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Reflections On Project Nigeria 100 Years After
Lord Lewis Harcourt

“We have released Northern Nigeria from the leading strings of the treasury. The promising and well conducted youth is now on allowance of his own and is about to effect an alliance with a Southern lady of means. I have issued the special licence and Sir Fredrick Lugard will perform the ceremony. May the union be fruitful and the couple constant.”
…. Lord Lewis Harcourt, British colonial secretary, January 1, 1914.

    Before granting Nigeria “independence”, Britain was not very comfortable because the potency of our nucleus powers overwhelmed them. To know who among our founding fathers is, the British insisted that, if any of the delegates to the conference could enter the zoo and play with a lion, then political independent will be granted immediately. Stories had it that Chief Olagoke Adelabu (Penklemesi) stunned the oyinbos when he entered the zoo and played with the lion. As independence was about to be granted, they mounted pressure on Adelabu to discard his traditional paraphernalia as a chief and go on pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia in order to become Alhaji.
    Unknown to him that the game was a ploy to eliminate him, since he was the next in line to have headed the new government, when Herbert Macaulay declined to head Nigeria’s first indigenous government. Finally, he fell for the trap and went for the so-called pilgrimage, on arrival back home he became empty and highly vulnerable to attack from the principalities. They finally got him along Old Ibadan/Lagos Road while on a trip to Lagos. Adelabu’s death paved way for Tafawa Balewa’s coming to power as the first indigenous prime minster with Zik of Africa as a ceremonial president. Hence, accomplishing Buckingham Palace’s desire to ensure that political power is retained in the North after their exit.
Sir Ahmadu Bello

“The new nation called Nigeria should be our estate from our great grandfather, Othman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of
power: we must use the minority in the North as willing tools and South as conquered territories and never allow them to have control of their future.”
… Sir Ahmadu Bello (The Patriot, October 12, 1960, and republished by ThisDay, January 14, 2010).

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

“Fulani tribe could be likened to a man on a hill and Southern tribes as men on the plains. “A simple truth spoken from his position cascades down to slope with disconcerting torrentiality and is viewed, with consternation, as arrogant and racist by the men on the plains. On the other hand, in spite of years of castigation and vicious stereotyping including genocidal labeling as ‘Tutsis of Nigeria!’

The Fulani never claimed that other Nigerians were racists. “The rantings of ‘men on the plains’ were seen at worst as the supercilious pretentiousness of exuberant minors coming of age.”
…Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s Article titled ‘Fulani Without Apology’ and posted on online medium www.gamji.com and published by Paparazzi, Vol2, Edition 11.

Harold Smith

“I am in my 80s now; I have agreed but in the past ‘they’ did not want me to say anything, but now I don’t want to go to my grave without telling
the truth about the atrocities perpetrated in Africa by the colonialists. “Our agenda was to completely exploit Africa. Nigeria was my duty post …..

“It was a pity we planned our agenda to give power ‘at all costs’ to the Northerners. They seemed to be silly of a kind … the west led the fight for independence and was punished for asking for freedom. They will not rule Nigeria. Despite seeing vast land with no human but cattle in the North, we still gave the North 55 million instead of 32 million. This was to be used to maintain their majority votes and further power bid.”
… Harold Smith, Ex-British Colonial Master in Nigeria (Interview granted to Ben TV on Thursday, March 24, 2011 and published by The Liberation Newspaper, Wednesday, March 30, 2011).

Satguru Maharaj Ji

They were causing them to misbehave, to hate themselves because if you look at the political situation today, na money oooh! Today, it is money. If you have money, you can go out and say you want to be a president; it doesn’t matter whether you carry the money tomorrow and take it to America, nobody wants to care. But I’ve been telling them since 1990. I said that system has stopped. That today, it is not going to
happen again. Nobody can mess up with Nigeria anymore.”
… Satguru Maharaj Ji, Living Perfect Master, Nigeria is the New Holy Land of the Universe Book, 2nd Edition, Page 163.

“Nigeria, there is no power on this Earth, even Maharaj Ji sitting here cannot challenge it anymore. Nigeria has been given the crown to lead the human race and you are the leaders. As more and more people in their homes in their villages, realize how fortunate we are all of them, they will join the Leadership Boat of this era….”
…. Satguru Maharaj Ji, Nigeria is the New Holy Land Book, 2nd Edition, Pages 181-182.

“Nigeria is a country of love! A country of peace!! A Country of harmony!!! And the leaders must be given every support they need, to evolve a sound political system as we go through this transition period, to let everybody know that look, even though, we are democratic in a military rule, but today, Africa-is-no-crazy! Yes!

“We want the boundaries to be broken down. We want every Nigerian, every African to give freedom to his fellow brothers and sisters. And I know in that context, there will be no manipulation from anywhere because Maharaj Ji will be there to show the Light that will guide you fifty hours round the clock.”
…. Satguru Maharaj Ji, Nigeria is the New Holy Land Book, 2nd Edition, Pages 215- 216


“The doctrine of necessity requires that we do what is necessary when faced with a situation that was not contemplated by the constitution. And that is precisely what we have done today.
In doing to, we have as well maintained the sanctity of our constitution as the ultimate law of the land.”
… Senator David Mark, President of Senate, Fed. Rep. of Nigeria.



Against the backdrop of spiritual bankruptcy and colonial mentality, causing indecision, tribal and religious sentiments blocking the political leaders from simply filling the vacuum created by the incapacitated President who has been “stowed away”, “kidnapped” or “missing” whichever is applicable nobody has been able to state categorically what has happened to
our President to enable the Federal Executive Council (FEC) to invoke the relevant Section 144 of the Constitution to authorize the Vice President to become the President of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria. And this lukewarm attitude or treachery created undue fear as the nation waited in vain perplexed and decapacitated without a head calling for urgent action from
concerned citizens to take steps to save the nation from anarchy, revolution and unrest which but for the presence of the Satguru Maharaj Ji could have exploded as a time bomb to truncate the nascent democracy as in the past when each time a Southerner, Easterner, or Westerner gets the opportunity to lead the country.

The “Euro-Americo” cabal groups who have entrenched themselves in the system through feeble minded leaders always want to destabilize the situation. And that was why the Living Perfect Master, Satguru Maharaj Ji realizing that the power brokers were going to set so many traps and delays to buy time and what have you without due human consideration for the failed colonial policies since 1960 which impoverishes 98% of the population on top of the stress, agony, pain, frustration and above all, insecurity and perjurious state and condition of the ordinary Nigerian, decided to sue the leadership of both houses of the National Assembly.

The Living Perfect Master, Satguru Maharaj Ji, on Friday, February 5, 2010, in the Federal High Court, in the Abuja Judicial Division, sued the principal Officers of the national Assembly over “President Umaru Yar’Adua’s absence from office (Nigeria) in excess of 42 calendar days within 12 calendar months:

The Summons, with Suit No.: FHC/ART/OS/82/2010 was filed on behalf of Satguru Maharaj Ji by Barrister Kanmi Ogunyemi. The Summons is asking the court “that the President … should
be brought to Nigeria to appear before a medical board for the determination of the following (three) questions; it explained.

“(1) That the President’s absence contravenes the Public Service Rules 2006 which stipulates that any absence which exceeds “42 calendar days within 12 calendar months,” such an individual should be brought before a medical board in Nigeria with a view to bring ascertained whether he should be invalidated or not from service.

“(2) That the court should give an order directing the two defendants to commence legislative and executive processes leading to the immediate return of the President to Nigeria for the purpose of ascertaining whether or not His Excellency should be invalidated from service, and (3) Or in the alternative where the President could not return to Nigeria, the legislative arm
should perfect the processes to swear in the Vice President Goodluck Jonathan as President of Nigeria.”

Accompanying the Summons is an “Affidavit in Support” in the name of Premie Alhassan Ahmadu, a litigation clerk in the Chambers of the Plaintiff ’s lawyer in Abuja. The deponent’s
oath stated 38 reasons in his “application in the interest of justice, equity and good conscience”, and that he has sworn to the affidavit in good faith.

As a proof of the good faith, “the Plaintiff sympathizes with our President’s condition and wishes His Excellency quick recovery.” The Summons and Affidavit also include two Exhibits (photocopies of newspaper reports in February 2010) to support the Application, titled: (1) Yar’Adua: Radical Senators Move for Sanctions (Guardian, February 2, 2010), and (20 Yar’Adua Spends 110 days on medical trips in 32 months (Guardian, February 1, 2010).

There is also an eight point AFFIDAVIT OF EXTREME URGENCY”, sworn to by the same Alhassan Ahmadu, urging the court “that this matter of our President’s health requires an urgent attention of this honourable Court in order to prevent its eruption into a crisis”, also dated same date, the 5th of February, 2010.

Below is the Originating Summons:


(0.3 R. 9)

Suit No: FHC/ABJ/CS/82/2010

In the matter of His Excellency, President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua’s absence from office (Nigeria) in excess of 42 calendar days within 12 calendar months in 2009 on health grounds.


  1. The President of the Senate )
    Senator David Mark )
  2. The Speaker of the House of Representatives )
    Chief Dimeji Bankole )

Let the President of Senate, Senator David Mark and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Chief Dimeji Bankole in the National Assembly Building Complex, Abuja after service of this Summons on them cause, an appearance to be entered for them to this Summons which is issued upon the application of Satguru Maharaj Ji of One Love Family of 2nd Avenue, 208 Road, D Close, House 23, Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria, who claims that the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces should be brought to Nigeria to appear before a medical board for the determination of the following questions:

1. That the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, His Excellency Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, having been absent from duty for
an aggregate period in excess of 42 calendar days within 12 calendar months in contravention of Paragraph 070316 Chapter 7 and Paragraph 010101 Chapter 1 of the Public Service Rules
2006, should be brought before a medical board in Nigeria with a view to being ascertained whether he should be invalidated or not from service.

2. That the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Commander of the Armed Forces return to Nigeria Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’Adua from Saudi Arabia for the purpose of ascertaining whether or not His Excellency should be invalidated from service.

3. Or in the alternative, should His Excellency, President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua choose to exercise his fundamental human right to remain in Saudi Arabia despite (1) and (2) above,
the legislative arm should perfect the processes to swear in the Vice President Goodluck Jonathan as President of Nigeria.

Dated the 5th day of February, 2010.

THIS Summons was taken out by Kanmi Ogunyemi, Esq.

Kanmi Ogunyemi Esq.

Legal Practitioner for the Plaintiff whose address is 208, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Oke-Ado, Ibadan, and address within the jurisdiction is c/o Alhassan Ahmadu, Block C, Flat C2,
Federal House Estate, Karu, Abuja, Phone 08039135647. The Defendant may appear hereunto by entering appearance personally or by a legal practitioner either by filing the appropriate processes (as in Order 7) in response at the Registry of the Court where the Summons was issued or by sending them to that office by any of the methods allowed by these Rules.

NOTE: If the Defendant does not respond within the time at the place above mentioned, such orders will be made and proceeding will be taken as the judge may think just and expedient.




  1. The President of the Senate )
    Senator David Mark )
  2. The Speaker of the House of Representatives )
    Chief Dimeji Bankole )


I, Alhassan Ahmadu, Male, Nigerian, Premie of Maharaj Ji by
faith, living at Block C, Flat C2, Karu, Abuja, Nigeria, hereby
make oath and state as follows:

  1. That I am a litigation clerk in the Chambers of Kanmi Ogunyemi & Co., Abuja Branch.
  2. That by virtue of my position I am conversant with all thefacts leading to this Application.
  3. That I have the consent and authority of the Plaintiff to swear to this Affidavit.
  4. That the Plaintiff is the Living Perfect Master and Founder of the One Love Family and a patriotic Nigerian who is devoted to the cause of peace, progress and prosperity for this Nation.
  5. That the Plaintiff informed me and I verily believe that he has been observing the issue of the health of our President, His Excellency, Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’Adua and how it had made him to be absent from his duty post in this country from time to time.
  6. That the Plaintiff knows the President to be a great man who is God fearing and law-abiding and patriotic and that he has all the qualities of a great leader.
  7. That it is however unfortunate and baffling that such a remarkable personality should be disturbed by this type of illness.
  8. That the Plaintiff sympathizes with our President’s condition and wishes His Excellency quick recovery.
  9. That the Plaintiff has observed with surprise that His Excellency, Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, President of Nigeria and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces has continued to be silent on the demand of Senate urging His Excellency to transmit a letter to the national Assembly regarding his 72 days old sojourn in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  10. That that would have enabled the Vice President, His Excellency Dr. Goodluck Jonathan so act for him in full capacity during his absence.
  11. That however the facts on the ground show that since his inauguration on May 29, 2007, the President has spent 110 days on medical trips in 32 months.
  12. That these 110 days represent a quarter of the working days he spent in office so far.
  13. That the facts also show that in 2009 alone, the President spent a quarter of the 146 working days away from his office having been away from his office for 50 days on two medical trips (August, November and December) and having enjoyed 14 days that were observed as public holidays in the country.
  14. That for being away from office for more than 42 days within one calendar year, the President has contravened Paragraph 070316 Chapter service Rules 2006.
  15. That the rule provides that in the event of this contravention, any officer in the Federal Civil Service should be made to appear before a medical board with a view so being ascertained whether or not he or she should be invalidated from service.
  16. That according to Paragraph 010101, Chapter One of the same rules, to the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces His Excellency Umaru Musa Yar’Adua is not exempted.
  17. That it was this same illness that turned Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’Adua into a sitting President when he is in the country and prevented him from attending major global events including the 2009 United nation General Assembly Conference in New York where he would have interacted with fellow heads of state and government.
  18. That it was this same illness that made the President travel to Germany for a medical check-up for 10 days.
  19. That about 4 months after, on August 27, 2008 Alhaji Yar’Adua embarked on yet another medical trip this time to Saudi Arabia where he spent 18 days.
  20. That the nature of the President’s illness, like the previous one was not made known to Nigerians giving room to rumours that it was kidney failure.
  21. That almost a year after, on August 4, 2009, Alhaji Yar’Adua travelled again to Saudi Arabia where he stayed again till August 25 before returning to Nigeria after undergoing another round of treatment when he spent a total of 11 days.
  22. That with the present sojourn of our President in Saudi Arabia since November 23, 2009, this is the 71st day that His Excellency has been undergoing treatment for acute pericarditis, an inflammation of the outer membrane of the heart.
  23. That apart, from his rumored death twice, some reports also had it that he had sufficient brain damage and that he was on life support.
  24. That if the President’s had conformed with Section 145 when leaving the country for Saudi Arabia on November 23, 2009 the Application for the Civil Service Rule would not have come in.
  25. That it is clear from the above expositions that the illness of the President looks like a serious incapacity which the honourable Court should not take lightly in the overall interest of the nation.
  26. That the absence from the country of the President has adversely affected not only the cohesion of the executive and legislative arms of government but the general morale of Nigerians.
  27. That the Vice President, His Excellency Goodluck Jonathan is toeing his boss’s line and does not want to appear as someone who wants to take an undue advantage of the ill-health of his boss but prefers to stay aloof from calls to make the President give him an acting capacity.
  28. That even the president of the Senate Senator David mark has been seen as being too willing to protect the President.
  29. That even early in January 2010, David Mark was reported as saying at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos, that Yar’Adua had not breached any law by his long absence.
  30. That he was also quoted as saying that there is no constitutional crisis yet on his absence from office, as the civil service rule is quite different from the Constitution and so far, the President has not breached any constitution with his absence.
  31. That senate spokesman, Ayogu Eze was also quoted as saying that the Senate had no power to force Yar’Adua to hand over to Jonathan.
  32. That Mark’s difficulties in supporting the majority of senators has to do with the blackmail he suffered from some political associates of President Yar’Adua that mark was interested in the saga because he wanted to take over the reins of leadership.
  33. That this is why the order of this honourable Court is needed to protect the nation, the Constitution, and the rule of law of this Country from being subjugated by some people.
  34. That the Plaintiff invites the honourable Court to take judicial notice of publications in almost all Nigerian National Dailies and look at particularly the Guardian of February 2, 2010 Page 8 and the punch of February 1, 2010 and handle this situation with dispatch so that it does not degenerate into a crisis the end of which no one can foresee. Exhibit A is a photocopy of Page 8 of the Guardian of February 2, 2010. Exhibit B is a photocopy of Page 1 of the Punch of February 1, 2010.
  35. That the way out is for his Excellency, Alhaji Musa Yar’Adua to be guided by the national interest and come home for the determination of his capacity to continue in office by his fellow Nigerian doctors who are as competent as their counterparts anywhere in the world.
  36. That I have brought this application in the interest of justice, equity and good conscience.
  37. That I urge the honourable Court to grant this application.
  38. That I swear to this affidavit in good faith.


