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African leaders owe Africa the sacred duty of pulling the black race out of the gloomy gully of woe and want. Över four hundred years of patronizing the religions of invading Europeans and Arabs has obviously not helped Africa out of slavery and destitution






Those who raided, raped and are still pillaging Africa work day and night to ensure that the continent remains weak and weary. Without access to basic amenities, most Africans struggles every passing day in various degrees of squalor to sustain the delicate union of body and soul. This has been Africa’s pervasive and very ugly order despite the millions of Bibles and Qurans being distributed to its battered population in the name of Jesus and Allah by Europeans and Arabs.

African leaders owe Africa the sacred duty of pulling the black race out of the gloomy gully of woe and want. Över four hundred years of patronizing the religions of invading Europeans and Arabs has obviously not helped Africa out of slavery and destitution. Clearly, the black man has pathetically remained a prime target of odium and humiliation from other races.

Satguru Maharaj Ji Press Statement Issued By Satguru Maharaj Ji On The The Thursday, Jan 3, 2019 On The 39th Year Spiritual Birthday Anniversary Held At The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, Maharaj Ji Village, Km. 10, Ibadan/Lagos Expressway Odo-Ona Kekere, Oluyole LGA, Ibadan, Öyo State, Nigeria, Ecowas Region, Africa.



A SPOKESPERSON for the Vatican has officially announced today that the second coming of Jesus, the only son of the God, may not happen now after all, but urged followers to still continue with their faith, regardless of the news.

Cardinal Giorgio Salvadore told WWN that this years 1,981st anniversary is to be the Vatican’s last in regards to waiting for the Lord to return to Earth. “We just feel Jesus is not coming back by the looks of it.” he said. “It’s been ages like. He’s probably flat out doing other really good things for people somewhere else.” Nearly two thousand years ago, Jesus promised his disciples that he would come again in chapter John 14:1-3 of the bible: “There are many homes up where my Father lives, and I am going to prepare them for your coming. When everything is ready, then I will come and get you, so that you can always be with Me where I am. If this weren’t so, I would tell you plainly”

The Vatican defended Jesus’ broken promise, claiming “he was probably drinking wine” at the time when he made the comments. “Having the ability to turn water into wine had its ups and its downs.” added Cardinal Salvadore. “We all make promises we can’t keep when we’re drunk. Jesus was no different.”

The church said it will now focus attentions on rebuilding its reputation around the world, but will keep an optimistic mind for the savior’s second coming.

Ancient Confession Found: “We Invented Jesus Christ To Brainwash and Dominate Africans” Posted by Otedo News Update on August 21, 2017 at 8:59pm in Religions News And Blogs

American Biblical scholar Joseph Atwill will be appearing before the British public for the first time in London on the 19th of October to present a controversial new discovery: ancient confessions recently uncovered now prove, according to Atwill, that the New Testament was written by first-century Roman aristocrats and that they fabricated the entire story of Jesus Christ.

His presentation will be part of a one-day symposium entitled “Covert Messiah” at Conway Hall in Holborn. Although to many scholars his theory seems outlandish, and is sure to upset some believers, Atwill regards his evidence as conclusive and is confident its acceptance is only a matter of time. “I present my work with some ambivalence, as I do not want to directly cause Christians any harm,” he acknowledges, “but this is important for our culture. Alert citizens need to know the truth about our past so we can understand how and why governments create false histories and false gods. They often do it to obtain a social order that is against the best interests of the common people.”

Atwill asserts that Christianity did not really begin as a religion, but a sophisticated government project, a kind of propaganda exercise used to pacify the subjects of the Roman Empire. “Jewish sects in Palestine at the time, who were waiting for a prophesied warrior Messiah, were a constant source of violent insurrection during the first century,” he explains. “When the Romans had exhausted conventional means of quashing rebellion, they switched to psychological warfare. They surmised that the way to stop the spread of zealous Jewish missionary activity was to create a competing belief system. That’s when the peaceful Messiah story was invented. Instead of inspiring warfare, this Messiah urged turn-the-other-cheek pacifism and encouraged Jews to give onto Caesar” and pay their taxes to Rome.” Jesus Christ] may be the only fictional character in literature whose entire life story can be traced to other sources. Was Jesus based on a real person from history? “The short answer is no,” Atwill insists, “in fact he may be the only fictional character in literature whose entire life story can be traced to other sources. Once those sources are all laid bare, there’s simply nothing left.”

Atwill’s most intriguing discovery came to him while he was studying “Wars of the Jews” by Josephus [the only surviving first-person historical account of first-century Judea] alongside the New Testament. “I started to notice a sequence of parallels between the two texts, he recounts.

“Although it’s been recognized by Christian scholars for centuries that the prophesies of Jesus appear to be fulfilled by what Josephus wrote about in the First Jewish-Roman war, I was seeing dozens more. What seems to have eluded many scholars is that the sequence of events and locations of Jesus ministry are more or less the same as the sequence of events and locations of the military campaign of [Emper or] Titus Flavius as described by Josephus. This is clear evidence of a deliberately constructed pattern. The biography of Jesus is actually constructed, tip to stern, on prior stories, but especially on the biography of a Roman Caesar.”

How could this go unnoticed in the most scrutinized books of all time? “Many of the parallels are conceptual or poetic, so they aren’t all immediately obvious. After all, the authors did not want the average believer to see what they were doing, but they did want the alert reader to see it. An educated Roman in the ruling class would probably have recognized the literary game being played.” Atwill maintains he can demonstrate that “the Roman Caesars left us a kind of puzzle literature that was meant to be solved by future generations, and the solution to that puzzle is “We invented Jesus Christ, and we’re proud of it.”

Is this the beginning of the end of Christianity? “Probably not,” grants Atwill, “but what my work has done is give permission to many of those ready to leave the religion to make a clean break. We’ve got the evidence now to show exactly where the story of Jesus came from. Although Christianity can be a comfort to some, it can also be very damaging and repressive, an insidious form of mind control that has led to blind acceptance of serfdom, poverty, and war throughout history. To this day, especially in the United States, it is used to create support for war in the Middle East.”

Atwill encourages skeptics to challenge him at Conway Hall, where after they sentations there is likely to be a lively Q&A session. Joining Mr .Atwill will be scholar Kenneth Humphreys, author of the book “Jesus Never Existed

source: http://ihuanedo.ning.com/group/religiousskeptism/forum/topics/ancient-confession-found-we-invented-jesus-to-brainwash-and-domin?overrideMobileRedirect=1 Those who raided, raped and are still pillaging Africa work day and night to sure that the continent remains weak and weary. Without access to basic ammine most Africans struggles every passing day in various degrees of squalor to sustain the delicate union of body and soul. This has been Africa’s pervasive and very ugly order despite the millions of Bibles and Qurans being distributed to its battered population in the name of Jesus and Allah by Europeans and Arabs.

African leaders owe Africa the sacred duty of pulling the black race out of the gloomy gully of woe and want. Over four hundred years of patronizing the regions of invading Europeans and Arabs has obviously not helped Africa out of slavery and destitution. Clearly, the black man has pathetically remained a prime target of odium and humiliation from other races.



Pope Francis Orders Vatican Archives to Reveal God’s Name Ending Centuries of Secrecy.

VATICAN CITY – Speaking before a delegation of Jewish leaders at the Vatican on Thursday, Pope Francis revealed he has instructed the Vatican Secret Archives to unseal a set of ancient scrolls that have been kept hidden from public knowledge for centuries by the Church. The scrolls, which were encased in marble and buried in 463 A.D., are said to contain the true name of God as communicated to Moses in the Book of Exodus.

The Pope told an audience during an event celebrating a new version of the Torah that his decision to upend over fifteen hundred years of secrecy was driven in part by a need for “greater transparency” within the Catholic Church. “It is a scandal to say one thing and do another,” declared Pope Francis before adding that the Church is “leading a double life” by continuing to keep God’s name secret.

A source inside the Vatican Secret Archives told Sky News that the Church first became aware of the scrolls’ existence in the fifth century. “The scrolls were un covered by the Romans during siege of Jerusalem and the subsequent destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D. Nearly four centuries came to pass before Rome would hand over control of the scrolls to the Church in 463 A.D.,” the source explained. “Upon inspection, Pope St. Hilarius issued a decree striking any mention of God’s name from official Church literature.” According to Exodus 3:14, when the Lord appeared to Moses as a burning bush, He referred to Himself in the Hebrew tongue as “Yaweh,” meaning, “I am who I am.” However, the Holy See now says that was only part of God’s message to Moses. “God said, ‘I am who I am,” the Vatican source told Sky News. “He then followed up with, ‘And I am [this name]. That final word is what the Holy See plans to make known to the world.”

As to why the Catholic Church has gone to such great lengths to keep God’s true name a secret remains unknown. What is clear is that the Papacy has maintained an unbroken chain of communication in regards to the matter dating back to 468 A.D. “In keeping with tradition, each successive Pope since Hilarius has been made aware of the Lord’s name,” Vatican spokesman Greg Burke confirmed on Friday.

The Vatican Press Office has received more than two million inquiries regarding God’s name since the Pope’s announcement on Thursday: “Our phones have be ringing off the hook,” said one Vatican insider who spoke to BBC News on condition of anonymity “Understandably, everyone wants to know (His) name the sider said. That sentiment isn’t limited to the public. Even the College of Cardinals is getting caught up in the frenzy. According to the insider, the body which serves to advise the Pope has a “friendly betting pool” whose odds-on favorite is “Kovin


barack obama 12782369 1 402

Obama is that man who will change the image of America and make America embrace all nation that is at ill with her. With Obama America will not lose her mighty power but will use it to better the life of younger nations not to oppress, repress, suppress, depress poor nation. And that why Barack Obama must be there whether they like it or not, he must be there. We must call all the fishes in the ocean, all the plant in the bush, all the trees in the forest to vote for him if America must be great once again. Oh, that is my ideal president, a president that will put together the ideas of the elder statement of the past and put them in such a way America will put her past behind and forge a new one. All the ancestors are behind Obama.

….Culled Saturday Mirror Newspaper, Pg. 7, June 11, 2008.


Most Powerful Women of Valour who controlled the world before the manifestation of Satguru Maharaj Ji on the global scene, to save humanity from the evil grip of these evil spirited women.

These nine women used their amazonal powers to hold the world prostrated and manipulated everybody, spiritually, in order to do their biddings. Those who made the list include: The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, as Chairman. Others include: late Margaret Thatcher of England; late Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan, late Elizabeth Toro of Uganda; Ngozi Ejimadu, Mfon Abasi, late Maryam Babangida, Banuso and Kikelomo, all from Nigeria.


Being highly possessed of enormous destructive power which they were very wmuch conscious about, these nine women capitalized Supreme Godhead in human body, The Satguru of the time, to play God. They planted their foot soldiers as children and wives virtually in every home and used them to monitor and control everybody. Hence, they became the God, that the Bible and Koran carriers pray to daily. They equally distributed wealth and blood money with strings attached.

