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This KNOWLEDGE is something beyond any alphabet because it existed in the beginning. We must understand this very carefully “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God”. Now, “In the beginning was the Word”. “In the beginning” means when there was no alphabet No A.B,C,D,E,F,G. Nothing was created then. Nothing was there, But this Word existed. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God.And what is this Word? This Word itself is God. That’s what John says. We must understand this Word, common lips can’t speak it. It’s beyond that. Because what we can speak, personally I can speak English, some Hausa and some Yoruba That’s all I can speak. But this KNOWLEDGE is not English, Yoruba, Igbo, Efik, Kanuri, Hausa Hindu or Sanskrit Not at all. So even if I learned French or Igbo or Yoruba, even if I learned so many other languages, still this Knowledge does not exist in them.




How To Receive And Practise The Divine Knowledge
How To Receive And Practise The Divine Knowledge

It is KNOWLEDGE that is within inside of us;

It’s all within us, but it’s a matter of realisation. See, there is a guitar. The strings are there and if you touch them, they are going to play, they are going to make a sound. But if you don’t touch them, they will make no sound at all.

And that is what I want to do today. I don’t want to change your religion. It is your own. I have nothing to do with it. Maybe you were following your religion when I was not even born. I have nothing to do with it. You follow a religion.

But one thing that was important was that I heard my Guru Maharaj Ji talking about this Knowledge. Now he used to say one thing, and this is really a fantastic thing that I loved. He used to say, ‘You can possess a kingdom that streches from where the sun rises to where the sun sets, but if you don’t know this Knowledge it’s not of any use.



When the Light comes darkness disappears. For it was in the absence of Light that the darkness came, and not the other way round. The whole creation itself was made by just one spark of that Supreme Light. Truly, all things of this world – that little allowance of time that represents the fickle of “duality” in man, – the mind – shall pass away, but none of each breath of the Lord shall ever pass without its fulfilment.

Frequently in the tide of present confusions, the interrupting question comes, what is this Life; what is the goal; the purpose of life? Where and why has man lost this beautiful path? How can he regain one and all of them again, and still retain that chance to be alive and reincarnate forever, remaining always at that highest peak as “the crown of creation”? That is, can man achieve Love, Science, Crafts, Commerce, Metaphysics, etc and still fulfill that “beginning”, as he was made in the perfect image of the Father? This “perfectness” is what is lost in man today, the seed of that Divine Covenant between Father and Son – the Knowledge. It is within man; it is the life sustaining him and the sole source for maintaining and servicing itself, the world and man. It is “the Word’

However, until the Father, Satguru Maharaj Ji appeared, close to the end of this 20th century, were the majority of the human populace made to know how they have been enslaved, by deluding them of this Grace – the Divine Knowledge. Particularly 2,000 years, making them recall the whole true story this path, the “Light” – path was deviated from.

That the blackman is the same man coming in different colours is now obvious; that he is “the nucleus of creation is undisputable. And that it was him, after committing sin against himself that got submerged under water in different atlantis civilisations; only to come up as the white race to fight himself”.


Literally, Satguru Maharaj Ji (Sanskrit language) means: Sat Truth (ultimate, precise, “nothing beyond” reality) Guru Teacher, or Rabbi in Hebrew, etc. Gu – Darkness, Ru – Light, “Guru” together means “taking from darkness into Light”. In other words, the great “enlightenment” being talked about in deep studies about life. “Darkness” in this sense not of solar changes of day and night, but of the soul’s ignorance, an inability to realise that inner self or God within man, hence this “mystery” too, is typically deposited in a sheet of darkness comparable to this outside night, within man. It is only when the Satguru Maharaj Ji reveals this inner Sun, trapped within man for generations of having not met the Master, and thus blocks his understanding, from merging into one with the Creation, in all ways, that man is liberated again.

Maharaj Ji means King of Kings of all hearts; the Purity itself, The Power, neither created nor could be destroyed. Perfection which the Master couriers.


Today history has made many parts of the world to be speaking the old colonisers’ language and so their mentality of understanding, too. Hence the old world’s mentality of the fact of the accompanying-ment of the Father at every cycle of man, also this time, to understand the presence of the Guru Maharaj Ji, hence as the “Living Perfect Master” (translated).

Living – Because He is living now with us (respectively, as always).

Perfect – The nature of that Energy-“life”-in man sustaining man (God), is perfect; uncreated, indestructible; experienced by man as the Supreme Light when Knowledge is given. This is the “perfectness” which the Master – Guru – reveals. In other words, the Guru of Perfectness. As we have Mathematics master, English master, etc. or guru of politics, guru of journalism, in mundane world, etc, (illustratively.)

Master – The courier, one who possesses the Light, having been mastered entirely, eternally, into Him by the Divine Providence. He teaches others hence to master this Light in them, too, i.e. to realise themselves.


Of course, in the mind of the sincere person the inevitable question comes up: If Satguru Maharaj Ji is the manifestation of the Creator in human body today, then who and what, in distinct terms, is Satguru Maharaj Ji?

In the simplest terms, this “miraculous” name, the seeker would ask, borne by the person and Power, comes from somewhere, where? When? How, and what is the simple, at least, human – understandable relationship with Him? We know creation starts from the beginning. If we take as it was written in the Bible (willy nilly) in John 1:1 and 14:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the word was with God, and the word was God…. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth.

At least thus goes the account of the first man on Earth called Adam in Western edition of the story of Creation put in as Bible, whom today we know more truly is Janta Vanta. Remember the alphabets G.O.D. (God) in English was formed at the Constantinople conference of “60 A.D.” by concensus of European men of letters (gathered for a particular purpose of altering the focus and ontology of the world at that time. Even for a long time Bible was not allowed to be owned by the ordinary man, because it was a coveted article of rulership, more or less ‘constitution’) so when “God” was introduced later into the English language, less than 500 years ago – it was not original. The Anglo-Saxons did not speak, nor know God. What knew them, then?

That That is by the way, anyway. Neither did the Saudi Arabians know “Allah” before Prophet Mohammed’s time, what did they call? It is now clear that Master Jesus did not call God perse, he lived before 60 A.D. Neither did any Christians who lived with him and long after him. What was the Holy Name that he used? Meritoriously we only refer today to many quoted passages in Bible account where, at certain moments of powerful statements by Jesus, and or in invocation he lapsed automatically often into an exotic language (why is the need?) For instance in “Eloi, eloi, lama sabachtani”, or “Tali tha cumi”, etc. Not this language, but actually the vibration which he so often fetches for, is Sanskrit and in Sanskrit, the first language spoken by man on the planet, revealed. In it the Holy Name existed non-changed. So either a Divine Master spoke Hebrew himself, Arabian, Hindu, (or made to speak English by Colonialism or by translations of the scripture into many languages: thus Efik, Latin, Ijaw, Yoruba, etc.) still the Holy Name exists in one language as it was in the beginning – Sanskrit. The Masters themselves know it, only the devotees fluctuate with the moving cultures or politics of the world.

So “in the beginning” is an aphoristic truth which can entirely be experienced in the simple presence of the Living Perfect Master, who is always on the planet as a walking microcosm of the whole Creation, Time, Space, and Essence. Not a riddle, hence the “Word”, inserted, which is only another game of deceit of words by the whiteman to hide the actual truth of the Holy Name, itself Sanskrit, “is made flesh” i.e., came as a man, “and dwelt among men”. This is the simple movement of Creation every time, laid bare before everyone. “Maharaj Ji” the Power, is always in body, as “Guru Maharaj Ji” the person, and habiting with men on the planet, ie. as “supremos inter-pares” guiding always ahead of everyone.