Sworn to at the Registry of the
Federal High Court, Abuja
The 5th Day of February, 2010.





  1. The President of the Senate)
    Senator David Mark )
  2. The Speaker of the House of Representatives )
    Chief Dimeji Bankole )


I, AlHassan Ahmadu, Male, Nigerian, Premie of Maharaj Ji by faith living at Block C, Flat C2, Karu, Abuja, Nigeria hereby make oath and state as follows:

  1. That I am a litigation clerk in the Chambers of Kanmi Ogunyemi & Co. 208, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Oke-Ado, Ibadan.
  2. That by virtue of my position I am conversant with all the facts leading to this application.
  3. That I have the consent and authority of the plaintiff to swear to this affidavit.
  4. That the Plaintiff is the Living Perfect Master and Founder of the One Love Family and a patriotic Nigerian who is devoted to the cause of peace, progress and prosperity for this Nation.
  5. That this matter of our President’s health requires an urgent attention of this honourable Court in order to prevent its eruption into a crisis.
  6. That Nigeria is still a nascent democracy and that both the Executive and the Legislative Arms of Government are looking forward to the Judiciary to show the light by which Nigeria could move forward.
  7. That I urge the honourable Court to give this Court process prior attention in the overall interest of justice and the nation and grant this application extreme urgency.
  8. That I swear to this affidavit in good faith.



“That the Vice President, His Excellency, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GCON), shall henceforth discharge the function of the President, Commander-in-Chief of the Federation as Acting President. “That the Vice President shall cease to discharge the function of the Office of the President when the President Pursuant of Section 145 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 transmits to the Office of the President of the Senate and Speaker
of House of Representative in writing that he has returned from his medical vacation.”
…. Senate of Federal Republic of Nigeria, February 9, 2010.


Sen. David Mark

“I am deeply humbled and honored by this great call to duty. I am fully aware of the responsibilities reposed in me, and I want to reassure all Nigerians that this is a sacred trust, which I shall discharge to my fullest ability.”
…. His Excellency, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Acting President, Fed. Republic of Nigeria (20.44 Hrs, February 9, 2010).


“My Dear Compatriots, I stand in humble gratitude to you, this day, having just sworn to the oath of office as President, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of our great nation …..”

“A decade ago, it would have been a mere daydream to think that a citizen from a minority group could galvanize national support, on an unprecedented scale, to discard ancient prejudices, and win the people’s mandate as President of our beloved country.

That result emanated from the toil and sacrifice of innumerable individuals and institutions, many of whom may never get to receive public appreciation for their effort …”

President Goodluck Jonathan

“Nigerians, I want you to start to dream again. What you see in your dreams, we can achieve together. I call upon all the presidential candidates who contested with me to join hands with us as we begin the transformation of our country.

“Let us work together; let us build together, let us bequeath a greater Nigeria to the generation to come.”
…. Excerpts from President Goodluck Jonathan’s inauguration address on the occasion of his swearing in as President, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria on May 29, 2011.


“It is becoming apparent that the recent replacement of Service Chiefs is part of President Jonathan’s plan to use state apparatus to scale the 2011 presidential hurdle.

“Anything short of a Northern President is tantamount to stealing our presidency. Jonathan has to go and he will go. Even if he uses the incumbency power to get his nomination on the platform of the PDP, he would be frustrated out.

….”The North should not be blamed for the calamity that will befall the country, if Jonathan emerges president next year.

Lawal Kaita

“The North is determined, if that happens, to make the country ungovernable for President Jonathan or any other Southerner who finds his ways to the seat of power on the platform of the PDP against the principle of the party’s zoning policy.

…”The North will not accept any government founded on any fraudulent foundation …. It should be seen by all as a stolen mandate that must be retrieved by all means.”
… Lawal Kaita (Nigerian Compass, Tuesday, October 5, 2010).


“Of course, I stand on my statement. This is another confirmation of our fears that President Jonathan will employ extra-judicial means in pursuit of his ill-advised ambition to contest the 2011 elections.

“We will like to state for the umpteenth time that President Jonathan’s desperation to be president again in 2011 can only take Nigeria back to the dark days … with its attendant instability and the wasting of innocent lives.

Adamu Ciroma

“…. We as citizens of this country, have totally lost confidence in his leadership and hereby call on him to immediately resign. “If he fails to do so by the end of this week, we will call on the National Assembly to commence impeachment proceedings against him with immediate effect. We state without any equivocation that, as Northerners and as citizens of this country, we no longer feel safe and secure under his leadership.”
… Adamu Ciroma (Saturday sun, October 6, 2010).

iii. “2015 ’LL BE BLOODY IF ….:”

“If what happened in 2011 should again happen in 2015, by the grace of God, the dog and baboon would all be soaked in blood.”
…. Mohammadu Buhari (Vanguard, Tuesday, May 15, 2012).


Muhammadu Buhari

“The North is determined and is insisting that the leadership of the country will rotate to it in 2015 and I am making that very clear to you.

Ango Abdulahi

“All of us are likely to have this very tough and common agenda … the North on the basis of one man, one vote, can keep power indefinitely in the present Nigeria State … the demography shows that the North can keep power as long as it wants because it will always win election.”
… Ango Abdulahi (The nation, Wednesday, July 17, 2013).


Junaid Muhammed

“But let me warn that he should not do anything that would plunge the country into avoidable anarchy. Quote me, if Jonathan insists on running, there will be bloodshed and those who feel short-changed may take to the war path and the country may not be the same again … so there will be bloodshed. But we don’t pray to get to that level, before his ethnic
tribal advisers pull him back.”
…Junaid Mohammed (Sunday Sun, December 1, 2013).


Mallam El Rufai

“The next election is likely to be violent and many people are likely to die. And the alternative left to get power is to take it by force, this is the reality

on the ground.”
… Malam El Rufai (ThisDay, January 23, 2014).


Sen. Bola Tinubu

“We are not prepared to go to court but to drive you out. We will not take it anymore if you mess up in Ekiti and Osun States, you will see our reactions. For every action, there must be a reaction. No government that wants people’s votes will be doing what they are doing. They are already planning to rig the elections but be ready to protect your votes; nobody serves you freedom a la carte. It is going to berig and roast.”
…. Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu (Punch, Thursday, April 24, 2014).


Satguru Maharaj Ji needs no further introduction in the history of religious leaders in Nigeria. He has finally decided to be putting some of his thoughts in black and white. He has also decided to tell the people about His mission, vision and His message to the world. According to Chief Oluwole Awolowo, the Chief launcher of the new book – “Nigeria is the New Holy Land”, “people are no doubt yearning to know the real message, to know more about Himself, His group and what they stand for …” There is no doubt that Satguru Maharaj Ji is looked at with scepticism in the society. This is surely not unexpected because as a human, the people will always want to be left in no doubt that person they are dealing with has a clear message. According to the Chief Launcher, “this is because of many fake prophets that parade themselves in the country as God-sent messengers today …”

Nigerians know and accept two main religions and these are Christianity and Islam. Common out these two religions are the admittance of the existence of one God and the belief in life after death. Although there are other religions but the two mentioned here are acknowledged.
According to Chief Oluwole Awolowo, “It should not be a surprise to Satguru Maharaj Ji why people still find it a little bit difficult to understand His mission more so when it is believed that He is not using any of the two world acclaimed and accepted divine books and when His mode of worship is not known to be in line with the belief of the others ….” He however, noted one spectacular teaching in His religion – and that is His mission of love. “But one thing I find very clear and also very necessary is His mission of love. And according to the Holy Bible, God is love and that he that loveth not, knoweth not God for God is love …” Satguru Maharaj Ji has attempted to make his message very clear to Nigerians. He has appeared on the print and the electronic media. He has visited notable traditional rulers in the country and has addressed Nigerians through crusades but only a microcosm of the society has understood Him.

These and many more are the attempts made by Satguru Maharaj Ji so that both Himself and His message would be better known and understood by Nigerians. Even though he has written some books before this, not many people would have had the opportunity of knowing more about all these attempts. He has at last resolved to making a fresh attempt in compiling the events and other activities including speeches delivered at the 12th anniversary of the emergence of his group in July 1992 at Maharaj Ji Village, Ibadan, were all chronicled in what he christened “NIGERIA IS THE NEW HOLY LAND”

… Condemns pilgrimages to Rome, Mecca, etc.:
The annual religious pilgrimages to holy lands like Mecca and Jerusalem by Moslems and Christians in Nigeria a fortnight ago received a heavy condemnation from Premie Olufemi A. Orbih, a staunch member of Guru Maharaj Ji’s One Love Family.

Venting his anger on Nigerians who are still embarking on the journey, Premie Olufemi, who was also speaking at the launching of “NIGERIA THE NEW HOLY LAND” by Guru Maharaj Ji at the national Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos said pilgrimage to these holy lands has become unnecessary because most of the lands have been overrun by wars and social upheavals
and heavily desecrated by bloody deeds. “Everyone is aware that there is nothing holy any more in these lands.” He said.

Instead, Premie Olufemi pleaded with Nigerians craving to visit the holy lands to remain in Nigeria and visit the Highest Spiritual Centre of the Universe, Satguru Maharaj Ji Village. According to him, “Only Nigeria is free and everyone should strive to make it holy by following the one who has the Light and is the way, Satguru Maharaj Ji.” Buttressing his claim, Premie Olufemi hinted that the ‘Golden Changes’ transformation taking place in the world had made Nigeria the New holy Land and so Nigeria religionists should redirect their attention to the New Holy Land.

He however pointed out that Africans were misdirected by the advent of formal education and religion. In his words, “The children of the nucleus nations of Africa were made to accept formal education and religion as the path of salvation or freedom approved by the universal father. At this juncture, he further stated, the conscience of the blackman was substantially dislocated and was made to accept as truth, all the concepts and philosophies evolved to support a worldview that ran paralleled to the path of the father.”

Based on his claims, Premie Olufemi further explained that all the known and implied problems facing mankind today are direct result of the egotrip man took to play or imitate God. Thus politically, economically, socially, culturally and spiritually mankind has been manipulated to become a caricature of his real self.”

He further wondered, “What makes a place a holy place?” His answer, “It’s its divine choice and the physical manifestation of the divine mission to save erring mankind evidenced by the singular act of physical existence of God-man in the society.” And holy lands, he continued, are not permanent features of society as they are subject to divine relocation in time and place in accordance with the state of the divine mission to save erring man from perdition.”

Nigeria, he jubilantly told the audience, is the New Holy land and the host of the God Father Power of this era called Satguru Maharaj Ji. Nigeria, he said has unprecedented volume of resources in man and materials capable of being used to effect the final change of mankind in this last phase of the divine mission.

Though Satguru Maharaj Ji, vehemently pursuing the cause of changes in the spiritual world in Nigeria, Premie Olufemi pointed out that the Master is not anti-tradition. His visits to some prominent traditional rulers in Nigeria demonstrates that Satguru Maharaj Ji, upholds all those pure virtues of our traditional culture such as respect for the elders, love and truth.

He later … practitioners to help propagate the values of Satguru Maharaj Ji and the relevance of Nigeria being the New Holy land. Taking a cursory look at the latest Guru’s book, Premie Olufemi declared: “There is no book in existence … that has a combination of such pure values enclosed in its pages as this one,” adding “the momentous activities of Guru as recorded in the book has no equal in human history.”

Among the royal fathers whose pictures according to Premie Olufemi appeared in the book include HRH, the Ntisong of Uyo, Eze Okosisi of Uruala, Orodge of O(kpe, Eze of Okigwe and Onogie of Ekpoma. He stated that Guru’s visits to royal fathers in the country was a demonstration that he upholds pure virtues of tradition and culture such as respect for elders.

Prince Oluwole Awolowo whose speech was read on his behalf by Mr. Afolabi Ogunlayi at the launching said it is a fact that Satguru Maharaj Ji is looked at with scepticism in the society because He is not using any of the world acclaimed and accepted divine books – Koran and Holy bible coupled with His mode of worship which is not known to the public. Despite all that, prince Awolowo said he is interested in His mission of love and truth which He preaches. According to him, the holy bible says, God is love and that he that loveth not knows not God for God is love and it appears love is missing in Nigeria today. If we love our neighbours as ourselves, most of the cruel acts perpetrated on mankind by mankind would not be there.

He therefore enjoined Nigerians to emulate Satguru Maharaj Ji in preaching love and truth so that peace will prevail in the country Many distinguished personalities from all walks of life attended the launching ceremony. Chief Oluwole Awolowo, Publisher of the Tribune Group of Newspapers represented by Mr. Afolabi Ogunalyi was the Chief launcher, while two prominent Chiefs from Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuade represented the Arole Oduduwa of Yorubaland himself.


Nigeria has been declared as the new spiritual base of mankind because of the living presence of the Living Perfect Master, Satguru Maharaj Ji. Making this declaration in Lagos at the weekend during the launching of a book titled “NIGERIA IS THE NEW HOLY LAND” written by Satguru Maharaj Ji, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Chief Clement Ihensekhien, disclosed that the entire spiritual base of mankind has shifted from Jerusalem in Israel and Mecca (Saudi Arabia) to Nigeria where the Supreme Primordial Vibration that create4 and recreate everything on the Earth surface dwells.

The Supreme Primordial Vibration which creates and brings together living and non-living matter is manifested in the personality of the Perfect Master, Satguru Maharaj Ji. Quoting from Shakespeare, Chief Ihensekhien declared, “When beggars die, there are no comets seen but the heavens themselves blazes forth the death of princes!!

On 20th December, 1947, the Sun and the Moon met in an Eclipse to announce the coming of the Perfect Master, Satguru Maharaj Ji.” In his review of the book, the head of English Department of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Professor O. Ekundayo stated that the doctrine of the New Holy Land is that we should all be sinless, adding that the book, “Nigeria is the New Holy Land” emphasises the importance of love, harmony and peace.