For lack of spiritual consciousness, those who are obsessed with primitive ac cumulation of material mundane things given by these destructive forces are totally, oblivious of the conditions attached to them, spiritually, before accepting. By the time these Greek-gifts manifest physically there are problems all over the place. For instance, one could be given a mobile coffin in place of a car! By the time you know it, in a jiffy, one has gone to oyinbo-heaven in the sky via an accident, while having a jolly good ride in his dream brand new car! These women are also the sole architect of the misery, pains, untimely and ac cidental deaths which human beings experience in daily life.

Little wonder, humanity has been deceived to believe that one cannot see God until one dies, to face judgment!

These evil spirited women’s phenomenal rise to limelight and dominance in global affairs was by default. Due to man’s hatred for one another which evoked the wrath of the Seven Elements in Creation – The Sun, Moon, Stars, Air, Water, Fire, and Mother Earth – landmass Africa, from where everything started, got submerged into water during the Atlantis deluge and in the process got broken into pieces, giving rise to what we, today, know as continents. After several years of domicile in water, the same black man that got submerged in side water got the reprieve of the Creator, Maharaj Ji, to reincarnate with a fair skin as the whiteman.

This historical accident in man’s evolutionary process led to the degeneration of value, in man. Being created in the perfect image of his Father, Maharaj Ji, man became a counterfeit image of His Maker and subsequently lost the creative power within him. He descended from the spiritual to the Earth plane. His spiritual essence became irrelevant and everything about life and his existence on Earth became a thing of the physical only. For him, good and bad. right and wrong become an accepted norm.

Like his Father who vibrated something out of nothing, he was no longer able to say it, and it happen. This was not the case before he found himself in this sorry state. Everything he needed – food, child, etc- came by vibration. The fall of man brought about the recreation of himself through having the canal knowledge of a woman.

This was the loophole the nine women of valour cornered and used it plant their foot soldiers in all homes across the globe. Under these circumstances, it becomes extremely difficult to, truly, know who your wife, husband, child, etc. is! This is because there is no way one can know the spirit possessing our so-called close relations because the life of man is, now purely, based on the physical.

To worsen the state of existence of man, particularly the blacks, coded books were written in order to strangulate them and deny them the opportunity of knowing the original name of the Creator, Maharaj Ji. The European aristo cratic class illegally conspired to expunge the original true and potent name of the Creator, Maharaj Ji from the scriptures in AD 21 and AD 60 during their conferences held in Constantinople. Hybrid and impotent names like God. Got, Dog, Tetragrammaton, Allah, etc. were brought in place of Maharaj Ji.

The mighty women of valour capitalized on these enthroned game of deceit to de-spiritualize the blacks in order to render them highly vulnerable and willing prey to their evil antics.

During the 1995 Beijing women conference, the same women sponsored the retrogressive bill, which sought to make it lawful for a woman to marry two husband at the same time. It took the spiritual intervention of Satguru Maharaj Ji for this obnoxious bill to be shut down at the United Nations General Assembly.

This has been the prevailing scenario before the coming of Satguru Maharaj Ji to debunk that falsehood. Today, we are more conscious and wiser to know that one can see God alive in line with the scriptural injunction: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God; alive and not dead.

The coming of The Satguru has opened up all the hidden secrets. Today, the truth is known and there is no place for them to hide.

Five out of these nine women namely: Queen Elizabeth II, Ngozi Ejimad Mfon Abasi, Banuso and Kikelomo are still alive while the rest have p heaven-above in the sky, awaiting so-called judgment day. gone to heaven above in the sky, awaiting so-called judgment day.

The last four received the Divine Knowledge of Maharaj Ji and were the oner The Satguru, in His game of love to save the world, used to infiltrate and destroy the rank and file of the various covens of these evil minded entities.

Today, the Lord is here and the world is safe. Nigeria is the winner and the victory is for Africa in particular and the world in general.


The largest flag in the world, the “Lion Of Judah” banner was on Satur day hoisted at the Redeemed Camp, Keffi Road, Abuja, on Saturday by its maker, Prophetess Grace Galindez-Gupana. Gupana, who is a Philipino, said that the flag was part of what she called the divine visitation to Nigeria.

The flag, which spanned two hectares had been acclaimed by the Guinness Book of Records as the largest banner ever made by mankind. She added that she transported the flag from Israel in obedience to the divine instruction to her, describing the event as a victory for Nigeria.

Speaking with Journalist, the prophetess claimed that God would be visiting Nigeria soon, saying that He has shown her a vision in which He promised to raise the country as a real giant of Africa with influence and impacts across the world. She explained that she had never visited any black nation until God directed her to come to Ibadan, Oyo State where she first hoisted the banner on December 18, 2010.

The prophetess said that though her seven days’ stay in Ibadan was not quite pleasant on account of erratic power supply, culture shock and the unfamiliar food, she however, heard God’s voice which told her about the great divine plan for the country. Galindez-Gupana, a business woman, who runs the Kingdom of Jerusalem Foundation in Philipines, said that God loves Nigeria “because His name is everywhere, on the street, in businesses, even in beer parlours.”

She said that she saw a vision where a shroud was hindering the nation’s glory, but according to her, God attributed this to satanic plan due to the divine love He has for the people. She stressed that Jesus Christ had his chosen ones in the country whom he would use for Nigeria’s deliverance. She said, “I have never been to any country with a black population until God asked me to come to Nigeria. He directed me to Ibadan where we un folded the Lion of Judah flag. I don’t know why He directed me to Ibadan. In Philipines, we have light 24 hours, but in Ibadan, we don’t have light for up to 4-5 hours daily, but I heard the voice of God there and He told me He will raise a man of His choice that will raise Nigeria. The banner we are hoisting signifies victory.”




Prominent Baptist Pasfor Keith Gomez argues slavery was a good thing because it helped Africans escape Africa and come to America.

Pastor Kelth Gomez, who leads the Northwest Bible Baptist Church in Elgin, Illinois, wants everyone to know that slavery was not really a bad thing, and that it actually helped African Americans escape Africa. In a recent sermon Gomez argued slavery was a good thing, because: “If it wasn’t for slavery, those folks would still be in Africa with a bone in their nose.

The following is an excerpt from Pastor Gomez’s racist remarks on slavery: … we’re talking about 13 books in the Bible, Romans through Philemon. You ought to write that down. I could really shake you up now, but I don’t know if I oughta wake you up that bad…. when you get in the Pauline-are y’all listening to me?-when you get into the Pauline epistles, you’re getting in the doctrine. So why would you get in Philemon when he’s trying to teach you how to treat your slave?… If they should be slaves.

Makes a fake snoring sound] So you wanna go to sleep? See, what you wanna do is turn in to TBN [Trinity Broadcasting Network] and listen to them odd birds who don’t know doctrine whatsoever. And then you hate slavery because we were taught to hate that. Because we’re so nasty.

“And some of you lije whities can’t get it either. If it wasn’t for slavery, those folks would still be in Africa with a bone in their nose fighting lions, and if you don’t like t you can lump it any way you want. That ain’t a prejudice. That is factual and historical.”

Pastor Gomez is wrong on too many levels too count. The overt and unapologetic racism is only the start of this sorry man’s ethical and metaphysical confusion. The phrase “some of you little whities can’t get it either is simply beautiful in its profound absurdity.

In fact, the whole rant is a malicious and dangeroun slander that is popular with many hundamentalist Baptists. For example, Pastor Steven Anderson gave a similar sermon last year in which he defended slavery “because the Bible’s always right.” In a twisterd sermon uploaded to YouTube, Pastor Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church defended the institution of slavery as presented in the Bible “because the Bible’s always right about every subject.”

At the time, the passionate Baptist pastor explained to his gullible congregation why his Christian faith demands that he accept the righteousness of slavery as presented in the Bible: In a twisted sermon uploaded to YouTube, Pastor Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church defended the institution of slavery as presented in the Bible “because the Bible’s always right about every subject.”

At the time, the passionate Baptist pastor explained to his gullible congregation why his Christian faith demands that he accept the righteousness of slavery as presented in the Bible: People will try to come at us-usually atheists or people like that they’ll come at us and say, “Well, the Bible is wrong because the Bible condones slavery.” We’ve all heard that before, right? But here’s the thing about that, is that if the Bible condones slavery, then I condone slavery. Because the Bible’s always right about every subject…But here’s the thing about that, is that if the Bible condones slavery, then I condone slavery. Because the Bible’s always right about every subject…

Both Pastor Anderson and Pastor Gomez illustrate an insoluble moral dilemma when it comes to Christianity. The Bible, both Old Testament and New Testament, operate under the faulty moral assumption that slavery is OK. Thus, when you accept the Bible as the Word of God, you are stuck defending slavery.

Many moderate Christians are dishonest, and simply ignore or reinterpret the explicit, pro-slavery messages central to Christianity. Others, like Gomez and Anderson, are at least honest in recognizing that slavery is Biblical, and thus approved by God.

However, by defending slavery, fundamentalists reveal that both they and their God are unethical, moral monsters, Meanwhile, the cowardly moderates quietly look the other way and Ignore the Bible, while claiming that the fundamentalists aren’t “true Christians.”



A The divine drama started when we were singing Arti at Festac Ashram, something pushed me and I fell down. After we sang Arti up to 10 times, I found my self under the altar and I saw MAHARAJ JI dressed like a doctor. There was a bed under the altar, and MAHARAJ JI told me to lie on the bed and I did so. As I lay on the bed, MAHARAJ JI brought out one instrument and tore my head open and brought out certain substance then replaced it with new ones, thereafter MAHARAJ JI told me He had removed the old brain and replaced it with a new one. MAHARAJ JI sealed the head back and I came back to myself while Arti was still on.

In another development, when I was in primary 6, somebody touched my leg with a charm and I was dazed then became unconscious. The whole thing led to the deterioration of my sight. My sister whom I was staying with at that time in Lagos took me to a native doctor in a frantic search for solution to my condition where it was discovered two of my sisters were behind to worrying me. The native doctor did his best but the eyes problems persisted, after the application of several medications, I traveled to my state, Bayelsa, in order to further my education. When I got there, I explained my predicament to my fa ther’s senior brother and he told me that the problem I was having was a small one and he can take care of it. He went into the bush to gathersome herbs in which he mixed with charcoal. He laid them down on the ground stretching up to 30ft. He instructed me to kneel down and use my mouth to pick the herbs and charcoal and eat. I did that until I was able to cover the 30ft stretch. After doing this, there were no significant improvement in my sight. After ward, I was behaving more or less like an imbecile, I suffered this fate for many years until MAHARAJ JI came to my rescues. In a jiffy Maharaj Ji cleared all the debris the evil forces planted inside me many years back: just by singing the devotional song, Arti.

I have an elder sister by name Afulani, most times I visit her to talk about Maharaj Ji. Initially, she disagreed because she was a member of the deeper life faith and she cannot leave her faith to join the One Love Family. I continued to press on her whenever I visited her place so that she gives Maharaj Ji a trial. On this particular Sunday on my usual visit she agreed to come with me and I took her to lju Ashram. In the Ashram she registered as an Aspirant and the Sunday that followed; we went to the Ashram together. On the third Sunday, we still went to Iju again and luckily for her, Maharaj Ji came out on the altar to bless his children.

