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The reincarnated original Atlantis Children of Light led by The Father of Creation, Sat Guru Maharaj Ji The highest manifestation of the Great Light of the Universe out of mercy, compassion and love consecrated Nigeran The New Holy Land of the Universe on May 29th, 1993 at the National Arts Theatre Iganmu, Lagos State to destroy the Euro/Arabian forces invited to create war in the country during the turbulent political crisis of the IBB regime, masterminded by the Europeans to stiffe the Blackman’s struggle to free himself from indirect colonial domination, particularly in the spiritual realm, which is the cause of our life imprisonment




Nigeria Is The New Holy Land Of The Universe

To Change or transform the world to meet the Creator’s aspirations, Satguru Maharaj Ji, The Father of Creation, The Godfather Power, has to prepare the host country, Nigeria along some essential steps as the bedrock of the transition the World has to go through, just to rid Nigeria of its programmed decadence in socio political and economic rot; to reposition for her leadership role to balance the power bases of the world.


It is essential that total discipline and orderliness must or just have to replace the old order where anything goes because Holy Land begets holy people and the Holy Man has the wherewithal to transform all the unholy places and spaces to a state of purity and holiness.

Hence, Satguru Maharaj Ji declared Nigeria New Holy Land on 29th May, 1993 at the National Theatre Iganmu, Lagos to warn and stop the Euro/Arabian expansionist forces from assembling in Nigeria to continue their hegemonic control on Blacks..

This epoch declaration boldly signifies to the World that all nations, all individuals, all souls should seek The Lord. Equally, that all former homes of pilgrimage have lost their essence because it is the Master’s physical presence that attracts holiness and pilgrimage to tap from The Divine Power of Love. Unfortunately, due to manipulation, the people still spend millions of naira and dollars visiting plastic monuments, because of wrong programming and ignorance. They return home to add more to the same difficult human situations all over the World. fooling Who?


Anation or land in any part of the world is holy only when it is graced to house the God-Father Power or The Living Perfect Master of the time and not a historical matter. The “source” that is generating that land to be holy must be physically there, like today we have Satguru Maharaj Ji in Nigeria… becoming the Center or Nucleus of the entire Universe. That is why Satguru Maharaj Ji Village is rightly termed The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and the Highest Spiritual Centre of the whole Universe.

It was the presence of the past masters that made those so called holy lands of Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Iran-Iraq, India, etc. holy, only because they treaded those places then. Right now, those places have therefore become mere historical artifacts, dead monuments in the present circumstances. These lands are no more holy because that Universal Power or Energy, generating, operating and directing the Creation is no more in any of those places.

That is why, instead of experiencing real peace of mind, security and guarantee of life, all forms of darkness are found in these places and that is why they always resort to arms and other artificial means to maintain their status quo.

Nigeria is The New Holy Land of the World today because Satguru Maharaj Ji, The Father of All, is here with us physically directing, operating and generating the new emerging Golden Age of Life, as death is swallowed.

For a better understanding, there are simple list of tangible advantages for Nigerians and indeed the world to tap the Grace practically for the realization of that saying: “Joyful are those who know the name of The Lord”, so get up to partake also in this manna now. Do not be left behind, the ball is in your court.


Nigeria being the new Holy land of the universe represents:

* A Holy office in terms of effective control of the country, and by extension the entire universe and the world at large.

* A residential headquarters of the Godman or Living Perfect Master and His devotees.

* A place to request the Creator to grant peace, love, unity and everlasting happiness to the country and all over the world. A base for the highest Power in the universe which is Love.

* A Holy Land promotes and encourages spiritual development for stabilized morality

* A base for the binding or integrating the diversity of the races of the people and the creation for unity, progress and moral control.


* The people of the world stand to enjoy the benefits of undertaking pilgrimage to Nigeria the New Holy Land of the Universe.

* The opportunity of a life time to meet face to face with the Absolute King….. The Holy Spirit….. Lord of the universe physically in human body and have 13 years added to one’s life span.

* You can talk or communicate with all the Ascended Masters: Buddha, Ram, Krishna, Lao-tse, Moses, Orunmila, Elijah, Mohammed, Jesus, Oduduwa, Kofi Manu, etc and effect solution to any problem personal or national through the New Holy Name in Creation Satguru Maharaj Ji.* You can talk directly with your God and God Almighty.