Professor Ekundayo noted that while other Western philosophers taught of life after death, Satguru Maharaj Ji teaches about life in the present.” He makes unemotional, emphatic statements that no one can question”, Professor Ekundayo explained. The erudite English Professor then appealed to Nigerians to give Satguru Maharaj Ji a chance of fair hearing so as to understand the philosophy behind His mission.
…Culled from Satellite Special, June 5 1993, Pg 9-10

  1. In very simple terms Primary Elections are preliminary election which voters express preference among candidates of their own party. This is often a feature of presidential two-party system as the USA. The object of these elections is to present just two candidates for contesting the Presidential Elections from both parties.
  2. Everyone in Nigeria can recall the number of aspirants who were initially interested to contest the elections from both parties. The number was between 50 and 70 at the last count. But when the primaries were rescheduled and the states re-zoned only 23 aspirants were officially allowed to contest them. If each party had from the world go presented just one candidate, all the noise, ethnicity, tribalism, distrust, arrogance, threats, that are now seen to characterise the on-going exercise, would have been avoided. The heavy rigging, vote buying or selling or stealing and the ugly son-of the-soil, one-man show of the freakish winning streaks would have been avoided.
  1. Because of these unexpected reactions many people are calling out, loud and clear, for their cancellation. Others want government to organise these on just one day instead of the staggered zoned series. The government has warned that aspirants found cheating will be disqualified. Even though NEC has said the primaries must go on as planned. Tai Solarin has called for UN supervised primaries in order not to continue to bastardise the electoral process and to eventually avoid the “inevitable cataclysm which will shake the nation to its foundation.”
  2. The new military two-party grassroots democracy Nigerians are being taught has this electoral process in which all are to learn the lessons of fairness, trust, justice, sincerity and self-reliance. But like the obnoxious Nigerian factor that has become a stain, many people see the National issue of grabbing political power as a do-or-die issue. Left on their own Nigerians per se would not exhibit these negative qualities in the power game, but what is happening now is a sad fact of a state of affairs where a people are set to map out a realistic way of life for themselves but same people are being reminded by forces behind the scene not to yield grounds even for the common good by exploiting accident of historical factors like religion, geography, tribe, etc. This is manipulation extra-ordinary.
  3. At this juncture, it is necessary to really speak out on the critical issues of the primaries as they relate to Tai Solarin’s call for the U.N. to supervise the exercise here. It was not necessary for the Tai to make such a suggestion in spite of prevailing conditions. He seems to have forgotten that the U.N. as at now constituted, is the agent of manipulation of the U.S.A. and U.K. the same goes for those non-governmental organs he has in mind. To even make such a call before a B.B.C. audience will still be meaningless because the British on carpet or on wire have not sympathy for the Blackman.
  4. A better suggestion for both the old political breeds to give way to the youth would have been welcome. In this regard, the quality of new breed or youth is not necessarily in physical terms but in the degree of knowledge of ideas and richness of experience in managing human affairs. It is from such source that the Blackman can be saved the slavery of continuous manipulation. It is observed that the youth are more amenable to accept and use ideas for the good of all like did late Nkrumah, Awo, Tom Mboya, etc. Rich ideas are the sources for fashioning policies and programmes for solving life’s problems in dynamic practical ways.
  1. Old breeds are more romantic, rigid and or speculative in their approaches. They are more ready pawns in the hands of forces that divert the people’s focus from utilising these youthful gifts. Take the similar but diversionary topic of “Reparation” for instance, like the Tai’s suggestion, Reparation gospel is meant to enable Nigerians forget indigenisation, a self-reliance approach to their industrialisation by the purer skin. “Reparation” is meant to forestall the possible questioning of the presence of unskilled labour in our markets, who by acting as C.I.A. AGENTS, DO NOT WANT TO SEE REAL GROWTH AND PROGRESS HERE UNDER PREVAILING CIRCUMSTANCES. WITH PRETENDED AWARENESS OF GUILT, A Hollywood one-man show is being dramatised before our eyes while at the same time we are witnessing inspired massacre time in South Africa, Angola, Somaila, Ethiopia, Liberia, Libya, etc. Nigeria must wake up!
  2. What, one may ask, made the Whites think they have offended God only now that The Satguru of this era is around? Why is it that the same people who armed Iraq to destroy Iran are now blaming Iraq for not obeying U.N. sanctions, the same U.N. that is being used as the mouth organ of the U.S.A. and U.K.? Further, the Reparation credo is meant to stifle Nigeria’s efforts in the Golden Age impact on Aviation and Metallurgy through the effective and efficient utilisation of the Ajaokuta Steel project. It is high time we sacked the oyinbos at Ajaokuta and all oyinbos must be sent packing back to Europe and America till the one-man, one vote is allowed in South Africa.
  3. Brain drain, tribalism orchestrated marginalisation of skilled manpower is a fallout of the drive towards reparation.
  4. Tai Solarin’s call for a foreign cure of our Electoral ailment is like a call for anachronistic method to cure a modern ailment. Just like a dying man who broke the law of “magun” would be calling on an orthodox doctor to attend to him. Did the foreign computer-based census results meet our aspirations? Some will say yes, others, no, yet others not decided. But judging by its two-side effect – revenue sharing formulae and parliamentary representation – one sees glaring defects in reliance on foreign based so-called experts or technical hands.
  1. What makes this impossible is that Nigeria today is housed by the nucleus culture of the remnants of the last Atlantis civilisation colonially divided into Sadducees and Pharisees who are very fanatic about their plastic beliefs with scriptures and religions formulated principally by the elites in Europe and America to divide our pure conscience, forgetting that so long as man is cut away from nature, he will destroy himself one day. The irony of it is that while the Europeans continue to fight in vain to level up with the Blacks in terms of intellectual property, they have succeeded in squeezing the pure natural life of the present Atlantis ignorant children with the forceful pagan life of sugar-coated regulated dogmas. And more and more as human elements on earth we live on, are denied and deprived of their livelihood emerge as nationalists or extreme radicals and the souls of the dead ones become the U.F.O’s that are getting ready to fight conventional wars as we get across the century. That is just why we cannot make good use of the human and industrial resources available, and this state of affairs has been the cause of the termination of civilisation at the end of each century. Whenever they (the oyinbos) discover the astrological leap of Nigerians or Africans they lure them abroad to waste their lives using reliance approach to probe into nature, without relationship to self realisation as a springboard for industrialisation.
  2. We must learn to be self-reliant and trusting. So if Tai’s call must be taken serious, it must be a call for total use of home-based resources just as the real reparation that will be acceptable to all must be the one that accepts the cancellation of all heavy debts, worldwide; setting up an African Coomon Economic or trade Group with one convertible currency; break in all inter African barriers in politics, education culture, law, etc; setting up of unhindered lingua francas in places where indigenous African languages have been suppressed; evolution of peaceful technology, cultural revival in Africa for New World Order,; peace in the world via democratically re-organised UNO; re-writing of African history; respect for the “Human Being”, the colour of his skin notwithstanding; and ceasefire on all fronts for the real unity of all races under One Love Family.
  1. In conclusion, it must not be forgotten that this sort of game robbed India of the chance to realise the potency of this power. When eventually they lost the Grace, religious wars and volcanic eruptions became their lot.
    Unlike India, Nigeria is the last hope for humanity and it all depends whether they will learn from the scriptures and recent events leading to the close of the century since the earth is gradually losing its axis due to sins committed to usher in a New Titan Race where there will be no night and all superior and inferior races will have melted even including the American Air Force one and the fake new abode of some Euro-Americans in the moon.
    Nigerians must not allow such games to be played on them as by Tai’s remote suggestion on the Elections or the colourless operation gospel now gripping the scene, is all CIA manipulation.
    These type of suggestions that make us look to the outside world as beings congenitally unable to take charge of their own affairs have no room in our present state of affairs. The so-called radicals who take delight in making such suggestions inadvertently do so because they act on the basis of belief. Just like Tai believes that his Asthma is a real physical, bodily ailment. If only he knows what is behind this physical sign of a spiritually manipulated bodily ailment that has bugged him down these many years and taken toll of his very good qualities meant to serve this Nation in his present incarnation, he would not give in so easily to such an attractive but dangerous suggestion. Even the Human Rights activists in our midst too behave more or less in the manner of plastic bullets that lack the “killing power”.
    Because they, like Tai, are not in Knowledge (they are very learned though) they most of the time, think, talk and act on belief basis, just like the drones in a beehive that lack the sting. Hence their ideas lack the impact that should bring the desired results. All the nation’s citizenry needs now is the Divine Knowledge of The Satguru of this era in order to prevent the nation from the evil effects of manipulative intelligence.
  2. Satguru Maharaj Ji’s presence is to ensure that all human beings … whether White of Black learn to live together in Love as brothers and sisters. If this message is not realised then we must not forget we are sitting on a keg of gun-powder. Use what you have to get what you need!Blessings. …Culled from Daily Sketch, Wednesday October 14, 1992

The Father of Creation, Satguru Maharaj Ji declared Nigeria The New Holy Land on the 29th of May, 1993 at the National Theatre, Iganmu in Lagos, during the launching of the book, NIGERIA THE NEW HOLY LAND OF THE UNIVERSE, containing Divine Directives of The Satguru at various programmes across the nation aimed at bringing closer to the people all the good tidings contained in His manifestation as the Mahdi, The World Teacher or The Saviour of the time. Even where all the nations of the world including America, Europe, Middle East, were ready to turn Nigeria into another war zone, Maharaj Ji came out boldly to warn, no war!, no war!!


“As the principalities milked the continent and shared the booty, part of which was the scriptures that were introduced, the stage was set to eliminate the nucleus children and the karmic reaction of which ended up with governments, on a platter of gold, and in mismanagement and lack of control of the human and materials resources resulting in political instability, economic downturn, social incoherence, spiritual indolence in preparation for the final war. Suddenly, Maharaj ji surprised everybody by declaring Nigeria, the New Holy Land of the Universe to counter whatever moves negative forces might apply through the nine women of negativity – who are usurping the powers of men through sex, spiritual money and manipulative intelligence.”




I assure you that there will be NO WAR as being propagated in the network news to frighten people here and there.
Do not leave your station to your village or home for fear of any impending war.

What you must do while at home or working in the farm, office or at home is to use the Holy Name, SATGURU MAHARAJ JI, to ask President General Babangida to make sure that he hands over to M. K. O. Abiola peacefully to enable Nigerians forgive him for his mistakes.

Call SATGURU MAHARAJ JI 100 times before you sleep and Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Elijah, Solomon, John the Baptist, Moses, Adam, and all the Ascended Masters will come and keep you company throughout your stay.

All Nigerians should send for free copy of the Divine Song Book (ARTI) through P. O. Box 16471, Dugbe, Ibadan, for you to sing at home, in churches, mosques, spiritual homes and mystic homes to make sure that your life is given 100% guaranteed safety on Land, Sea and Air at any time.

Once again, l have talked to General Babangida and MKO and any of them who tries to cause war will be dealt with by My Big Stick. Blessings to you all.


In divinity there are two key ordinances all mortals must be weary not to fall foul of.
They are: in Disrespect to The Holy Spirit-Incarnate, Satguru Maharaj Ji, is unpardonable; and ii. Ignorance of the divine laws is not an excuse. The above statement, however, does not in any way, under rate the grave consequences inherent in breaking the rest of divine laws. Rather, the statement is derived from the fact that the above two are the most easily communized and disregarded. Hence, the people regularly fall short of the divine order thereby attracting to themselves, unconsciously, the inescapable and incurable ‘koboko’ of Divinity.

The rent fall of the Libyan strong man, Col. Muammar Gaddafi goes a long way to affirm that the sword of heaven (Divinity) is always not in a haste to smite; but it does not leave any debt unpaid. Due to his insatiable lust to rule Africa … remember Gaddafi severally arrogated himself as “The King of Kings of Africa … the Libyan leader reasoned that Nigeria was the greatest stumbling block towards realizing his ambition in actualizing his vain project to rule Africa.
We crave your indulgence to present in a chronological order the precarious take-off and ill-fated crash-land of Col. Muammar Gaddafi’s crafted ill-conceived theatre of the absurd.

In 1995, in Misratah, Libya’s second largest city, Gaddafi blew the lid off his misadventure to dismember Nigeria, the hobnob of Africa, in order, to whittle down her influence across the African continent in order to consolidate his political grip on Africa which will ultimately translate to his easy passage and ascendancy as the king of kings of Africa, and perhaps islamize the continent.
According to the Nigerian Tribune’s Tuesday, 19th September 1995, version of the story that featured at the front-page banner headlines of most of our national dailies that day captioned: “Gaddafi wants Nigeria to break, has this to say:
“The Libyan leader, Col. Muammar Gaddafi has called for the division of Nigeria to create Muslim and Christian states, the Libyan official News Agency, Jana, reported on Sunday.” The story went on: “Speaking at an international Sufism conference on Saturday at Misratah in the East of the Libyan capital, Tripoli, Co,. Gaddafi said, “Give Lagos and Biafra to the Christians, so they can make a state.” While submitting that the Northern part of the country should form an Islamic state, he added, “We will take Abuja to make it the capital of the Muslims in an Islamic State which exercises its right freely without having to take into account the others.”

The Living Perfect Master, Satguru Maharaj Ji took exception to this sacrilegious statement on Nigeria which The Good Lord of the Universe has previously, in the wake of the evil genius, IBB’s declaration of war on his fatherland on account of his demonic annulment of the June 12, 1993 general polls, declared Nigeria as the New Holy Land of the Universe and Leader-nation of the World on May 29, 1993, at the National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos. The Satguru equally went straight to cancel IBB’s war drum beat as he went ahead on August 16, 1993 consecrated Nigeria as a No War Zone, Come What May, which ultimately earned The Satguru the brand name “No War in Nigeria”.

Realizing that Gaddafi’s pronouncement on Nigeria was a syndicated Euro-Arabian expansionist forces game plan to rub Nigeria of her imminent leadership role in the comity of nations in the new emergent world – The Golden Age of Life – by virtue of her role as the host nation of The God Father Power, Satguru Maharaj Ji warned Gaddafi on the grave implications and consequences of his utterances and directed him to recant the statement in his own interest and that of the people of Libyan within 14 days.


“Nigeria should be divided into two nations to avoid further bloodshed between Muslims and Christians, Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, has said.
“In a speech to students, he commended the example of India and Pakistan, where he said partition saved many lives.
“Splitting Nigeria, according to Gaddafi, quoted by State News Agency, Jana, “would stop the bloodshed and burning of places of worship.”
“Hundreds of people have died in communal violence in villages in Jos, the Plateau State capital, this year.
“Although the violence in area was believed to have occurred between Muslim and Christian communities, the underlying causes were a complex mix of political, social and economic grievances.
“Col. Gaddafi, who until recently was the head of the African Union, characterized the Jos violence as a “deep conflict of religious nature caused by the federal state, which was made and imposed by the British in spite of the people’s resistance to it.”
“He described the partition of India as a “holistic, radical solution”, which saved the lives of millions of Hindus and Muslims.
See Nigerian Tribune, 19th September 1995, Pg 6.


Through a press release ref: OLF/PR/020995/HSCU, dated September 19, 1995 with caption: “Your Excellency, Col Muammar Gaddafi, Nigeria Cannot Be Broken.” warned Gaddafi to wish Nigeria well because Nigeria cannot be broken. A full text of the press release is reproduced here below:

“The statement credited to Your Excellency, Col. Muammar Gaddafi of Libya at a Sufism Seminar in Misrata, Libya at the weekend published in the front page of two newspapers, A.M. News and Nigerian Tribune of 19th September, 1995 is uncalled for, dangerous and diabolical and against the Charter of the OAU, the UNO and Divine Laws that govern the Creation.

“While I appreciate the effort Your Excellency is making to better the living conditions of the people of Libya, Your Excellency must have known by now through My letters to you of the divine role Nigeria is to play in the scheme of things, as the model nation to help the world from its ignorant drive towards total collapse. It is lack of communication that has made some leaders and nations make careless statements, and sign fake treaties refraining people and nations from making friends with Nigeria and disposing them to be used as agents of destabilizing of the efforts to salvage mankind in this era.

“You should remember that it is the divine guidance from Satguru Maharaj Ji Village that has protected Your Excellency from attacks by global Mafias and failed agents. If now you are waging a war without provocation on the divine protection you have enjoyed, Your Excellency must note that Nigeria of today is not the Nigeria you used to toy with, because the Nigeria of today is the New Holy Land of the Universe. You should learn a lesson from the global events taking place around you which do not take cognizance of the politics of destabilization of divide and rule and of blind ideological speculations.

“Therefore, the Ascended Masters, the Cosmic Forces, the Divine Children would wish to have an apology from Your Excellency or a clarification within fourteen days of receipt of this letter that Your Excellency, Bro. Col. Muammar Gaddafi wishes Nigeria to be one, just, peaceful,
progressive, prosperous and powerful otherwise I shall have to consider as a matter of urgency the request from The Seven Elements of Creation, to stop the special privilege given to you by withdrawing the Divine Commander responsible for taking care of Libya President and you can
imagine the untold unforeseen trepidation Your Excellency would be subjecting yourself and the good people of Libya to.

“I wish Your Excellency to take this letter as a total demonstration of the absolute human kindness that the Creator, Allah, has for you in order to make you more and more aware that your innermost prayer for Allah to send Somebody and a new nation to help you out of slavery, has been answered.
“Enclosed herewith is a copy of the book “NIGERIS IS THE NEW HOLY LAND OF THE UNIVERSE” another information (including photocopies of the above-mentioned publication credited to Your Excellency) for your kind perusal, so that you would not ignore the natural laws any more.
“Enclosed are copies of events in history that some groups, particularly your outfit, may not be aware of concerning President Muammar Gaddafi of Libya.