Everybody listened to Maharaj Ji with rapt attention and after one hour, she stood up from where she was sitting and was going out of the Satsang hall, I wondered what could make her stand up without notifying me, then I thought she was probably going out to ease herself; then I followed her in order to direct her. To my greatest surprise she didn’t walk in the direction of the convenience area; but instead, she headed straight to the luggage area. As she approached the luggage area, she demanded for her shoes. The luggage attendant gave it to herand I enquired why she wanted to leave when Maharaj Ji was still on the altar. I pleaded with her to hold on till the time Maharaj Ji will round up from the altar but she refused and as she was leaving, I notice she felt so bitter and was full of tears. I asked her what the problem was and she couldn’t give a reasonable reply. I became worried as I followed her and after walking 20 yards away from the Ashram, she looked at me and knelt down and I was shocked to see her do that. And she said “my brother, you are above human destruction, no human being on this earth can take your life”.

I ask her what she meant; and she said, she didn’t come for the sake of receiving Maharaj Ji’s Divine Knowledge but she actually came to terminate my life. She continued by saying I was the one who always disorganize their activities in their coven and her leader mandated her to come with me to ask Maharaj li for my release so they can finish me because they were told that my life was in Maharaj Ji hands and there was no better person to execute the mission but her. When she told Maharaj Ji while on the altar that she came for my life, Maharaj Ji told her blatantly she and her coven mates can’t have me. As she nar rated her ordeal with Maharaj Ji while satang was on, a spiritual battle ensued between Maharaj Ji and her for the struggle on who will get hold of my life. She said, Maharaj Ji dribbled her like in a play of soccer and at the end; Maharaj Ji finally swallowed me in his mouth. When she attempted to open Maharaj Ji mouth to get me, a wild fire gushed out of Maharaj Ji’s mouth and the fire burnt her severely. That was the reason for her unannounced departure. She cried bitterly because she had vowed to her coven mates she must get me and if in any case failed in her quest, her life should be substituted. Now that she had failed woefully, the ultimate price was now to lay down her own life.

Finally, she gave up the ghost 2 years after confessing to everyone she has been the one frustrating all my efforts in life. It was out of Maharaj Ji’s grace, I over came all their evil machinations. But for Maharaj Ji, I would have been wiped out of earth surface long time ago. Thanks Maharaj Ji for his love and mercies.


The hour has come, the hour is now! The Blackman must be saved, saved from the deceits blindfolding her from knowing the truth. This truth which is embedded in her history, yet she seem to careless about it, but is fully aware of the troubles that besets her on a daily basis.

The liberation of the world lies in the deepest secrets that is known by a few. Le., the coming of The Master unto earth (Jesus, Mohammed, Buddah, Elijah, Moses) etc, with the mission of reconciling man to her maker.

From time immemorial, this has always been the case, unknown to us, the cacus of evil in the society has decided to shield man from this phenomenon. Therefore, the diverse mixture of lies called religion to effectively control and manipulate the minds of people to believe in a god that can only be revealed to him when he dies thereby, effeciently blocking the truth from ever been known, Today, Satguru Maharaj Ji is here revealing the truth as the Godman. He is the surest link to reconnect man to his Creator. The spiritual energy that emanate from Him is the purest in Creation and it encompasses all truth ever known to man. Come to Maharaj Ji and experience that love that can only best be imagined when it was said, “let’s make man in the likeness of our image.”

Congratulations! We are supremely blessed to have The Creator Maharaj Ji at our beck and call. Come, test and experience the difference between Maharaj Ji and concocted religion.


By the Grace of Maharaj li, animate as well as the so called inanimate objects, carries a vibration. Hence, we now know names of people or objects have its effect. They may give a true picture and reflection of culture and tradition of the land from which they originate.

The significance of names is therefore the ability and power to identify one with the tribe and ethnic group to which one belongs. Besides, names have a great deal of influence and impact on the socio-economic realities of the bearers.

This is exactly what stands solidly behind bearing good or bad names and its implications for bearers to thread the of success and dignity. Similarly, the name “Jesus” which is conceptual, falls squarely into the negative group of names since its emergence.

It is therefore, a name popularly used by Christians to commit crimes deliberately in order to enrich themselves and become indispensable stake holders of power and wealth.


Generally, Jesus is a household name in colonized territories converted into Christian religion, which is now used as a silent Weapon of Mass Destruction for destabilizing corporate bodies like families, marriages, governments, etc. in Africa, which has a nucleus culture. That is why the name Jesus is conveniently aligned with negativity.

The name has its origin from a married couple, King Jeus of Rome (hus band) and his Queen Irus (Wife) in present day Owerri, the original Rome of old. At a time when the biblical Saul was reported to have undertaken criminal journey to Jerusalem (now Lagos) with a deadly plan to kill Christians, as we were made to understand by the scriptures. Unfortunately, Saul had a surprised package when he saw a dreadful beam of light intensity which caused him to become blind.

Later, Saul was brought to Ananias, a high devotee and an Initiator of Guru Maharaj Ji of that time and was healed of his blindness. The Guru Maharaj Ji of that time was the former Oluorogbo, son of Ela (Father) and Moremi (mother) both were of Ibadan (old Nazareth). Indeed, the couples left for Ijebu-Ode (Bethlehem of old) under serious threat to life, while Moremi was carrying a six month pregnancy. It was from here Oluorogbo who later became known as Guru Maharaj Ji after receiving the Divine Knowledge, grew up.

Eventually, the blind Saul recovered his sight and became known as Paul shortly after receiving the Divine Knowledge of Ananias. Paul was given a service delivering a letter that invited Guru Maharaj Ji to visit King Jeus’ in Owerri, Headquarters of Old Rome. Nevertheless, instead of going to register his physical presence as was requested, a reply with instructions o f delivering a letter that invited Guru Maharaj Ji to visit King Jeus’ in Owerri, a reply with instructions of placing his photograph at public places including schools and doing flower service to the photographs, was for warded to King Jeus.

A careful study of the reply from Guru Maharaj Ji made the King of Rome appreciate the significance of flowers in the service of the Creator and con sented but his Queen, Irus protested with the argument that such a step will amount to having two Kings in Rome. This according to Queen Irus will pose a serious threat to the authority of the King and they reached an accord to use Jeus (husband) photograph in place of that of Guru Maharaj Ji.

Subsequently, a compromise was struck when both husband and wife agreed on developing a con name instead of using their respective names. Therefore amalgamated “JES” as part of the husband’s name, Jeus, and “us” as part of the wife’s name Irus, to form JESUS, claimed to be the only son of God, and savoir of that time, to deceive the world an ultimately marked the Almighty Creator, who we believe possesses full Omnipotent powers to look like a horse on paper.

Consequently, Paul was brought under serious threat for using Guru Maharaj li as the master of that time in all his public preaching, contrary to using the name of the King of Rome, Jeus and Queen, Irus who were more or less regarded as the Almighty God of Rome.

From the root of its formation, it is clear the name Jesus is a concept that emerged from a built-up component part of two different names. That is why the name Jesus has no vibration to generate new situations and flush out old ones. People in Christian religion, are attracted to use the name “Jesus” to accomplish their criminal motives, which stands far away from divinity.

Nigeria and Africa would have been the best place to live in the world with millions of Africans using the name Jesus in their daily prayers every second, every minute, after it has been forced on them. Almost every street in all African towns and cities are littered with Churches, shouting Jesus morning, afternoon and evening.

Yet, Africa becomes terror stricken, a condition hat changed the country to a state of insurgency, armed robbery, stealing, killing amidst other offensive and criminal activities featuring every day. The truth is, if the name Jesus was Holy and positive, Nigeria would have been the safest, and indeed because there is no element of vibration in the name, Jesus, we find the country horror-stricken and an awful place for living.

It is the coming of MAHARAJ JI, The Holy Spirit, The HOLY NAME that never fails that Nigeria and Nigerians are jubilating now as the spread of the Holy Name Maharaj Ji is gradually exposing and phasing out all acts of criminality in all parts of Africa and the world. The much talked about in dustrial revolution can only be possible through receipt of Divine Knowledge of the Holy Father to create jobs, secure peoples lives, good health and promote trust and co-operation in the society. Come to Maharaj Ji and win forever.



Owei Lakemfa Feb 15 2019

In the continuous European game of shifting blames over rescuing Af rican migrants floating in European waters, angry Italy lashed out at self-righteous France. Mr. Luigi Di Maio, the Italian Deputy Prime Minister said: “France is one of those countries that by printing money for 14 African states prevents their economic development and contributes to the fact that the refugees leave and then die in the sea or arrive on our coasts.

The Italians are referring to the 74-year old colonial French policy split ting its colonies in Africa into two currency zones with eight countries making the West African Economic and Monetary Union and six others constituting the Central African Economic and Monetary Community, and imposing the French Franc (CFA) on them. France prints the CFA, pegs its value and makes the fourteen countries deposit at least 50 per cent of all their foreign exchange reserves with the Bank of France. As at January 2018, these poor African countries had at least 8.9 million Euro of their money held in the Bank of France which gives them a fixed 0.75 percent interest rate no matter how high the rates are in France or the European Union.

What independence can these fourteen African countries have when another country holds and controls all their currency? In reality, these remain quite poor countries, and cannot, economically and political ly, be compared with former British colonies like Nigeria and Ghana. France controls the currency, economy, politics, military and governments of these countries making them quite vulnerable, dependient poor and lacking initiative

Sekou Toute, the trade unionist who led the Guinean patriots, wanted independence. He declared “We prefer poverty in freedom to riches in slavery The French method of maintaining control over its former African colonies is to beat them into line including carrying out massacres, destroying or overthrowing governments that show the slightest form of resistance or independence. When Algeria in 1954 demanded independence, France drowned the country in rivers of blood. Within eight years in what became the Algerian Revolution, France massacred over 1.5 million Algerians. Franz Fanon’s most famous book. The Wretched of the Earth is based on that genocide.

The French on September 28, 1958 conducted a referendum for its colonies giving them options of independence or to remain within the French community. Sekou Toure, the trade unionist who led the Guinean patriots, wanted independence. He declared: “We prefer poverty in freedom to riches in slavery.” So while countries like Cote d’Voire voted by 99.99 percent, Congo by 99.38, Upper Volta (Now, Bourkina Faso) by 99.8, Chad by 98.29,Dahomey (Now Benin) by 97.84 and Senegal by 97.55 percent, only 4.78 percent voted in Guinea to remain while the rest voted to be independent. An angry France turned on Guinea, de stroying files, machinery, and infrastructure doing all it could to return Guinea to the Stone Age.