* The Holy Land becomes the tourist destination of the world, with the highest foreign exchange eaming potential You can receive direct blessings from the Creator in your for the nation.

* You can receive direct blessings from the Creation in your life-time, the Goal of Life… business-wise, academics, dentific inventions, etc.

* You can stop death in your home, on land, sea and air which is 100% guaranteed.

* You are 100% protected from the predicated cataclysm of Armageddon and Nostradamus.


THE DATE 29 May is now not only a Nigerian national day. but has to be universally recognized, accepted and entrenched as a world day of immense significance by all nations throughout the world. This is because the date, 29 May has been divinely ordained as the most authentic date, Nigeria, by extension the world was truly and genuinely liberated spiritually, and politically by the Supreme Authority in Creation, thereby extricating the world and mankind from all forms of spiritual and material encumbrances, for a fresh start, hence the universality of this date.

May 29 of every year from 1993 and henceforth has come to occupy one of the prominent and strategic positions in the New Age Calendar as one of the very special dates in the history of the emerging new world… as it is the date Nigeria by Divine providence was formally proclaimed the New Holy Land of the Universe. This unique event which pulled a capacity crowd took place precisely 27 years ago; on the 29 May, 1993 in the Main Bowl of the National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos, Nigeria, attracted leaders of thought and the creme de la creme of the society from all walks of life… far and wide to witness that great day and epoch making event.

Today, 29 May 2020, and every other year adds as one of the major dates in the New World Calendar, which the whole world should celebrate for founding the New Holyland of the world which in essence and consciousness would eventually and, by evolution pervade the entire universe Nigeria emerges the new Destination and the Throne of Light.

This proclamation therefore automatically restored Nigeria’s lost opportunities, and rights to recognize the Blacks as the Nucleus of the human race, having lost out after the same Black people got submerged under water during the Atlantis deluge to come back as Whites to now oppose the Blacks leading to confusion, instead of embracing each other as children of the same Father, just because of the absence of the Father. With the Presence of Maharaj Ji now, the deed has been signed, sealed and delivered. Today, we now have a God you can see, touch, hold and dance with, who will integrate our energies in one direction.

The significance of this date May 29 is not only hinged on the declaration of Nigeria as the New Holy Land of the Universe and its re-claimed status as the stronghold of the creation and the emerging Leader Nation of the world, but is equally politically significant, being also the date Nigeria had its true and genuine political independence, as it follows exactly six years after Nigeria inaugurated the first ever political democracy, devoid of Western manipulation on the 29th May 1999 as a testimony to the significance of this date.

Prior to the declaration, May 29 has no historical relevance in Nigeria’s socio-political history. However, the Kaduna Mafia tried to covert the global historic importance of the date when, May 29 became recognized, accepted and officially respected by the people and the government of Nigeria and entrenched as ‘Democracy Day. Today, the will of the Creator has prevailed with the present administration’s shifting of Democracy Day to June 12 to show that Buharal believes in One Nigeria.

However, one interesting thing to note is the occurrence of the two events, on the same date, though at different times and points… the spiritual and political liberation cannot be taken for granted and/or regarded as mere coincidence, there is a common antecedent that underlines the two events in Nigeria’s historical evolution.


The reincarnated original Atlantis Children of Light led by The Father of Creation, Sat Guru Maharaj Ji The highest manifestation of the Great Light of the Universe out of mercy, compassion and love consecrated Nigeran The New Holy Land of the Universe on May 29th, 1993 at the National Arts Theatre Iganmu, Lagos State to destroy the Euro/Arabian forces invited to create war in the country during the turbulent political crisis of the IBB regime, masterminded by the Europeans to stiffe the Blackman’s struggle to free himself from indirect colonial domination, particularly in the spiritual realm, which is the cause of our life imprisonment. This declaration also restored the Divine Light of the Atlanteans to have direct contact with the Supreme Being for 100% guaranteed safety on Land, Sea and Air and to chart a new way forward.

The Living Perfect Master

This Divine Providence therefore nullifies the old imaginary forcefully created religions and holy lands into paper tigers and plastic monuments hence, the need for not only the Atlantears to rejoice, but for the entire humanity to celebrate the beginning of the new Golden Age of Perfect love, peace and harmony, progress and stability.