  1. His reported speech on Nigeria and;
  2. Our reply for him to withdraw the statement and also to apologize to Nigerians, because Nigeria has been declared The New Holy Land of the Universe by The Satguru in May 29, 1993.
    “It will be recalled that it was the Satguru Maharaj Ji in a Nigerian body who stopped the demolishing of the world, which was prophesized to happen on July 6, 7 and December 31, 1999.
    “Unfortunately, religion, which cannot do anything to man was forced on the human race after the fall of Tower of Babel to suppress the rich culture of the Nucleus Race, hence, the state of confusion till My sudden arrival to straighten up issues and put an end to the feud between the
    blacks and white, the reality that there is an Object of Devotion walking on the planet now, and the fact that we came from the same Father, called Maharaj Ji.
    “Today, many are scared all over the world for their inability to see The Light, in order to inherit perfect safety on land, sea and air; and a better tomorrow full of love, care and divine security, which some of us in Nigeria are enjoying now in fulfillment of the prophecy of the ages that
    by the turn of the century, the new nation and the new holy land would emerge, for the entire human race to visit on pilgrimage to receive blessings and love.
    “We are aware of diversionary tactics going on but please publish or comment on this matter for those interested to take advantage of this phenomenon, since a stitch in time saves nine!”

US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Terence McCauley
From Tokunbo Adedoja in New York
The often-repeated and much-quoted “prediction” by the United States that Nigeria would break up in 2015 is one of the greatest myths ever, THISDAY can report today.
The “prediction”, which is now referred to virtually every minute by analysts and commentators, was never made by either the US government or any of its organs and agencies.
Some have even referred to it as a prediction by the Central Intelligence
Agency (CIA) – for added authenticity.
THISDAY is now in possession of the full copy of the “famous” document which is a 17-page discussion paper entitled: “Mapping Sub-Saharan Africa’s Future”.

It was released in March 2005 after a one-day conference convened by National Intelligence Council (NIC) two months earlier, where top US experts on Sub-Saharan Africa discussed likely trends in the region over the next 15 years.
Nigerian government officials back then even lambasted the US government for “predicting” doom for Nigeria in what was purely scenario painting by individual analysts without the endorsement of the American government.
Unlike most of its work, the NIC, in this particular conference report, issued a disclaimer on the first page saying: “The views expressed are those of individuals and do no represent official US intelligence or policy positions. The National Intelligence Council routinely sponsors such unclassified conferences with outside experts to gain knowledge and insight to
sharpen the level of debate on critical issues.”
An aspect of the report which clearly affects Nigeria, and which focuses on “potential developments” and not an outright prediction, was listed under the “Downside Risks”.

The report was based on a lot of “ifs” contrary to the popular opinion which has almost become a mantra in Nigeria.
It was predicated on the possibility of a coup by junior officers – clearly an individual opinion held by one of the discussants.
It says: “Other potential developments might accelerate decline in Africa and reduce even our limited optimism. The most important would be the outright collapse of Nigeria.

“While currently Nigeria’s leaders are locked in a bad marriage that all dislike but dare not leave, there are possibilities that could disrupt the precarious equilibrium in Abuja.
“The most important would be a junior officer coup that could destabilise the country to the extent that open warfare breaks out in many places in a sustained manner.”

The report then warned on the risk to West Africa if Nigeria were to fail as a state, without actually saying the country was going to fail. It says: “If Nigeria were to become a failed state, it could drag down a large part of the West African region. Even state failure in small countries such as Liberia has the effect of destabilising entire neighborhoods. If millions were to flee a collapsed Nigeria, the surrounding countries, up to and including Ghana, would be destabilised. Further, a failed Nigeria probably could not be reconstituted for many years if ever and not without massive international assistance.”

At the conference, according to the report, the experts discussed several major issues or drivers that would affect Africa.
They included globalisation and its impact on political development and economic growth, patterns of conflict, terrorism, democratization, AIDS, evolving foreign influences, and religion.
Apart from this, THISDAY also stumbled on other unclassified reports commissioned by the NIC prior to and after the 2005 conference report on Africa’s future view with Nigeria as a key country in the region beyond 2015.
In the unclassified report by the NIC titled, “Global Trend 2015: A Dialogue about the Future with Non-governmental Experts”, which was released in December 2000, it was recorded that: “South Africa and Nigeria, the continent’s largest economies, will remain the dominant powers in the region through 2015. But their ability to function as economic locomotives and stabilisers in their regions will be constrained by large unmet domestic demands for resources to stimulate employment, growth, and social services, including dealing with AIDS.”

Putting both reports in context, the Global Trend 2015, which did not carry NIC’s disclaimer, is the product of its close collaboration with US government specialists and a wide range of experts outside government over a period of 15 months.
There is also an unclassified report titled, “Global Trend 2010”, released in November 1997, which projected then that, “Nigeria’s economic mismanagement, corruption, and political instability will not be resolved over the next 15 years.”

Two other unclassified reports titled, “Mapping the Global Future: Report of the National Intelligence Council 2020 Project”, which was released in December 2004, and “Global Trend 2025: A Transformed World”, released in 2008, undertook an overview of Sub-Saharan Africa, and only made specific reference to Congo-Kinshasa, Congo-Brazzaville, Central African Republic and Chad.
However, one notable aspect of the 2005 conference report on Africa is that of terrorism. Its reads: “Given that significant portions of Africa, those areas outside the nations’ capitals, will essentially be ungoverned, there will be many opportunities for terrorist groups that threaten the West to seek haven across the continent.

“…those terrorists groups seeking sanctuary for their fugitive principals or who want to hide dangerous weapons may find the distant regions of some African countries inviting precisely because they are unlikely to be interrupted by government.
“Indeed, an overwhelming majority of terrorism in Africa will be caused by indigenous groups waging war against their own or neighbouring governments or against other population groups, defined by religion or ethnicity.”
There couldn’t have been a more definite projection of the current security challenges confronting Nigeria and some African countries.
Thomas Fingar, who was chairman of NIC when the Global trend 2025 was produced in 2008, noted that worldwide response to Global Trends 2020, for instance, was extraordinary, and the report had been translated into several languages, debated in government offices, discussed in university courses, and used as a point of departure in community meetings on international affairs.

Point of note is that some of the media reports on the issue at the time most of which were short in details – and subsequent media reports, erroneously attributed it to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
Since then, not a few Nigerians view 2015 as the year of the nation’s Armageddon, to the extent that rivalries among politicians and aggressive contest for available resources among ethnic groups and regions – which are attributes of heterogeneous societies like Nigeria that had yet to fully harness the advantages of its diversity – are often explained from the perspective of an impending ominous 2015.

Not even the intervention, last February, by the US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Terence McCauley, that it was not the US government that made that projection, could put to rest the prevailing view that US had predicted that Nigeria would be a failed state in 2015.

Don’t allow the Indians, Americans, Russians, Chinese, European and their African puppets etc., to mislead you with vile diversionary media propaganda and material gains to blindfold you and perpetually hold you down to be a consumer of pollutants and contaminations in order to lose Him and your life. They hid Maharaj Ji in the past and they want to deny you
of His Divine presence again now that He is back in His true original form.


Our Ref: SGMJJ/OLF/9201/0505Y5 Date: June 30, 2005

The realization of America’s diabolical machination … encroaching on our national integrity through what we contracted as military training assistance to Nigeria, in the early days of the presidency, whereas the real intention and purpose was for America to penetrate the country, to work underground INCLUDING CANVASSING TO MAKE Nigeria one of its military bases and take over the preparation of our national budget. This move was outrightly rebuffed by Nigerians because they were full of sinister motives. Ever since Obasanjo sent American soldiers of fortune out of the country, the Bush administration has thus become apprehensive,
hence uncomfortable with President Obasanjo and Nigeria. This has thus resorted to intelligence and security intrigues, harassment and blackmail in pursuance of its agenda to destabilize Nigeria using a series of so-called intelligent reports on Nigeria which its NATO allies will make as reference point to isolate Nigeria.

It is noted that in the month of May alone, America, through its secret service agency, the CIA, has released at least three mischievous, so-called intelligence reports on the state of Nigeria, predicting disintegration. We refer to the series of these mischievous intelligence reports as follows:
• US EXPERT: Nigeria may be Al-Qaeda’s New Haven (front page of May 3, 2005 edition of ThisDay newspaper).
• ETHNIC CRISES DANGEROUS FOR DEMOCRACY … CIA tells Obasanjo (The Nigerian Tribune edition of May 3, 2005, front page).
(front page cover story of The Punch newspaper edition of May 25, 2005).
All these reveals clearly and unambiguously United States of America’s ill intentions towards Nigeria, for the reason that, the Bush administration has suddenly come to the realization of the real stuff Nigeria’s President Olusegun Obasanjo is made of by taking President Bush and the American nation for a ride, by initially seemingly docile and America – friendly.
America has now come to the conclusion, which is rightly so, that Mr. President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is no longer the man America knew from the inception of Nigeria’s democracy and his inauguration as Africa’s most populous democracy, no longer would give in to America’s penchant for dominance of the internal affairs of other sovereign states.
America should take note that Nigeria rejects completely this deliberate and fatuous attempt to intimidate, and rubbish Nigeria’s effort at stabilizing its course in governance, economy, growth and progress at our own pace and style.

Nigeria considers the latest subtle manoeuvre by America’s carefully tucked in so-called intelligent report to insult the intelligence of African nations and scorn the dignity of the Black Race, as a very serious affront to world psychology, and the undermining and/or lack of respect to the basic tenets of international relations, and that is non-interference in the
domestic affairs of sovereign nations.

Nigeria today under the able administration of President Obasanjo, has the support of the entire masses of the people of Nigeria, our internal squabbles notwithstanding, to totally repudiate America’s false logic that seek to equate our seeming differences which of course are perpetuated by America and other European major powers with sole intention to have the people rationalized, while they thrive on the sale of their latest weapons of destruction, using the African continent as a testing ground for their latest technology in weapons of war.

It is therefore about time that the detractors of Nigeria, and architects of Africa’s woes and degradation, begin to live with the realities of the present thinking in the 21st century, that Nigeria and Africa have resolved to take their destiny in their hands by the current effort to extricate our subservience to the West; especially now that the tilt in the spiritual leadership equation is favourably disposed to Nigeria and Africa by which Nigeria is evolving towards emerging as the next world power.

In a nutshell, the problem of America is that it is feeling unsafe for Nigeria now hosting the Living Perfect Master of this era in the name of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI. All their claims of “the policeman of the world” and calling the US “God’s Own Country” are no longer viable since Nigeria now becomes “God’s Own Home” and the Leader-Nation of the World. There is nothing to lose if America, instead of waging a psychological warfare, comes out to tell the world that The God Father Power they had misused to bully the world, is now in Nigeria. There is no way the US can win its war against Nigeria because Nigeria is now the New Holy Land of the Universe and The Satguru’s agya is so complete that there cannot be any disintegration. Wherever The Lord dwells is the most peaceful in Creation. All the so-called internal squabble are just that the retreating defeated army is spending its last energy of vengeance for no reason and success.

President Bush and America should be wise to know that Nigeria by its current status as the New Holy Land of the Universe, can no longer be intimidated, nor shaken any more. No nation, not even America, no matter how powerful can destabilize Nigeria anymore. Nigeria is the emerging Mother and Leader-Nation in the 21st century. Whatever is happening in the domestic front in Nigeria is purely Nigeria’s internal affairs in the evolutionary process to reposition, to re-engineer and to re-invigorate it for the greater task of global leadership.

Nigeria is under perfect guide and control, by the Ultimate Power that has taken a Nigerian body and is physically present on the planet Earth, in Nigeria; by this special grace therefore, NIGERIA WILL NOT BREAKUP, rather America should be wary of its actions and pronouncements on Nigeria or any other African country.

With the palpable security threat America is facing at the moment from its own trained Arab rebels whom they had used to threaten other Middle East States, the chances and the stakes against America are that unless America redresses its external policies, and penchant for destabilizing other sovereign nations, it is unlikely to survive to enjoy the New Golden Age of Life. Nigeria is not Iraq or Saudi Arabia.

We are fully aware of America’s game plan; it is all aimed at Nigeria’s oil, hence its unhidden interest in the affairs of the Niger-Delta region by tacitly fuelling the restiveness and agitations against the Federal Government of Nigeria. By this, we refer to the militia groups in the Niger-Delta region, that it is on record that President Bush of the United States of
America, sometimes in 2004 called President Obasanjo of Nigeria to want to dictate how Nigeria should handle the leader of the Niger Peoples’ Volunteer Force (NPVF), because “America has interest in the Niger-Delta region” – the question is what interest has America in Niger-Delta?

Afterall, the supposed interest of American oil companies prospecting and exploiting Nigeria’s oil is Nigeria’s prerogative to allow any country to come in for the business of oil or any other venture, should not automatically mean the giving up of its sovereignty and/or integrity.

At this hour, there is no known problem, domestic or external, that Nigeria cannot solve, including the agitations from the Niger-Delta and elsewhere in the country because the hand of Divinity is behind Nigeria.

Gone are the days in the last century when the US and its NATO allies had their way when it came to undermining the security of African nations. It is not a hidden fact that they staged direct and subtle resistance to nationalists who would have evolved progressive policies to stabilize their nations. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Lumumba, Ben Bella, Sankara and others were never allowed to sprout.

In the case of Nigeria, in 1979, the CIA told the world that Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and Chief Obafemi Awolowo must not be allowed to win the elections and so subsequently wrapped up a strategy which robbed the duo of the presidency in favour of Alhaji Shehu Shagari. That is now history which will not re-occur because Nigeria is spiritually at the highest level of world leadership.

America should leave Nigeria alone to build the nationhood and Africa of our choice. Gone are the days Nigeria and Africa used to bow to threats, antics, treachery, subservience and debauchery of any so-called super-power.

It is well known that America’s foreign policies have at all times been mapped out and orchestrated by articulated actions to suppress rising nations wishing to develop. America thus feels threatened to face contemporaries in the power and industrial equation, hence does everything possible to dismantle any such nation that has the potentials to develop.

This posture of the United States’ foreign policies only portends one thing – the show of form that this subtle but effective course takes and draws attention to the attitude that western imperialism wishes to continuously inculcate on up-coming democracies, and potential economies of developing nations, towards perpetually holding to ransom and submission,
purely for political and economic considerations, to maintain the carting away of resources from developing nations, which are unacceptable.

We must warn the United States that the case of Nigeria at this hour is a different ball game. Any act inimical to the peaceful atmosphere enjoyed in Nigeria and Africa may be met with disastrous consequences for America, the karmic reaction could only be best imagined.
America cannot, and must not stampede Nigeria with frivolous and mischievous security, so-called intelligence report.

Nigeria holds the ‘ace’ to intelligence and security surveillance, throughout the world because The Satguru is the Chief Security and Spiritual Head in the Universe.

Satguru Maharaj Ji, The God-Father Power is the ‘factor’.
My Love and Blessings.


FOR some time now, news of the United States of America being behind a prediction of Nigeria’s possible break up in 2015 has remained persistent in spite of official denials both within Nigeria and abroad. The US played a key role in the dissolution of countries like Vietnam, Korea and the Soviet Republic, but has been contained elsewhere (for instance, Cuba). Critics of Nigeria’s continued existence within the country itself, particularly the self-determination groups in the South-South and South-East geopolitical zones of the country, are always quick to refer to the USA’s supposed prediction that Nigeria might break up in 2015 as a pointer to the international validation of their position.

To such groups, the political unrest within the country and the current, seemingly intractable security challenges are signals of Nigeria’s possible break up in 2015. But by far the most potent factor for the sentiments regarding a breakup has been the North/South divide in the country. Should Nigeria break up in 2015, however, would it be back, for instance, to its pre-amalgamation status of Southern Nigeria and Northern Nigeria, or would it, given the pattern of the linguistic/ethnic majorities, fragment into a New Biafra (for the Igbo), Oduduwa Republic for the Yoruba, and Arewa Republic for the Hausa? While either option looks attractive, the ethnic complexities of the Nigerian nation, analysts say, might pose serious challenges to it. Sir Hugh Clifford, Governor General of Nigeria between 1920 – 31, described Nigeria as “a collection of independent native states, separated from one another by great distances, by differences of history and traditions and by ethnological, racial, tribal, political, social and religious barriers.”