Dr. Felix-Roland Moumie, 34 was leader of the Cameroonian nationalist movement, the Union des Populations du Cameroun (UPC) which rejected a phony “independence’ from France. When colonial France turned on him, he went into exile in Conakry, Guinea. During a visit to Geneva, Switzerland, he was invited to dinner on October 15, 1960 by a 66-year old journalist, William Bechtel, whom he had met earlier in July in Accra, Ghana, to discuss the UPC’s armed struggle against French colonialism. It turned out that Bechtel was an assassin from the French secret service, SDECE. He poisoned Moumie with Thallium. Although the Swiss police found traces of the poison on Bechtel, confirming he ad ministered the poison, he was allowed to leave the country. In 1958, Sylvanus Olympio won elections as Togolese Prime Minister. France imposed 800 million CFA on the country as cost for infrastructure when it colonized and exploited the resources of the country. Olympio, a lawyer, mobilized the Togolese and paid the French extortion within two years. The country became independent on April 27, 1960. To make Togo truly independent, the Olympio administration moved towards building strong relations with the United Sates (US) Germany and Britain. Then in a move that turned out to be suicidal, Olympio decided in 1962 to establish the Togolese Central Bank in preparation to floating its currency. That meant that Togo was trying to exit the CFA Zone arrangement.

“Any African that claims that the colonial master will first safeguard the interests of its former colony before its own, needs urgent psychiatric evaluation. For the victims of colonialism, the task is to unite and present a common front to defeat neo-colonialism. In unity and solidarity lies our strength.”

The French on January 13, 1963 organized a coup using its Togolese legionnaires who had just returned from fighting its colonial wars in Indo China and Algeria. When the soldiers arrived his residence, Olympio had only two unarmed policemen as security. He was able to escape in his shorts into the neigbouring house which was the Residence of the American ambassador. The ambassador asked President Olympio to stay on the premises. Shortly afterwards, the soldiers, apparently with American permission entered the embassy building and Olympio was executed.

France’s naked interventions in Africa continue. After the 2010 controversial elections in Cote d’Voire, the French military simply took sides against then President Laurent Gbagbo, seized and exiled him to Europe in the name of bringing him before the International Criminal Court on what were manifestly trumped up charges. The truth the French will not reveal is that Gbagbo had begun to take independent positions including reforming the banking system that can lead to an exit from the CFA.

The colonialists also used Africa for experiments to which they will not expose their own people. On February 13, 1960, France conducted its first nuclear test; the equivalent of four Hiroshima bombs, at Reganne, on the Tanezrouft Track, Algeria, in the Sahara Desert. The radiation spread across West Africa with people experiencing birth defects and cancer. The French Ministry of Defence claimed that 27,000 Algerians suffered effects of the radiation while independent monitors said it affected some 60,000 persons. Over 57 years later, the Algerians are still suffering the effects of the four atomic bombs the French tested over a two-year period.

France, is just the typical colonial master that visited unspeakable atrocities on the colonies especially in Africa. How does the colonial master whose primary interest is to loot, safeguard the interest of the colonized? Its first interest is to safeguard its own interest even if it gravely hurts those of others. An African Wise Saying teaches that if you and your child are on fire, you first put out the fire burning you before seeking to put out that on your child. In aviation, you are told that in case of emergency, oxygen masks will drop from the panels above your head; you are advised to first fix your mask before helping your child or others.

Any African that claims that the colonial master will first safeguard the interests of its former colony before its own, needs urgent psychiatric evaluation. For the victims of colonialism, the task is to unite and present a common front to defeat neo-colonialism. In unity and solidarity lies our strength.

Satguru Maharaj Ji

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Satguru Maharaj Ji, the distinguished and venerable spiritual luminary, stands as the sagacious and esteemed Head of the One Love Family, an amalgamation of both Nigerian nationals and individuals hailing from diverse corners of the global tapestry, who have been bestowed with the ineffable and transcendent gift of Divine Knowledge by the venerable Satguru himself. Within the sacred and harmonious folds of this cosmic familial entity, there reside Nigerians of multifarious ethnicities, encompassing the rich mosaic of Igbos, Yorubas, Hausas, Efiks, Idomas, Binis, Urhobos, Igallas, and a myriad of others, all bound by the common thread of spiritual enlightenment and a shared aspiration for a united, harmonious, and flourishing Nigeria. It is with unwavering commitment that we, the members of this eclectic family, ardently strive towards the realization of a collective vision for a Nigeria that transcends the boundaries of ethnic diversity, fostering unity and prosperity for the greater good of the nation, the entirety of the black race, and indeed, the entirety of humankind. Phone No: +234 803 719 2667 Email: [email protected]

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I call on Primate Ayodele to take back his negative words of unsolicited prophesy about President Tinubu if he truly loves himself. word is enough for the wise!






Your Ref: 18/01/2024




So-called Primate Elijah Ayodele, head of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, is here-by advised to stop issuing negative prophesies about Nigeria and the rest of the world.

This advice is due response to his Year 2024 prophesy against President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s reign in power. He said there will be an attempt to assassinate President Tinubu.

There are divine forces that make things happen on earth. They are the pure and selfless spirits that haye been managing Nigeria’s dire neo-colonial situation away from the evil agenda of European authorities against the world’s most populous black (African) country – Nigeria.

The likes of Primate Ayodele are mere spiritual peeping-Toms who manage to catch glimpses of deep and far-reaching divine arrangements, They either exaggerate or under-state the shadows of the real deal that they manage to see by peeping into the Light realm from their very dark and dirty/places of religious criminality.

A minor spiritual organizer, Primate Ayodele is a local merchant of all that makes religion a crime against humanity. European powers created Christianity for use as a weapon for subduing and exploiting peoples and nations across generations. Primate Ayodele’s brand of Christianity does not deviate from this fundamental truth.


Prophets describe themselves as spiritual Seerers. What about being a spiritual designer? Which is more powerful? Being able to see what will happen or being able to design what should happen?

Before the advent of spiritual minions like Ayodele were Primate Olabayo and Professor Okonzua. Professor Okonzua frequently belched negative predictions about Nigeria, sending an already drained and stressed nation into deep panic mode. Primate Olabayo did same. He made tons of ego-bloating cash from dispensing adverse annual prophesies about Nigeria.

I repeatedly warned Olabayo and Okonzua to stop their dubious games. Both spiritual midgets refused. Professor Okonzua died suddenly! Olabayo was visited by a stubborn and humbling health condition. ls Primate Ayodele willing to end-up like either Okonzua Olabayo? Will he shut his mouth or does he insist on business as usual?

Spiritual maturity does not encourage the practice of panicking people. Anyone who is in Light is a problem-solver, not a distributor of lies and fear. If Primate Ayodele is in Light, he will quietly neutralize the so-called assassination attempt against President Tinubu in the interest of Nigeria’s Light-driven and Light-guided evolution out of neo-colonial bondage and ghettorisation.

Truth is, Ayodele and his fellow peddlers of notorious religion are bereft of nationalist consciousness. They share the same moral fiber with ‘yahoo boys’ They are midnight customers of criminalized witches and other heinous forces of the spiritual dark. Their operations tally with Europeans’ elaborate spiritual campaign of genocidal negativity against the black race.

Nigeria’s fate is not in the hands, eyes or voice of any leader of religion. The redemption of Nigeria from rot and ruin in the best interest of the black race and of the planet is the prime focus of revolutionary Light Force whose divine operations Maharaj Ji presides over day and night. The likes of Ayodele are mere hustlers who deserve to be seen or regarded as touts.

I call on Primate Ayodele to take back his negative words of unsolicited prophesy about President Tinubu if he truly loves himself. word is enough for the wise!


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It appears from the looks of it that Jesus is not coming anytime soon. For centuries we have been told the same old story of the coming of the Messiah, but little did we know, the Promised Comforter isn’t going to come in the same body/name of Jesus, but a new body and name.

Going by the scriptures, it was written in Rev 1: 7-8. “Every eye will see Him.”

“God will manifest in the flesh justified in the spirit” 1 Timothy: 3:16
“He will wipe every tear from our eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old things has passed away.” Rev 21:4.

But we are glad that sincere men and women like Prophet Timothy Obadare, Dr. Lobsang Rampa, Prophetess Galindez Gupana and others were able to come out publicly to tell the world about their experiences concerning the Savior of Our Time.



Prophet Obadare during a revival ministry organized by WOSEM, a prayer warrior ministry, in 1979 held at Elewura, Sango, behind Sango cemetery, prophesied the coming of the Godman, Satguru Maharaj Ji in Nigeria and in a Nigerian body. At the climax of the prayer-warrior session, prophet Obadare declared everybody to stop praying. There was absolute calm and quiet following the instant compliance to the order. Prophet Obadare then declared on top of his voice, saying: “I have just had a vision that will have profound impact on the affairs of Nigeria. In the course of the prayer session, God told me that He has chosen Nigeria as a place of abode and will be coming down soon physically in Nigeria. God therefore, directed me to spread the good news to Nigeria and ask them to pray hard so that everybody will know and accept Him when the hour comes.

Also, in a related development, few years later, after a crusade 1982/1983, in compliance with God’s instruction, prophet Obadare sent many members of the WOSEM ministry to conduct a street registration exercise in the Holy City of Ibadan land, Old Nazareth, to ensure that the names of the city residents enter into the Holy Book of Life. At that time, members of the Ministry actually went around the street of Ibadan and carried out the registration exercise as directed.


Likewise, is Dr. Lobsang Rampa in his book published in 1978, “The Chapters of Life” said, “an era is coming, the world will witness the coming of The World Leader who would manifest in the most thickly populated Black Nation of the world. He would be coming as THE SATGURU; who would bring the Golden Age of Life. The Golden Age of Life would be of no death, no sickness, no pain, no poverty, no hunger, no war…..it would be period everything would be there for the asking. With the Golden Age of life era, would come the Titan Race………. which would be highly spiritually conscious race.”


Not forgetting prophetess Galindez Gupana, a business woman, who runs the Kingdom of Jerusalem Foundation in Philippine, where she first hoisted the banner in Ibadan on December 18, 2010. According to her, God had his chosen one in the country whom He would use for Nigeria’s deliverance. She said, “I have never been to any country with a black population until God asked me to come to Nigeria. He directed me to Ibadan where we unfolded the Lion of Judah flag. I don’t know why He directed me to Ibadan. In Philippine, we have light 24 hours, but in Ibadan, we don’t have light for up to 4-5 hours daily, but I heard the voice of God there and He told me He will raise a man of His choice that will raise Nigeria. The banner we are hoisting signifies victory.”

From the foregoing, we now know that the messengers of religion have used heavy information war and pogrom to make humanity spiritually death.


In recent past, Pope Francis revealed he has instructed the Vatican Secret Archives to unseal a set of ancient scrolls that have been kept hidden from public knowledge for centuries by the Church. The scrolls, which were encased in marble and buried in 463 AD are said to contain the true name of God as communicated to Moses in the Book of Exodus. … Culled From Real News Right Now Online Media by R. Hobbus J.D Feb. 24, 2017.



A spokesperson for the Vatican has officially announced today that the second coming of Jesus, the only son of the God, may not happen now after all, but urged followers to still continue with their faith, regardless of the news.

Cardinal Giorgio Salvadore told WWN that this year’s 1,981st Anniversary is to be the Vatican’s last in regards to waiting for the Lord to return to Earth. “We just feel Jesus is not coming back by the looks of it” he said.

