independence, sixty-one years ago from the Europeans Colonialists led by The British. The fact that we are no longer under the yoke of colonialism, but determiners of our own statehood is a matter for joy and pride. Within this period, we have discovered and exploited many mineral resources plus large quantities of crude oil.

One could imagine the explosion of joy on the faces of our nationalists and founding fathers as they received the mantle of leadership in 1960. They would think then that a real giant was born and that our independence would be a flood to heaven as well as the that the country was on the verge of unity, stability and buoyancy.

Present and past Presidents of Nigeria from 1960 till date

But today, we have realized that that was a fitment of our imagination, because some of our elders have gone astray, thereby wasting their own generation, frustrating our own, while they have totally mortgaged the future unborn generations. They achieved that that by nurturing to fruition vices of tribalism, religion, nepotism, greed, parochialism, selfishness and corruption.

Therefore, the prospects of unity and progress for the nation became doomed because Nigerians rejected the Creator in their pursuits of wealth. Thus, the post-independence civilian and military, have been characterized by maladministration or virtual abdication of minimum government responsibility.

It is being rumored that Nigerians have the highest numbers of private jets on earth. Also, another rumour has it that Nigerians top the list of foreign nationals who have the highest number of investments in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Jordan, Egypt, France, Panama Islands. etc. Thanks to Maharaj Ji. We would want to beg that the Government should seize the opportunity of the 61st Birthday, to look into this area to make Nigerians who have been blessed to that level to be encouraged to do little extra humanitarian services towards reconstructing and rehabilitation of schools and school buildings, provide employment for youths to work on farm settlements to produce non-fertilizer cassavas, pepper, yams, etc., instead of the stolen money being used against us through manipulation by foreign partners to establish Companies that would endanger our health and also cause health hazards for producing products for overseas companies right from Nigeria.

It is time for all of us to assist the Buhari Government to flush out all the Fulani herdsmen who have taken over some Local Government Areas of Benue State and return same to Benue State since there was no war between the Benue People and the adjoining States like the Arab attack
on Israel that failed in the 1967 Israel and Arab War.


As Twitter is being given conditions to reopen, we would like such conditions to appeal to MTN, Glo etc., to stop seizing sim cards purchased from them that were not used immediately for personal reasons that could be traced to sickness, change of environment, financial constraints, etc., since it was purchased lawfully and not hired, loaned or lent to the purchaser. In other words, the consumer needs to be protected against the terror of these Telecommunication outfits who are involved in such shady and unfair deals.


We have enough Nigerians who could rebuild the old Nitel or construct a new one comparable with any other in the world and therefore Mr, President can look into this and make it part of his wonderful trajectory of his political life as President of Nigeria.


On Nigeria ‘s 61st Birthday, how we wish the Government can step in to investigate the high cost of Education particularly, in the area of harmonizing school fees of all tertiary institutions instead of Ibadan Polytechnic School Fees different from Lagos School of Nursing.


The President can make his tenure fantastic by initiating a law to create EDUCATION BANKS, to relieve parents of the high cost of school fees since the children are the economy of today and tomorrow and until we sustain their training, we would be heading for what some have already
been saying that we are a failed state, Maharaj Ji forbid.


There would be need to establish a law that would enable the States making more money than other States have higher number of seats in the National Assembly and the Senate instead of the present system of some lazy beggar States who have become liabilities but always voting
against laws that would take the nation forward for the common good of all, in the name of religion and tribe.


There is urgent need to declare Miyetti Group and its leadership. Gumi and El-Rufai and company as terrorists. Particularly, El-Rufai to stop the carnage going on in Kaduna State, apologize to all Nigerians else he should remember that what you sew you reap in year 2022.


This 61st Birthday should see the Cross Rivers State paying the two (2) years unpaid salaries owed to Chief Magistrates or else the Chief Magistrates should invoke the spirit of Ogun or Ayelala on the Governor to force him to pay. The Governor is being callous not even minding that they, the Chief Magistrates may have personal and extended families who would be adversely affected by this callous act of barbarism. The President should please intervene or withheld Governor’s state allocation, till he pays.


The President should ask Governor Buni to resign as the Acting APC Chairman since he is doing another job as the incumbent Governor of a State for a new person whose sole responsibility should be for the Party not Party and State, as at present, which violates the constitution of the APC and a very dirty act. I Would recommend Chief Bisi Akande or somebody else except the Northern Group in the APC have a hidden agenda, to avoid such bad precedence.


The Federal Government should as a matter of urgency stop the NBC from taking over the services of the Judiciary of this country, if The Attorney General is sleeping, for allowing NBC to judge and charge MEDIA Houses/Journalists for any wrongdoing through Hate Speech
instead of allowing such Media Houses or Journalists who break the Hate Speech to face the courts.

The present situation where it is the regulatory board that decides the fine for erring Media Houses/Journalists is unconstitutional barbaric, utopian and draconian especially where the Media Groups are not in the employment of the Ministry of Information makes a mockery of the Constitution which Mr President was elected to defend. This sudden silly act confirms what many Nigerians are saying that there are people in Government who wish President Buhari to fail. The Judiciary is capable of handling such issues and situations effectively. Or do we want
the Media Houses/Journalists to go on strike? NO OGA I BEG!


The Governors of the 36 States should take urgent steps to pay the compensation recommended for the ENDSARS VICTIMS in order to attract public confidence that they are truly the chief security of their states and that they believe strongly in the constitution to protect the citizenry against any oppression.


In the same vein we would like to recommend to the Federal Government to take steps to recruit three (3) million Policemen and Women among the High School, Polytechnic and University Graduates roaming about the city jobless on an entry salary of 250,000 per month with minimum of one bedroom flat or bigger, according to the size of the family of the recruit but with an agreement that the single ones cannot marry until after 7 years of service. It is preternatural for we to allow the Army to be doing the services of the Nigeria Police in some ways as it is at present probably due to shortage.


In the same way the Nigerian Army should open its door for more recruits at an entry salary of 350,000 per month with minimum of one bedroom or bigger flat according to the size of the family of the recruit with a provision that such a recruit cannot marry until after seven (7) years of service.


The spirit de corps in the army needs to be revitalized with more games like drafts, chess, etc., to allow the soldiers to come together to realize they are Nigerians and children of the same father united to protect the territorial integrity of Nigeria that would very soon take good care of them as bona fide citizens of Nigeria. The above recruitment can be effectively sustained with one oil well productively controlled.

The ASUU, the Medical Doctors and other workers on or about to go on strike should please return to the negotiation table to discuss matters for amicable settlement to avoid endless anxieties and pain being felt by patients and families of those involved in this colonial way
of dealing with matters. In the days of old, the aggrieved will arrange secret meetings with the Elders who would discuss at night while others would be busy divining the Oracle (which we have abandoned) for advice, others would be roasting yams and plantains at the fire point that
would be eaten with red oil and palm wine to re-energize them after the meeting. It’s either you hear IFA or KOWE talking very clearly with positive answers and within few days everything is resolved, and we are back again on track. Nobody on strike, nothing to lose, no padding the bill for snacks for the unnecessary meetings and arguments when the job is being done.