Genesis of the prediction

Although one of Nigeria’s foremost politicians, Chief Obafemi Awolowo had, in 1947, referred to Nigeria as “a mere geographical expression,’’ a colonial secret document, the Tinubu Square Edict’ or Accord of 1914, which was reportedly signed into law at the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914 and similar to the British/China accord of Hong Kong, showed that the Nigerian experiment meant to last for an initial 100 years (that is, till this year), following which it should be reviewed. In 2006, the US’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) gave a damning verdict on Nigeria: “While currently, Nigeria’s leaders are locked in a bad marriage that all dislike
but dare not leave, there are possibilities that could disrupt the precarious equilibrium in Abuja. The most important would be a junior officer coup that could destabilize the country to the extent that open warfare breaks out in many places in a sustained manner. If Nigeria were to become a failed state, it could drag down a large part of the West African region.’’ The CIA however added a caveat: “States with high levels of violence will not automatically be failed states; indeed, the ability of African countries to continue to muddle along, despite high levels of violence, should not be underestimated. For instance, 20,000 people have been killed in Nigeria while that country has maintained its democratic facade.”

Indeed, to assess the readiness of its military to respond to a possible war in Nigeria, Somalia and some other African countries, the United States military, in May 2008, conducted a war games test called Unified Quest 2008. A 2013 war date was in fact later set to test how AFRICOM could respond to a crisis in Nigeria in the event that rival factions and rebels fight to control the oil fields of the Niger Delta, and government collapses. Even then, a new security report entitled “Nigerian Unity in the Balance,” authored for the United States Army War College, again warned Nigerian leaders to beware of another civil war or an outright break-up. It said: “Having already experienced one brutal civil war, Nigeria is at risk for a recurrence of conflict or dissolution, especially since some of the underpinning motivations of the war remain unresolved.”

In spite of the foregoing, the American government prefers to deny any linkage with the 2015 doomsday prediction. For instance, speaking with the media in Ibadan on Thursday, February 1, 2012, former US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Terence McCulley, insisted that said the US never predicted that Nigeria would break up by 2015, claiming that the prediction was made by a private agency that carried out a survey rather than the US government. McCulley said the US government considered Nigeria a strategic partner in Africa, whose role in peace keeping operation in the continent had been pivotal.

“Nigeria is a country of diverse faiths and draws its strength from this diversity. In spite of this-perhaps because of it-some people seek to exploit religious differences in Nigeria. But many Nigerians have refused to let this happen,’’ he said. His views were echoed by his predecessor, James Entwistle, in January this year. Speaking during an interactive session
with some journalists in Lagos, he said: “I don’t see any sign of a breakup. You have challenges in this country, but you are moving forward towards a bright future. Yes, your country had a devastating civil war just like my own country. It almost tore us into two. The idea that Nigeria is going to fall apart in the coming months is news to me; I am not sure where that idea is coming from.” And speaking in Sokoto during a media roundtable, Entwistle pointed out that there was no American official that said Nigeria would break up in 2015. “What I see is a country that will steadily match forward with the U.S. by her side”, he said.


Speaking while receiving members of the Muslim community in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja who paid him Sallah homage at the Presidential Villa, Abuja last year, President Jonathan said:“For those who are predicting that this country will separate in 2015 based on the fault lines as of the time of amalgamation, they will know that this prediction will not be of any consequence.”

Again, speaking as the guest lecturer at the 7th Distinguished Lecture Series of School of Media and Communication, Pan Atlantic University, Victoria Island, Lagos, in February, elder statesman, Chief Edwin Clark, dismissed the suggestion that Nigeria will break up in 2015.

“I don’t see Nigeria breaking in 2015. People are just saying this because two American scholars who conducted a research some years back, postulated that Nigeria is in a balance or that Nigeria will break. They based their postulation on jostling for political power and the small arms being imported into this country. Now certain obnoxious statements have been made that there will be war, bloodshed, if Jonathan wins or does not win the 2015 elections. These statements which support the assertion by the American scholars is not enough to break Nigeria.’’

Indeed, speaking at the weekend on the insecurity in Nigeria due to the activities of the Boko Haram sect, Lt-General Theophilus Danjuma (retd) stated: “Nobody has the mandate to scatter Nigeria, and nobody must be allowed to scatter Nigeria”. He however lamented: “Our society and economy are in tatters in a highly competitive world; our children are missing out in getting qualitative and functional education; the masses of our people are chained down in dehumanizing and grinding poverty while we continue to maintain a few islands of false prosperity in a turbulent ocean of penury and squalor. There cannot be peace and harmony where there is wide disparity between the few rich and multitude of the poor.”

Although the 2015 doomsday prediction date appears unrealistic, the nation would do well to remember that, as the US War College report noted, Nigeria is at risk for a recurrence of conflict or dissolution, especially since some of the underpinning motivations of the war remain unresolved.’



“Among all humans Maharaj Ji is superior, among all Gods He is great and above all, he has the missing key of Divine Knowledge which is the cement that seals every civilization. Anyone who shall oppose me here will do so out of ignorance relating to the consummate mystery of reality. The Guru is a Good God and a Good Man.

“As a historical Ma, he has a beginning (day of birth) like all other ancient Masters. He was born of a woman. If he, Guru Maharaj Ji is truly human, he therefore shares in the definition of man as animal rationalize (rational animal) as rational being. As a man he also shares in the cultural, linguistic, political, social, transcendental and other eschatological characteristics of humanity.

“Like any Avatar, Guru Maharaj Ji shares in the ontology of our humaneness with all its anxieties, expectations, worries and contingencies. He knows the poverty of the human flesh; its weakness, hunger, thirst and tiredness. He can be exhausted and wearied, fatigued. As a Divine Being, he is also beyond all these from a high dimension unknown to the mortal man.

“Though in the words of Alfred North Whitehead, the profound process philosopher, “God is the fellow sufferer who understands.” This is because in the worlds of another scholar, Ulrich Eibach, “A God who cannot suffer cannot be close to suffering creature.” To Jurgen Moltmann, “The one who cannot suffer cannot love either. John Macquarie concludes, “A God of live is inevitably vulnerable, for there is no love that does not suffer.”

“Those who sincerely wish to know why I have concluded this article by saying that the Guru is not a Satan should know that nothing good can come from Satan, but a lot of good things have come from The Guru to this nation, some of which are visible while some others are invisible.
Those who have any proof to call Him Satan should forward their proofs to my e-mail. Such proof must be bereft of western influence born of religious credo; because the Whiteman together with their religions have never seen anything good in Africa.

“I have finished my findings on The Guru and my conclusion is that he should be appreciated for His noble and sincere work and therefore should be given a chance to assist our noble civilization. This is my humble plea with those in authority so that we can follow in the rank of
those countries that are expected to be technologically recognized in the 2020.” …. Prof. Nathan Uzorma Protus’ Declaration. (Culled from Daily Sun, Wed. 11th, 18th, 25th November and 2nd December, 2009, Page 19).


Maharaj Ji is the Original True Name of the Creator before Europe, Russia, China, Middle East, U.S.A and Asia Continents were created. It is derived from Sanskrit, the mother tongue of the human race. Use it. It’s Omnipotent. The Ultimate cover against all dangers at work, home or office.

Before the coming into existence of what we now know as the continents, namely, Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Australia, and Antarctica, Africa was the world as one huge landmass inhabited by the Black Race at the beginning of creation.

Due to uncalled-for hatred for one another, the Blackman derailed from the path of Light and degenerated in value, He then wallowed in darkness, gratifying his senses in utter disregard to nature’s laid down rules and regulations for blissful existence on Earth.

Since the world is not a cosmic joke, a cataclysmic reaction by the elements in creation occurred and gave rise to the Atlantis deluge in which the expansive African landmass broke into pieces and got the fragments and its inhabitants submerged in water. After many years of submersion under water, the Creator, Maharaj Ji in His love, mercy and compassion gave reprieve to those fragmented submerged islands and its inhabitants to re-emerge in the cold region of the world to become what we know today as the continents – Asia, Europe, North
and South America, Australia, and Antarctica. In the cause of his long period of domicile in water, the melanin skin texture of those blacks became weathered resulting in their emergence with a fair skin as the oyinbos.


The Divine Knowledge of Satguru Maharaj Ji has revealed that there are Nine Most Powerful Women of Valour who controlled the world before the manifestation of Satguru Maharaj Ji on the global scene, to save humanity from the evil grip of these evil spirited women.

These nine women used their amazonal powers to hold the world prostrated and manipulated everybody, spiritually, in order to do their biddings. Those who made the list include: The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, as Chairman. Others include late Margaret Thatcher of England; late Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan, late Elizabeth Toro of Uganda; Ngozi Ejimadu, Mfon Abasi, late Maryam Babangida, Banuso and Kikelomo, all from Nigeria.

Being highly possessed of enormous destructive power which they were very much conscious about, these nine women capitalized on the absence of the Supreme Godhead in human body, The Satguru of the time, to play God. They planted their foot soldiers as children and wives virtually in every home and used them to monitor and control everybody. Hence, they became the God, that the Bible and Koran carriers pray to daily. They equally distributed wealth and blood money with strings attached.

For lack of spiritual consciousness, those who are obsessed with primitive accumulation of material mundane things given by these destructive forces are totally, oblivious of the conditions attached to them, spiritually, before accepting. By the time these Greek-gifts manifest physically there are problems all over the place. For instance, one could be given
a mobile coffin in place of a car! By the time you know it, in a jiffy, one has gone to oyinbo-heaven in the sky via an accident, while having a jolly good ride in his dream brand new car! These women are also the sole architect of the misery, pains, untimely and accidental deaths which human beings experience in daily life.

Little wonder, humanity has been deceived to believe that one cannot see God until one dies, to face judgment!

These evil spirited women’s phenomenal rise to limelight and dominance in global affairs was by default. Due to man’s hatred for one another which evoked the wrath of the Seven Elements in Creation – The Sun, Moon, Stars, Air, Water, Fire, and Mother Earth – landmass Africa, from
where everything started, got submerged into water during the Atlantis deluge and in the process got broken into pieces, giving rise to what we, today, know as continents.

After several years of domicile in water, the same black man that got submerged inside water got the reprieve of the Creator, Maharaj Ji, to reincarnate with a fair skin as the whiteman.

This historical accident in man’s evolutionary process led to the degeneration of value, in man. Being created in the perfect image of his Father, Maharaj Ji, man became a counterfeit image of His Maker and subsequently lost the creative power within him. He descended from
the spiritual to the Earth plane. His spiritual essence became irrelevant and everything about life and his existence on Earth became a thing of the physical only. For him, good and bad, right and wrong become an accepted norm.

Like his Father who vibrated something out of nothing, he was no longer able to say it, and it happens. This was not the case before he found himself in this sorry state. Everything he needed – food, child, etc – came by vibration. The fall of man brought about the recreation of himself through having the canal knowledge of a woman.

This was the loophole the nine women of valour cornered and used it plant their foot soldiers in all homes across the globe. Under these circumstances, it becomes extremely difficult to, truly, know who your wife, husband, child, etc. is! This is because there is no way one can
know the spirit possessing our so-called close relations because the life of man is, now purely, based on the physical.

To worsen the state of existence of man, particularly the blacks, coded books were written in order to strangulate them and deny them the opportunity of knowing the original name of the Creator, Maharaj Ji. The European aristocratic class illegally conspired to expunge the original
true and potent name of the Creator, Maharaj Ji from the scriptures in AD 21 and AD 60 during their conferences held in Constantinople. Hybrid and impotent names like God, Got, Dog, Tetragrammaton, Allah, etc. were brought in place of Maharaj Ji.

The mighty women of valour capitalized on these enthroned game of deceit to de-spiritualize the blacks in order to render them highly vulnerable and willing prey to their evil antics.
During the 1995 Beijing women conference, the same women sponsored the retrogressive bill, which sought to make it lawful for a woman to marry two husband at the same time. It took the spiritual intervention of Satguru Maharaj Ji for this obnoxious bill to be shut down at the United Nations General Assembly.

This has been the prevailing scenario before the coming of Satguru Maharaj Ji to debunk that falsehood. Today, we are more conscious and wiser to know that one can see God alive in line with the scriptural injunction: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God; alive and
not dead.

The coming of The Satguru has opened up all the hidden secrets. Today, the truth is known and there is no place for them to hide. Five out of these nine women namely: Queen Elizabeth II, Ngozi Ejimadu, Mfon Abasi, Banuso and Kikelomo are still alive while the rest have gone to heaven-above in the sky, awaiting so-called judgment day.

The last four received the Divine Knowledge of Maharaj Ji and were the ones The Satguru, in His game of love to save the world, used to infiltrate and destroy the rank and file of the various covens of these evil-minded entities.

Today, the Lord is here, and the world is safe. Nigeria is the winner, and the victory is for Africa in particular and the world in general.



SATGURU MAHARAJ JI’s 33 years of divine service as The World Teacher has elevated the consciousness of a large segment of the society to the point of realizing that everybody was programmed to commit self-“hara kiri” before Maharaj Ji’s coming. Hypocrisy and deceit abound all over, piror to this date, July 17, 1980. Hence, besides hiding the original true and potent name of the Creator, Maharaj Ji and replacing same with impotent adjectival names like God, Allah, Jehovah, El Shaddai, Deo, etc; the game of grand deceit to finish everybody was equally extended to colours as regards its significance and effects on man. In this aspect the world was deceived to believe that blue is the colour of love while red is the colour of danger. Humanity embrace this fallacy, deliberately concocted to finish man amidst nature’s overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

The colour Red and those who use it become the most dreaded and avoided human beings due to uncalled-for fear and suspicion that they are dangerously demonic. Hence, nobody wants to be identified with Red colour as it was regarded as evil and satanic. On the contrary, everybody fell in love with blue colour, unknown to them that it is the colour of the marine world, with very low vibration that attracts/magnetises all kinds of negativities, which creates a healthy environment for principalities/elemental forces to penetrate and visit mayhem on those associated with it in form of all kinds of health challenegs, spiritual attacks, bad business, failures, misery, pains, accidental and untimely deaths.
In that state of confusion, those behind this game of grand deceit propounded phantom theories that created the problems and even proffer remedial measures, which at the end of the day compounds the problems. In the absence of an alternative way out from the mess already on ground and like a sheep without a shepherd, humanity was herded to the abyss of
destruction as these vicissitudes of life remains unabated and even tend to overwhelm man.

Hence, 33 years after, an unqualified breakthrough has been recorded in Satguru’s teachings on the colour Red.

The World Teacher provided convincing natural back-up reasons to prove that Red is the colour of Love.

As a practical Teacher, who lives by example rather than precepts, Satguru Maharaj Ji is very fond of the colour red and most often appears in red robe garments.

Among flowers, The Lord prefers those in red. They are the dominant flowers at His Lotus Feet. The original factory colour of Satguru Maharaj Ji’s car was white before it was repainted in a bright red colour.

In answer to questions as to why He prefers the colour red, Satguru Maharaj Ji said “it is the colour of love”. Perhaps this will sound surprising in view of the old concept of red in the minds of a large section of our people. Majority of the natives believe that red is a symbol of danger others readily link it with horrors involving the shedding of blood. This in-built aversion against the red colour has robbed many people of its benefit.

The Master says this attitude is wrong and calls for a change. After all, the stream of life flowing in all human beings, which is the blood is red. The radiations of the human beings operate through the blood. It is the life force and it is not by coincidence that its colour is red. The constituents are oxygen and haemoglobin which form the red compound oxygen haemoglobin. The haemis is itself a red iron compound which contributes the electromagnetic nature of the blood. All this, just to show the connection between the life force and the colour red.

Interestingly, the arrival of Satguru Maharaj Ji on the world scene with the Light of Creation has started to meltdown the thick fog of darkness and ignorance that have, so far, shrouded man from realizing the precarious state he has created for himself. People are becoming more aware and conscious of themselves and their environment with the teachings of The World Teacher, which have been gaining acceptance in preference to the demonic creeds from the pit of hell humanity has so far been brainwashed to believe in. Right now, the colour red is now in vogue as the colour of Love. Red colour has now been adopted globally as Valentine colour.