The Vatican defended Jesus’ broken promise, claiming “he was probably drinking wine” at the time when he made the comments. “Having the ability to turn water into wine had its ups and its downs.” added Cardinal Salvadore. “We all make promises we can’t keep when we’re drunk. Jesus was no different.” The church said it will now focus attentions on rebuilding its reputation around the world, but will keep an optimistic mind for the savior’s second coming.
…April 18, 2014 Waterford Whispers News. http://waterfordwhispernews.com



However, in order for Nigeria to gain victory over the invading forces of war from Europe and America, Satguru Maharaj Ji declared “Nigeria The New Holy Land of the Universe and Leader nation of the world” on May 29, 1993, at the National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos. Also, Maharaj Ji launched a book titled “Nigeria, Is the New Holy Land of the Universe”, which was attended by notable personalities from all walks of life.

Furthermore, in the course of the restoration of hope, Satguru Maharaj Ji granted an interview on OGTV, Abeokuta, on August 16, 1993, where Maharaj Ji stated categorically “No War In Nigeria, Come What May!” and admonished all Nigerians to stay where they were, never to be afraid with a strong promise to convert all assembled weaponries of war into bread and share same to Nigerians to eat, The Satguru crisscrossed all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria, buying bread and throwing them to Nigerians, who out of fear were running helter-skelter that war might break out.

The Divine declaration came on the heels of the then military Head of State, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, IBB who was used by the Euro-American expansionist forces to declare war on our fatherland in the wake of the political crisis that engulfed the country as a result of his annulment of Nigeria’s first ever credibly conducted free and fair election at the instance of late Sultan of Sokoto, Ibrahim Dasuki and other arrow heads of the Northern Oligarchs.

After going against the Divine Instruction by Satguru Maharaj Ji after the affixed date of June 12, 1993 for the General Election, Maharaj Ji came out and warned that the date was not okay for the election to hold, because the day was the same date slated for the general meeting of the Conference of Witches and Wizards Worldwide and that the elections should be postponed to either June 11, 13 and or 15. …. Sunday Tide, May 16, 1993, front page headline “Shift Presidential Polls; June 12 is Witches Day, Portends evil.”

The truth has to be said, it is unthinkable, unbelievable that up till now several reasons IBB has given for his demonic annulment of the June 12, 1993 Presidential Election has still not been able to convince Nigerians. So, there is need to make things clear. Chief MKO in the cause of struggling and preparing for the presidency went looking for the Creator’s blessings to America, India, it was there he was told that Satguru Maharaj Ji is the One. So, through one of his staff, he was able to acquire some of Maharaj Ji’s Altars, which he gave a tract to Alhaji Arisekola Alao, the then Supreme Council of Islam Secretary-General and one of the erstwhile Muslim scholars in Ibadan, Alhaji Ajagbemogeferi asking them to put Maharaj Ji’s Altar under their pillow and say whatever they want to say, in order to test the efficacy, power, love and invisibility power of Maharaj Ji.

Alhaji Ajegbemogeferi said when he tried it, Maharaj Ji appeared in his room and he asked Maharaj Ji, “how did you enter?” The reply was “it is Divine Knowledge.” He checked the door and windows they were all closed. He was wondering, how could Maharaj Ji be here this afternoon that I am having my nap? So, Maharaj Ji disappeared. With this, he consulted Alhaji Arisekola and they agreed a letter should be written to the Sultan and signed by Makefiri that they should not allow Chief MKO Abiola to be President because if they do, the Muslim community will not be able to control him. That was what made the Sultan of Sokoto to inform IBB that Chief MKO should not be allowed to be Nigeria’s president. That was exactly what happened.

So, whatever reason the military junta, IBB gave is a lie. This is the crux of the matter. This is in confirmation of what the leaders in the North said, “the coming of the Mahdi, is the one who will free all humanity from the shackles of colonialism, which can be seen as an instrument of oppression, repression in the world. So, Maharaj Ji is here now.



Renowned French Astrologer/Seer of His Time, Michael Nostradamus who predicted with dead-accuracy some major world events that came to pass, put the world on alert that there would be a global cataclysm that will consume everything living on the earth planet on July 6 and 7, 1999. Lo and behold, rather than the world collapsing on that fateful day, Iju Ashram located along 27/29, Powerline Street, off Rogo Bus-Stop, Iju/Ishaga, Iju Water Works, Agege was destroyed and looted by hoodlums acting at the behest of all the religious groups who are under the spell of Euro/Arabian expansionist forces.

Subsequently, the Good Lord and some of His devotees were arrested and detained and later charged to court on trumped up charges of murdering the brother of a sick Ghanaian lady, Ami Afesi, who got attracted by the Great Light and got healed, irrespective of the fact that she came to embrace The Light for the wrong reasons. On July 25, 2000, barely a year after, the Most Compassionate Father got discharged and acquitted on merit of the sensational case in a court ruling delivered by Hon. Justice James Oduneye and satan was put to shame at the end.



In 2011, an American Evangelical broadcaster, Harold Camping, jolted the world community when he predicted that the world will end in May 21, 2011. When this did not happen, he came out more emphatically to say that “Come what may, the world must surely close up on humanity on October 21, 2011.”


Anxiety loomed amidst panic-stricken people who began to dispose their properties as measures preparatory to the global cataclysm. To reduce tension and douse people’s fears The Lord and Savior had cause to publish the PUMP ACTION SONG (ARTI) AGAINST ANY DANGER on Sunday Tribune, October 2, 2011 a full page advert as an antidote to the end of the world as predicted by Harold.




Over the years, Nigeria has risen triumphantly through courage, strong determination and resilience above all evil machinations. Ironically and contrary to separatist prayers on Nigeria, but by Divine Providence, Nigeria is still waxing strong despite and in spite of several challenges and adversaries confronting her. The nation have survived their wish of doom and emerged stronger and more united after each election. Some individuals/groups through their so-called intelligence reports have brazenly predicted Nigeria breaking up before, during or after elections.

There has been predictions and suggestions in recent pasts by Nigerians and foreigners alike about Nigeria breaking into different ethnic groups or religion inclinations or referred to as a failed state. Among those who have suggested Nigeria dividing and labeled a failed state includes the Libyan leader, Muammar Ghaddafi, USA’s Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, the former American Ambassador, John Campbell, Primate Ayodele, Prophet Olagunju, Prophet Joshua Iginla etc.



According to the Libyan Leader, while giving a speech to students at Sufism Seminar in Misrata he was quoted as saying, “Nigeria should be divided into two nations to avoid further bloodshed between Muslims and Christians.” “Splitting Nigeria would stop the bloodshed and burning of places of worship.” States news agency Jana. In another report, Col. Ghaddafi was quoted as saying, “that Nigeria be broken up into several states along ethnic lines like the former Yugoslavia.” “Nigeria …. Resembles the Yugoslav union which included several peoples, like Nigeria and then these people gained independence and the Yugoslav union was ended in peace.” “The model that fits Nigeria is the Yugoslav one.”


Satguru Maharaj Ji reacted through a Press Release, “Your Excellency, Col. Muammar Gaddafi, Nigeria Can not Be Broken.” Ref: OLF/PR/020995/HSCU; Dated September 19, 1995. Excerpts from the Press Release: –
“The statement credited to Your Excellency, Col. Muammar Gaddafi of Libya at a Sufism Seminar in Misrata, Libya at the weekend published in the front page of two newspapers, A.M. News and Nigerian Tribune of 19th September, 1995 is uncalled for, dangerous and diabolical and against the Charter of the OAU, the UNO and Divine Laws that govern the Creation.
“While I appreciate the effort Your Excellency is making to better the living conditions of the people of Libya, Your Excellency must have known by now through My letters to you of the divine role Nigeria is to play in the scheme of things, as the model nation to help the world from its ignorant drive towards total collapse. It is lack of communication that has made some leaders and nations make careless statements, and sign fake treaties refraining people and nations from making friends with Nigeria and disposing them to be used as agents of destabilizing of the efforts to salvage mankind in this era.
“You should remember that it is the divine guidance from Satguru Maharaj Ji Village that has protected Your Excellency from attacks by global Mafias and failed agents. If now you are waging a war without provocation on the divine protection you have enjoyed, Your Excellency must note that Nigeria of today is not the Nigeria you used to toy with, because the Nigeria of today is the New Holy Land of the Universe. You should learn a lesson from the global events taking place around you which do not take cognizance of the politics of destabilization of divide and rule and of blind ideological speculations.
“Therefore, the Ascended Masters, the Cosmic Forces, the Divine Children would wish to have an apology from Your Excellency or a clarification within fourteen days of receipt of this letter that Your Excellency, Bro. Col. Muammar Gaddafi wishes Nigeria to be one, just, peaceful, progressive, prosperous and powerful otherwise, I shall have
to consider as a matter of urgency the request from The Seven Elements of Creation, to stop the special privilege given to you by withdrawing the Divine Commander responsible for taking care of Libya President and you can imagine the untold unforeseen trepidation Your Excellency would be subjecting yourself and the good people of Libya to.
“I wish Your Excellency to take this letter as a total demonstration of the absolute human kindness that the Creator, Allah, has for you in order to make you more and more aware that your innermost prayer for Allah to send Somebody and a new nation to help you out of slavery, has been answered.



In 2005, President George Bush realized to his chagrin and consternation that he can no longer meddle in Nigeria’s internal affairs under the able presidency of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, with strong backing of The Great Light. Hence, he resorted to the use of ludicrous intelligence and security intrigues, harassment and blackmail in pursuit of his agenda to destabilize Nigeria, using a series of so-called intelligent report on Nigeria, which his NATO allies can capitalize on to isolate Nigeria.

Within the month of May, 2005, America through its secret service agent, the CIA, has released at least three mischievous so-called intelligence reports on the state of Nigerian nation, predicting disintegration.
The series of these mischievous so-called intelligence reports are:

  • US Experts: – “Nigeria may be Al-Qaeda’s New Heaven” (Thisday May 3, 2005, front page).
  • Ethnic Crises Dangerous For Democracy, CIA Tells Obasanjo.” (The Nigerian Tribune, May 3, 2005, front page)
  • “Nigeria May Break-Up” – US Intelligence Report (Punch, May 25, 2005, front page)


Satguru Maharaj Ji, the Universal Divine Policeman took exception to the brazen affront on Nigeria which He declared as, New Holy Land and emerging Leader Nation of the world on May 29, 1993 at the National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos and issued a terse Press Statement condemning in its entirety the American insult, with stern warning that the US should swallow their words and wish Nigeria well or face the consequences of their evil wish, since man reaps what he sows.

Below is excerpts of the Press Statement captioned: – “RE: Nigeria May Break-Up.” US Intelligence Report Is Mischievous.”

“America should take note that Nigeria rejects completely this deliberate and fatuous attempt to intimidate, and rubbish Nigeria’s effort at stabilizing its course in governance, economy, growth and progress at our own pace and style.