So, we beg Mr. President to act like a Father of the Nation to answer them since the money is there and IS for spending, there is no need to wait by saving the lives of innocent Nigerians. Some months ago, a Chief Judge in one of the southern states got sick and was taken to hospital only to die on the queue at the age of 60 with many years of service ahead. Can you just imagine losing such a brain, power and woman of integrity and substance at this time? This is terrible.


It is being rumored that some Directors of the Bank of Agriculture in the Southwest and Benue State have been arrested by Government agencies to account for billions of Naira diverted for personal use leaving the Northern group led by one Alhaji Umoru who goes by the nickname
BAAKOWA to walk free, while millions of voters who voted for Mr. President are suffering and no amount of politicking without resolving such important issues like this would always create problems for the ruling party in future elections except the public are dunce.


The President should not sell his credentials by stopping all efforts to privatize the Kano, Port Harcourt, Lagos and Abuja airports to swindlers who wants to reap where they did not sew. The President should realize the efforts his government has made to control and manage these airports and the need to sustain it in order to further assist the Nation in future planning, financially.

Rather, we should privatize Asaba, Ibadan, Calabar and Kaduna airports for Nigerian investors to prove whether the investors are really and genuinely interested in lifting the economy to higher grounds.


The word Kafiri in the Quran needs to be visited for lack of proper interpretation by the intelligent public who falsely think that the word KAFIRI refers to only non-Muslims rather than mankind. We are all aware now that religion is based on rites and rituals to lead man into knowing that the Creator is within man and the only vehicle to knowing HIM is appreciating and loving his fellow man in order to live in peace, harmony and live long life and have the grace to re- incarnate on earth. But our brothers and sisters in Islam, have turned it into a DO
or DIE game of attrition judging from what we have experienced from the Boko Haram, al Zakzaky trying to undermine a whole Army Chief of Staff from using the road which almost led to his death not to talk of many of his adherent who are trapped in this illusion of serving Allah
to the peril of His children: the Gaddafi debacle which led to his death, the pronunciations from some of our Elders particularly from the north to mislead and to heat the polity, portrays how insensitive we are in not realising that the language and religion of the Creator is LOVE otherwise, how can an innocent scientist or the prodigious get killed by a nomad in the name of Allah or God and still get away with it where the Creator said in the scriptures that…THOU SHALL NOT KILL.


Dear Mr. President, lots and lots of Nigerians are complaining about the operations of the PENCOM and its management since it was set up to effectively manage the retirement benefits of retired civil and public servants. Their grievances are that some of them cannot afford to pay
rent, send their children to school, eat food of their choice like when they were in service, etc. Their argument is supported by the fact that when this policy was about to be implemented, the wise in the Army, Police and some other groups opted out of it. Why must I be unable to pay my rent, children’s school fees etc., it demands the attention of Mr. President.

It is being recommended that, like the staff of the colonial masters who retired from here but are still receiving pensions, that retired Nigerian worker should be paid in bulk to help them start little business on their own privately and this will go a long way in revitalising the economy greatly.


All sex workers should be arrested and drafted to form vocational settlements for gainful employment and or enlisted into the Nigerian Army to serve the Nation better instead of being the channel for giving birth to polio, handicapped and deformed children.


Dear Mr. President, lots and lots of Nigerians are complaining about the operations of the PENCOM and its management since it was set up to effectively manage the retirement benefits of retired civil and public servants. Their grievances are that some of them cannot afford to pay
rent, send their children to school, eat food of their choice like when they were in service, etc. Their argument is supported by the fact that when this policy was about to be implemented, the wise in the Army, Police and some other groups opted out of it. Why must I be unable to pay my rent, children’s school fees etc., demands the attention of Mr. President.

It is being recommended that, like the staff of the colonial masters who retired from here and are still receiving pensions, that retired Nigerian worker should be paid in bulk to help them start little business on their own privately and this will go a long way in revitalizing the economy greatly.


The groaning is that the borders of the southern part of the country has been closed but the northern borders are open, giving way for the influx of banned substandard electronics, electricals, goods and merchandize of all kinds. The President and his government see more than us but as good citizens, this is the only avenue one can guide the Government in order to help grow Nigeria and therefore we want Mr. President to look into this for a formal statement to be made and or action taken to open the border if it is okay for now.


We would like Mr President to set up a Price Control Board to check and control the prize of goods before it’s too late to handle. Prices of commodities of all kinds have gone up to 300 percent in the land. Help, Mr. President!


There is urgent need for the Federal Government to publish names of those convicted for fraud so that we can know who the true Nigerians are ready to patiently grow naturally to help grow Nigeria from those bent on stealing/diverting funds for infrastructures into their pockets in order to stop those who may like to steal in future.


Since health is wealth, there ‘is urgent need for the Federal Government to recognize the Agbo Market which takes care of about 85% of the population of the people by building structures for the practitioners to display their wares in a neat and healthy environment gradually will help to reduce cost of health care drastically as well as deaths which create lots of hardships for families who go traditional way when the die is cast. Give the people the option to choose where to go.


We urgently need Federal Ministry of Lagos Affairs to help the State Government meet up heavy challenges facing it as a result of influx of all Nigerians and Ecowas citizens into Lagos for employment and flocking security of life.


There is urgent need for Mr. President to set up a judicial commission of enquiry to investigate the operations of our Electricity Company formerly known as (NEPA) and eventual take over by the Federal Government if we are to enjoy economic boom. There is strong rumour that one of the past presidential candidates signed a secret pact with the Electricity Officials to block any means of reviving constant improvement of electricity supplies to frustrate companies in the south and also to enable him to sell his generators that go by the brand name MYMYMY.


We are being unreliably informed that the Apapa gridlock is the handiwork of this past presidential candidate who holds sway in all areas in the Apapa Wharf. His order is final, and he is doing everything to make sure we lose many billions from customs clearance and goods for companies and personal use are duly delayed forever. The Government should set up an enquiry on the matter. In the Meantime, I would like to recommend a former retired Director of Transport, Ministry of Transport in Abuja, Mr. A. Enwezor to be given the opportunity to clear the gridlock. He can do it or any other sincere Nigerian with the backing of the Government can do it.

I once attended a meeting of the elders in the South-Eastern State in which I told them that the True Original Name of The Creator is Maharaj Ji and that with this Holy Name, the ongoing struggle for justice, peace, equity and equal rights will by the Grace of Maharaj Ji be achieved
therefore, there is no need for armed struggle and it was fully accepted.