Since we now live in an age dominated by science and technology, with people becoming skeptical or unbelieving of claims which are not scientifically testable and verifiable, the most preferable way of knowing the truth is through scientific experiment.

It could be interesting testing scientifically Satguru Maharaj Ji’s assertion that red is the King of all colours. The experiment is simple enough and it is one most of us did in Physics in our Secondary School days.

The apparatuses you need are neither not too many nor cumbersome. Take a glass prism and let a light beam pass through it from a horizontal direction. A torch-light could be useful for this purpose. Put a white screen, preferably a cardboard paper vertically on the other side of the glass prism and shift it until an image is formed on it. You will discover that the image on the screen is that of the rainbow and consists of seven colours. These are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. See diagram below;


The inference from the observation is that red tops all the other colours. It is the colour with the shortest wavelength and highest frequency of vibration. It should therefore not be surprising that the colour of the human blood is red. The same phenomenon can be observed in the ripening of flowers and fruits. Originally, most fruits are green in colour. Then gradually as the process of maturity progresses, the green of the fruit turns to yellow, and eventually, the process terminates as the fruit reddens.

You too as an Aspirant could make observations in nature and see how mother nature is in tune with Maharaj Ji’s principles. Struggle to attain Knowledge and see the wonders of nature unfold in conformity with the teachings of Satguru Maharaj Ji.



If the truth must be told, Satguru Maharaj Ji has so far proved Himself as a Universal Personality, both in words and in deeds. He epitomises justice, equity and fair play.

With man as the crown of creation, He believes in the equality of the races and respect for the dignity of man. Satguru teaches that man must shun all sundry negative and divisive cleavages like racism, tribalism, ethnicism, nepotism, corruption hatred, etc. which remain the source of the downfall of man.
Hence, Satguru Maharaj Ji has always intervened when there are obvious cases of injustice and marginalisation against anybody or group.
However, failure to appreciate such interventionist role of The Satguru by the victims due to ignorance, helps to escalate their problems and sufferings.
A case in hand is that of the relevance of Ndigbo in Nigeria’s present political permutations and combinations which Satguru beamed His searchlight on through His press release captioned “NDIGBO’S SLOUCHY DRIFT INTO OBSCURITY AND IRRELEVANCE IN NIGERIA’S POLITICAL EQUATION” which is reproduced here.

Some kind of phantomic haze seems to have besieged the soul of the political direction and fortunes of Ndigbos in Nigeria’s political power calculus; presently.

Since the exit of legendary Igbo political icons like the Great Zik of Africa, the K. O. Mbadiwes, Okparas, Ibiams; Mr. Boycutable, Mazi Mbonu Ojike and R. B. K. Okafors, political watchers of the Nigerian political terrain, find it extremely difficult to fixate the political direction of the Igbos.
Emerging politicians of Igbo extraction, of recent times, seems to have limited themselves to selfish bread and butter politics rather than charting a united front that has the capacity to galvanize and re-launch the Igbo nation into the mainstream of Nigeria’s politics dynamics.
What went wrong, that today, the Igbo nation has become the weeping boy or reference evil poster kid of Nigerian politics?
Is Ndigbo no longer the Romans of old that ruled the world? If they are … and indeed they are … what brought about their state of total confusion that resulted in the lack of clear-cut political vision and direction?
The reason is not far-fetched. Hence, Ndigbo should backstage to the basics, because if one does not know where he is going, at least, he must remember where he is coming from. Again, one good turn, they say, deserves another.

Ndigbo’s slouchy drift into obscurity and irrelevance in present day Nigeria’s political equation is simply because they have failed to realize and appreciate that Papa (Nna) Ndigbo, Satguru Maharaj Ji is back in their fold for the past 33 years.
Efforts to make them realize this truth appears like pouring water on a stone. Notable among the efforts was the apt message the Great Zik of Africa gave Ndigbo on March 31, 1993, when I visited and blessed him at his Onuiyi Haven residence at Nsukka. In his Owellian welcome homily whereby he supplicated that “Maharaj Ji should be able to change not only the people of Nigeria, not only the people of Africa, but people of the whole universe.” Zik went further to admonish Ndigbo “to wake up from their spiritual slumber because when the true Master of the time is around, no other holy name works.” Again, he added that the world is not all about oyinboman’s intellectual excitement and, hence, harped on the need for the “Igbos to backstage inwardly and introspect on our rich cultural values so as to be able to understand the creation better.”

The failure of Ndigbo to appreciate Divinity’s packaged agenda for the Igbo nation as it, gradually, unfolds, has resulted in creating social discontent amongst them. This has reached the level where a tribe that prides itself of possessing the best in terms of intellectual properties has degenerated to the unbelievable low level where matters of high legal jurisprudence could be given a licentious illegality in legal implications for a new Nigeria.
In order to bounce back to political limelight, Ndigbo should appreciate The Satguru’s role when the Northern Oligarchy through IBB, her leading star, humiliated Ndigbo with the unceremonious removal of Ebitu Ukiwe from office.
At the instance of SP Edit Nuga and late Chief RBK Okafor, Ndigbo leader invited The Satguru at Concorde Hotel, Owerri, in their search for solution on the issue. During the meeting, I reassured the Igbo leaders present that the grace of Maharaj Ji will surely redress the humiliation and injustice that was meted to them. This promise resulted in the cabinet changes that brought Ike Nwachukwu, Ambassador Igwe and co. into government. Ndigbo never appreciated this in any form.

Again, during the hey days of Abacha reign of terror and in the course of My search for Igbo presidency for Nigeria, I in the company of My Assistant Community Coordinator for Orlu, Chairman Chukwuleta Iriele, met the maverick Oguta-born Chief and politician, Arthur Nzeribe at the Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos, in order to size him up on his state of preparedness to become Aso Rock Villa landlord. During the brief closed-door meeting, I gave Chief Nzeribe My word as regards My intention to make him the president of Nigeria. He was in doubt and took it for a joke, due to his deep ignorance on who and what Satguru Maharaj Ji phenomenon is all about. By the time I visited him at his Oguta resident to conclude and concretize the deal, he was manipulated by the forces to make derogatory statements via Chris Anyanwu’s defunct TSM magazine that The Satguru is a dictator. What an unwise and ungrateful way of paying back Satguru Maharaj Ji’s love gesture to the Igbos?

On the contrary, the little expression of love for The Satguru by both OBJ and Goodluck Jonathan earned the duo the love and grace of Maharaj Ji to become Nigerian presidents to actualize the African dream and struggle of the nationalists for equal rights, freedom and liberty which has been trampled upon for centuries.

It is pertinent therefore that the Igbo leadership must wake up now that it has been proved beyond reasonable doubt that the delay for the self-determination of the Atlantis children was a negative plan of the British using some neo-colonialists in our midst as culprits.
However, that notwithstanding, I can assure Ndigbo that an Igbo president in, present day, Nigeria is a divine reality and the key to make this happen is in the hands of Satguru Maharaj Ji. This, of course, can no longer be on the basis of monkey dey work, baboon dey chop.
They should wake up to this reality and Maharaj Ji will do it for them.
My Love and Blessings.



In what seems like a programmed but systematic plot by the Northern Oligarchy to turn all Nigerians to almajiris, deepen and spread the desolate and destitute state of affairs in the North down South, the Abacha regime embarked on a heavy crackdown on upwardly mobile and enterprising persons from the South with a view to eliminate them.
One of the victims of this evil plot was one Chief Victor Okafor a.k.a. Ezego of Igboland.

Chief Victor Okafor could be described as a genius because his business acumen was legendary, and this was yielding prompt dividends with his qualms for wealth creation regarded second to none. When that come to the notice of the envious Northern Oligarchy class, phantom hard drug trafficking and money laundering charges were preferred against the Ezego of Igboland. He was arrested and detained by the NDLEA, where he waited to be issued with a ticket to oyinbo heaven that is up in the sky, to see God.

Before Abacha’s evil hangman’s noose could catch up with Ezego, two of his relations ran into My Orlu Community Coordinator, SP Ichie Chukwuleta Iriele and narrated Ezego’s ordeal to him. SP Ichie Chukwuleta gave them Maharaj Ji’s tracts bearing an Altar (small photograph of Satguru Maharaj Ji) and directed them to take them along and give them to Ezego who was languishing in NDLEA cell then; with an instruction that Ezego should call the Holy Name of Maharaj Ji at least 250 times in his daily prayers and watch and see, for himself, the potency
of the Wonder Working Holy Name, Maharaj Ji, since they say experience is the best teacher. In his state of desperation, Ezego bought the idea and followed to the letter the instruction given on how to use the tracts. To the greatest surprise of both Ezego and his brothers, within a space of about one week of trying the Holy name, NDLEA threw the doors of their cell wide open and asked Ezego to go and sin no more.

On embracing the air of freedom, the elated Ezego settled his two brothers with gifts for introducing Maharaj Ji into his life, which resulted in his unexpected and spontaneous freedom. Rather than come to Maharaj Ji Village, in order to appreciate what Maharaj Ji did for him, Ezego and his people were manipulated by the forces to head for his hometown in Ihiala for a thanksgiving service in the church during December 1998 Christmas celebration. The same forces got him while they were arranging for the thanksgiving service when as a routine they were travelling in a convoy from Ihiala to Enugu and the car he was inside had a minor fault. Rather than enter another car, Ezego insisted on remaining inside the faulty car as it was being towed to Enugu town where a mechanic/electrician could trace the minor fault and fix it.

On getting to the 9th Mile corner, Ezego’s car disconnected from the towing-van and subsequently lost control as it veered off the road and finally plunged into the dangerous 9th Mile corner deep valley and died in the process.

This was how the curtain of life was abruptly drawn on the Ezego of Igboland and hence showcasing the evil havoc alien religion visits on the Blackman who has been deceived to abandon his tradition and culture. If Ezeogo had given honour to whom it is due, even without going to Maharaj Ji Village to appreciate what Maharaj Ji did for him, but preferably gone to Okija Shrine which is a stone throw from his home in order to appease our Ancestors. He would have been alive today contributing his little quota in nation-building. Unfortunately, he is gone under the “blood of Jesus” insurance cover and perhaps seated at the right-hand side of Jesus.



For many Nigerians, which include Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, ex-Nigeria’s president and many others, it has become almost natural to regard the God of Heaven as a Nigerian. Late Prophet Dr Samuel Akin Adewole is one of the rarely gifted Nigerian with the hindsight to foresee the “Nigerians” of God.
Nigeria will soon become the greatest and best country for pilgrimage latest in the 2000, Alleluyah. God will make very, very good and divine use of Nigerian in the mightiest way such that had never been witnessed before in the history of the whole world. He (the Nigerian) will start from where our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ finished his missionary works. He is the Messiah. He will do mightier works than Jesus Christ. He is the same Jesus Christ but will not be called Jesus Christ again. He has come this second time with a new name, just like the first Elijah died and came back with new name. The Lord died young but will live longest this time – (228). He is a Nigerian

Culled from Sunday Champion Newspaper, January 3, 1998


Late pope John Paul Ii was one of the modern-day magi that got attracted by The Great Light to Nigeria to pay homage to the Mahdi/Christ of this age, Satguru Maharaj Ji soon on arrival on Nigerian soil on July 17, 1980. On arrival at the Airport, the Pope kissed Nigerian soil and proclaimed: “Oh what a beautiful Child”. He went back without informing the world the “Beautiful Child” he saw in Nigeria.

The late Pope’s next port of call was Goree (off the coast of Guinea, West Africa). While delivering his Lenten speech, the late Pope said, “Let us recognize in a spirit penitence what the Christian Whiteman did to Blacks during the inhuman Trans-African Slave Trade”. He went further to beg the Black Race for forgiveness without informing the world about the presence of The Lord and Savior of man in Nigeria. Later the Pope lost the battle for his life as he was struck by Parkinson disease syndrome. His successor, Pope Benedict, has a stormy ride in office as it became exposition-galore on the avalanche of scandals that became the lot of the papacy at the Vatican. He confessed the homosexual lifestyles of Cardinals in the Vatican and took a bow out of office.


His successor and current Pope, Francis has pre-occupied himself with the redemption of the image of the Vatican
in particular and Catholics in general with his on-going reforms. Part of the reform package, we gathered, was repackaging the Bible to make it more attractive and more appealing to present day youths. The reforms are against the backdrop of the Vatican’s recent bombshell that “Jesus is not coming back by the looks of it”.


Prophetess Grace Galindez-Gupana, a Filipino woman, had gone down in history, according to Guinness Book of World Records, as the designer of the largest flag in world history.
“The flag named “Lion of Judah” by the designer, Gupana, spans about two hectares. Mrs. Grace Galindez-Gupana, a businesswoman who runs The Kingdom of Jerusalem Foundation, said she embarked on the project because of what she called the divine visitation to Nigeria. According to her, she could not have done otherwise on the usual flag project, which she transported to Nigeria from Israel in obedience to the divine instruction to her describing the event as a victory to Nigeria.”
“Speaking with journalists, the prophetess claimed that God would be visiting Nigeria soon, saying that He has shown her a vision in which He promised to raise the country as the real giant of Africa with influential impacts across the world.”

Gupana maintained that “She had never visited any Black nation until God directed her to come to Ibadan, Oyo State, where she first hoisted the banner on December 18, 2010.”
In the face of daunting and unpleasant challenges the trip to Nigeria posed to her “on account of erratic power supply, culture shock and unfamiliar food”. Guapana’s faith was unshaken in her mission to Ibadan as “she heard God’s Voice which told her about the great divine plan for
the country” largely due to the immeasurable love God has for Nigeria, “because his name is everywhere in the street, in businesses, even in beer parlors.”

She went further to say that she “saw a vision where a shroud was hindering the nation’s glory” which according to her “God attributed this to satanic plan due to the divine love He has for the people.”
This aspect of Gupana’s message from the divine played out fully in the course of delivering this divine message to humanity as satanic Euro-Arabian forces used spiritual counterfeits and religious ‘gbomogbomos’ who are extensions of sinking boat of old colonial religious empires, to waylay and kidnap prophetess Gupana in a calculated attempt to reap where they did not sow. This coup d’état against the will of Divinity resulted in diverting the banner to Redeemed Camp, Keffi Road, Abuja, on Saturday, December 23, 2010, where it was finally re-hoisted at the instance of the business moguls operating the homosexual religious sector.

On Gupana’s assertion that “God loves Nigeria because His name is everywhere on the street, in business, even in beer parlor”; it is glaringly obvious that only the Holy Name of Maharaj Ji, that never fails, that has become household word in Nigeria and beyond, today. This could not
have been any other name amongst the sectional religious names like Jesus, Mohammed, etc. who has come and gone, which in the light of our current experiences as a nation, have so far bred social discontent and acrimony leading to the breakage of the inter-personal relationship in homes, communities, nations to the extent of posing grave threat to our national security.

In other words, Prophetess Grace Galindez-Gupana’s mission is purely a divine issue and has got nothing to do with the religious groups which turned it into a religious affair.
Going by the prophetess account as regards “I have never been to any country with a large black population, until God asked me to come to Nigeria. He directed me to Ibadan where we unfolded the ‘Lion of Judah’ flag. I do not know why he directed me to Ibadan” “… but I heard the Voice of God there and He told me He will raise a man of His choice who will raise Nigeria. The banner we are hoisting signifies victory.” The reason for God directing her to Ibadan is obvious and succinctly clear. The Holy City of Ibadan, the old Nazareth, is the host city and abode of The Godman, Satguru Maharaj Ji. How come, then, that mortal man in all his fallibility muster the guts to change the course of Divine Providence? Let’s not forget Divinity, which is Nature personified, is All-Loving but even at that, natural principle, which demands that man must reap what he sows is sacrosanct and never fails to take its toll on man as a result of his recalcitrance.