Why did Europeans suppress this name throughout the accounts that talked about the entire career of the Master? This is a vital part of the manipulator’s game, to hoodwink the world. This is why for so long majority of the people would not know that this Divine designation of The Master’s constant presence and succession along with the people, is in fact the most crucial aspect of human attention in history. Unfortunately, only the few Aristocrats who however were only interested in the ruling secret of the power, and which they used invariably on the people tyrannically. The intellectuals do not know; many are not even aware of Sanskrit. The mystic seekers, better, are only faintly aware, being just suckled with the Holy Name in little bits, for paid correspondence, while gradually unknowing, that they are being marginalised into the horde of the Cabal ruling order of the world, manipulating their spirits.

All the same Sanskrit has not gone completely extinct. In many reputed universities in Europe and America it is a classified study and research are specially encouraged, in order to dig more and more back into the many secrets loss of the world that could help in resolving many of these mysteries that still stupefy the whiteman, since he cannot get them from the Guru Maharaj Ji. Because they are given out of Grace, in Love and Devotion to this Father.

Sanskrit is virtually inexistent in the colonial established schools in Africa because we are meant as second class human beings, and so that they will not have an idea of these secrets. Evidence, most erudite scholars even of Western education in the lands, can only steep, farthest, in classical studies, a world that began in Greece, and far premature of course to the great wisdoms, secret and school of, for instance, the Egyptian cradle. Then what about the other older worlds in India, China, Tibet and Africa here where the Masters have been coming for so long conspicuously with the exclusive isolation of Europe, which except briefly, recently-and for particular Divine strategies in the short passage of Shri Pren pal Singh Rawat through those places. This is why there is confusion today.

Remember, those who said, “he would come like a thief in the night”, still the churches continue to build a high fence to protect their parish, even employ a warden to keep out intruders in daytime; so how would a visiting thief come in?

Others say “…as he went up, so would he come back”, children of Albert Einstein, the Gravitation inventor – definitely if it happens, it’s the Americans who would shoot him first, in that crossfire of war arms over who owns a certain portion of the airspace, going on among the so-called world powers. Yet others claim he came on the day of Pentecost, with a gift of the “holy spirit”, thus making them to “speak in tongues”.

Because of this many have entered into “warapa” – evangelism, and they come out of their trance to say “yes, he’s coming soon!” How soon?

But some, the muslims disagree with this completely, “no, Mohammed is the last prophet!” – no more, no less!! While the Krishna devotees on one side, leave a tiny island of hair on the back of their head, dancing to a jangle of tambourines, smelling of incense and making a big fuss over “vegetarian” meals; while still murmuring a “Hare, Hare, Rama-Rama” on the breath of their unswallowed chappatis, what if they choke on the meal, could a hundred rings on their fingers ward off the spell of evil spirit invited by their chanting. Where are they “harry- ing” to, in the first place? Can man pretend to know so much and yet risk the mortal ignorance? It is all manipulation by the CIA and the elites in Europe.

In their confusion even the few who revolt to say that God does not exist, have invariably become a sort of religious body, of their own too, unconsciously. All these are caused, in the attempt by those who brought the religious “419-books”, to replace the actual historical fact of life, to trap the unsure ones, who do not possess a definite Knowledge of the real Truth, anymore.

As man loses contact with the Masters directly and finds himself incapable to follow them through the Ages, now the New Dawn has come, with the Father himself coming to build the new Creation again.

The old seed Sower replants His overtaken vineyard, by moving from soul to soul, plant to plant, again. Divine Knowledge is revealed one to one by Satguru Maharaj Ji, to every human being who comes. It is the end-time game truly but riddled deeply beyond what the prophecies and the mystics try to attest in their ignorance.

This is that most incredible turning-point that mankind has dreamt and speculated so long about, to no avail, no peace, and no salvation. But today the Grace of all Grace has come, as mankind is blessed, supremely, to be at the Lotus Feet of Satguru Maharaj Ji again. Meeting Him itself is that Knowledge, that is, until the practical act is revealed. So, welcome dear Love, into the same Noah’s Boat of old again. Take that step now.


As a practical step towards receiving this Knowledge, all AS intending Aspirants are always advised to go to Satguru Maharaj Ji Village, The Highest Spiritual Centre of the Universe, Ibadan, or any of the Satguru Maharaj Ji’s Ashrams or Satsang Centres in Nigeria, in order to get to know more about this Light, gradually. This is very natural because “Light”, the highest Gift in creation, even though may once have been “born in a manger,” yet requires the patent, gentle hands of a perfect “Guide”, in order to ensure a safe “delivery”. Then a stage is set, for the Perfection play. Also the Aspirant him/herself must come with a guileless heart. In this he has to approach, stealthily, as prescribed in order to be “custom”- saved. The vaunted service of. soul-saving too, also has its conducive ethics.


These are forum where there is regular discourse going on about this phenomenon, where Premies, those who have received this Knowledge, gather to talk freely about their lives’ ; experiences, expressing how life had been before, and now how life is, since having being taken across into the “Light dimension”, by revelation of the Knowledge. At one time they too had once been Aspirants.


“Aspirant” or new-comer in Satguru Maharaj Ji Kingdom refers to someone who intends to receive this Divine Knowledge, that is, “aspiring”. Naturally this journey is the genuine original desire of every human being the journey to “Self-realisation”. Consciously or unconsciously, this is what the human being strives after every day, as explained in the Knowledge Within; all that his soul is concerned about. So, when fortunately, an Aspirant arrives eventually at the beginning of this journey, he is “unaware seeker” who needs to be guided, cautiously, right through the “clinics”, now a foetus in creation’s womb, till Satguru Maharaj Ji eventually gives him/her, birth. Transition from Aspirant to Premie.


At the Ashram/(Satsang Centre), the newcomer is first of all registered. This is normal recording of an individual’s identity in order to know who is who.


From Registration, the new-comer or Aspirant is ushered into Satsang Hall, i.e. the portion of the Ashram that is set up, purposely where the discourse goes on, manned by Premies who come out and give their experiences; and where even Aspirants, as they continue to understand can talk directly to Maharaj Ji by themselves, through the Altar. Satsang peels the veils of darkness and ignorance that perennially tie down the soul of man. By concentration the Aspirant is gradually being prepared for the actual giving-day of the Knowledge. All is summed up in one word “surrender”, i.e. to stop doubting The Master and to accept the gift of life free of charge. That, nobody ever came in contemporary history to challenge all to call him anywhere and time, and he will manifest to assist. That we should not believe but Try, Test, and Experience Him before believing.


Another further step nearer Knowledge. Through Satsang, Aspirants are made more familiar with the ethics that avail in the practice of Knowledge, which they are queuing for, so that they will be able to understand, to that extent, acquaint more and prepare, in advance. No Aeroplane can fly without the radar control system. If it did, it will never be able to land safe. So it is in this point, “at a quarter to Knowledge”, that Aspirants are equipped, “theoretically” about those virtues prevailing upon the lives of person in Light. Namely, for instance that when once Light is given one can no longer go into darkness again, either by delight or mistake. Also truly, obligingly, Love becomes a mandate; and, no more destroying of life, etc. The totality of these lessons constitutes the ignorance of the desiccated life outside there today, where pornography, cannibalism, corruption, pervertions, drug addiction and the other impurities of life, in that derailment, reign for choice.