“Nigeria considers the latest subtle maneuvered by America’s carefully tucked in so-called intelligent reports to insult the intelligence of African nations and scorn the dignity of the Black Race, as a very serious affront to world psychology, and the undermining and/or lack of respect to the basic tenets of international relations, and that is non-interference in the domestic affairs of sovereign nations. It is therefore about time that the detractors of Nigeria, and architects of Africa’s woes and degradation, began to live with the realities of the present thinking in the 21st century, that Nigeria and Africa have resolved to take their destiny in their hands by the current effort to extricate our subservience to the West; especially now that the tilt in the spiritual leadership equation is favorably disposed to Nigeria and Africa by which Nigeria is evolving towards emerging as the next world power.

President Bush and America should be wise to know that Nigeria by its current status as the New Holy Land of the Universe, can no longer be intimidated, nor shaken any more. Nigeria is the emerging Mother and Leader-Nation in the 21st century. Whatever is happening in the domestic front in Nigeria is purely Nigeria’s internal affairs in the evolutionary process to reposition, to re-engineer and to re-invigorate it for the greater task of global leadership.

“Nigeria is under physical guide and control, by the ultimate Power that has taken a nigeria body and is physically present on the planet Earth, in Nigeria; by this special grace therefore, NIGERIA WILL NOT BREAK-UP, rather America should be wary of its actions and pronouncements on Nigeria or any other African country. We are fully aware of America’s game plan, it is all aimed at Nigeria’s oil, hence its unhidden interest in the affairs of the Niger-Delta region by tacitly fueling the restiveness and agitations against the Federal Government of Nigeria.

“By this, we refer to the militia groups in the Niger-Delta region, that it is on record that President Bush of the United States of America, sometimes in 2004 called President Obasanjo of Nigeria to want to dictate how Nigeria should handle the leader of the Niger Peoples Volunteer Force (NPVF), because “America has interest in the Niger-Delta region” – the question is what interest has America in Niger-Delta? “After all, the supposed interest of America oil companies prospecting and exploiting Nigeria’s oil is Nigeria’s prerogative to allow any country to come in for the business of oil or any other venture, should not automatically mean the giving up of its sovereignty and/or integrity.
“At this hour, there is no known problem, domestic or external, that Nigeria cannot solve, including the agitations from the Niger-Delta and elsewhere in the country because the hand of Divinity is behind Nigeria.

“Gone are the days in the last century when the US and its NATO allies had their way when it came to undermining the security of African nations. It is not a hidden fact that they staged direct and subtle resistance to nationalists who would have evolved progressive policies to stabilize their nations. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Lumumba, Ben Bella, Sankara and others were never allowed to sprout.

“In the case of Nigeria, in 1979, the CIA told the world that Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and Chief Obafemi Awolowo must not be allowed to win the elections and so subsequently wrapped up a strategy which robbed the duo of the presidency in favor of Alhaji Shehu Shagari. That is now history which will not reoccur because Nigeria is spiritually at the highest level of world leadership.

“America should leave Nigeria alone to build the nationhood and Africa of our choice. Gone are the days Nigeria and Africa used to bow to threats, antics, treachery, subservience and debauchery of any socalled super power. “It is well known that America’s foreign policies have at all times been mapped out and orchestrated by articulated actions to suppress rising nations wishing to develop. America thus feels threatened to face contemporaries in the power and industrial equation, hence does everything possible to dismantle any such nation that has the potential to develop.

“This posture of the United States’ foreign policies only portends one thing–the show of form that this subtle but effective course takes and draws attention to the attitude that Western imperialism wishes to continuously inculcate on up-coming democracies, and potential economies of developing nations, toward perpetually holding to ransom and submission, purely for political and economic considerations, to maintain the carting away of resources from developing nations, which are unacceptable.

“We must warn the United States that the case of Nigeria at this hour is a different ball game. Any act inimical to the peaceful atmosphere enjoyed in Nigeria and Africa may be met with disastrous consequences for America, the karmic reaction could only be best imagined.

“America cannot, and must not stampede Nigeria with frivolous and mischievous security, so-called intelligence reports. “Nigeria holds the ‘ACE’ to intelligence and security surveillance, throughout the world because The Satguru is the Chief Security and Spiritual Head in the Universe.” ….. Press Statement by Satguru Maharaj Ji on America’s Goof, “Nigeria May Break Up” In Maharaj Ji Village on June 30, 2005.



Former US Ambassador to Nigeria, John Campbell, had severally predicted that Nigeria will not exist beyond 2015. He first made the controversial prediction in 2011. Again, in August 2014, the former US Ambassador reiterated his prediction that Nigeria would not exist beyond 2015. In the build-up to the 2015 general elections, he said, “Nigeria will cease to exist as a nation beyond 2015.” In his words, “My view has not changed about the serious challenges Nigeria faces. I think the challenges are more pronounced than they were before the Boko Haram insurrection began in the North. Political life is also unsettled by the approach of the 2015 elections.”

In his book, Nigeria: Dancing on the Brink. “Nigeria, the United States’ most important strategic partner in West Africa, is in trouble. While Nigerians often claim they are masters of dancing on the brink without falling off, the recent vacuum in government authority, the upcoming 2011 elections, and escalating violence in the Delta and the North may finally provide the impetus that pushes it into the abyss of state failure.”….. Extract from Nigeria: Dancing on the Brink, published June 2013.

Also, in his examination on Nigeria’s 2019 general elections to the America Council on Foreign Relations in Washington DC, he is quoted as saying, “The poor quality of this election cycle and the low and declining number of voters do not inspire confidence, and some Nigerians have begun to question whether democracy is right for their country.”

Subsequently, in 2021, the duo of John Campbell and Robert Rotberg have described Nigeria as a “failed state”. In an article titled, ‘The Giant of Africa is Failing.’ Extract from the article, “Nigeria’s worldwide companions, particularly the USA, should acknowledge that Nigeria is now a failed state. In recognition of that truth, they need to deepen their engagement with the nation and search to carry the present administration accountable for its failures, while additionally working with it to supply safety and proper financial system.” … Published in “Foreign Affairs Magazine”, May/June Edition, 2021.



However, in a bid to avoid the karmic reaction and disastrous consequences for America, the United States earnestly dispatched the American envoy to come to Ibadanland where Maharaj Ji Village is located, to denounce the evil America’s wish, for Nigeria to break-up. Hence, former US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Terrence Mc Culley came down to the Holy City of Ibadanland on Thursday, February 1, 2012 and proceeded to “America Club,” Jericho, Ibadan, Oyo State to beg the Creation for forgiveness for Americas’ transgression against Nigeria.

While denouncing the evil American wish, the former US envoy “insisted the US has never predicted that Nigeria as a nation will be no more by year 2015. He further continued, “if the US had believed that Nigeria would break up by 2015, it would not have involved itself in the developmental programmes, aids and grants to the country.” “The United States considers Nigeria its most strategic partner in Africa, and I am very optimistic about Nigeria’s future.” ….. The Vanguard, February 2, 2012.



These views were further echoed by his predecessor, Mr James Entwistle, in January 8, 2015, while speaking to some journalists during an interactive session in Lagos, said, contrary to previously held notion, the United States Government has said there are no signs that Nigeria will disintegrate before, during or after the February general elections.

The US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. James Entwistle, who however, acknowledged that Nigeria was facing “big challenges,”, stated that the problems at stake were surmountable. According to the American envoy, Nigerians should “throw out of the window” the idea from “some think-tank or somebody outside the (US) government” stating that Nigeria would fall apart in 2015.

“But in my opinion as the US Ambassador to this country, I am not worried in the least that Nigeria is going to disintegrate in 2015. Regardless of what someone may have said, the question is that we are now here in 2015: Do we see signs that Nigeria is going to disintegrate or fall apart or something? I don’t know what you think. But I don’t see those signs.

You can see from the above, the behavior, attitude and expressions by the intervention of the internal affairs of sovereign nations consitutes viz-a-viz a threat to a sovereign nation’s existence, which has been the ploy again and sinful ways of destabilizing countries of Africa. This could be said to be tantamount to savagery, political turmoil and destabilization in the region but for the presence of the Divine Father of Creation, Satguru Maharaj Ji who prevented and blocked it from ever happening.



Primate Ayodele who presents a book of prophecy to the public every year had in 2010 declared Nigeria would split, adding that it didn’t matter whether the citizens prayed or not as it was God’s wish.

Again in 2017, Primate Ayodele emphatized the nation would break up precisely in 2035. In his fresh predictions, the prophet said, “Already we are working towards breaking up. He warned that if Nigerians fail to appease Tafa Balewa’s spirit and these other powerful forces,the country will break up peacefully.



This prophet of doom, while stating his 48-point prophecy for Year 2020. Said among others, “the cabal holding Nigeria to hostage will pass away and then the Nigerian nation will break-up. He said, “Divine judgment on the cabal will begin this year 2020 and there can never be peace in Nigeria until Nigeria break-up as revealed to me by the Living God.

No. 45 of my 2016 prophecy (God of ancient Prophets, said except by accident, presidency will remain with the North for the next 12 years.) I stand by my prophecy because I see nothing in those southerners now clamouring for the country’s No. 1 seat.



Prophet Joshua Iginla in a prophetic video warned of coming events revealed to him by God are scary, adding that he saw a dark cloud pregnant with an evil baby. According to the prophet, “oh Nigeria, our land of Glory, I weep for you because you are already injured and bleeding. “who can stop this bleeding and flow of blood? I can’t tell you what I see. May history not repeat itself. In reference to
events of 1966.
“Mark all I have said in parables. My spirit boils. God has been revealing to me some things that are hard for me to say. We need to pray for Nigeria. “I appeal to those in authority to be cautious and sensitive because the cloud is dark and it is pregnant.
“And the baby that is about to come from this pregancy is an evil baby. I will repeat myself, the cloud is dark and very pregnant with an evil child.”

From the foregoing, it is obvious Primate Ayodele and other prophets of doom are the new voices of treason who have been used to cause mayhem, destruction, fear and panic in the lives of the people. They can be said to be junior neo-colonialists programmed as their foot soldiers to cause trouble not only in Nigeria but in Africa in the name of the Paper Tigers, they have been using namely God, Allah, Jesus, Yahweh, Jah, Gott, Elohim, Jehovah etc. One may ask whether there is a Nigerian air, a Soweto air, an Ontario air, a Cincinnati air etc. The answer is capital NO!

The concept of God, Allah, Jesus etc., is a primordial defective, rusticated opium way of life, which has over the years almost succeeded in destroying the lives of the African with inducements of scientific and technological finished goods to make a Nigerian, an African feel a sense of false life. Not knowing that their minds are being conditioned and manipulated. The end result is that through trial and error, the pure energy is replaced with impure ones that gradually impoverishes the person to become a victim of eventual death.

So, with The Satguru, you will be one with Maharaj Ji, your heart will be pure and your body becomes the Temple of the Creator for good things to flow naturally like the air, sun, moon, water etc. and one can incarnate and live longer than the European trap of seventy-one years.

I have reiterated in the past and I repeat once again, anyone who voices doom on Nigeria and the world in the face of The Satguru’s physical presence on the earth planet should be prepared to rest the doom on his or her own head. And so, my dear friend, live your life to the fullest without anxiety and fear. My love and blessings.



Satguru Maharaj Ji stated in His Press Release; A SOUTHERNER WILL BE PRESIDENT IN 2023, COME WHAT MAY! REF SGMJJ/OLF/04/019/1641. Dated Nov. 03, 2019.