However, though Mrs. Grace Galindez-Gupana was manipulated not to be able to deliver her divine mission to Nigeria, right on target at The Lotus Feet of the Lord of the Universe, Satguru Maharaj Ji, in Maharaj Ji Village, The Highest Spiritual Centre of the Universe at Km. 10, Ibadan-Lagos Expressway, Ibadan, Opposite Odo-Ona Kekere, Oluyole LGA, Oyo State, Nigeria, the New Holy Land of the Universe, she needs to be commended for her efforts so far.
But then, we should not forget that in the scriptures, it is said woe betide lawyers, for they know the truth, but they refuse to embrace it and yet block others from taking a step.
Those who have ears, let them hear.
…News Source – PUNCH Newspaper, Monday, January 24, 2011


Nigerians please, let’s pause and ponder. Why is it that despite Nigeria’s socio-economic, political and security challenges, since the granting of flag independence by British colonial overlords, Nigeria has remained an indivisible and united Nation? So far, the indices of war that led to the breakup nations across the globe like Sudan, Somalia, Congo, Burundi, Czechoslovakia, etc is not up to ten percent of what Nigeria is passing through today, yet the nation forges ahead as an indivisible and united nation.
Secondly, despite the wanton looting and despoliation of Nigeria’s economy by neocolonialists agents who stash our wealth in the vaults of foreign banks, yet Nigeria’s economy still holds bright prospects as investors’ paradise and keeps attracting foreign investments amidst dire security challenges and social discontent.
IBB, the evil genius, even attested to this during the era of his reign. He confessed that he could not understand what is sustaining the economy of the nation in the face of brazen lootocrazy and various acts of economic banditry committed against the nation by her leaders and their foreign partners in crime.

What is it that is keeping Nigeria going to date? Some conmen delude themselves that Nigerians are godly and prayerful people that’s why the nation keeps overcoming these challenges.
But from the level of moral decadence which our society has degenerated to, it is an incontrovertible truth that there is nothing godly about our ways, anymore. Again, talking about prayers, are we more prayerful than those nations that gave us the Bible and Koran, yet their nations are crisis-torn?
The whole truth about Nigeria’s case is that Satguru Maharaj Ji, Mr Abundance is in Nigeria. For 34 years The Satguru remains an untapped, unexplored and inestimable economic emporium, yet, the country still moves ahead. Hence, what happens if Nigerians become more conscious and ready to tap from the overflowing grace of Maharaj Ji? There is every need for Nigerians to wake up from their deep spiritual slumber in order to embrace and inherit the Grace of All Graces that came our way on a platter of diamond out of Divine Providence; for us to move the nation forward at the speed this Great Light that is with us now.
A stitch in time saves nine.



To correct and strengthen out the true history of creation, Satguru Maharaj Ji, for the past 34 years of His presence, embarked on a spiritual adjustment programme in order to reposition the world, and stamp out human sufferings through the re-awakening of the spiritual consciousness of man.

The Satguru has in unmistakable terms made it known that man is not a religious entity having been created in the perfect image of the Creator. Satguru Maharaj Ji went ahead to elucidate on this point by letting the people to know that man, like his maker, is a spiritualized
entity. For instance, a child of a lion is also a lion, on its own right. In a similar manner the child of the Almighty Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient God (Maharaj Ji) is equally God, in his own right. If such is the case, why then must man suffers from want, deprivation
and even gets afflicted by all kinds of human vicissitudes of life?

The Holy Name, Maharaj Ji is divine and has nothing to do with religion.
Like the Sun that rises and shines for all, Satguru Maharaj Ji admonishes all to always silently call on the Holy Name Maharaj Ji in order to become victorious in all life challenges, physically and spiritually, within seconds.

One’s religious persuasion has got nothing to do with tapping from the overflowing grace of Maharaj Ji. It does not equally matter whether you are good or bad, the grace of Maharaj Ji, like a flowing river is always there to receive and provide water to the satisfaction of all comers.


Since the death of Pope John Paul II, news emerging from Vatican City have been far from cheering. It has become an open secret, right at the seat of the papacy, that moral and financial indiscretion is the order of the day. Hence, it is no longer news that cardinals indulge themselves in gross corrupt and homosexual practices. On the heels of these scandalous oddities taking place at the Vatican, came the bombshell:
On Friday, April 18, 2014, Waterford Whispers News posted on its website the online story captioned “JESUS NOT COMING BACK BY THE LOOKS OF IT” ADMITS VATICAN.

The online story is hereby reproduced for your reading interest: “Spokesperson for the Vatican has officially announced today that the second coming of Jesus, the only son of the God, may not happen now after all, but urged followers to still continue with their faith., regardless of the news.

Cardinal Giorgio Salvadores told WWN that this year’s 1,981st anniversary is to be the Vatican’s last in regard to waiting for the Lord to return to Earth.
“We just feel Jesus is not coming back by the looks of it” He said. “It’s been ages like. He’s probably flat out doing other really good things for people somewhere else.”

Nearly two thousand years ago, Jesus promised his disciples that he would come again in chapter John 14:1-3 of the bible: “There are many homes up where my father lives, and I am going to prepare them for your coming. When everything is ready, then I will come and get you, so that you can always be with Me where I am if this weren’t so, I would
tell you plainly.”
The Vatican defended Jesus’ broken promise, claiming “he was probably drinking wine” at the time when he made the comments. “Having the ability to turn water into wine had its ups and its downs,” added Cardinal Salvadores. “We all make promises we can’t keep when we’re drunk, Jesus was no different.”
The church said it will now focus attentions on rebuilding its reputation around the world but will keep an optimistic mind for the savior’s second coming.



“The leader of the Church of England on Tuesday said a vote last month that the struck down proposals to allow women to become Bishops had been “deeply painful”, but that Christianity was still relevant in Britain despite falling numbers of believers, Reuters reports.”

“Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, who leads the global 80 million strong Anglican Communion, said in his Christmas Day sermon that the answer to the question of whether Christianity had “had its day” was a resounding no”

“A census showed earlier this month that the number of people in England and Wales describing themselves as Christians has declined by 13 percent over the last decade, but Williams warned secularists not to become “too excited”.

“There are a lot more questions to ask before we could possibly assume that the census figures told us that faith was losing its hold on society,” William said. “William has agonized over schisms in the Anglican Communion and has said he hopes his successor has “the constitution of an ox and the skin of a rhinoceros”



“All Catholics in the world will go to hell because they worship satan and are led by an Anti-Christ Pope who is a friend to the devil”

“…The Catholic church is “a counterfeit church set up by satan” …bow to idols and crucify Jesus every Sunday when they eat bread claiming they are eating Jesus’ body”
Culled from PM news, December 1, 2013.

Iso Oshi (Church):

In their gullibility, Nigerians never cared to find out the veracity or otherwise of the so-called miracles purportedly carried out by these churches.
Some of the proprietors of this money-spinning business ventures carried their luck too far by establishing branches outside Nigeria in climes that are higher in both research and spiritual consciousness.

When some popular church crew from Nigeria arrived South Africa on a marathon healing and deliverance crusade, the South African authorities gave them a warm welcome and ordered that all the patients their prayer warrior antics, should be released to the venue of the crusade for them to be healed and delivered.

At the end of the day none of these patients got healed. Hence, the government was quick to realize that the miracles were fake, and his cohorts are involved in the more you look the less you see rip-off game. They were ordered to leave South Africa for good, and not to advertise such demonic films on television and that is why they went on cable tele-evangelism. Many examples abound.


Those who are on the Islamic divide, portray God as a helpless weakling whose children must always fight, maim and kill in order to protect Him. Many who share extremist view about Him became willing recruits in the hands of moneybags, mischief-makers, and are ever ready to embark on a jihad targeted at eliminating kafiris who they see as devils-incarnate on Earth. This ugly development has given rise to armed terrorist insurgents across the globe like Al-Qaeda, Taliba and of course the Northern oligarchy’s Boko Haram who kidnaped young school girls from Chibok Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State.

While explaining his reasons for the abduction and the daily killing of innocent Nigerians, Sheik Abubakar Shekau, the Boko Haram kingpin, said “God instructed me to sell them, they are his properties, and I will carry out his instructions.” Which kind of God is this?


That he’s controversial in nature is not in doubt, Pastor, Tunde Bakare of Latter Rain Assembly, Akilo Road, Ogba, Lagos has asked for the immediate imprisonment of himself and other pastors so as to teach them a lesson of what the masses are going through.

“All General overseers and religious leaders must go to prison, so they can feel the Nigeria situation. Lock Pastor Adeboye, Pastor Kumuyi, myself and others up in a Nigerian prison, may be if we come out, we will change and put the interest of our people first. Preaching greed is sin, we have the confidence of millions of people and continue to fail them, that must change,” said Pastor Tunde Bakare…
Culled from THE SOCIETY POST MAGAZINE, November 2012, Page 17



By the Grace of the Grace of our Almighty Father, MAHARAJ JI and in line with the clarion call for all Nigerians to join hands in every possible way to find permanent solution to the many problems facing our dear country, particularly areas of conflicts and disasters causing loss of lives and properties, The Living Perfect Master would wish to inform our State Executives, Obas, Emirs, Obis and Ezes of the necessity to perform the following ETUTU (Appeasement) which is enough to bring such conflicts to a close as well as reawaken the spirit of Love, Unity, Peace and progress which we have lost.
The ETUTU (Appeasement) should be carried out indefinitely pending any spiritual directive to stop it.
The following Divine Insurance should be adopted for such Appeasement Services, to be placed in the Shrine, Ojubos or Sanctums:

  1. Seven (7) Tubers of Yam to be roasted by Male Virgins only, i.e.
    Boys under Eighteen (18) years of age.
  2. Palm Oil (sufficient for everyone) – 1 Tin or less depending on the number of people present.
  1. Igba (Oil Bean Seed and Garden Eggs as the case may be (sufficient for all).
  2. Fresh Pepper, Onion and Salt (sufficient for all).
  3. Walnut (Asala) (sufficient for everyone) to replace Kola-nut.
  4. The prepared food for the Ancestral Appeasement should be offered to the Shrines, Ojubos, etc. and kept for Seventeen (17) Minutes before it can be shared among the people.
  5. The Altar (photo of the SATGURU MAHARAJ JI) if available must be placed in the Ojubo and/or Shrine with fresh flowers placed by the side. In the absence of Flowers we can use fresh leaves.
    This Divine Advice has been one of the most potent ways of appeasing the Creator and the Ancestors and does not in any way stop other methods you have been using and may wish to apply now or in future but the above recommendation is simple, natural and leads to total freedom.
    The above is what we used to stop the Ife/Modakeke skirmishes in the past.
    The dry flowers of the previous day taken from the Altar should be given to interested parties to put in a container filled with Adi Dudu, Kanafuru, Iyere and Dried Ginger to be applied on the skin as pomade against any attack by evil forces at night and day.
    Any enquiries should be sent to the above and/or phone 08060737594, 08036161545 and 08037192667. The whole game of love here is that the New Holy Name that never fails is MAHARAJ JI that transcends all things in Creation now manifest as SATGURU MAHARAJ JI in body and flesh to reveal Himself to us.
    For now no eating of heavy meal after six (6) p.m.. Call The Holy name for 500 times before going to bed in order to have the grace to be victorious in all spiritual encounters and conquer all enemies in a flash.
    My Love and Blessings.


CC: 1. The President, Fed. Republic of Nigeria & World Presidents/
Head of Govts.

  1. The State Executives
  2. The Presidents, The Council of Traditional Rulers in all the
    States of the Federation, Africa and the World.
  3. All Traditional Rulers
  4. All Academicians/Scientists
  5. All Leaders of Public Opinion
  6. All Prints/Electronic Media
  7. All Religious Leaders.

Let us pause and ponder on the above facts in order to properly discern who is who in Project Nigeria vis-à-vis their vision and mission of an egalitarian Nigeria Nation state. Except for Asiwaju Bola Tinubu who is under Northern spell, and hence at the whims and caprices of both Euro-Arabian and Northern Oligarchical forces manipulative intelligence, all others mentioned above are consciously committed to the execution of Buckingham palace’s destabilization agenda for Nigeria. Hence, Tinubu is not conscious of the fact that he is being used by the Northern Oligarchy to actualize their power shift to the North project, by all means.

The dominion and domination of political leadership in Northern Nigeria by the Northern Oligarchy group must give way for a new breed of leaders from the region to emerge. The grace of Maharaj Ji is on Northern youths to champion the course of this putsch to free the North from the stronghold of the Oligarchy.
Satguru Maharaj Ji is here to execute a divine mandate that will give rise to the upliftment of Nigeria as a united and indivisible nation state where egalitarianism, social justice, equity, fair play, love respect for one another, and rule of the heart rather than rule of the mind will remain the guiding national ethos.

These guiding virtues remain the bedrock for Nigeria to discharge her responsibilities as the New Holy Land and Leader Nation of the Universe where other nations of the world will come to learn the new way of life for making it into the Golden Age of Life.
Within the context of a globalized world, Satguru Maharaj Ji is here as the Ultimate Reparation that Atlanteans need to strengthen all the weak links militating against Africa’s rise to global limelight. Hence, there is an urgent need for us to embrace Him now.

A vote for The Satguru is a vote to reawaken all the latent ingenuities lying dormant within the Blackman for him to harness them for enhanced productive capacity of Afri-



    Lord Lewis Harcourt


    Sir Ahmadu Bello


    Sanusi Lamido Sanusi


    Harold Smith

  • Reflections On Project Nigeria 100 Years After

  • Signed


    Sen. David Mark


    President Goodluck Jonathan


    Lawal Kaita


    Adamu Ciroma


    Muhammadu Buhari


    Ango Abdulahi


    Junaid Muhammed


    Mallam El Rufai


    Sen. Bola Tinubu


  • Reflections On Project Nigeria 100 Years After
  • Signed

Satguru Maharaj Ji, the distinguished and venerable spiritual luminary, stands as the sagacious and esteemed Head of the One Love Family, an amalgamation of both Nigerian nationals and individuals hailing from diverse corners of the global tapestry, who have been bestowed with the ineffable and transcendent gift of Divine Knowledge by the venerable Satguru himself. Within the sacred and harmonious folds of this cosmic familial entity, there reside Nigerians of multifarious ethnicities, encompassing the rich mosaic of Igbos, Yorubas, Hausas, Efiks, Idomas, Binis, Urhobos, Igallas, and a myriad of others, all bound by the common thread of spiritual enlightenment and a shared aspiration for a united, harmonious, and flourishing Nigeria. It is with unwavering commitment that we, the members of this eclectic family, ardently strive towards the realization of a collective vision for a Nigeria that transcends the boundaries of ethnic diversity, fostering unity and prosperity for the greater good of the nation, the entirety of the black race, and indeed, the entirety of humankind. Phone No: +234 803 719 2667 Email: [email protected]

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    2022-11-19 at 7:30 PM

    No one can break up Nigeria, Thanks The Lord & Savior Satguru Maharaj Ji for coming.

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The Sultan of Sokoto


14th March, 2024

The Sultan of Sokoto is interestingly silent over the unprecedented economic hardship in Nigeria.

Does the Sultan have a phobia for confronting economic hardship? Is he is humane or humanitarian? We need him to intervene in the hardship happening. We need his frank words of truth and encouragement. We also need some good portion of the affluence in which he prays five times daily to the desert-relishing Allah of the Arab world.

The Sultan is recognized as the spiritual head of all Nigerian Muslims. The hardship occurring across Nigeria is not sparing Muslims.

What does the Sultan have to offer as solution to the tribulation? What is his spiritual solution to the situation? Or is he no-longer the spiritual head of Islamic Miyetti Allah, the criminal gang that has been visiting genocide across Nigeria, snatching innocent men, women and children from sleep and farmland and slaughtering them excitedly in the name of Allah?  

The Sultan of Sokoto is a core and commanding member of Nigeria’s neo-colonial ruling class that has persistently refused to embrace Maharaj Ji’s divine presence and non-relenting outreach in the battered Republic by Euro-Arab design and orchestration.

I have been speaking repeatedly about a new global Order and of the critical importance of Nigeria to the birth and reign of the new Age of global peace and abundance for all.

I have, for over 40 years, been calling out to Nigerian leaders to refrain from bleeding Nigeria into their private coffers and into the deep vaults of Eurasian authorities. I have been calling on them to do the right things for Nigeria – for Nigeria’s progress.