Rather the Aspirant is made to know at this point, “Knowledge is the final launch, for an Aspirant”, so that if he may change his mind, in time, he could still drop. But the moment he is air- borne, no turning back, for good. In other words when one is revealed Knowledge and becomes a Premie, then you must love, be peaceful and in harmony with the Creation.

But devotion, in true practice of Knowledge, to this Love and Grace, makes a Premie to grow from moment to moment, day to day, and always, for the blessed ones the sky is the limit.


There is this KNOWLEDGE that I am telling the whole world today. It is KNOWLEDGE that is within inside of us; it is not something I am going to give you from my pocket.

It’s all within us, but it’s a matter of realisation. See, there is a guitar. The strings are there and if you touch them they are going to play, they are going to make a sound. But if you don’t touch them, they will make no sound at all.

This Knowledge is the same way. God for whom we are looking outside, is within inside us. But until and unless we realise it, until we practically see it, it’s not going to benefit us. We may know that there is water under the earth, but if I am travelling in a desert and I am feeling thirsty and I can’t find any water, simply by knowing that water exists, my thirst is not going to go away, I need the water, practically. We all believe. Yes, we all believe that God exists, but don’t know whether He does or not. That’t why, if you have one hundred people, then ninety-nine percent of the people do believe in God; but still, if so high a percentage believes in God, why is there so much corruption? They simply believe it, but don’t know it. The Master is in the school, but we don’t know whether he is in our class or not, so we are shouting. We understand this thing, that God exists, but we don’t know it. How does it exists?

Now you see, there was a time before scriptures were created that people understood this Knowledge, people realised the Knowledge Only after the realisation of this Knowledge did, they write the scriptures.

So, this method, this way, this practical realisation, is not in the scriptures. It is beyond the scriptures, because God is beyond our intellect. The scriptures can be understood by this intellect, but not God. So, we can see that scriptures can be understood; somebody can make us understand with his intellect, and we can understand it with our intellect. But God is beyond all theories.

To understand God, we don’t need our intellect, because intellect was the thing that was made after we were born, but God existed before we were born; to understand Him, to realise Him, there is a very original way, a very practical way.

I am not here to criticise the scriptures. No. I have a great respect for scriptures, because suppose I walk into a place actually, I’ve gone there to see something – and someone hands me a booklet. If I don’t read that booklet, how am I going to understand where I should sit? What shall I do?

I get my car. I have to drive the car, not read about the car, and with the car there is an instruction booklet an owner’s manual. If I don’t read the owner’s manual, I can’t drive the car very well, because in the owner’s manual, there may be many things that I am unaware of. Maybe I have a new car and there are many devices in it that are not in ordinary cars. So, to understand it more, I need the instruction booklet.

But if I just read the instruction booklet and forget about driving the car, then that’s not going to-do me any good. So I read the instruction booklet, I read this theory, but still I need the practical car. To understand this Knowledge, to understand who God is, first of all we can take guidance from scriptures. Scriptures tell us God is within inside us and that God is made of three natures – G for Generator, O for Operation, D for Destroyer. He generates us, He operates us, He destroys us,

To Undetsand God We Don't Need Our Intellect There is a Very Original Way A Very Practical Way
To Undetsand God We Don’t Need Our Intellect There is a Very Original Way A Very Practical Way

God is made of three natures. God is Omnipotent, Ominiscient and Omnipresent.

And scriptures can tell us so many things. But how to realise God, they did not tell us.

That is why we take a whole bag full of books-Physics books, Chemistry books – we fill our bag with them, and we go to schools. We don’t just read them, but a Master teaches us that practical thing. There are so many practical examples to give, but a man has to understand what God is, who God is.

We say God is our Father, but do we believe it? Do we understand it? No. We have just said it, ready to convince ourselves or to convince other people. But listen: who are we? We are not our mouths; we are not out tongues. We are inside ourselves. Who we are is our soul. And until our understanding is perfected, we are not perfect

There is a whole bulky car standing which costs thousands of dollars, but one battery, take off the battery and nothing will work in it. Nothing at all. Such a bulky car and nothing works. So, whoever we are maybe we are Presidents, maybe we are Prime Ministers – it does not matter how much intellect we have but if we have not perfected our souls, we are not going to succeed in this lifetime.

Jesus came in this world, and He is in it, He is here, and we have to understand in which form He is. He came. This word was made flesh. And what was the Word?

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God”. So, Jesus was God, and He exists because God cannot be destroyed. “And the Word was made flesh”. But we have to more practically understand it. Because what is it? It’s the Light that is, it’s that energy, that perfect energy.

Because we can reach so many things, but there is only one perfect example, and it’s called energy – energy cannot be created and cannot be destroyed: only this Knowledge, this Word, only this God. And God is energy, and we have to realise this energy. So how do we realise it? Where shall we go?

Many people come to me and say, “We go in the world; we want to receive this Knowledge. How are we going to receive it? Everywhere we go, we see, and we hear” that everyone says, “We are going to give you Knowledge”.

And I say, well, when you want to buy a car, every company says, “We produce the best cars”. Every company says “Buy our car”Oh! we produce excellent cars”. They advertise, their prices seem to be equal, and these are good cars, but one is the best. Only one car is the best. There can be many cars that are good; but one car is the best.

So, there can be many knowledge that can help us to a limit, but to help us and make us reach into the infinite stage of perfectness, we need one Knowledge – we need this Knowlegde – that’s one.

See God created so many things for us. God created trees and then He put beautiful chlorophyll in them. Then He created the blue sky, beautiful! He created so many beautiful things and Olumo Rock is one of the very beautiful things. We simply make use of these things, but we don’t understand who has created them and why. What is the need and use of this Creation?

A man says, “A car is standing, let me drive it”. And he goes and sits in the car and may be the car has a bomb in it which destroys the car and destroys him also. But a man who is thoughtful, first will say, “Why is this car standing there? Why, why? What’s the use?

In Belfast, all this bombing is going on. When I was in London, I used to hear all those stories on television. And what was it? A car goes and stands and there is a bomb in the car. The car blows up. It blows up the shops with it, too. Now, that man who hasn’t any brain in him, who doesn’t have any understanding, he will just say, “Oh, I have a free car for myself. Let me sit and drive it. But a man who has understanding in him says, “why is the car there?”

Today, the same thing is going on with all human beings, they have created so many things. And God has created so many things. People are trying to utilise those things. But people don’t understand one thing: Why did God put this there? God is going to sit and enjoy it? God is not going to come and eat His apple or come and eat His grapes. No. He has created it for us and before He could come, He gave it.

Why? why has He given it? There is a reason behind it and we have been involved in so much materialism today that we have almost been blindfolded by materialism. Now He says, “So wherever you want to go. We have this freedom to go where we want to go. But unfortunately we are blindfolded. We want to go, of course. But where to go? We don’t know.

We have this life today that we can secure ourselves, we can save ourselves, and so many rights have been given to us by Governments. How to utilise them? How to really understand these laws? The Government says, Okay, do these things. “You are allowed to do these things”. But how? so that’s the main thing. God has given to us, but why has He given it? We must understand it. We have been blindfolded, because that is the cycle of man today. He goes to sleep late at night. He gets up in the morning, takes his breakfast, and wears his tie and coat, and rushes out to the car, and goes to the office. Then he goes for lunch and takes his lunch or whatever, and when he goes back and he drives home. Maybe he takes something or he sits and watches television and drinks and makes himself merry in the club. Then it gets late. And he gets up again in the morning. This is the cycle of man.