I am therefore asking the leaders to inform the people about it in order to save innocent lives being wasted daily in the name of the old unworkable God which has no electromagnetic, divine and perfect omnipotent vibration to protect the people as described in the scriptures in Rev. 21:4. “God Shall Wipe Away All Tears from Their Eyes And There Shall Be No More Death; Neither Sorrow, nor Crying Neither Shall There Be Any more Pain For The Forever Things Are Passed Away”.

The Leaders must talk now to enable the forces holding them to ransom and impoverishment disappear fiam. We have crossed the red sea, and all we need is to try, test and experience the new Holy Name and the enemy will disappear from our bodies and minds.


The Northern Elites are aware of this Great Light and have been using Government apparatus and heavy financial inducement to divert the people’s attention from using the Holy Name to project the image that all is well but what about the loss of lives, the deteriorating and rapidly
impoverishing condition of the people and the land beyond control. The country has come a long way from the day she was delivered from her colonial master, Britain. So many waters have passed bridge, she fought an unprecedented three years of civil war with so many losses of
lives particularly civilian population.

Food and malnutrition claimed millions of adults and children population as starvation was an instrument used against Igbos during this period out of these 61 years the Grace has touched Nigeria to discover that the forces of darkness pioneered our political leader’s disagreement
among themselves, instead hatred and acrimonies held sway and crisis and crisis brewed from elections crisis to civil War.

Today, the GREAT LIGHT has mentored Nigeria for 41 years enabling us not to fall into same civil war of 1966/1970 hence, MAHARAJ JI the revealed HOLY NAME of the Creator hidden from us by the European Religious Aristocrats in their meeting of AD 21 and ratified in AD 60 in old Constantinople, is asking that all should embrace SATGURU MAHARAJ JI for us to live harmoniously and no war will ever visit or befall Nigeria from any front come what may!

The bandit’s incursions being sponsored by Governor El Rufai, IBB, Miyetti Allah, Gumi and a host of others has been swallowed by SATGURU MAHARAJ JI in the vein of this 61st Celebrations.

This Celebrations is to restore all failures and attrition encountered during this period of political instability. Hitherto, our Children and relations will enjoy the abundance of the immense Grace Father Maharaj Ji has blessed us with in year 2021 being declared a FANTASTIC YEAR imbued with good tidings from every angle of our existence.

The above blessings are not prayers but the Creator’s master plan for the rest of the world beginning from Nigeria and Africa. Apart from undue political log jam in Africa, through misplaced trajectory of political perceptions and persuasions, it is now clear that Africanocracy is the way out, a system that roots from natural science and unfolds the ingenious secrets of life within man for the benefit of humanity that will reduce unemployment, tension and political turmoil for concentrating on the national kitty instead of what the individual can do. Africa is so blessed to have the key to make Africanocracy work once again through going back to our culture and tradition which the power within us that drives us every day knows and ever ready to show the way.

We have been practicing this perfect way of life called Africanocracy before the white man came when the Deities and Oracles who represents our ancestors are the brakes in the human system to block any dangers, worked perfectly and life was filled with superior instruments of production in all aspects.

To make this happen, we were forced to embrace the European spiritual tools like Adonai, Allah, Yahweh, Jesus, Mohammed, God, Elohim, etc., which have failed the black race woefully turning the once frolicking society and our environment into an arsenal of fear, banditry, drug addicts, kidnappers, pen robbers, armed robbers, indices of discontentment gradually leading us all into mutual suicide until July 17, 1980, when The Satguru arrived.

The African countries could invite the Living Perfect Master (LPM) to their land and once He steps foot on their soil, the Grace restore them while bad weather and the disunity among the leaders will begin to fizzle out.


Immediate steps are to be taken to gradually educate the people to move
fast in certain areas like: –

  1. Our mothers should not wear trousers and expose the sensitive parts
    of their bodies which are the root causes of disasters, giving birth to
    polio children etc.
  2. Gay or homosexual life should be condemned because unknown to most of us, it creates bad spirits, witches, emere, etc., and it is the foundation for disasters, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, due to taboos for mis-directing the pure energy within man.
  3. Abortion should be prevented and if at all, should be done on the advice of the traditionalists who will divine to know the spirits of the child or at best consult an Ashram Premie, a step that could have been taken good care of with the receipt of Divine Knowledge.
  4. Moneys for Pilgrimage should be used for building roads, schools, civic centers, caring for aged mother and fathers since it has been discovered that such trips are unnecessary, and that the Creator lives within man and can be contacted.
  5. AFRICA SHOULD INVITE SATGURU MAHARAJ JI to bless their country to enjoy peace, progress, stability and tap the humongous Grace hidden inside each country.
  6. AFRICA SHOULD NOT DEVALUE HER CURRENCIES any more rather should engage and involve in trade by barter and exchange of commodities.
  7. Africa should create an Organization for African Petroleum Exporting Nations (OGAPEN) to protect African interests.
  8. The South African government should be penalized by the African Union for her bad role in allowing the invasion of Mozambique to lag on without speedy action. African should move fast to face the Islamic insurgents to root them out.
  9. MYNAMAR The UNO should intervene direct not through sanctions but by dialogue and a warning to Sun Kyi, and this must be done in writing that, should she be released she would not abandon the common people of Myanmar again, like she did which landed her into prison for betraying the people.
  10. GHANA Ghana should stop oppressing the opposition supporters, rather she should concentrate on nation building by bringing all parties together now that the elections are over. Opposition supporters should not be persecuted for being liberal. A case in point is Alhaji Seidu Agongo who has been forced to cough out about $129 to free himself but the Presidency still took him to court and when the supreme court decided that all should stay in status quo, they still brought back the minority Judge again to the Court to do their bidding in order to run down this globally and highly respected businessman because he is a northerner.

Has the pan-African spirit died, is Ghana no longer of our days? We are unreliably informed that the Government is pushing the young businessman into filing a case against the former President for forcefully occupying a house owned by the businessman, but this man of conscience refused stating that he would rather ask him to leave than institute legal action against him. There are thousands who could not get the ticket to go to Mecca for annual religious trips because of this dirty dangerous game of politics not to talk of many employees that would be pushed into the unemployment market to aid banditry, robberies, etc.

Ghana recently became the 6th friendly country for business, but the way things are President Akuffo should initiate political settlement in order to save the Country from losing many businesses if this log jam is not cleared on time. Another area is turning cows of herdsmen into
barbeque should not be encouraged. Laws should be set and those who break it are to face punishments within the ambit of the law, period. In Nigeria, we are gradually reaching a point in settlement peacefully with the anti-grazing laws in place.

I would suggest that the opposition party should stop any legal issue about the elections and let President Addo have his way, in the interest of peace, progress and stability.