We are therefore inviting you to the 27th Year Anniversary of the Declaration to enable you guarantee world against great and grave uncertainties, caused by our ignorant strangle-hold our security in the imperfections. With this Grace, the industries will work and to the beaten paths of historical new ones will spring up, new leaders will emerge, budgetory allocation for power sub-sector will not be diverted to 07 controlled Banks and satellite states New positive productive and profitable developments will Blow, the elders will live longer while the young shall grow with law and order taking its toll among the people to instill a new nationalism based on equily, spad rights, freedom of rights, merit and morality will transcend all activities towards state and nation building and the old order of racism, tribalism, ethnic violence and forceful religious indoctrinations, leading to terrorism and rebellion today, will disappear.

For the Blacks, it is time to stand tall among men because the Stone that was rejected has become the Cornerstone to create abundance and kill poverty and ignorance and eventually strengthen the global efforts for oneness of mankind.

On the other hand, our white brothers should accept that it is time for sober reflection, penitence, restitution and reparation, for them to show love and accept that we are Children of the same Universal Divine Father. The Creator in His Love and Compassion in His stillness records all activities on the planet for me and you. That is why it is said what you sow, you reap. We’re not ready to loose Europe, America and Africa. But will never allow a situation where we are controlled by machines or science that negates the principles of natural justice, rule of law and oneness of mankind.

Traveling abroad to those plastic monuments where we’ve to throw stone to kill imaginary satan because the Centre of Gravity has been established by the Holi Father in the place where civilization started is no longer necessary.

in a nutshell, the manifestation of the Saviour of This Time in a dark coat, confirms that civilization started from Africa, particularly, Ife in old Oyo, now Osun State, Nigeria, Ecowas Region and therefore mankind is saved from further comitting sins, which causes illness and untimely death.

There will be no more traveling abroad to see God, fasting. throwing stones to kill imaginary Satan and or buying of insignia to talk to God because the Centre of Gravity has been established by the presence of the Holy Father.


Are you marginalised? Then you’re still living in the past as a motherless child, because of calling on the God of the dead! Call Maharaj Ji, The Pump Action Gun Against Marginalisation and become number one, anywhere, anytime. Maharaj Ji is here to restore all lost rights/privileges for the Igbos.Yorubas, ljaw, Itsekiris, Efiks, Uhrobos, Isokos, Myanmars,Indians etc. The ball is in your court! Take a step now!

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  • Nigeria Is The New Holy Land Of The Universe

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  • Nigeria Is The New Holy Land Of The Universe

Satguru Maharaj Ji, the distinguished and venerable spiritual luminary, stands as the sagacious and esteemed Head of the One Love Family, an amalgamation of both Nigerian nationals and individuals hailing from diverse corners of the global tapestry, who have been bestowed with the ineffable and transcendent gift of Divine Knowledge by the venerable Satguru himself. Within the sacred and harmonious folds of this cosmic familial entity, there reside Nigerians of multifarious ethnicities, encompassing the rich mosaic of Igbos, Yorubas, Hausas, Efiks, Idomas, Binis, Urhobos, Igallas, and a myriad of others, all bound by the common thread of spiritual enlightenment and a shared aspiration for a united, harmonious, and flourishing Nigeria. It is with unwavering commitment that we, the members of this eclectic family, ardently strive towards the realization of a collective vision for a Nigeria that transcends the boundaries of ethnic diversity, fostering unity and prosperity for the greater good of the nation, the entirety of the black race, and indeed, the entirety of humankind. Phone No: +234 803 719 2667 Email: [email protected]

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1 Comment

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    2023-09-14 at 11:00 AM

    Your article gave me a lot of inspiration, I hope you can explain your point of view in more detail, because I have some doubts, thank you.

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The Sultan of Sokoto


14th March, 2024

The Sultan of Sokoto is interestingly silent over the unprecedented economic hardship in Nigeria.

Does the Sultan have a phobia for confronting economic hardship? Is he is humane or humanitarian? We need him to intervene in the hardship happening. We need his frank words of truth and encouragement. We also need some good portion of the affluence in which he prays five times daily to the desert-relishing Allah of the Arab world.

The Sultan is recognized as the spiritual head of all Nigerian Muslims. The hardship occurring across Nigeria is not sparing Muslims.

What does the Sultan have to offer as solution to the tribulation? What is his spiritual solution to the situation? Or is he no-longer the spiritual head of Islamic Miyetti Allah, the criminal gang that has been visiting genocide across Nigeria, snatching innocent men, women and children from sleep and farmland and slaughtering them excitedly in the name of Allah?  