Now actually, if we notice it carefully, it is not a cycle of man. It is the cycle of a robot. Man has become a robot. Some people have to take pills to sleep and that’s not being human. Why should you take pills to sleep when God has automatically given you energy. Why should you need pill? Man has become an electrical robot, a robot that you have to feed electricity to do this, electricity to do that. He is not a man.

Where has man gone? Man has not disappeared, but simply man does not understand what he’s all about. Man is sitting here and he does not know what is beyond all those theories and what is beyond this little type of hill. He doesn’t know. He can’t see. And if he wants to, he must get to that height, to see it – simply.

And that is what I want to do today. I don’t want to change your religion, It is your own. I have nothing to do with it. May be you were following your religion when I was not even born. I have nothing to do with it. You follow a religion.

What I have come to do is to take you where you can see what’s beyond this form. And it’s not that I want to tell you, what the moon is and what the stars are and what’s the sun, where you have not been. (You have been to the moon, but you have not been to the sun). It’s not simply that I want to take you to the sun so that you might see the sun. No, not for that

"New born babies," Group of "Premies" who have just been revealed the Divine Knowledge, pose for a photograph with the Lord, after Knowledge session. Akure 1989.
“New born babies,” Group of “Premies” who have just been revealed the Divine Knowledge, pose for a photograph with the Lord, after Knowledge session. Akure 1989.

purpose, but for understanding this beautiful Knowledge that exists within all human beings. See, how did I come to realise it? How did I come to see it? I did not read scriptures. How did I come to realise it? I was not going to a school where I used to be taught scriptures. No I used to go to a school, and that’s all. Six hours of just studying. Studying what? Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and so many other things. Not this Knowledge. Only fifteen minutes of something to say to God, only fifteen minutes of which five minutes were prayers that we used to do outside. Then we come in the class and ten minutes used to be devoted to our moral studies. That’s all. That’s not scriptures.

And then what is the thing that intereted me? because I heard my Guru Maharaj Ji say – see, at the time when I received Knowledge, it was a time for me to play and be happy. It was time for me to go out with my friends and play with them, play with toys and be happy.

But one thing that was important was that I heard my Guru Maharaj Ji talking about this Knowledge. Now he used to say one thing, and this is really a fantastic thing that I loved. He used to say, You can possess a kingdom that streches from where the sun rises to where the sun sets, but if you don’t know this Knowledge it’s not of any use.

And for me, such a kingdom would have included many thousands and thousands of toys. But then what was the thing that still interested me? That without Knowledge, that stuff is of no use. And then that’s the time I realised it. And now I’m here speaking about this Knowledge to people because I have understood how fantastic it is. Many people say, “if this Knowledge is so fantastic then why don’t you stay at home and just meditate on it? And I say, Now listen. If there were a radio and beautiful music is coming on that you love, what will you do? Shut off the volumes? No, you will increase the volume so that you won’t miss a single word and so that other people can also listen to what’s going on the radio”. And I said, “it’s that simple. I received this Knowledge, I like it. And I want other people to understand it. It’s beautiful.

May be you can think this Knowledge is Eastern, this comes from the East. No. This Knowledge does not come from the East. The sun also comes from the East and you don’t say, “Oh! This sun comes from the East. I am not going to let this sun glow on me because this comes from the East.” The sun is not Eastern, the sun is not Western. Nobody is Eastern; nobody is western.

See, there was this time when sailors used to travel, used to sail, and they had a lot of difficulty finding their way around, so what they did is they made “North, East, West and South. They made it and they made it to travel, not to cause duality. And here it is that East West, South and North have created so much duality in people- “You are Eastern; you are Western; you are Southern; you are Northern” – even within one country. So the reason why I am here is to make you understand from within inside of you. This Knowledge has been talked about and many people are getting interested. Why? Simply because it is within inside us. We want to know that thing.

We are all looking for something. Maybe we don’t call this Knowledge as “Knowledge”, maybe we call it peace. May be, we call it something else. But we are looking for this thing and we want to know it; we want to understand it, but we don’t have the appropriate way that we can understand it that we can realise it.

So whom do we need? A man who can show us. We want perfectness. A man who teaches us Mathematics, we call Maths master. A man who teaches us Physics, we call him Physics master. A man who teaches us perfectness, we call him Perfect Master. He is going to teach us perfectness.

What is perfectness? He is going to tell us; he is going to teach us. And that’s not one thing that can be spoken by mouth. No. Because first of all the Old Testament was made. Then the New Testament and keys are being made to scriptures, to make them understandable. The Vedas were made. Then you need a key to understand it. First it was made in Sanskrit, then it was made in Hindu.

Now, if one thing can satisfy us, why do we have so many things? Because you can sit here and shout the whole day and whole night through and maybe throughout your lives, “Food, food, food”, but you are not going to get food. Why, why not? Because food is something other than speaking.

This Knowledge is something beyond any alphabet because it existed in the beginning. We must understand this very carefully “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God”. Now, “In the beginning was the Word”. “In the beginning” means when there was no alphabet – No A,B,C,D,E,F,G. Nothing was created then. Nothing was there, But this Word existed. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God.

And what is this Word? This Word itself is God. That’s what John says. We must understand this Word, common lips can’t speak it. It’s beyond that. Because what we can speak, personally I can speak English, some Hausa and some Yoruba. That’s all I can speak. But this Knowledge is not in English, Yoruba, Igbo, Efik, Kanuri, Hausa Hindu or Sanskrit. Not at all. So even if I learned French or Igbo or Yoruba, even if I learned so many other languages, still this Knowledge does not exist in them.

But I have understood this, Knowledge. How? Because I went to my Guru Maharaj Ji who was talking about this Knowledge at the time, and I asked Him. And the law is, “ask and it shall be given, knock and it shall be opened unto you”. And just opened the door. He just opened the lock.

It is like this. Let’s say some group presents a theatrical show about Lord Buddha and has prepared a stage, a curtain, and seats for you to sit on. You are sitting here. Actors are standing behind the curtain. Now the curtain has been put there by the theatre. The seats may have been put there by the theatre. Those actors are behind the curtain and those people who are sitting on the chairs are the guests. But those guests can’t see the actors and the actors can’t see the guests. Why? Because there is a curtain in and if you move the guests will be able to see the stage actors and the stage actors will be able to see the guests. That’s all. That’s all it is.

God has created this body. God has created the World. God, Himself is within inside us. Why can’t we see God? Because there is a curtain.

Curtain of delusion. As soon as it will be operated on, as soon as it will be cut, we will be cut, we will be able to see God. It is written inside us. So that’s why I have come here.

So now, you must understand this, Knowledge. That’s all I have to request. Because my duty is to tell you. If you come to me my duty is to tell you about this Knowledge. And it is your duty to understand it. I am not going to give you anything that’s new, that’s unique. No, it’s a very old thing. It’s a very ancient thing. As a matter of fact, it existed before the world was even created. It’s such an old thing. So, understand it. Realise it. What it is within inside of us vibrating essence pure energy.