Power-hungry Northern Oligarchy should stop the rabble-rousing that the North will retain the office of Nigeria’s president till eternity. It will be re-called that the same Oligarchy class from the North in their unrelenting bid to destabilize Nigeria and failed during IBB’s tenure reemerged in General Sani Abacha’s tenure as Head of State in 1994 used Sheik Abubakar Gunmi and Prophet Adewole to destabilize the country by illegally proclaiming on NTA Network News that no Southern will rule Nigeria in their life time. The Satguru countered that demonic pronouncement through a Press Conference in order to stabilize the country and restore people’s confidence that Nigeria belongs to all of us.

The duo died and went to Oyinbo heaven, in the sky, by the time Satguru Maharaj Ji released OBJ, a Southerner, from Prison and catapulted him to ASO Rock Villa as President of Nigeria. Nigeria in its current recovery state does not need a Northerner or Southerner as President per-say. What is important is one good Nigerian who will love Nigeria and Nigerians irrespective of tribe, tongue or religious leanings.

But for Nigerian leaders who are not awake and conscious of the twoterms arrangement, between the North and South, I had to step in to stop the cheating habit of the North and to say categorically that after Buhari’s second tenure in office, I will surely raise a good man from the South among those who made the sacrifice to avert the political turmoil that could have led to war to rule Nigeria in 2023, come what may!

I have been working relentlessly hard over the past three decades to ensure the unity and indivisibility of Nigeria, which I declared New Holy Land of the Universe, for her to lead the world into the Golden Age of Life and those who are working to derail this objective will be visited by the Koboko of Divinity. They are hereby warned because Nigeria is not their private estate. All Southerners interested in contesting for the Presidency and wish to win should come for My blessing later ooo.



A well-deserved victory, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu against all odds, became the president of Nigeria. Going against seventeen others contestants at the just concluded February 25, 2023 General Elections. Of all the elections Nigeria has ever conducted in recent past, the 2023 general election, can be said to be the most credible, free and fair election conducted by President Buhari after Nigeria transitioned from military to civilian rule in 1999.

The rumor mill were constantly grinding churning out all manners of make believe stories just to question his person and discredit his integrity. Through it all, he was steadfast; moreover he had Satguru Maharaj Ji blessings. Therefore, he had no reason to fail.

At the climax, we saw pictures of needles attached to President Tinubu arms when he returned from his trip abroad, just to convince Nigerians their president was truly sick and not fit for the presidency. Some even went as far as saying he had a double just like in the case of the out-going President Buhari, where we heard of one Jubril from Sudan. At the end, glory be to Maharaj Ji, a Southerner became the President of Nigeria without Nigeria breaking up or going to war before, during and after the elections.

I can assure you, this is the first time we are going to experience a true African President, who would deliver not only Nigeria, Africa and indeed the entire human race. All he needs is your co-operation, suggestions, recommendations and readiness to abide by the truth of our common humanity and in the spirit of one love, you will be able to put the pain, agony, hatred, insecurity, recklessness, impoverishment, confusion and state of hypochondriac that has turned our people into beggars or displaced and even made us to use our private cars for taxi, will be a thing of the past. Thanks Maharaj Ji.


El-Rufai while addressing a group of Islamic scholars said among others that he ran a “Muslim dominated government in Kaduna State, which has successfully been replicated at the federal level.” This statement credited to the ex-governor that they have succeeded in making Nigeria an Islamic state is a claim only out of hatred and deceit.

The ordinary and ignorant man on the street have been conned to believe that Islam is the only true religion. For example, the late Alhaji Shodeyinde in an interview some years ago, when asked how he became a Muslim, narrated how he came into the faith. According to him, as a young man residing in Isale Eko, some Oyinbos came and introduced the religion to them, telling them about Prophet Mohammed. He only decided to join Islam because the Prophet Mohammed not only did his job but got married as well unlike Jesus Christ who was said to have died for the sin of men.

In the same vein, King Henry VIII, who formed the Church of England in the 1530s was born out of his desire to annul his first marriage without the papal approval. This infamous split led to the king severing all ties with the Catholic church. According to history, it allowed the king to divorce the first of his six wives and marry another wife who would possibly fulfill his longing for a healthy male heir since he didn’t have a male child to succeed the throne.

In the case of Nigeria, the promoters of religion are luring people with money in order to give credence to a well thought out illusion. Unknown to the people, the scriptures were stolen from Oyo-Ile and doctored to suit the narratives of the Whiteman god in the sky that one must die in order to meet in heaven. They removed every semblance of our Black history from it and changed the Holi Name, Maharaj Ji to God, Yahweh, Elohim etc. This was done to mislead the Blackman who are the custodian of all cultures in the world.

If God truly created religion, why are there so many unanswered questions about His existence or lack of it? A closer look will reveal so much lacuna. If God is Omnipresent, why did the books say I must die to see Him in heaven? If He is Omnipotent, why do I call on Him to be saved, yet I continue to wallow in afflictions? If He is Omniscient, why do I have to pray yet no answer? Invariably, if one follows religion, death can come at any time. One subjects his/her life to the whims and caprices to the idea or notion that the Creator gives and takes. Hence, it is God’s will if one dies at any time. With so much damage religion has caused, you will find out that religion is aimed permanently at destroying the Black race.

The Black man have been duped for many centuries to believe they are inferior in all respect to the Oyinboman. The Oyinboman have created a world full of impunities, wickedness and other vices under the guise of sin and repent so that the Black race may be driven under water just like the great Atlantis deluge, when the world was still one big land mass. History gives account of a people of sophisticated civilization in the world that ended when it was swept under water.

In order to suppress the Blackman into believing that religion is the answer. Many have been sponsored to propagate its false doctrine. Just imagine, Bimbo Odukoya died, T.B Joshua died, Boko Haram killing, acts of terrorism everywhere etc. yet people are calling God, Allah, Jehovah, Angelus etc. it is all a farce.

Sudan, Somalia, Mali etc., are living testimonies of the havoc created by religion. See where it has led these countries to. For example, in Nigeria, let something happen you will find all manner of religious arguments come up and then the killings start. In the South, everywhere you look, you find it littered with buildings that preaches a particular faith. The whole programming is propelled by the church for one to believe that Jesus will touch you and you will fall; deceitfully promoting the name Jesus while concealing the fact that this feat can only be achieved with the use of African science. Even the Oyinbos who brought Christianity to us never performed such. Or where was it recorded in the scriptures that there was a touch and fall session as we now see so-called men of God display in our society today?


Whereas, they used religion to suppress us with the aid of the barrel of the gun. There are so many countries who have banned religion in their state. Because religion is an opium of the masses, that talks about dying to see God in heaven. This has been the bane of universal freedom, peace, progress and tranquility. They have conned the Blackman into disregarding their tradition and culture. We now find ourselves ignoring our Deities and Oracles which Maharaj Ji left behind during the Atlantis deluge that saw the breaking of the large land mass into pieces that we today make reference to as continents of the world then Maharaj Ji found Himself in the East.

The case of Utah is an example where the authorities have banned the bible from elementary and middle school libraries. saying the books exposes bad faith process and are vulgar or violent in nature. Emphasizing that the bible is most likely to create doubts, fear and propagate the acceptance of violence in these young minds. Also, it has been established in the state of Utah under legislature that “no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office of public trust or for any vote at any election, nor shall any person be incompetent as a witness or juror on account of religious belief.” In China, religion is discouraged on a wide spread basis. Tajikistan, also has significant restrictions against the practice of religion in general and in Europe, most of the churches have been converted to pubs.

Now, see what religion has done to our society. Today, we have wide spread killings, corruption, broken homes, terrorism, sicknesses and diseases, accidents, sexual pervasions, kidnapping, yahoo, pill popping and all manner of disasters has become our lot. And so, the socio-political and economic life the Blackman is seeking by looking up to the oyinbos for direction is but an illusion that is far-reaching.

We are in trouble because the European refuse to believe that the Black man is the first man on earth and civilization started from Africa. We don’t need to buy books, cry and shout for the Creator to hear our plea. We don’t need to die by accident either. Do juju again because we can’t produce anything and so there is so much struggle and fight for the meagre resources at our disposal.

Little did they know that to achieve scientific and technological enlightenment and advancement these can only be gotten through the experience of the Creator within him, through the receipt of Divine Knowledge which can only be revealed by The Satguru of the Time. His Divine Knowledge is the panacea! It will undoubtably ensure social coherence because you will experience that love and bliss from within. Knowing that the power Maharaj Ji will be by your side to reveal to you everything you need to make it and achieve your goal in life. Just like any organization, there is always a hierarchy of power. We have the chairman, managing director and others who will ensure it attain its objectives. Thus, the idea of hurting one another is uncalled for, because it will help in breaking the impunity that religion has imposed on us as individuals and society at large.

Receiving Maharaj Ji’s Divine Knowledge is the only Key to save humanity! Surely, we do not want a city that is be built, but nobody to live in it. Today, disasters like tornado, volcano, tsunami, cyclone, Hurricane etc. has become the order of the day, these can be stopped by using the Holi Name Maharaj Ji. But these disasters are increasing on a daily basis because religion has subjected man to live on a trial and error basis.

Today, with the Light in you, you will be profoundly blessed and humongously possess the power to increase in abundance. Situations where you find people sell their properties for medical tourism will be a thing of the past, which is as a result of ignorance of the presence of the Creator in our lives.

We must know that this world is not a cosmic joke. It was created by one person who is on the planet now. He has asked us to use His name and we won’t pay fine for ignorance anymore because we will be well off like the bee that makes honey. We will be gainfully employed as an additional gift of life to erase scarcity, poverty, accidents and other vices, which is the cause of the present situation where patronize the finished goods of those who are using gun and pen to destroy the world. This must stop from your homes by calling Maharaj Ji, the true name of the Creator.



I. Create an Altar of the current Maharaj Ji by setting up a special place (table or stool) consisting of a piece of clothe of any color except blue, spread on the surface, a picture of Satguru Maharaj Ji placed on it with some fresh flowers with nice fragrance placed on or in front of the picture. Leaves we can used when fresh flowers are not available.

II. Every morning or in the face of difficulty, speak silently to Maharaj Ji about the problem through the fresh flowers held in hand, after which they should be placed on the picture.

III. Note that the flowers are to be replaced every morning. Always use fresh flowers to talk to Maharaj Ji. Artificial flowers should not be used.

IV. There is no limit as to how many times one can call on Maharaj Ji for help or as to the daily frequency of using fresh flowers to seek Maharaj Ji’s intervention.

In a situation where there is no Altar (photograph) of Satguru Maharaj Ji of Our Time, you don’t have access to the internet to download an Altar, visit any of The Satguru’s Ashram nation wide, simply get a plain sheet of paper, draw a big Zero and put two smaller zeros to represent the eyes draw a nose and a mouth and under it, write MAHARAJ JI. Maharaj Ji will answer you nonetheless. The potency of the Holi Name is still the same.