The Sultan of Sokoto is a core and commanding member of Nigeria’s neo-colonial ruling class that has persistently refused to embrace Maharaj Ji’s divine presence and non-relenting outreach in the battered Republic by Euro-Arab design and orchestration.

I have been speaking repeatedly about a new global Order and of the critical importance of Nigeria to the birth and reign of the new Age of global peace and abundance for all.

I have, for over 40 years, been calling out to Nigerian leaders to refrain from bleeding Nigeria into their private coffers and into the deep vaults of Eurasian authorities. I have been calling on them to do the right things for Nigeria – for Nigeria’s progress.

What is happening today is a most harrowing consequence of the stubbornness of Nigerian ‘leaders’ that insists on looting Nigeria and mobilizing ignorant masses to rant and kill for them i.e. to intimidate voices of opposition to their brigandage and perfidy.

The unprecedented economic heat in the country is; indeed, a special opportunity for the Sultan of Sokoto to prove that he is a positive spiritual head and that he is truly fatherly. I must say that the heat does not need rhetorics and prayers. Both are spiritually and primordially useless!

The situation needs the Sultan and other members of Nigeria’s extant ruling class to do the right thing. Can they? Will they?

It gets to a stage in the brazen looting and in the habitual stifling of a country when the nation’s vaults run dry on everybody.

Brigandage is not constructive. It is destructive. Looting does not enrich the nation. It impoverishes the country. Nigeria has, naturally, arrived at an increasingly hot cross-road where the voice and actions of the Sultan and his comrades in neo-colonial rascality will either worsen the fire or will quench it to the benefit of all Nigerians, irrespective of tribe, religion or location.

The Sultans of Brunei, Kuwait, and other parts of the Middle East preside over affluent economies. How come the Sultan of Sokoto has been reigning over a wretched economy? Is the Allah that he prays to everyday different form the one that Arabs patronize?

I humbly call on The Sultan of Sokoto to break his conspicuous silence! He is our revered head of Nigerian Muslims whose word is law over the Koran-wielding vandals who have looted Nigeria into its current state. 

May Allah grant him the will to speak to the nation’s actual redemption before it’s too late!

My Divine Love Blessings

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Your Ref:____________________


Date: 28′ March, 2024

News-reports speak to a claim by Gani Adams, the Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, that President Ahmed Bola Tinubu is plotting to assassinate him.

It is imperative for Me in My position as Divine Father The Omoloju Obatala and Oduduwa incarnate to intervene in this highly distasteful distraction.

No human-being is spotless. And this granite truth applies to Gani Adams and to whoever he claims is designing an assassination project against him.

The political reality of Ahmea Bola Tinubu’s status as President of Nigeria the largest population of black people on the planet, transcends the pettiness and parochials that leadership players in Nigeria are wort to exhibit over critical existential issues of our only Republic.

Gani Adams is said to have accused Mr Tayo Ayinde, the Chief Of Staff of the Governor Of Lagos State, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, and Sunday Adeyemo, otherwise known as Sunday lgboho, of serving as hirelings in the alleged assassination plot.

Looking deep and objectively at the matter, I here-state that Gani Adams is better-of realizing that he has no moral premise to claim victim where the unwavering Law of Karma holds clearly that man will always reap what he sows.

Is there actually an assassination intention set against Gani Adams? The onus of proof lies with the accuser. In this case, the accuser is Gani Adams, the same Gani Adams who was used to ‘quench’ sound-brain Fredrick Faseun – the founder of Odua People’s Congress (OPC)!

After Ganu Adams’ brazen hijack of OPC with his thug-life status and reeking goons, what is the state or condition OPC today? Divided! These are the people against him not Asiwaju. Remember, a group use the OPC under Gani Adams to build a house on my land on the expressway and are using everything in their power to alter Court Judgements given to us 22years ago.

It apears Gani Adams has been settled to keep OPC ineffective and incapacitated and now living large as the National Coordinator of Federal Government backed OPC against the interest of the Yoruba up to May 29, 2023.

By whatever circumstance, we have Bola Tinubu as President of Nigeria the high-potential country that frontline international forces are bent on destroying!

There is a big difference between the person and the President. If Bola Tinubu were not President of Nigeria, Gani Adams can very well rant his bile at him to any end of his choosing.