What is happening today is a most harrowing consequence of the stubbornness of Nigerian ‘leaders’ that insists on looting Nigeria and mobilizing ignorant masses to rant and kill for them i.e. to intimidate voices of opposition to their brigandage and perfidy.

The unprecedented economic heat in the country is; indeed, a special opportunity for the Sultan of Sokoto to prove that he is a positive spiritual head and that he is truly fatherly. I must say that the heat does not need rhetorics and prayers. Both are spiritually and primordially useless!

The situation needs the Sultan and other members of Nigeria’s extant ruling class to do the right thing. Can they? Will they?

It gets to a stage in the brazen looting and in the habitual stifling of a country when the nation’s vaults run dry on everybody.

Brigandage is not constructive. It is destructive. Looting does not enrich the nation. It impoverishes the country. Nigeria has, naturally, arrived at an increasingly hot cross-road where the voice and actions of the Sultan and his comrades in neo-colonial rascality will either worsen the fire or will quench it to the benefit of all Nigerians, irrespective of tribe, religion or location.

The Sultans of Brunei, Kuwait, and other parts of the Middle East preside over affluent economies. How come the Sultan of Sokoto has been reigning over a wretched economy? Is the Allah that he prays to everyday different form the one that Arabs patronize?

I humbly call on The Sultan of Sokoto to break his conspicuous silence! He is our revered head of Nigerian Muslims whose word is law over the Koran-wielding vandals who have looted Nigeria into its current state. 

May Allah grant him the will to speak to the nation’s actual redemption before it’s too late!

My Divine Love Blessings

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Your Ref:____________________


Date: 28′ March, 2024

News-reports speak to a claim by Gani Adams, the Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, that President Ahmed Bola Tinubu is plotting to assassinate him.

It is imperative for Me in My position as Divine Father The Omoloju Obatala and Oduduwa incarnate to intervene in this highly distasteful distraction.

No human-being is spotless. And this granite truth applies to Gani Adams and to whoever he claims is designing an assassination project against him.

The political reality of Ahmea Bola Tinubu’s status as President of Nigeria the largest population of black people on the planet, transcends the pettiness and parochials that leadership players in Nigeria are wort to exhibit over critical existential issues of our only Republic.

Gani Adams is said to have accused Mr Tayo Ayinde, the Chief Of Staff of the Governor Of Lagos State, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, and Sunday Adeyemo, otherwise known as Sunday lgboho, of serving as hirelings in the alleged assassination plot.

Looking deep and objectively at the matter, I here-state that Gani Adams is better-of realizing that he has no moral premise to claim victim where the unwavering Law of Karma holds clearly that man will always reap what he sows.

Is there actually an assassination intention set against Gani Adams? The onus of proof lies with the accuser. In this case, the accuser is Gani Adams, the same Gani Adams who was used to ‘quench’ sound-brain Fredrick Faseun – the founder of Odua People’s Congress (OPC)!

After Ganu Adams’ brazen hijack of OPC with his thug-life status and reeking goons, what is the state or condition OPC today? Divided! These are the people against him not Asiwaju. Remember, a group use the OPC under Gani Adams to build a house on my land on the expressway and are using everything in their power to alter Court Judgements given to us 22years ago.

It apears Gani Adams has been settled to keep OPC ineffective and incapacitated and now living large as the National Coordinator of Federal Government backed OPC against the interest of the Yoruba up to May 29, 2023.

By whatever circumstance, we have Bola Tinubu as President of Nigeria the high-potential country that frontline international forces are bent on destroying!

There is a big difference between the person and the President. If Bola Tinubu were not President of Nigeria, Gani Adams can very well rant his bile at him to any end of his choosing.

Gani Adams’ current assassination plot rant is consistent with a past accusation of Sunday igboho of serving as the hit-man who sent Chief Bola Ige to untimely grave. That accusation gathered disturbing dust across South-West Nigeria. Good enough, thorough and objective investigation was able to prove that Sunday lgboho had no hand in the murder of Chief lge.

Several years after Chief Bola lge’s passing, Gani Adams is declaring Sunday lgboho an agent of another unsubstantiated assassination agenda, this time, against him – Gani Adams!

“Igboho has the greatest respect for all the Yoruba Elders, Traditional rulers and leaders and has refused to allow his supporters to terrorise and attack non-Yorubas. The only enemies he and the Yoruba people have are the foreign Fulani terrorists that are in our forests and that are kidnapping and killing the Yoruba people.

Gani Adams is too far down the food-chain for President Tinubu to be bothered about. I recall Gani Adams once called Sunday Igboho an illiterate.

In relation to the President of Nigeria, Gani Adams is worse than benighted!

I hold no brief for President Tinubu, but suffice to say that our current President has his good deeds that should be highlighted over the kind of attitude we see and hear Gani Adams projecting at him.

It takes a man of crude thought-process to raise the sort of allegation that Gani Adams expects right-thinking members of society to endorse against Mr President without unassailable evidence. Does Gani Adams know what it is or means to be the President of a country? Is he conscious of the grave implications of him – a political and mental ant, accusing Mr President of planning to kill him? Of what substantial importance is Gani Adams in Nigeria’s political equation at Federal level where President Bola Tinubu now operates?

Until Gani Adams is able to tender “rock-solid’ evidence to authenticate his allegation, to the Presidium of Obas (the 9 Children of Oduduwa), not the here-recommend that his finger-pointing at public for consideration. I here-recommend that his finger-pointing at President Tinubu, Sunday lgboho and Tayo Ayide should be regarded as one of his episodes of fleeting psychosis.

Is Gani Adams (and other Nigerians of his ilk) aware that Nigeria is the destined geo-political, geo-economic and geo-spiritual dynamo for the resurgence of black civilization and for the world’s return to tranquility? At this level of consciousness, national survival ranks far higher in importance than the pedestrian proclivities, the kindergarten questions and the childish claims that excite and aggrandize Nigerians of the Gani Adams typology.

Besides, as Aare Ona Kakanfo, Gani Adams should not be heard expressing fear of death or of assassination! Was he not fortified in line with the ancient spiritual tradition of Yorubaland as it relates to the installment and sustenance of its supreme warrior? If he truly was, he should be man enough! He should be silent. In other words, he should be noiselessly proactive in the face of any significant threat to his existence.

I assert that people of genuine enlightenment who occupy the kind of position Gani Adams sits on today, engage the nation and its President with nationalistic fervor. They set aside personal and pedestrian issues to dwell on questions of critical importance to the survival and success of the Republic. They ally with the President in the best interest of the country until the very second his tenure expires.

It is rather unfortunate that what we have in Nigeria; for now, is predominantly hooliganism masking as patriotism, by which the country and its entire range of assets are committed to primitive material accumulation to self, spiced with psychotic acquisition of congenital and career harlots.

I call on Gani Adams to focus on the responsibilities of his traditional office. Instead of pointing bionic fingers at President Tinubu, he should be working round-the-clock to protect Yorubaland from marauding Fulani herdsmen and their likes. If he does this, the Ancestors of Yorubaland will lavishly bless and protect him from whoever, whatever!

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu made priceless contributions to the demilitarization of Nigeria’s political space. He is a notable icon of the Nigerian struggle for democracy. He has raised many people from poverty to prosperity and power. Bola Tinubu does not claim to be a saint. He has many times admitted his human frailties, quite a number of which are obvious. Be that as it may, he is President of Nigeria and chairman of Ecowas States and should be met with positive words and actions in order for Nigeria to outlive its ever-prowling adversaries.

President of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu has in his grip, at least 25% of the power of the entire black race. He presides over an African country that Eurasian imperialist hegemons are determined to ravage and sink beyond redemption, in other to deny the black race its destined return to freedom, power and glory.

No nalion, civilization or empire on earth has excelled without the special facilitation of Light-Workers (i.e. Children of Light) produced by successive Living Perfect Masters. President Tinubu now has the golden opportunity to make use of Satguru Maharaj Ji’s Children of Light to drive his regime to gleaming and unforgettable success. I look forward to Mr. President’s appropriate action in this very important regard.

Before I end up this message of Love, I would like to strongly beg the Aare to tender sincere apologies to the President, for what has happened because the culture of Alajobi as laid down centuries ago which has been the platform the elements in Creation subsist on, does not allow disrespect to the Elders and today, President Tinubu happens not only to be our Father but the Father and leader of the nation.

The law is the same including my very self as the custodian and coordinator of all the Gods and Goddesses, Oracles and Deities in the world. I Love You.

Finally, I call on President Tinubu to work assiduously to leave a glowing legacy as President of Nigeria. He should strive to succeed where his predecessors failed. He has Allah, God, the Constitution of Nigeria, The Executive, The House of Assembly, The Judiciary, and the Kings of our land to back him up.

Maharaj JI's Love and Blessings

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Date: 27H MARCH, 2024

The recent demonic call for the murder of the wife of Mr. President, Her Excellency, Distinguished Senator Oluremi Tinubu, is the latest in the emerging satanic verses, which some disgruntled elements in our midst want to use to heat up the polity by any means possible, in order to destabilize the nation.

In sane clime, as a foremost member of Nigeria’s first family, by the grace of the Creator (Satguru Maharaj Ji), the First Lady should be recognized and respected as the “Mother of the Nation” because nature demands that honour should be given to whom it is due.

It therefore, behoves on well-meaning citizens to rise against this abnormality and ensure that the full weight of the law is brought to bear on those behind prodding this hydra-headed monster that, in the end may even consume the perpetrators. There is urgent need to arrest those involved for trial.

The urgent need for action in this regards needs not to be over-emphasized on because currently, from the grapevine insinuations, are awash that forces of failure and their agents who feel threatened by Mr. President’s reform policies to re-engineer the social fabrics of the nation, for the betterment of all, are clandestinely pulling the strings for a possible forceful take-over of the present government, through their henchmen in the military. The approach towards achieving their evil mandate is multi-dimensional.

Those discretely behind the manipulative intrigues to create disaffection between the good people of Nigeria the current administration through mass protest that will lead to a state of anarchy in the land need close monitoring.

Just recently, the Emir of Kano threw to the winds all the protocols regarding his unrestricted access to power and confronted the first lady, who went to pay him homage in Kano with his outrageous comment before the public that she should go and tell her husband that he is punishing Nigerians with hunger and suffering, as if President Tinubu was among the Northern Aristocracy complicit in using the herdsmen from the North plotting to undermine the fundamental human rights of the farmers and Nigerians.

On the heels of such an unbecoming public statement from an Emir came the unholy/unroyal homily from the Sultan of Sokoto, who publicly lamented the incapacitation of Northern leaders to control their subjects on account of suffering and hunger in the land.

On a broad spectrum these acrimonious, but treasonable public out-bursts coming from those who should know better, cannot be said to be isolated, because behind the scene, their interconnectivity is obvious.

The demonic call for the murder of the first lady because she is an infidel or unbeliever by one Muslim cleric, Idris Abdulaziz Dusen Tenshi is the latest salvo coming from the war chest of these neo-colonialist agents who will stop at nothing in order to achieve their ill-conceived born-to-rule birth right syndrome.

Ah! why kill somebody because she/he is a non-believer? If one may ask, non-believer in what? Does the Creator (Satguru Maharaj Ji) need the belief or non-belief of His hand-made to be what He is vis-a-vis relate with His children? The Creator is “Omni Everything” and “Omni Everywhere”. He is within Man and sustain Man every day. As the Silent Listener, He said and keep saying, call Me silently from your heart, through any medium of your choice, and I will answer you”. This implies that He is in everything in creation. He is in the seven elements, namely … Sun, Moon, Star, Air, Water, Fire and Mother Earth.

Right inside the food you eat – pepper, tomatoes, rice, etc. He is there and everywhere, any moment any second!

The Creator is Love. He is Light that transcends darkness and when Light comes, darkness disappears!

Mallam Idris and his Mafia gang of blood-thirsty murderers should leave our first lady alone and allow the Supreme Arbitration King of the Universe to judge her While reminding them that they are failure, because no mortal being can kill her; it is instructive for them to bear in mind that the seed one sows and nurtures in heart today, determines the fruits his body is bound to reap at harvest time So, he who kills by the sword dies by the sword.

What is the difference between a believer who kills at random over a little argument and the non-believer who staunchly believes in live and let live and the laws of karma and retributive justice.

We were all living witnesses of how MKO the acclaimed winner of 1993 elections was killed. This was later followed by the death of his dear wife and yet those who perpetrated these gruesome murder are roaming the corridors of powers to destabilize all efforts to make all Nigerians live comfortably without rancor The injunction in lslam as proposed after the Holy Prophet Mohammed is to take care of your fellow brothers and sisters but for no reason the Holy Books got plagiarized with the insane idea that you must kill the infidels, he should not forget that this refers to the authors carriers of the books who have shamelessly refused to show love and are using mono-cultural values and force to coerce the blackman to acceptance which, in the long run, as at today has proved intolerably dangerous by the day as most Muslims compared with the traditionalist of African nucleus race, are by far below standard and ethics of life.

It is in politics, science, social or spiritual that those indoctrinated with unsubstantiated scriptures that are not for the blacks, have become destroyers of lives, peoples, families and nations and today, Nigerian blacks are undergoing such intense, trauma caused by believers who lack all the qualities of godliness and would want you to dance to their music of hatred which disregards, hard work, merit, security, honesty, sincerity, brevity and candor.

I am a child of the Creator within me and the Creator directs me, and if for any reason, I am found unfit, He has created Nations and Nation States which thrives by constitutional requirements to be followed and its agencies to interpret the laws therein to ensure that peace and security of lives are guaranteed not by what is wrongly perceived by anybody, otherwise the true position in this case is that the believer lives under pretense and fear with the sole aim of destroying the blacks gradually silently but they have failed.

Unfortunately, it is only in Africa people pre-occupy themselves with the illusion of how to make imaginary heaven created by the Oyinbos in the sky and do not care a hoot on what to contribute towards making our world a better place to live in. This self-defeatist mindset of our people is in what the Creator wants to use our current President who is a nucleus child of the Elders of old to reset.

We, therefore call in him to remain focused on his set agenda because Divine Providence brought him on board on a rescue mission to save the race. In other words, by Satguru Maharaj Ji’s grace, President Tinubu is a Divine instrument to re-write the distorted history of our existence, not only in Nigeria, but Africa and the world at large. The Divine forces of Light now beaming in Nigeria with its highest intensity will surely guide him through to make history where those before him failed. Tinubu will not fail.

For the avoidance of doubt, the making of the Tinubu Presidency against all odds took everyone by storm. Many are yet to recover from the shock of how he scaled through all conceivable and unconceivable political intrigues fashioned against him by the Kaduna Mafia as well as the, media religious and academic groups.

We wish to draw Mr, President’s attention to the latest Press Release issued by Satguru Maharaj Ji, urging the Commander-in-Chief to publicly list out the names of all the Pen-robbers, Bible/Koran-robbers and Sundry-robbers in all aspect of our socio-economic/ political life and dialogue with them on how to recycle our collective patrimonies stolen by them back into the nation’s till, so to channel them into national development or face the wrath of the Creator.

This has become necessary so that those now using insecurity and hunger as their ranting sing-song must tell us where they were when Fulani herdsmen were on prowl across the nation grazing their cows on the toil/sweat of defenseless farmers, sacking agrarian communities, killing some, raping our mothers and daughters and kidnapping many for ransom, unchallenged, by the previous administration.

Who is fooling who? Enough is enoughl “Divine Koboko” is now dangling from above and about to descend on the heads of trouble shooters who do not want to give peace a chance.

We are in the period of Divine accountability because the Divine cannot fold hands and watch hypocritical angels of doom to derail Nigeria’s manifest destiny as Centre Of World Gravity for saving the world and establishing a new world order right from Nigeria …

The Golden age of life, full of love and bliss .. where the entire human race will embrace themselves as children of one universal father, Satguru Maharaj Ji.

Finally, we demand that Mr. President should soothe our hearts by ensuring that retrogressive elements like Mallam Idris Abdulaziz Dusen Tenshi and his co-travelers in mischief are made to face the full weight of the law of the land Hence, all are enjoined to give peace a chance in the affairs of the good people of Nigeria, Africa and the world


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