We have witnessed coups in Mali, Guinea, Sudan, etc., and would wish sister countries not to oppose or sanction them instead, we should call for dialogue and understanding to gradually settle such issues which are caused by the agents of colonial masters who are bent in causing
confusion in the African continent in order to perpetuate their grip on the resources through chicanery and all kinds of dubious propaganda and monetary offers.


There is need very urgently for Queen Elizabeth II of Britain to be sacked as the head of the commonwealth of nations. In view of the revelations from the interview given to the Duchess of Charity, her grandson’s wife who nearly committed suicide but for the quick intervention
of the prince who opted for outright denial of the Royal Heritage and left UK to live in Canada in order to save her. Such situation does not augur well for progress in view of the gross sentiments adduced by the old woman I would not want to repeat here. The whole show is a sham and a shame.

Now that the practitioners of Islam and Christianity has failed in putting the country in full blown path of economic progress, stability, security and freedom, it is expedient that we the students, the workers, who are neither of the above two faiths and who constitute 90% of Nigerians should be given the opportunity to serve the country now in order to save the country from drifting into anarchy with all kinds of draconian laws being churned out in the face of growing insecurity, ever rising cost of food, housing and transportation prices and education losing its grip of the chances of ever producing the tools and manpower for a strong economy.


The Road Safety Corps should be made to work three shifts to enable them control traffic and ease unnecessary delays workers face daily in the hands of some disgruntled men and women in the society. Most of these delays are caused by lack of effective management and control by
the Road Safety. If necessary, we should employ more hands to do the service for all of us.


This goodwill message is further asking Nigerians here and, in the Diaspora, to jettison Religion and embrace our Nucleus Culture and Tradition as Maharaj Ji is bringing a new Age of Life; the Golden Age along Divine Government a product of Divine Knowledge, the Special Pump Action Gun to crush darkness and march on with The Light, at the beginning of Creation.


Embracing the Light and Holy Name Maharaj Ji will give you infinite Spiritual power to melt Satan within seconds, become a new owner of Life to enjoy absolute Peace, Love and Harmony from within you to start putting your house, ward, state and nation in order. Like the Bee,
nature will reveal to you all the ingenious gifts that have been locked inside you due to sin and repent and lack of connection with the Supreme Being to enable you transform all the raw materials around you into modern inventions to create employment for the common good of
the people and export same to lift high the flag of Nigeria to compete in global science and technology.

As the celebrations continues, The Almighty Maharaj Ji will speak to us all with more overflowing Grace to realize that we have no place other than Nigeria and all efforts must be made to, talk to, dialogue, discuss and appreciate each other instead of resorting to mudslinging, coercion, manipulations and assassinations, extra judicial killings and armed conflicts which has led us to the present precarious situation.

I have declared in 1993 that THERE WILL BE NO WAR IN NIGERIA COME WHAT MAY! and even stated that I will turn all arms purchased by these minor organizers into bread and share to the people and I am still doing that. May I inform you that that Decree still stands and that you are warned that war is not the answer, the aftermath of war brings untold hardship therefore we should prevent any kind of behavior, attitude and actions that may lead to war.

Remember to use The New Holy Name Maharaj Ji, in everything you do, and you will be honorably protected every second of your life with sufficient Knowledge to stop being a beggar that those former holy names brought by the Oyinbo man have turned us into.

Congratulations to Nigeria for being 61 and still alive, same to you ahead members of your family for the patience and determination to keep the peace.
Yours ever sincerely
My Love and Blessings

  • Present and past Presidents of Nigeria from 1960 till date

  • Nigeria at 61 will be Blissful

  • Present and past Presidents of Nigeria from 1960 till date
  • Nigeria at 61 will be Blissful

Satguru Maharaj Ji, the distinguished and venerable spiritual luminary, stands as the sagacious and esteemed Head of the One Love Family, an amalgamation of both Nigerian nationals and individuals hailing from diverse corners of the global tapestry, who have been bestowed with the ineffable and transcendent gift of Divine Knowledge by the venerable Satguru himself. Within the sacred and harmonious folds of this cosmic familial entity, there reside Nigerians of multifarious ethnicities, encompassing the rich mosaic of Igbos, Yorubas, Hausas, Efiks, Idomas, Binis, Urhobos, Igallas, and a myriad of others, all bound by the common thread of spiritual enlightenment and a shared aspiration for a united, harmonious, and flourishing Nigeria. It is with unwavering commitment that we, the members of this eclectic family, ardently strive towards the realization of a collective vision for a Nigeria that transcends the boundaries of ethnic diversity, fostering unity and prosperity for the greater good of the nation, the entirety of the black race, and indeed, the entirety of humankind. Phone No: +234 803 719 2667 Email: [email protected]

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All I am asking for is that Nigeria is our home and we need to protect it at all costs by telling or showing the Oyinbos that we are wiser now, we will not fight ourselves anymore and that we will use what we have to get what we need, and what is our weapon, LOVE! LOVE!! LOVE!!!

We strongly believe that the NEF would apologise to the President and assure him of your cooperation and Love in order to join progressive forces in the north to tap from the endless Grace that would flow from the Presidency. Give honor to whom honor is due else no honor for you till the end of time.






Our Ref: SGMJJ/OLF/HSCU/02923

Your Ref:_____________________


Date: May 25, 2024

The Living Perfect Master and founder of One Love Family, Satguru Maharaj Ji, has knocked the Northern Elders Forum saying He would make the animals, birds and the fishes in the water to vote for President Bola Tinubu come 2027, If the Northern Elders feel today that they are not for progress, stability, security and continuity.

Maharaj Ji disclosed that “I will ask the animals, birds and the fishes in the river to vote for President Tinubu come 2027” like He did to other past presidents.

Maharaj Ji in a statement on Tuesday, regretted that the recent outbursts of the NEF did not represent the northern agenda for peace and national unity of the country which is not negotiable.

Maharaj Ji finds it pertinent to respond to the recent statement made public by the Northern Elders Forum (NEF) wrongly depicting the government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, as a failure.

“The spokesperson of NEF expressed the regret of the forum for supporting and voting for Tinubu without clearly stating why. More so, the group’s spokesperson ratted that the north will not accept a second term for Tinubu.”

To Maharaj Ji, it was an error for any group or political association to come out openly and announce their regret over majority decisions.

According to The Father of Creation, it was an unwise move for NEF to engage in “such a slander,” as Nigerians see the NEF as a source of inspiration but why are they pretending on the hard work of the president as manifesting practically.

The Living Perfect Master said, “The northern elders should not derail from their counseling and advisory role to the government on national issues as it affects the region.”

“This is another arrogant demonstration of a sense of exclusive right to determine who becomes President of Nigeria by the North. Tinubu is on 11 months into his four – year renewable tenure and the North is already talking about regretting voting for him.

“The North does not seem to like it when presidents emerge from other regions other than theirs. They do everything to cause disaffection for the person and unnecessarily heat up the polity with all manner of infantile criticisms just to lower the estimation of government before the people and make it look incapable of leading the nation.