From Shri Maharaj Ji whose era spanned from up to 1966, witnessing such historical milestones as the Black Hole of Calcutta, the baton of the Masters passed to His son Shri Prenpal Singh Rawat who took the Americans and Europeans by surprise in the sixties and caused the genocidal Vietnam. war to end. He is happily married with four children.

Shri Pren pal Singh Rawat is the immediate past Master of the present Sat Guru Maharaj Ji, distorted historical accounts are being straightened out to enable mankind to realise the truth. this time around. The era of the present Living Perfect Master in a Nigerian body is very unique for very many obvious reasons.


The mike is a vibration. Flowers are vibration. Everything is a vibration, but this vibration vibrates more in plants than in rocks. More in animals than in insects. More in human beings than in animals. and it perfectly vibrates in a Perfect Master because he teaches us perfectness.

So before one thing can overflow, it must be filled…… I have a glass and I want the glass to overflow. How should it overflow? I must fill it to the brim, and then still keep on filling it and it will start overflowing. Right? It’s the same way when we must understand Knowledge from a Perfect Master. First of all, perfectness must overflow from him. The vibration must overflow from Him. He must have mastered this, Knowledge.

And so, now, in spite of so many gurus, I don’t say “Okay, just come to me”. I don’t say, “I am the only path”. I don’t say, I am the only way”. Why? Because it might create some confusion in people’s minds. “Why does he say that?”

It’s like Lord Pa Odulana and his wife Moremi were both travelling, and some people came by and said, “These people are all crazy. If one could have been sitting on it, it would have been better. Why both? They don’t have any mercy on it.” So, Moremi said, “Okay, you sit on it. I’m going to get off’. And both started. Pa Odulana was sitting on the ox. Moremi was walking. And then some other people came and said, “Look! Just see this! How this woman is devoted to her husband. “Husband is sitting and she is walking.”

So, Pa Odu said, you better come down. I’m going to sit’ So Pa Odu sat on the ox and Moremi started walking. And then other people came by and said, “Look, he is crazy. “He has no love towards his wife”. He is sitting on it and his wife is not.

And so Pa Odulana just smiled and said, “well, let’s walk our own way. We are not going to watch the whole world because it is a long exercise. Get off; get on; walk; don’t sit. All that. So, let’s walk our own way”. And they started on their own way and that was beautiful.

So, I am speaking about this Knowledge. I am telling you in my own words, in my own way. Some people say, “why don’t you claim yourself to be the only way?” If I do people will say, “Why do you claim that you are the only way”? So, I want to speak about it in my own way and that’s the thing.

So, I am here to give you this Knowledge. If you want to understand this Knowledge, you are most welcome. It is within inside you. I am not going to give you anything from my pocket. As a matter of fact, if I have brought something strange from London, the Customs people at Murtala Mohammed Airport would have checked it and it would appear in the Newspapers. But nothing was found by the Customs people.

So, I really didn’t bring this Knowledge, because it was within me. Right? So, this Knowledge is within you also. It is within all everything. It is Omnipresent because it is God. The Word is within everyone because God is Omnipresent. So, it is within you too, because you are human beings. You can understand it also, if you want to.

Then you can come, understand it. Realise it. It’s beautiful. Because millions and millions of people have tried it, and they like it because it’s beautiful.

Let’s say one thousand years ago, when people felt thirsty, used to drink water. Right? One thousand years later, in 19., there are many kinds of soft drinks but still, when people feel thirsty, there might be thousands and thousands of drinks. Still, someone who is thirsty is going to drink water. In spite of so many drinks, water is essential, water is still essential. And it doesn’t matter if one is a Christian. If one is a Moslem, he or she can realise this Knowledge and still be a Moslem. Anyone, no matter who he is, can realise this Knowledge and be as he is.

So,if you want to realise it, you will be given the information. Please ask, if you have any questions. And then if you are ready to receive this Knowledge, if your heart is guileless, if your heart is open, then by all means you can receive the Knowledge.


You become free from fear, doubts, anxieties, hatred, anger, tribalism, ethnicism, indiscipline, illness, jealousy, and all negative attributes of life.

You have complete peace of mind. You are taken from darkness into Light: from hatred into Love and from ignorance to knowledge of your true self, you are relieved of the miseries of this world, you are taken from death to immortality.

You don’t have to buy books about God anymore. You will not require special candles, dresses, baths, pomades, waters, or of particular verses in the mornings, afternoons or nights; chanting of any names of spirits or saints or any kind of protection is not necessary. You don’t have to go on the usual colonial pilgrimages anymore because you have Knowledge, you have seen God and, know the Lord of your time who can take care of you and your family wherever you are day and night. Provided you listen and obey him everything will be alright till a day after forever.

Wherever you are remember that “The Lord God Almighty Father has manifested and it is your duty to seek His Perfect shelter now, now.” Don’t postpone it, the next hour might be too late. So take a step to Guru Maharaj Ji now; just open your eyes and beg Him to guide you.


As stated, one could receive Knowledge after fourteen (14) days of attending Satsang at the Village.


WHEN already selected for Knowledge, an Aspirant is given a form to fill, a “Questionnaire Form”, which states the full details of an Aspirant’s coming: Date Registered, Birth, Status, Vocation, Religion, etc. At completion he receives Approval, and along with others are given a date to come back for the Knowledge. Not to mention that all this time a Divine game is going on, which is understood best only to the Master. Always it’s the blessed ones who emerge successful, in the end.


KNOWLEDGE takes a day, because Knowledge is one’s life, the true Meaning of that phrase, being “Born Again” in actual fact, that is. Aspirants are always advised to set aside that day specially as Knowledge Session Day. A day of higher significance than even the day one is born physically, day that, that biblical injunction becomes true as John timorously exhorted 2000 years ago: that “the One who comes will no longer baptise with water but BREATHE into us the Breath of Life.”

So, one is expected to dress smartly, and bring along fresh aromatic flowers, for the Knowledge Session. For this day, it is important that Aspirants (now called “Premies-to-be”) put aside every other thing, in order to gain full concentration at the Knowledge Session.


SATGURU MAHARAJ JI reveals this secret of life. It is the only real property that a human being will ever possess on this earth, being the Kingdom of Heaven obtained at last, alive. Death is lain bare, in an open ceremony, and forever one who follows the instructions of the Father, from that moment on, dies no more. Many Premies have experienced this today. By their fruits you shall know them; invulnerable to sickness anymore, un-prone to accidents, nor liable for any careless untimely death. In short, it is the gift of that “incorruptible seed.”


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Normally, after the Knowledge, the Satguru introduces the New Born Babies to the public, and it is a special blessing for the New Premie to take his/her turn to go and sit on the Golden Seat, to give a little experience of what he/she has seen in the Knowledge Room. This is the beginning of the new life. Thereafter, the Premie is given a Knowledge Pack – formally Satguru Maharaj Ji’s own “congratulations” and further contains more brief guidance about how to practise the Knowledge; more advises about Satsang, Service and Meditation the tripod on which the life-secrets revealed in the Knowledge Room can be “oiled” and maintained. Until such a time that those processes, by practice naturally becomes a part and parcel of the practice(s). For such person, no “jupiter” on earth can kill him/her again. It is perfect! Perfection at play.


But if you have received the Divine Knowledge, You have to Meditate constantly, 35 hours a week. Also get involved in SERVICE as detailed in your KNOWLEDGE PACK, while you make sure that your concentration at Service is not disturbed by any moving object, except you are blessed by the physical presence of Maharaj Ji, when He comes on the Altar, in the Satsang Hall, or where you are.