Yes, it is as simple as that. What you need to do is to communicate silently and sincerely from your heart and Maharaj Ji will do listening to grant you all your heart desire as well as guarantee your safety 100% on Land, Sea and Air. Just try, test and experience before you believe. From the above, you will come to the conclusion that the philosophy about Christianity, Islam are all matters of the mind because if truly and sincerely God existed and carries the omnipotence, omniscient and omnipresence of the Creator, He would have like the air that everybody is breathing, right and wrong appeared to man constantly and consistently without prayers.

Therefore, you can see that the statement in the scriptures that says “you search the scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life and these are they which testify of Me. But you are not willing to come to Me that you may have life.” John 5: 39. Can be seen to hold sway now that Satguru Maharaj Ji is here.

Hence, the whole world, particularly the Blacks who have been at the receiving end of all kinds of toxicism has no option because the idea that the Black culture and civilization is a taboo while the White mono-cultural values have not helped either have finally been put to rest by the presence of The Satguru in a dark skin. It also ends the feud between the Whites and Blacks as to who and what is the Creator? That they have been given hybrid names like God, Allah, Elohim etc. to destroy the nucleus race painfully, silently and criminally.

In other words, with whatever have been said and are still saying, the books they brought are toxic. i.e., to kill the Black man. Thus, you find out that all the names and titles given doesn’t conform with divinity.


Alaafin of Oyo



Unfortunately, many have died believing in a God that is up there yet no one is willing to go meet Him! For example, is TB Joshua, the founder of Synagogue Church of all Nations, who is well-known for his touch and fall deliverance sessions, but when satan touched him, he went to the world of no return, heaven in the sky, an illusion.

Also is Pastor Bimbo Odukoya who made a payment for death. Just as she arrived the airport, the passengers flight was full, so she paid extra by exchanging a seat with a fellow passenger because she didn’t want to miss her appointment. As a motivational speaker and pastor to speak at Port Harcourt in the next one hour about Jesus. She didn’t see her death because she was spiritually blind. She did not receive the Divine Knowledge of Maharaj Ji, where The Satguru connects one with the Creator sustaining us within and opens the inner/third eye of the individual to know what will happen in the next hour. This means there is nothing inside the books judging by the way she crammed the scriptures; she simply would have quoted one or two verses in the books when confronted with danger! Even a university student would have gotten a first-class result, if he took his studies seriously. But she lost her live.

We have Sammy Okposo, the gospel singer who gave beautiful rendition of praises to the God in the sky. Shortly before his death, he had held the Okposo Praise Party in Lagos, where he led the congregation in an intense praise and worship session to the Oyinboman God. Little did he know his life will be cut short. According to reports, on the day he died, he sat on the chair watching TV before sleeping, from his sleep, death came and robbed him of his life. Dying at age 51, he didn’t attain the three scores much less ten age milestone. And the list is endless. Many of our best brains have been lost to this farce/spiritual yahoo called religion, a horse on paper that you can’t ride. The God who is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, yet you have to die to go see him.

We have been cheated for a very long time, it is high time we free our selves from this dog-eat-dog game called religion. When you know the Holi Name that saves, protects, guides and gives 100% guaranteed safety on land, sea and air, then you are finally and completely free. The scriptures said, “my people die for they lack knowledge.” (Hosea 4: 6) this is the knowledge of who and what he is. i.e., the knowledge of the Creator within man. Try Maharaj Ji today, it is the original/true name of the Creator that was there at the beginning of creation which was changed to God, Elohim, Yahweh, Tetragramaton, Gott etc., by the European Elites at their illegal Conference in Constantinople in AD 21 and AD 60 and that was the beginning of humanity’s problem. This Holi Name has never failed and will never fail.

Merely by watching the news around the world, will reveal to you that all is not well with the people of the world because one finds it very hard to believe that the Oyinbos will build a cult of nepotism, when you seen the whole world been fought on the screen with the photograph of Robert Powell who is animating the name Jesus Christ with heavy propaganda against the world. Should we call it racism, no? should we call it nepotism, no? Should we call it tribalism, no? Because, it is a criminal act of terror, horror that should not be allowed to go unchallenged. Each country of the world must be prepared to ask the film makers to please release all the proceeds to charitable organizations in the world and a letter should be sent to the United Nations, while we ask all the 195 countries of the world to please take steps to redeem it because we believe that a strong spiritual background is the only basis for invention, peace, progress and tranquility in any nation.

Today, we can’t allow individualism to obstruct the grace that has touched us to come together into the One Love Family of old. That is why we beckon on you to take a step. Use Maharaj Ji and you will find eternal peace of mind.



  1. Satguru Maharaj Ji is Omnipotent
  2. Satguru Maharaj Ji is Omniscient
  3. Satguru Maharaj Ji is Omnipresent

Satguru Maharaj Ji’s omnipotence means His is capable of being active in any form and in any dimension. As an omnipresent being, He has the capacity to make Himself present at multiple places at the same time addressing different situations with the required perfection. He is omniscient in the sense that He is capable of creating anything at any realm of Life or in any circumstance of need.

Satguru Maharaj Ji is not against religion but claims He is the proof that the Creator is love and like He did in the past, He would never abandon His children in time of confusion, hence His presence on planet earth. Central to Satguru Maharaj Ji’s Appearance on earth is to save humanity from destroying themselves and usher in the Golden Age of Life of abundance, love, peace and unity and phase out the Kali Yuga Age of destruction and human holocaust.

It is worthy of mentioning here that the Holi Name Maharaj Ji which is derived from Sanskrit, the Mother tongue of the human race, was replaced in the Bible and Quran with God, Allah, Yahweh, Gott etc. by The European Aristocrats in their illegal Constantinople Conference of AD 21 and AD 60 and that was the beginning of the problems of mankind.

It can be said unequivocally and unquestionably that Satguru Maharaj Ji is the Chief Whistle Blower of the Universe of the Century by revealing the Original True Name of the Creator as Maharaj Ji which gives 100% guaranteed safety on Land, Sea and Air.

We confirm that the Spiritual dynamics of Maharaj Ji’s Messiahship is We confirm that the Spiritual dynamics of Maharaj Ji’s Messiahship is Divine. It is about empowering man with the Knowledge of how to utilize the quantum of Divine energy in him or her to achieve redemption from the problems of earthly life. He is the Revealer of the Divine Light that dwells in man. He is the Teacher of the primordial art of connecting with and projecting forth this Great Power of Life and productivity. He guides and protects man along the path of divinity. He is more or less the Physical and Spiritual face of the Creator, i.e., the human personality in whose form He appears to man.

Who else is given the Special Blessing to Captain the Golden Age Boat of Life except This Great Friend of old manifest in Africa, precisely South-Western Nigeria, where civilization started in spite of tons and tons of colonial books tagged as religion, Eureka! Eureka!! Eukera!!

Try, test and experience Maharaj Ji with whatever problem-sickness, accident prone, witchcraft attack, marital problems and infertility etc., before believing. Satguru Maharaj Ji is there for you 24 hours day and night, in spirit and your dreams non-stop and by calling this Holy Name your safety is guaranteed 100% on Land, Sea and Air. You do the talking sincerely from your heart and Maharaj Ji will do the listening.


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Your Ref: SGMJJ/DLM/PR.2/5/2023

Date: August 05, 2023


Niger War: It Is Needless To Go To War At This Particular Time, Satguru Maharaj Ji Tell Tinubu

Satguru Maharaj JI The Living Perfect Master, and founder of One Love Family has kicked against plans by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to deploy military personnel against Niger Coupist, saying it is needless to go to war at this particular time. In a statement by Satguru Maharaj Ji in Ibadan, he warned against the war which it described as proxy war on behalf of resources-hungry powers whose interests lie in it continuous subjugation.

The statement reads as follows: “One Love Family is particularly worried by ECOWAS ultimatum given to the Coupists to restore power to the person they overthrew within one week (which was vehemently rejected by them) or face the wrath of the Union, which presumably include employing violent means against a sovereign member. Having considered the far reaching implications of such an eventuality, we make the following observations, and advances some suggestions accordingly, in the interest of the governments and peoples of the Sahel region and by extension that of the world order in general.

The statement reads as follows:
“One Love Family is particularly worried by ECOWAS ultimatum given to the Coupists to restore power to the person they overthrew within one week (which was vehemently rejected by them) or face the wrath of the Union, which presumably include employing violent means against a sovereign member. Having considered the far reaching implications of such an eventuality, we make the following observations, and advances some suggestions accordingly, in the interest of the governments and peoples of the Sahel region and by extension that of the world order in general.

“Notwithstanding the preference which many people have for democracy and its principles, the choice for the route to good governance is strictly that of citizens of each country. It is the right of the people of Niger to fight for the restoration of democracy in their country, if they so wish and any attempt by anybody, anywhere, other than in Niger, will tantamount to employing undemocratic means to achieve a democratic end. “The ultimatum given by ECOWAS to the current leaders of Niger goes counter to democratic protocols and it encroaches on the sovereignty of the country.

“Given the general and widespread insecurity now bedeviling the Sahel, any international war of the nature that some people are mulling will not only compound the security challenges of the region but will also make governance more difficult as more and more people will be militarized while food, insecurity will bite harder, Satguru Maharaj Ji said a war between the duo countries will harm friendship, cause economic hardship, worsen humanitarian crisis, and leave hard-to-heal wounds on each party.

“It is certain that the vast majority of people in Nigeria are not, and will not be, in support of war with an erstwhile good neighbour which always looks towards Nigeria as a senior partner. A war between these countries will harm friendship, cause economic hardship, worsen humanitarian crisis, and leave hard-to-heal wounds on each party.

We are not yet free from the pain, agony and despair of the Biafran war that ended in 1970.

“Worse of all, the putative war will render the region a theatre of war vulnerable to the exploitation of foreign interests. No, we cannot afford to fight a proxy war on behalf of resources-hungry world powers whose interests lie in our continuous subjugation.

We feel strongly that the coup and planned attack on Niger is an indirect attempt to destabilize the region and is a strong manipulation by the Aristocrats in the West who declare war on Nigeria through Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida in 1993, repeated same before, during and after 2015 elections and failed in order to prevent the unity and oneness of the biggest highest concentration of the blacks which they see as a threat.

“It is vitally important for the Nigerian government to consider its current formative stage and the security threats that are spread all over the nation which are stretching its resources and capabilities than to rush into an avoidable conflict with a neighbour at the behest of global politicking.

According to Maharaj Ji, “international community” is an aspirational phrase that hides the reality that world politics plays out in an “anarchical society” (apologies to the late Oxford University international relations scholar Hedley Bull) of nation- states each advancing its strategic interests via international cooperation in multilateral organizations.

He said: “it is often the dining table at which African countries get eaten for lunch by the great and medium powers. If we had done the right things, Nigeria should have become a certified medium power like Turkey, Brazil or South Korea by now. A big population of 200 million mostly poor and long-misgoverned people is not the equivalent of a real “demographic power”. Altering this reality for the better is our number one priority. We must not become a pawn in a global power game that carries the risk of a further destabilization of our already troubled country.

We are supremely blessed.

Signature of Satguru Maharaj Ji
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