“This same Northern Elders Forum saw absolutely nothing wrong with former President Muhammadu Buhari’s government that was arguably seen by political analysts and public commentators the most nepotistic, clueless, corrupt, unjust, inept and incompetent in the history of Nigeria. For eight years, Nigerians endured that government of anyhowness while the North cheered him on with impudent ecstasy.

“Today, they have suddenly found their voice and are doing everything to discredit the Tinubu’s government. But beyond the facade of advocating for good governance, discerning Nigerians understand why the North has developed a beliyance so early into Tinubu’s presidency.

“With decades of lopsidedness in appointments, siting of institutions and infrastructure by past presidents of northern extraction, to the detriment of other regions, which in turn weakens our unity as a nation and erodes the principles of equity, any attempt by any government to correct this age-long anomalies in our body polity will surely be perceived as witch-hunt by the protagonists of such blatant nepotism. Tinubu as a progressive who believes in true federalism and restructuring is already exhibiting the needed courage to correct those anomalies to give every part of Nigeria their deserved sense of belonging.

“For example, the north seemed to have forgotten that Abuja belongs to all Nigerians and not to any particular region of the country, hence, some of their leaders whipped up regional and religious sentiments against the appointment of Nyesom Wike, a Christian southerner, as minister of the Territory.

But Tinubu did not budge. They heated up the polity unnecessarily when the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, took a purely administrative decision to relocate some of its departments from Abuja to Lagos for greater efficiency and effectiveness. Of all regions in the country, only Northern leaders cried foul over that decision until one of them, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, a former CBN governor himself, backed the relocation exercise with incontrovertible reasons.

“The Northern Elders Forum does seem shocked that a non-northerner is now the Inspector-General of Police, while their hitherto seemingly unbreakable grip on the Chairmanship of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has finally been broken.

“They also probably can’t believe that for the first time in the history of our collective ownership of Abuja, a south easterner is the Commissioner of Police, FCT Command, an assignment CP Benneth Igwe has carried out with uncommon courage, fervour and patriotism, clearing the FCT of violent crimes and criminality in record time after his appointment.

And as the military gained more ground in the fight against terrorism, neutralizing many while rescuing victims and recovering swathes of lands from them, some of these northern leaders continued to bicker with the security agencies over their exploits against these terrorists. Why not? After all, some of them have been named as financiers of these criminal groups while others are well known sympathizers to them.

El-Rufia in his 8 years did not put a single industry in the Southern Kaduna because as he claims, they are Kafiris. There is saying, “when the Elders are alive, the kids would not fallwhat did the Elders do in the case.

“Or is it possible that these northern elders are angry that instead of constructing a highway and a railway from Katsina to Niger Republic like Buhari did, an action which many Nigerians considered a gross misplacement of priorities and an attempt to pander to his cousins outside the country at the expense of the nation, Tinubu has chosen to commence the construction of a more beneficial 700-kilometre 10-lane coastal highway cutting across several states from Lagos to Calabar with a rail line in its middle? They probably would have preferred it to be another highway of 861 km leading from Yobe to Chad. But Tinubu chose Nigeria for hardworking Nigerians first, and the north cannot seem to understand why.

“It is even possible that their anger stems from the fact that Tinubu’s presidency has effectively clamped down on black market operators of foreign exchange market nationwide most of whom could be agents of these political hawks parading as ethnic leaders who would have preferred the continued rapid fall of the Naira as long as they are selfishly smiling to the bank as neo colonialists?

“Maybe they are also alarmed that shortly after Buhari had unreasonably shut out the southeast from heading any of our nation’s security outfits for the entirety of his inglorious eight-year reign, Tinubu swiftly reversed that absurdity by making one the Chief of Naval Staff. That must have ruffled the feathers of some ethnic jingoists in the North even though they head the Office of the National Security Adviser, Minister of Defense, Minister of State for Defense, DSS, Chief of Air Staff among others.

They rather not see anyone from the southeast head any of our military or paramilitary agencies. They celebrated that ugly trend under Buhari and when those affected complained and reminded them about the need to be fair in such appointments, they quickly retorted that Buhari had the liberty to work with only those he trusted and that he should be allowed to make his appointments based on merits only as if the other regions do not have even more competent hands than the north.

“While it is true that Nigeria experienced excruciating hardship at the initial stage of the Tinubu presidency due to unavoidable reforms that must be carried out to put the nation on the right track, things are easing off lately. The President and his team deserve some accolades for that, not some irritable distractions churned out from an impudent and sickening sense of entitlement by elders of a region.

“Tinubu is already the president and should be supported to succeed because his success is Nigeria’s success. That way, even if the northern elders regret his presidency because of their selfish interests, the majority of Nigerians will rejoice because of the overall general interest that benefit them as a people,” Maharaj Ji declared.

According to him, the people behind the claim were more interested in turning personal gains than the unity and survival of Nigeria.

What of the threat directly and indirectly from the entire Myetti Allah which is treasonable and threaten the security of the country with herdsmen in political cassocks, killing by the day.

Remember former President Olusegun Obasanjo was arrested and accused for staging a coup just because Olusegun Obasanjo invited Maharaj Ji to the Africa Leadership Conference in Otta against IBB inspired military order that soldiers are banned from attending the Kingdom of Maharaj Ji but by The Grace of Maharaj Ji, Olusegun Obasanjo returned to become the President in 1999.

Throughout the election campaign, the Northern Elders were hammering Olusegun Obasanjo to assure them that he will deal with Guru as soon as he wins the elections, that he must arrest Guru but the wise Olusegun Obasanjo on clinching victory asked the NEF to produce any evidence of breach of peace requiring the arrest. This angered the NEF and the next thing they did with their men in the Army was to hurriedly arrange for the newly elected President to go for inspection of the Ikeja cantonment In order to finish Mr. President, but The Lord played the game so well that their plan failed and the President lived to finish his tenure.

“Northern elders should be seen as mediators or opinion shapers on national unity, cohesion, and progress without regional bias. This is key because Nigeria’s unity can’t be negotiated on the page of newspapers if we are to stop all agitations like those of Kanu and Sunday Igboho.

“The same elders that ignored and failed to unite some of our political gladiators that are fighting one another in Kano, Sokoto, Zamfara, and Kaduna States are talking about the region being abandoned to its plights.”

Maharaj Ji challenged NEF on their whereabouts when Governor Dauda Lawal of Zamfara was attacking his predecessor, Mr. Matawalle, over issues that could have been amicably resolved.

He added, “The same with Umar Ganduje and Rabiu Kwankwaso or Aliyu Wamakko and Attahiru Bafarawa before going into a fight with Aminu Tambuwal? In Kaduna, there is a brewing misunderstanding between Governor Uba Sani and his predecessor Nasir El-Rufai about unaccounted debts. All the Northern elders cared about was President Tinubu.