Gani Adams’ current assassination plot rant is consistent with a past accusation of Sunday igboho of serving as the hit-man who sent Chief Bola Ige to untimely grave. That accusation gathered disturbing dust across South-West Nigeria. Good enough, thorough and objective investigation was able to prove that Sunday lgboho had no hand in the murder of Chief lge.

Several years after Chief Bola lge’s passing, Gani Adams is declaring Sunday lgboho an agent of another unsubstantiated assassination agenda, this time, against him – Gani Adams!

“Igboho has the greatest respect for all the Yoruba Elders, Traditional rulers and leaders and has refused to allow his supporters to terrorise and attack non-Yorubas. The only enemies he and the Yoruba people have are the foreign Fulani terrorists that are in our forests and that are kidnapping and killing the Yoruba people.

Gani Adams is too far down the food-chain for President Tinubu to be bothered about. I recall Gani Adams once called Sunday Igboho an illiterate.

In relation to the President of Nigeria, Gani Adams is worse than benighted!

I hold no brief for President Tinubu, but suffice to say that our current President has his good deeds that should be highlighted over the kind of attitude we see and hear Gani Adams projecting at him.

It takes a man of crude thought-process to raise the sort of allegation that Gani Adams expects right-thinking members of society to endorse against Mr President without unassailable evidence. Does Gani Adams know what it is or means to be the President of a country? Is he conscious of the grave implications of him – a political and mental ant, accusing Mr President of planning to kill him? Of what substantial importance is Gani Adams in Nigeria’s political equation at Federal level where President Bola Tinubu now operates?

Until Gani Adams is able to tender “rock-solid’ evidence to authenticate his allegation, to the Presidium of Obas (the 9 Children of Oduduwa), not the here-recommend that his finger-pointing at public for consideration. I here-recommend that his finger-pointing at President Tinubu, Sunday lgboho and Tayo Ayide should be regarded as one of his episodes of fleeting psychosis.

Is Gani Adams (and other Nigerians of his ilk) aware that Nigeria is the destined geo-political, geo-economic and geo-spiritual dynamo for the resurgence of black civilization and for the world’s return to tranquility? At this level of consciousness, national survival ranks far higher in importance than the pedestrian proclivities, the kindergarten questions and the childish claims that excite and aggrandize Nigerians of the Gani Adams typology.

Besides, as Aare Ona Kakanfo, Gani Adams should not be heard expressing fear of death or of assassination! Was he not fortified in line with the ancient spiritual tradition of Yorubaland as it relates to the installment and sustenance of its supreme warrior? If he truly was, he should be man enough! He should be silent. In other words, he should be noiselessly proactive in the face of any significant threat to his existence.

I assert that people of genuine enlightenment who occupy the kind of position Gani Adams sits on today, engage the nation and its President with nationalistic fervor. They set aside personal and pedestrian issues to dwell on questions of critical importance to the survival and success of the Republic. They ally with the President in the best interest of the country until the very second his tenure expires.

It is rather unfortunate that what we have in Nigeria; for now, is predominantly hooliganism masking as patriotism, by which the country and its entire range of assets are committed to primitive material accumulation to self, spiced with psychotic acquisition of congenital and career harlots.

I call on Gani Adams to focus on the responsibilities of his traditional office. Instead of pointing bionic fingers at President Tinubu, he should be working round-the-clock to protect Yorubaland from marauding Fulani herdsmen and their likes. If he does this, the Ancestors of Yorubaland will lavishly bless and protect him from whoever, whatever!

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu made priceless contributions to the demilitarization of Nigeria’s political space. He is a notable icon of the Nigerian struggle for democracy. He has raised many people from poverty to prosperity and power. Bola Tinubu does not claim to be a saint. He has many times admitted his human frailties, quite a number of which are obvious. Be that as it may, he is President of Nigeria and chairman of Ecowas States and should be met with positive words and actions in order for Nigeria to outlive its ever-prowling adversaries.

President of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu has in his grip, at least 25% of the power of the entire black race. He presides over an African country that Eurasian imperialist hegemons are determined to ravage and sink beyond redemption, in other to deny the black race its destined return to freedom, power and glory.