A Premie’s Devotion, Dedication towards Maharaj Ji must be total, to ensure progressive growth towards realising the Purpose and the Goal of Life and one’s next Incarnation.



Be very calm. Sit down, by crossing your feet (Lotus Feet). -Silently, start calling the Holy Name – MAHARAJ JI – as many times as you can.

  • You could kneel down, if you like, or lie down in your bed and call this power silently from your mind, or your heart, perhaps with this little Prayer:

Please, Maharaj Ji, Guru Maharaj Ji, the Satguru of this Age, Reveal yourself to me, guide and protect me. I know you Love me but I don’t know, Teach me to Love you.

This can be followed by Devotional Songs. Then finally, pick up the picture again and now command the Satguru to Guide and Protect you in your sleep. While you put one picture directly facing you, put another one under your pillow. Try it for one month and I’m sure you will have access to the abode of the Ascended Masters and the Cosmic Masters, and a revelation about who you are, and what the Kingdom


Are you ready to take the one vital step of life now? You can book or write to become an Aspirant, for Knowledge, pending your arrival in Satguru Maharaj Ji Village, by:

Sending Your: Name

Passport photograph, and

A self-addressed envelope,…

for a “Questionnaire Form” to be sent to you, in preparation for selection for the Divine Knowledge.

Satguru Maharaj Ji’s Blessings

  • How To Receive And Practise The Divine Knowledge


  • To Undetsand God We Don't Need Our Intellect There is a Very Original Way A Very Practical Way

    To Undetsand God We Don't Need Our Intellect There is a Very Original Way A Very Practical Way

  • "New born babies," Group of "Premies" who have just been revealed the Divine Knowledge, pose for a photograph with the Lord, after Knowledge session. Akure 1989.

    "New born babies," Group of "Premies" who have just been revealed the Divine Knowledge, pose for a photograph with the Lord, after Knowledge session. Akure 1989.





  • SATGURU MAHARAJ JI: How To Receive And Practise The Divine Knowledge

  • How To Receive And Practise The Divine Knowledge

  • How To Receive And Practise The Divine Knowledge
  • To Undetsand God We Don't Need Our Intellect There is a Very Original Way A Very Practical Way
  • "New born babies," Group of "Premies" who have just been revealed the Divine Knowledge, pose for a photograph with the Lord, after Knowledge session. Akure 1989.
  • SATGURU MAHARAJ JI: How To Receive And Practise The Divine Knowledge
  • How To Receive And Practise The Divine Knowledge

Satguru Maharaj Ji, the distinguished and venerable spiritual luminary, stands as the sagacious and esteemed Head of the One Love Family, an amalgamation of both Nigerian nationals and individuals hailing from diverse corners of the global tapestry, who have been bestowed with the ineffable and transcendent gift of Divine Knowledge by the venerable Satguru himself. Within the sacred and harmonious folds of this cosmic familial entity, there reside Nigerians of multifarious ethnicities, encompassing the rich mosaic of Igbos, Yorubas, Hausas, Efiks, Idomas, Binis, Urhobos, Igallas, and a myriad of others, all bound by the common thread of spiritual enlightenment and a shared aspiration for a united, harmonious, and flourishing Nigeria. It is with unwavering commitment that we, the members of this eclectic family, ardently strive towards the realization of a collective vision for a Nigeria that transcends the boundaries of ethnic diversity, fostering unity and prosperity for the greater good of the nation, the entirety of the black race, and indeed, the entirety of humankind. Phone No: +234 803 719 2667 Email: [email protected]

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It appears from the looks of it that Jesus is not coming anytime soon. For centuries we have been told the same old story of the coming of the Messiah, but little did we know, the Promised Comforter isn’t going to come in the same body/name of Jesus, but a new body and name.

Going by the scriptures, it was written in Rev 1: 7-8. “Every eye will see Him.”

“God will manifest in the flesh justified in the spirit” 1 Timothy: 3:16
“He will wipe every tear from our eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old things has passed away.” Rev 21:4.

But we are glad that sincere men and women like Prophet Timothy Obadare, Dr. Lobsang Rampa, Prophetess Galindez Gupana and others were able to come out publicly to tell the world about their experiences concerning the Savior of Our Time.



Prophet Obadare during a revival ministry organized by WOSEM, a prayer warrior ministry, in 1979 held at Elewura, Sango, behind Sango cemetery, prophesied the coming of the Godman, Satguru Maharaj Ji in Nigeria and in a Nigerian body. At the climax of the prayer-warrior session, prophet Obadare declared everybody to stop praying. There was absolute calm and quiet following the instant compliance to the order. Prophet Obadare then declared on top of his voice, saying: “I have just had a vision that will have profound impact on the affairs of Nigeria. In the course of the prayer session, God told me that He has chosen Nigeria as a place of abode and will be coming down soon physically in Nigeria. God therefore, directed me to spread the good news to Nigeria and ask them to pray hard so that everybody will know and accept Him when the hour comes.

Also, in a related development, few years later, after a crusade 1982/1983, in compliance with God’s instruction, prophet Obadare sent many members of the WOSEM ministry to conduct a street registration exercise in the Holy City of Ibadan land, Old Nazareth, to ensure that the names of the city residents enter into the Holy Book of Life. At that time, members of the Ministry actually went around the street of Ibadan and carried out the registration exercise as directed.


Likewise, is Dr. Lobsang Rampa in his book published in 1978, “The Chapters of Life” said, “an era is coming, the world will witness the coming of The World Leader who would manifest in the most thickly populated Black Nation of the world. He would be coming as THE SATGURU; who would bring the Golden Age of Life. The Golden Age of Life would be of no death, no sickness, no pain, no poverty, no hunger, no war…..it would be period everything would be there for the asking. With the Golden Age of life era, would come the Titan Race………. which would be highly spiritually conscious race.”


Not forgetting prophetess Galindez Gupana, a business woman, who runs the Kingdom of Jerusalem Foundation in Philippine, where she first hoisted the banner in Ibadan on December 18, 2010. According to her, God had his chosen one in the country whom He would use for Nigeria’s deliverance. She said, “I have never been to any country with a black population until God asked me to come to Nigeria. He directed me to Ibadan where we unfolded the Lion of Judah flag. I don’t know why He directed me to Ibadan. In Philippine, we have light 24 hours, but in Ibadan, we don’t have light for up to 4-5 hours daily, but I heard the voice of God there and He told me He will raise a man of His choice that will raise Nigeria. The banner we are hoisting signifies victory.”

From the foregoing, we now know that the messengers of religion have used heavy information war and pogrom to make humanity spiritually death.


In recent past, Pope Francis revealed he has instructed the Vatican Secret Archives to unseal a set of ancient scrolls that have been kept hidden from public knowledge for centuries by the Church. The scrolls, which were encased in marble and buried in 463 AD are said to contain the true name of God as communicated to Moses in the Book of Exodus. … Culled From Real News Right Now Online Media by R. Hobbus J.D Feb. 24, 2017.



A spokesperson for the Vatican has officially announced today that the second coming of Jesus, the only son of the God, may not happen now after all, but urged followers to still continue with their faith, regardless of the news.

Cardinal Giorgio Salvadore told WWN that this year’s 1,981st Anniversary is to be the Vatican’s last in regards to waiting for the Lord to return to Earth. “We just feel Jesus is not coming back by the looks of it” he said.