“We are concerned that the northern elders have one of their members as an Adviser on political matters to the Vice-President, Dr Hakeem BabaAhmed.
“He could have facilitated a meeting with who and who in the seat of power to discuss issues affecting the region or the country in general rather than rushing to the press.”

“We are of the view that President Tinubu’s approach to the issues of security in the North so far, especially North-West is one of the best compared to his immediate past Presidents predecessor, Muhammadu Buhari’s approach,” Maharaj Ji said.

Why is the Elders forum silent about lands illegally occupied by the Northern Elders in Benue, are they blind to the grave insecurity and consequences. We can’t accept that they are Nigerians nor qualified to be addressed as Northern Elders, if so, couldn’t they have done something positive also, to call those land grabbers to leave Benue.

“It baffles all right-thinking Nigerians that the NEF was silent when former President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime hundreds of innocent men died including women and children when it clamped down on Shi’ite members in Kaduna in 2015. Were they not northerners who were murdered in an extrajudicial manner? Mark you, we are against the religious madness exhibited by Eastern educated Zaki Zaki because any person in his right mind will not behave like that.

“Was it not during the Buhari regime that the banditry became more prominent in the Northwest and many parts of the country, a situation that has virtually killed the farming profession in the region and destroyed lives and property? Yet the NEF never rose against that.”

We are unreliably informed that all Local Government Authority allocation meant for projects are always shared by the Chairmen and the Elders Forum are always given their share. Could this be true, please the Elders should answer, otherwise, where are the projects.

Is it also true that the Elders supports polygamy and that children from such marriages must undergo Almajiri course to go begging in the public instead of going to school, to be used for money ritual.

Why the agitation for the return of the remaining Chibok girls has a Southern Mother as their leader, the Northern Elders Forum appears to be silent on the matter because of monetary benefits the Northern Elders derive in such negative schemes. Where are the remaining Chibok girls? We have enough serving and retired officers who could turn the tide against the kidnappers but the Elders are confused.

NEF’s expression of regret in respect of supporting President Tinubu’s ambition in 2023 tells that Jagaban is not towing their very dirty line of looting and misappropriation at all levels.
That is why, death is often declared on persons who actively resist their feudalist and diabolical dictates against peace, unity and progress in sub–Saharan Africa several Nigerians, it is being alleged, have lost their lives to the unpatriotic northern political groups who facilitates the spiritual termination of targeted persons before pumping hired assassins hot bullets into them. This must stop now.

Nigeria deserves to be prosperous not to be ranked among the most wretched. To the extent that President Tinubu actually works against felony and brigandage of the notorious feudal elites in any part of Nigeria and the African Continent, I stand by Him.

“I have made Presidents, Governors, Chairmen, and Scientists for the World. You will recall, in 2008, I decreed, not prophecy that Barrack Obama, from African root will become the President of America. “Obama is that man who will change the image of America and make America embrace all nation that is at ill with her. With Obama America will not lose
her mighty power but will use it to better the life of younger nations not to oppress, repress, suppress, depress poor nation.

And that why Barack Obama must be there whether they like it or not, he must be there. We must call all the fishes in the ocean, all the plant in the bush, all the trees in the forest to vote for him if America must be great once again. Oh, that is my ideal president, a president that will put together the ideas of the elder statesmen of the past and put them in such a way America will put her past behind and forge a new one. All the Ancestors are behind Obama.”

“Ex-President Bill Clinton of the United States of America, till date, remains the first head of state who has come out frankly to tell the world that the Creator is now walking on the planet. President Clinton’s open declaration was contained in his inaugural speech title “Renew America” said inter alia:
“We earn our livelihood in America today in peaceful competition with people all across the earth. Profound and Powerful Forces are shaping and remaking our world, and the urgent question of our time is whether we can make change our friend and not our enemy” However, although President Clinton’s step seems commendable, it is not enough.

His reference to what he described as “Profound and Powerful Forces” lacks specification and direction. Logically, Clinton’s recognition of the Divine Power of Love is only as good, making a scratch on the surface of the whole spectrum, hence, it did not direct the people to know who and what is Satguru Maharaj Ji, now walking on the planet.

“In 2002, Former President Olusegun Obasanjo exclamation in major newspaper publications during his tenure that “God is a Nigerian, and in a Nigerian body. I am not blaspheming.”
He praised Mr. Tinubu’s approach to tackling insecurity in the North as being far better than that of his predecessor, Muhammadu Buhari.

NEF had claimed to have regretted voting for Mr. Tinubu in the 2023 elections, with a threat that the North had learned its lesson over heightened security challenges under the Tinubu-led administration.

Today, it can be said that the Northern Elites with Koran on one hand and the guns on the other, are the principal looters of Nigeria’s purse, yet the North is the most wretched, the most backward region of stupendously endowed Nigeria! Brigandage is their daily mantra-dark ritual that all progressive forces like Tinubu and all those working hard day and night do not subscribe to and want to change.

They have rendered the youth helpless and hopeless by diverting moneys for their education and training for investments in Middle East and some other colonialist countries, creating bandits so violent and deadly threatening the security of the state.
The Northern Youths are wiser now and would now ignore the Northern Elders Forum to vote an anarchist tribal or religious leader who does not really know the dynamics of the Nigerian political terrain.

Hence, it can be said that the NEF and other notorious gangs of the Northern political class have a widely known history of threatening war in Nigeria and of sabotaging progressive and nationalistic ideas conceived for the improvement of our country as the only hope for the black race, hence the Renewed Hope, for all to change for good.

But if the minority Northern Elders Group feel that Britain handed Nigeria over the Fulani political class to suppress the Atlantis Children, leaving Nigeria and Africa destitute in every aspect of life, with the Elders insisting that their so called protracted multi-dimensional retardation must be replicated in the South, then we have to beg the Forum to think twice because there is a parable in Sanskrit (the mother tongue of Creation) which states that, and I quote … “Agba Akin sinile ki ori omotuntun wo” which means that with the Elders around, the younger ones will succeed or and or I quote … “Eni Deru Leru To” meaning what you sow you reap.

We are aware that the statement allegedly credited to the Maradona of a potential Coup d’état which was denied and other calls for military takeover, through the media were all aimed at stopping the new government from blocking all the loopholes moneys are being stolen abroad to create confusion to war which I have tried to stop with the true original Name of the Creator known as Satguru Maharaj Ji because once there is war, the Europeans will throw their weight and support behind the Fulani and that will be the end of the blackman struggle for recognition and acceptance in global scheme of things and we become refugees in the name of God, Allah, Yahweh, the names the Europeans brought down with slush money to trap us, and which has failed the black race in all dimension.