No nalion, civilization or empire on earth has excelled without the special facilitation of Light-Workers (i.e. Children of Light) produced by successive Living Perfect Masters. President Tinubu now has the golden opportunity to make use of Satguru Maharaj Ji’s Children of Light to drive his regime to gleaming and unforgettable success. I look forward to Mr. President’s appropriate action in this very important regard.

Before I end up this message of Love, I would like to strongly beg the Aare to tender sincere apologies to the President, for what has happened because the culture of Alajobi as laid down centuries ago which has been the platform the elements in Creation subsist on, does not allow disrespect to the Elders and today, President Tinubu happens not only to be our Father but the Father and leader of the nation.

The law is the same including my very self as the custodian and coordinator of all the Gods and Goddesses, Oracles and Deities in the world. I Love You.

Finally, I call on President Tinubu to work assiduously to leave a glowing legacy as President of Nigeria. He should strive to succeed where his predecessors failed. He has Allah, God, the Constitution of Nigeria, The Executive, The House of Assembly, The Judiciary, and the Kings of our land to back him up.

Maharaj JI's Love and Blessings

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Your Ref:______________________


Date: 27H MARCH, 2024

The recent demonic call for the murder of the wife of Mr. President, Her Excellency, Distinguished Senator Oluremi Tinubu, is the latest in the emerging satanic verses, which some disgruntled elements in our midst want to use to heat up the polity by any means possible, in order to destabilize the nation.

In sane clime, as a foremost member of Nigeria’s first family, by the grace of the Creator (Satguru Maharaj Ji), the First Lady should be recognized and respected as the “Mother of the Nation” because nature demands that honour should be given to whom it is due.

It therefore, behoves on well-meaning citizens to rise against this abnormality and ensure that the full weight of the law is brought to bear on those behind prodding this hydra-headed monster that, in the end may even consume the perpetrators. There is urgent need to arrest those involved for trial.

The urgent need for action in this regards needs not to be over-emphasized on because currently, from the grapevine insinuations, are awash that forces of failure and their agents who feel threatened by Mr. President’s reform policies to re-engineer the social fabrics of the nation, for the betterment of all, are clandestinely pulling the strings for a possible forceful take-over of the present government, through their henchmen in the military. The approach towards achieving their evil mandate is multi-dimensional.

Those discretely behind the manipulative intrigues to create disaffection between the good people of Nigeria the current administration through mass protest that will lead to a state of anarchy in the land need close monitoring.

Just recently, the Emir of Kano threw to the winds all the protocols regarding his unrestricted access to power and confronted the first lady, who went to pay him homage in Kano with his outrageous comment before the public that she should go and tell her husband that he is punishing Nigerians with hunger and suffering, as if President Tinubu was among the Northern Aristocracy complicit in using the herdsmen from the North plotting to undermine the fundamental human rights of the farmers and Nigerians.

On the heels of such an unbecoming public statement from an Emir came the unholy/unroyal homily from the Sultan of Sokoto, who publicly lamented the incapacitation of Northern leaders to control their subjects on account of suffering and hunger in the land.

On a broad spectrum these acrimonious, but treasonable public out-bursts coming from those who should know better, cannot be said to be isolated, because behind the scene, their interconnectivity is obvious.

The demonic call for the murder of the first lady because she is an infidel or unbeliever by one Muslim cleric, Idris Abdulaziz Dusen Tenshi is the latest salvo coming from the war chest of these neo-colonialist agents who will stop at nothing in order to achieve their ill-conceived born-to-rule birth right syndrome.

Ah! why kill somebody because she/he is a non-believer? If one may ask, non-believer in what? Does the Creator (Satguru Maharaj Ji) need the belief or non-belief of His hand-made to be what He is vis-a-vis relate with His children? The Creator is “Omni Everything” and “Omni Everywhere”. He is within Man and sustain Man every day. As the Silent Listener, He said and keep saying, call Me silently from your heart, through any medium of your choice, and I will answer you”. This implies that He is in everything in creation. He is in the seven elements, namely … Sun, Moon, Star, Air, Water, Fire and Mother Earth.

Right inside the food you eat – pepper, tomatoes, rice, etc. He is there and everywhere, any moment any second!

The Creator is Love. He is Light that transcends darkness and when Light comes, darkness disappears!

Mallam Idris and his Mafia gang of blood-thirsty murderers should leave our first lady alone and allow the Supreme Arbitration King of the Universe to judge her While reminding them that they are failure, because no mortal being can kill her; it is instructive for them to bear in mind that the seed one sows and nurtures in heart today, determines the fruits his body is bound to reap at harvest time So, he who kills by the sword dies by the sword.