The Vatican defended Jesus’ broken promise, claiming “he was probably drinking wine” at the time when he made the comments. “Having the ability to turn water into wine had its ups and its downs.” added Cardinal Salvadore. “We all make promises we can’t keep when we’re drunk. Jesus was no different.” The church said it will now focus attentions on rebuilding its reputation around the world, but will keep an optimistic mind for the savior’s second coming.
…April 18, 2014 Waterford Whispers News. http://waterfordwhispernews.com



However, in order for Nigeria to gain victory over the invading forces of war from Europe and America, Satguru Maharaj Ji declared “Nigeria The New Holy Land of the Universe and Leader nation of the world” on May 29, 1993, at the National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos. Also, Maharaj Ji launched a book titled “Nigeria, Is the New Holy Land of the Universe”, which was attended by notable personalities from all walks of life.

Furthermore, in the course of the restoration of hope, Satguru Maharaj Ji granted an interview on OGTV, Abeokuta, on August 16, 1993, where Maharaj Ji stated categorically “No War In Nigeria, Come What May!” and admonished all Nigerians to stay where they were, never to be afraid with a strong promise to convert all assembled weaponries of war into bread and share same to Nigerians to eat, The Satguru crisscrossed all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria, buying bread and throwing them to Nigerians, who out of fear were running helter-skelter that war might break out.

The Divine declaration came on the heels of the then military Head of State, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, IBB who was used by the Euro-American expansionist forces to declare war on our fatherland in the wake of the political crisis that engulfed the country as a result of his annulment of Nigeria’s first ever credibly conducted free and fair election at the instance of late Sultan of Sokoto, Ibrahim Dasuki and other arrow heads of the Northern Oligarchs.

After going against the Divine Instruction by Satguru Maharaj Ji after the affixed date of June 12, 1993 for the General Election, Maharaj Ji came out and warned that the date was not okay for the election to hold, because the day was the same date slated for the general meeting of the Conference of Witches and Wizards Worldwide and that the elections should be postponed to either June 11, 13 and or 15. …. Sunday Tide, May 16, 1993, front page headline “Shift Presidential Polls; June 12 is Witches Day, Portends evil.”

The truth has to be said, it is unthinkable, unbelievable that up till now several reasons IBB has given for his demonic annulment of the June 12, 1993 Presidential Election has still not been able to convince Nigerians. So, there is need to make things clear. Chief MKO in the cause of struggling and preparing for the presidency went looking for the Creator’s blessings to America, India, it was there he was told that Satguru Maharaj Ji is the One. So, through one of his staff, he was able to acquire some of Maharaj Ji’s Altars, which he gave a tract to Alhaji Arisekola Alao, the then Supreme Council of Islam Secretary-General and one of the erstwhile Muslim scholars in Ibadan, Alhaji Ajagbemogeferi asking them to put Maharaj Ji’s Altar under their pillow and say whatever they want to say, in order to test the efficacy, power, love and invisibility power of Maharaj Ji.

Alhaji Ajegbemogeferi said when he tried it, Maharaj Ji appeared in his room and he asked Maharaj Ji, “how did you enter?” The reply was “it is Divine Knowledge.” He checked the door and windows they were all closed. He was wondering, how could Maharaj Ji be here this afternoon that I am having my nap? So, Maharaj Ji disappeared. With this, he consulted Alhaji Arisekola and they agreed a letter should be written to the Sultan and signed by Makefiri that they should not allow Chief MKO Abiola to be President because if they do, the Muslim community will not be able to control him. That was what made the Sultan of Sokoto to inform IBB that Chief MKO should not be allowed to be Nigeria’s president. That was exactly what happened.

So, whatever reason the military junta, IBB gave is a lie. This is the crux of the matter. This is in confirmation of what the leaders in the North said, “the coming of the Mahdi, is the one who will free all humanity from the shackles of colonialism, which can be seen as an instrument of oppression, repression in the world. So, Maharaj Ji is here now.



Renowned French Astrologer/Seer of His Time, Michael Nostradamus who predicted with dead-accuracy some major world events that came to pass, put the world on alert that there would be a global cataclysm that will consume everything living on the earth planet on July 6 and 7, 1999. Lo and behold, rather than the world collapsing on that fateful day, Iju Ashram located along 27/29, Powerline Street, off Rogo Bus-Stop, Iju/Ishaga, Iju Water Works, Agege was destroyed and looted by hoodlums acting at the behest of all the religious groups who are under the spell of Euro/Arabian expansionist forces.

Subsequently, the Good Lord and some of His devotees were arrested and detained and later charged to court on trumped up charges of murdering the brother of a sick Ghanaian lady, Ami Afesi, who got attracted by the Great Light and got healed, irrespective of the fact that she came to embrace The Light for the wrong reasons. On July 25, 2000, barely a year after, the Most Compassionate Father got discharged and acquitted on merit of the sensational case in a court ruling delivered by Hon. Justice James Oduneye and satan was put to shame at the end.



In 2011, an American Evangelical broadcaster, Harold Camping, jolted the world community when he predicted that the world will end in May 21, 2011. When this did not happen, he came out more emphatically to say that “Come what may, the world must surely close up on humanity on October 21, 2011.”


Anxiety loomed amidst panic-stricken people who began to dispose their properties as measures preparatory to the global cataclysm. To reduce tension and douse people’s fears The Lord and Savior had cause to publish the PUMP ACTION SONG (ARTI) AGAINST ANY DANGER on Sunday Tribune, October 2, 2011 a full page advert as an antidote to the end of the world as predicted by Harold.




Over the years, Nigeria has risen triumphantly through courage, strong determination and resilience above all evil machinations. Ironically and contrary to separatist prayers on Nigeria, but by Divine Providence, Nigeria is still waxing strong despite and in spite of several challenges and adversaries confronting her. The nation have survived their wish of doom and emerged stronger and more united after each election. Some individuals/groups through their so-called intelligence reports have brazenly predicted Nigeria breaking up before, during or after elections.

There has been predictions and suggestions in recent pasts by Nigerians and foreigners alike about Nigeria breaking into different ethnic groups or religion inclinations or referred to as a failed state. Among those who have suggested Nigeria dividing and labeled a failed state includes the Libyan leader, Muammar Ghaddafi, USA’s Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, the former American Ambassador, John Campbell, Primate Ayodele, Prophet Olagunju, Prophet Joshua Iginla etc.



According to the Libyan Leader, while giving a speech to students at Sufism Seminar in Misrata he was quoted as saying, “Nigeria should be divided into two nations to avoid further bloodshed between Muslims and Christians.” “Splitting Nigeria would stop the bloodshed and burning of places of worship.” States news agency Jana. In another report, Col. Ghaddafi was quoted as saying, “that Nigeria be broken up into several states along ethnic lines like the former Yugoslavia.” “Nigeria …. Resembles the Yugoslav union which included several peoples, like Nigeria and then these people gained independence and the Yugoslav union was ended in peace.” “The model that fits Nigeria is the Yugoslav one.”