It was Bola Tinubu who freed Lagos from the leprous grip of the Northern political class who saw Lagos as their latrine excreting everything filthy on the city to the expansion and excitement of scruffy and reeking “almajiri” population while the Northern elites feed fat on the city’s finances looting day and night to the admiration of the Koran wielding henchmen whose loyalty is primordially to the neo-colonial roguery of the Arab/Euro Aristocracy.

When the situation become hot, I called on Papa Jakande to come for Divine Knowledge to equip him for the elections but he said how can he come to Maharaj Ji and eventually he lost shamefully. We got to Papa Otedola who graciously agreed to come but his excuse was that the political campaign going on could not permit him but through him we succeeded in hiring the NIIA Hall so that he can join the queue for blessing when attendees queue for blessing after program and which he did and I blessed him.

The Lagos elections were held but was found to be irregular in some ways and that was why it was decided the most Elderly should occupy the seat until the crisis was restored and that was how Papa Otedola whom I blessed became the Governor. You see you stand to be blessed to become anything you want, only the Creator’s Time is the best and today it is the turn of the blacks to lead the world and no amount of pressure can derail it.

We want a positive change of attitude from the minority Fulani being used to heat the polity in order to destabilize Nigeria.

There is no perfect human being living or breathing anywhere on the planet. I do not uphold President Tinubu as a Mr. Perfect, The truth is that he is my current President of Nigeria who deserve to be respected and encouraged to set Nigeria aright by freeing the country from the Luciferian caprices of the likes of Northern Elders Forum who I expect within the next few months would pay a visit to the President for not allowing another gaza genocide in Nigeria.

By the way, when is the murderous herdsmen going to be gainfully employed to stop illegal entry to farmlands to eat up hard earned crops and kill their owners, to prevent karmic reaction and retributive justice.

We have agreed that the cows be properly handled by ferrying them down in railway coaches or trailers to designated points whereby people would go buy whole or part meat. Such areas would be supported by abattoir and supermarket for anybody to buy head, tail, or leg of a cow. Anything short of this, the NEF is looking for trouble because this is the best option that can move the Nation forward in a modern and altruistic way. It meets with global standards.

We need to learn the odious fact that religion was created by the Oyinbo after they survived thousands of years under water and reappeared in a light skin and now equipped with the manuscripts of events of life in Africa that was stolen from the S/W Nigeria from which they churned out religion and supported with slush funds, made the people to falsely believe that they are following their will not knowing that our minds are conditioned and manipulated to suffer all manners of disgrace, disillusion, and agony before painful death.

Imagine the contraption that the world is vanity and so the rich and wealthy is buried like a log of wood. The whole idea is to ensure that the dead person’s spirit does not reincarnate back to Africa but to Europe so Africa needs to reverse this negative manipulation. Bury the Elderly, rich and wealthy with pomp and lavish party.

All I am asking for is that Nigeria is our home and we need to protect it at all costs by telling or showing the Oyinbos that we are wiser now, we will not fight ourselves anymore and that we will use what we have to get what we need, and what is our weapon, LOVE! LOVE!! LOVE!!!

We strongly believe that the NEF would apologise to the President and assure him of your cooperation and Love in order to join progressive forces in the north to tap from the endless Grace that would flow from the Presidency. Give honor to whom honor is due else no honor for you till the end of time.

Don’t forget, I will make all the animals, the birds and fishes to vote for Mr. President so comot for road, Satguru the bulldozer of hatred and injustice is here.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed, since nobody is above the constitution of the land so be a Lover and live forever.


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The Sultan of Sokoto


14th March, 2024

The Sultan of Sokoto is interestingly silent over the unprecedented economic hardship in Nigeria.

Does the Sultan have a phobia for confronting economic hardship? Is he is humane or humanitarian? We need him to intervene in the hardship happening. We need his frank words of truth and encouragement. We also need some good portion of the affluence in which he prays five times daily to the desert-relishing Allah of the Arab world.

The Sultan is recognized as the spiritual head of all Nigerian Muslims. The hardship occurring across Nigeria is not sparing Muslims.

What does the Sultan have to offer as solution to the tribulation? What is his spiritual solution to the situation? Or is he no-longer the spiritual head of Islamic Miyetti Allah, the criminal gang that has been visiting genocide across Nigeria, snatching innocent men, women and children from sleep and farmland and slaughtering them excitedly in the name of Allah?  

The Sultan of Sokoto is a core and commanding member of Nigeria’s neo-colonial ruling class that has persistently refused to embrace Maharaj Ji’s divine presence and non-relenting outreach in the battered Republic by Euro-Arab design and orchestration.

I have been speaking repeatedly about a new global Order and of the critical importance of Nigeria to the birth and reign of the new Age of global peace and abundance for all.

I have, for over 40 years, been calling out to Nigerian leaders to refrain from bleeding Nigeria into their private coffers and into the deep vaults of Eurasian authorities. I have been calling on them to do the right things for Nigeria – for Nigeria’s progress.

What is happening today is a most harrowing consequence of the stubbornness of Nigerian ‘leaders’ that insists on looting Nigeria and mobilizing ignorant masses to rant and kill for them i.e. to intimidate voices of opposition to their brigandage and perfidy.

The unprecedented economic heat in the country is; indeed, a special opportunity for the Sultan of Sokoto to prove that he is a positive spiritual head and that he is truly fatherly. I must say that the heat does not need rhetorics and prayers. Both are spiritually and primordially useless!

The situation needs the Sultan and other members of Nigeria’s extant ruling class to do the right thing. Can they? Will they?

It gets to a stage in the brazen looting and in the habitual stifling of a country when the nation’s vaults run dry on everybody.

Brigandage is not constructive. It is destructive. Looting does not enrich the nation. It impoverishes the country. Nigeria has, naturally, arrived at an increasingly hot cross-road where the voice and actions of the Sultan and his comrades in neo-colonial rascality will either worsen the fire or will quench it to the benefit of all Nigerians, irrespective of tribe, religion or location.

The Sultans of Brunei, Kuwait, and other parts of the Middle East preside over affluent economies. How come the Sultan of Sokoto has been reigning over a wretched economy? Is the Allah that he prays to everyday different form the one that Arabs patronize?

I humbly call on The Sultan of Sokoto to break his conspicuous silence! He is our revered head of Nigerian Muslims whose word is law over the Koran-wielding vandals who have looted Nigeria into its current state. 

May Allah grant him the will to speak to the nation’s actual redemption before it’s too late!

My Divine Love Blessings

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Date: 28′ March, 2024

News-reports speak to a claim by Gani Adams, the Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, that President Ahmed Bola Tinubu is plotting to assassinate him.

It is imperative for Me in My position as Divine Father The Omoloju Obatala and Oduduwa incarnate to intervene in this highly distasteful distraction.

No human-being is spotless. And this granite truth applies to Gani Adams and to whoever he claims is designing an assassination project against him.