What is the difference between a believer who kills at random over a little argument and the non-believer who staunchly believes in live and let live and the laws of karma and retributive justice.

We were all living witnesses of how MKO the acclaimed winner of 1993 elections was killed. This was later followed by the death of his dear wife and yet those who perpetrated these gruesome murder are roaming the corridors of powers to destabilize all efforts to make all Nigerians live comfortably without rancor The injunction in lslam as proposed after the Holy Prophet Mohammed is to take care of your fellow brothers and sisters but for no reason the Holy Books got plagiarized with the insane idea that you must kill the infidels, he should not forget that this refers to the authors carriers of the books who have shamelessly refused to show love and are using mono-cultural values and force to coerce the blackman to acceptance which, in the long run, as at today has proved intolerably dangerous by the day as most Muslims compared with the traditionalist of African nucleus race, are by far below standard and ethics of life.

It is in politics, science, social or spiritual that those indoctrinated with unsubstantiated scriptures that are not for the blacks, have become destroyers of lives, peoples, families and nations and today, Nigerian blacks are undergoing such intense, trauma caused by believers who lack all the qualities of godliness and would want you to dance to their music of hatred which disregards, hard work, merit, security, honesty, sincerity, brevity and candor.

I am a child of the Creator within me and the Creator directs me, and if for any reason, I am found unfit, He has created Nations and Nation States which thrives by constitutional requirements to be followed and its agencies to interpret the laws therein to ensure that peace and security of lives are guaranteed not by what is wrongly perceived by anybody, otherwise the true position in this case is that the believer lives under pretense and fear with the sole aim of destroying the blacks gradually silently but they have failed.

Unfortunately, it is only in Africa people pre-occupy themselves with the illusion of how to make imaginary heaven created by the Oyinbos in the sky and do not care a hoot on what to contribute towards making our world a better place to live in. This self-defeatist mindset of our people is in what the Creator wants to use our current President who is a nucleus child of the Elders of old to reset.

We, therefore call in him to remain focused on his set agenda because Divine Providence brought him on board on a rescue mission to save the race. In other words, by Satguru Maharaj Ji’s grace, President Tinubu is a Divine instrument to re-write the distorted history of our existence, not only in Nigeria, but Africa and the world at large. The Divine forces of Light now beaming in Nigeria with its highest intensity will surely guide him through to make history where those before him failed. Tinubu will not fail.

For the avoidance of doubt, the making of the Tinubu Presidency against all odds took everyone by storm. Many are yet to recover from the shock of how he scaled through all conceivable and unconceivable political intrigues fashioned against him by the Kaduna Mafia as well as the, media religious and academic groups.

We wish to draw Mr, President’s attention to the latest Press Release issued by Satguru Maharaj Ji, urging the Commander-in-Chief to publicly list out the names of all the Pen-robbers, Bible/Koran-robbers and Sundry-robbers in all aspect of our socio-economic/ political life and dialogue with them on how to recycle our collective patrimonies stolen by them back into the nation’s till, so to channel them into national development or face the wrath of the Creator.

This has become necessary so that those now using insecurity and hunger as their ranting sing-song must tell us where they were when Fulani herdsmen were on prowl across the nation grazing their cows on the toil/sweat of defenseless farmers, sacking agrarian communities, killing some, raping our mothers and daughters and kidnapping many for ransom, unchallenged, by the previous administration.

Who is fooling who? Enough is enoughl “Divine Koboko” is now dangling from above and about to descend on the heads of trouble shooters who do not want to give peace a chance.

We are in the period of Divine accountability because the Divine cannot fold hands and watch hypocritical angels of doom to derail Nigeria’s manifest destiny as Centre Of World Gravity for saving the world and establishing a new world order right from Nigeria …

The Golden age of life, full of love and bliss .. where the entire human race will embrace themselves as children of one universal father, Satguru Maharaj Ji.

Finally, we demand that Mr. President should soothe our hearts by ensuring that retrogressive elements like Mallam Idris Abdulaziz Dusen Tenshi and his co-travelers in mischief are made to face the full weight of the law of the land Hence, all are enjoined to give peace a chance in the affairs of the good people of Nigeria, Africa and the world


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