The political reality of Ahmea Bola Tinubu’s status as President of Nigeria the largest population of black people on the planet, transcends the pettiness and parochials that leadership players in Nigeria are wort to exhibit over critical existential issues of our only Republic.

Gani Adams is said to have accused Mr Tayo Ayinde, the Chief Of Staff of the Governor Of Lagos State, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, and Sunday Adeyemo, otherwise known as Sunday lgboho, of serving as hirelings in the alleged assassination plot.

Looking deep and objectively at the matter, I here-state that Gani Adams is better-of realizing that he has no moral premise to claim victim where the unwavering Law of Karma holds clearly that man will always reap what he sows.

Is there actually an assassination intention set against Gani Adams? The onus of proof lies with the accuser. In this case, the accuser is Gani Adams, the same Gani Adams who was used to ‘quench’ sound-brain Fredrick Faseun – the founder of Odua People’s Congress (OPC)!

After Ganu Adams’ brazen hijack of OPC with his thug-life status and reeking goons, what is the state or condition OPC today? Divided! These are the people against him not Asiwaju. Remember, a group use the OPC under Gani Adams to build a house on my land on the expressway and are using everything in their power to alter Court Judgements given to us 22years ago.

It apears Gani Adams has been settled to keep OPC ineffective and incapacitated and now living large as the National Coordinator of Federal Government backed OPC against the interest of the Yoruba up to May 29, 2023.

By whatever circumstance, we have Bola Tinubu as President of Nigeria the high-potential country that frontline international forces are bent on destroying!

There is a big difference between the person and the President. If Bola Tinubu were not President of Nigeria, Gani Adams can very well rant his bile at him to any end of his choosing.

Gani Adams’ current assassination plot rant is consistent with a past accusation of Sunday igboho of serving as the hit-man who sent Chief Bola Ige to untimely grave. That accusation gathered disturbing dust across South-West Nigeria. Good enough, thorough and objective investigation was able to prove that Sunday lgboho had no hand in the murder of Chief lge.

Several years after Chief Bola lge’s passing, Gani Adams is declaring Sunday lgboho an agent of another unsubstantiated assassination agenda, this time, against him – Gani Adams!

“Igboho has the greatest respect for all the Yoruba Elders, Traditional rulers and leaders and has refused to allow his supporters to terrorise and attack non-Yorubas. The only enemies he and the Yoruba people have are the foreign Fulani terrorists that are in our forests and that are kidnapping and killing the Yoruba people.

Gani Adams is too far down the food-chain for President Tinubu to be bothered about. I recall Gani Adams once called Sunday Igboho an illiterate.

In relation to the President of Nigeria, Gani Adams is worse than benighted!

I hold no brief for President Tinubu, but suffice to say that our current President has his good deeds that should be highlighted over the kind of attitude we see and hear Gani Adams projecting at him.

It takes a man of crude thought-process to raise the sort of allegation that Gani Adams expects right-thinking members of society to endorse against Mr President without unassailable evidence. Does Gani Adams know what it is or means to be the President of a country? Is he conscious of the grave implications of him – a political and mental ant, accusing Mr President of planning to kill him? Of what substantial importance is Gani Adams in Nigeria’s political equation at Federal level where President Bola Tinubu now operates?

Until Gani Adams is able to tender “rock-solid’ evidence to authenticate his allegation, to the Presidium of Obas (the 9 Children of Oduduwa), not the here-recommend that his finger-pointing at public for consideration. I here-recommend that his finger-pointing at President Tinubu, Sunday lgboho and Tayo Ayide should be regarded as one of his episodes of fleeting psychosis.

Is Gani Adams (and other Nigerians of his ilk) aware that Nigeria is the destined geo-political, geo-economic and geo-spiritual dynamo for the resurgence of black civilization and for the world’s return to tranquility? At this level of consciousness, national survival ranks far higher in importance than the pedestrian proclivities, the kindergarten questions and the childish claims that excite and aggrandize Nigerians of the Gani Adams typology.

Besides, as Aare Ona Kakanfo, Gani Adams should not be heard expressing fear of death or of assassination! Was he not fortified in line with the ancient spiritual tradition of Yorubaland as it relates to the installment and sustenance of its supreme warrior? If he truly was, he should be man enough! He should be silent. In other words, he should be noiselessly proactive in the face of any significant threat to his existence.

I assert that people of genuine enlightenment who occupy the kind of position Gani Adams sits on today, engage the nation and its President with nationalistic fervor. They set aside personal and pedestrian issues to dwell on questions of critical importance to the survival and success of the Republic. They ally with the President in the best interest of the country until the very second his tenure expires.

It is rather unfortunate that what we have in Nigeria; for now, is predominantly hooliganism masking as patriotism, by which the country and its entire range of assets are committed to primitive material accumulation to self, spiced with psychotic acquisition of congenital and career harlots.

I call on Gani Adams to focus on the responsibilities of his traditional office. Instead of pointing bionic fingers at President Tinubu, he should be working round-the-clock to protect Yorubaland from marauding Fulani herdsmen and their likes. If he does this, the Ancestors of Yorubaland will lavishly bless and protect him from whoever, whatever!

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu made priceless contributions to the demilitarization of Nigeria’s political space. He is a notable icon of the Nigerian struggle for democracy. He has raised many people from poverty to prosperity and power. Bola Tinubu does not claim to be a saint. He has many times admitted his human frailties, quite a number of which are obvious. Be that as it may, he is President of Nigeria and chairman of Ecowas States and should be met with positive words and actions in order for Nigeria to outlive its ever-prowling adversaries.

President of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu has in his grip, at least 25% of the power of the entire black race. He presides over an African country that Eurasian imperialist hegemons are determined to ravage and sink beyond redemption, in other to deny the black race its destined return to freedom, power and glory.

No nalion, civilization or empire on earth has excelled without the special facilitation of Light-Workers (i.e. Children of Light) produced by successive Living Perfect Masters. President Tinubu now has the golden opportunity to make use of Satguru Maharaj Ji’s Children of Light to drive his regime to gleaming and unforgettable success. I look forward to Mr. President’s appropriate action in this very important regard.

Before I end up this message of Love, I would like to strongly beg the Aare to tender sincere apologies to the President, for what has happened because the culture of Alajobi as laid down centuries ago which has been the platform the elements in Creation subsist on, does not allow disrespect to the Elders and today, President Tinubu happens not only to be our Father but the Father and leader of the nation.

The law is the same including my very self as the custodian and coordinator of all the Gods and Goddesses, Oracles and Deities in the world. I Love You.

Finally, I call on President Tinubu to work assiduously to leave a glowing legacy as President of Nigeria. He should strive to succeed where his predecessors failed. He has Allah, God, the Constitution of Nigeria, The Executive, The House of Assembly, The Judiciary, and the Kings of our land to back him up.

Maharaj JI's Love and Blessings

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