Satguru Maharaj Ji reacted through a Press Release, “Your Excellency, Col. Muammar Gaddafi, Nigeria Can not Be Broken.” Ref: OLF/PR/020995/HSCU; Dated September 19, 1995. Excerpts from the Press Release: –
“The statement credited to Your Excellency, Col. Muammar Gaddafi of Libya at a Sufism Seminar in Misrata, Libya at the weekend published in the front page of two newspapers, A.M. News and Nigerian Tribune of 19th September, 1995 is uncalled for, dangerous and diabolical and against the Charter of the OAU, the UNO and Divine Laws that govern the Creation.
“While I appreciate the effort Your Excellency is making to better the living conditions of the people of Libya, Your Excellency must have known by now through My letters to you of the divine role Nigeria is to play in the scheme of things, as the model nation to help the world from its ignorant drive towards total collapse. It is lack of communication that has made some leaders and nations make careless statements, and sign fake treaties refraining people and nations from making friends with Nigeria and disposing them to be used as agents of destabilizing of the efforts to salvage mankind in this era.
“You should remember that it is the divine guidance from Satguru Maharaj Ji Village that has protected Your Excellency from attacks by global Mafias and failed agents. If now you are waging a war without provocation on the divine protection you have enjoyed, Your Excellency must note that Nigeria of today is not the Nigeria you used to toy with, because the Nigeria of today is the New Holy Land of the Universe. You should learn a lesson from the global events taking place around you which do not take cognizance of the politics of destabilization of divide and rule and of blind ideological speculations.
“Therefore, the Ascended Masters, the Cosmic Forces, the Divine Children would wish to have an apology from Your Excellency or a clarification within fourteen days of receipt of this letter that Your Excellency, Bro. Col. Muammar Gaddafi wishes Nigeria to be one, just, peaceful, progressive, prosperous and powerful otherwise, I shall have
to consider as a matter of urgency the request from The Seven Elements of Creation, to stop the special privilege given to you by withdrawing the Divine Commander responsible for taking care of Libya President and you can imagine the untold unforeseen trepidation Your Excellency would be subjecting yourself and the good people of Libya to.
“I wish Your Excellency to take this letter as a total demonstration of the absolute human kindness that the Creator, Allah, has for you in order to make you more and more aware that your innermost prayer for Allah to send Somebody and a new nation to help you out of slavery, has been answered.



In 2005, President George Bush realized to his chagrin and consternation that he can no longer meddle in Nigeria’s internal affairs under the able presidency of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, with strong backing of The Great Light. Hence, he resorted to the use of ludicrous intelligence and security intrigues, harassment and blackmail in pursuit of his agenda to destabilize Nigeria, using a series of so-called intelligent report on Nigeria, which his NATO allies can capitalize on to isolate Nigeria.

Within the month of May, 2005, America through its secret service agent, the CIA, has released at least three mischievous so-called intelligence reports on the state of Nigerian nation, predicting disintegration.
The series of these mischievous so-called intelligence reports are:

  • US Experts: – “Nigeria may be Al-Qaeda’s New Heaven” (Thisday May 3, 2005, front page).
  • Ethnic Crises Dangerous For Democracy, CIA Tells Obasanjo.” (The Nigerian Tribune, May 3, 2005, front page)
  • “Nigeria May Break-Up” – US Intelligence Report (Punch, May 25, 2005, front page)


Satguru Maharaj Ji, the Universal Divine Policeman took exception to the brazen affront on Nigeria which He declared as, New Holy Land and emerging Leader Nation of the world on May 29, 1993 at the National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos and issued a terse Press Statement condemning in its entirety the American insult, with stern warning that the US should swallow their words and wish Nigeria well or face the consequences of their evil wish, since man reaps what he sows.

Below is excerpts of the Press Statement captioned: – “RE: Nigeria May Break-Up.” US Intelligence Report Is Mischievous.”

“America should take note that Nigeria rejects completely this deliberate and fatuous attempt to intimidate, and rubbish Nigeria’s effort at stabilizing its course in governance, economy, growth and progress at our own pace and style.

“Nigeria considers the latest subtle maneuvered by America’s carefully tucked in so-called intelligent reports to insult the intelligence of African nations and scorn the dignity of the Black Race, as a very serious affront to world psychology, and the undermining and/or lack of respect to the basic tenets of international relations, and that is non-interference in the domestic affairs of sovereign nations. It is therefore about time that the detractors of Nigeria, and architects of Africa’s woes and degradation, began to live with the realities of the present thinking in the 21st century, that Nigeria and Africa have resolved to take their destiny in their hands by the current effort to extricate our subservience to the West; especially now that the tilt in the spiritual leadership equation is favorably disposed to Nigeria and Africa by which Nigeria is evolving towards emerging as the next world power.

President Bush and America should be wise to know that Nigeria by its current status as the New Holy Land of the Universe, can no longer be intimidated, nor shaken any more. Nigeria is the emerging Mother and Leader-Nation in the 21st century. Whatever is happening in the domestic front in Nigeria is purely Nigeria’s internal affairs in the evolutionary process to reposition, to re-engineer and to re-invigorate it for the greater task of global leadership.

“Nigeria is under physical guide and control, by the ultimate Power that has taken a nigeria body and is physically present on the planet Earth, in Nigeria; by this special grace therefore, NIGERIA WILL NOT BREAK-UP, rather America should be wary of its actions and pronouncements on Nigeria or any other African country. We are fully aware of America’s game plan, it is all aimed at Nigeria’s oil, hence its unhidden interest in the affairs of the Niger-Delta region by tacitly fueling the restiveness and agitations against the Federal Government of Nigeria.

“By this, we refer to the militia groups in the Niger-Delta region, that it is on record that President Bush of the United States of America, sometimes in 2004 called President Obasanjo of Nigeria to want to dictate how Nigeria should handle the leader of the Niger Peoples Volunteer Force (NPVF), because “America has interest in the Niger-Delta region” – the question is what interest has America in Niger-Delta? “After all, the supposed interest of America oil companies prospecting and exploiting Nigeria’s oil is Nigeria’s prerogative to allow any country to come in for the business of oil or any other venture, should not automatically mean the giving up of its sovereignty and/or integrity.
“At this hour, there is no known problem, domestic or external, that Nigeria cannot solve, including the agitations from the Niger-Delta and elsewhere in the country because the hand of Divinity is behind Nigeria.

“Gone are the days in the last century when the US and its NATO allies had their way when it came to undermining the security of African nations. It is not a hidden fact that they staged direct and subtle resistance to nationalists who would have evolved progressive policies to stabilize their nations. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Lumumba, Ben Bella, Sankara and others were never allowed to sprout.

“In the case of Nigeria, in 1979, the CIA told the world that Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and Chief Obafemi Awolowo must not be allowed to win the elections and so subsequently wrapped up a strategy which robbed the duo of the presidency in favor of Alhaji Shehu Shagari. That is now history which will not reoccur because Nigeria is spiritually at the highest level of world leadership.

“America should leave Nigeria alone to build the nationhood and Africa of our choice. Gone are the days Nigeria and Africa used to bow to threats, antics, treachery, subservience and debauchery of any socalled super power. “It is well known that America’s foreign policies have at all times been mapped out and orchestrated by articulated actions to suppress rising nations wishing to develop. America thus feels threatened to face contemporaries in the power and industrial equation, hence does everything possible to dismantle any such nation that has the potential to develop.

“This posture of the United States’ foreign policies only portends one thing–the show of form that this subtle but effective course takes and draws attention to the attitude that Western imperialism wishes to continuously inculcate on up-coming democracies, and potential economies of developing nations, toward perpetually holding to ransom and submission, purely for political and economic considerations, to maintain the carting away of resources from developing nations, which are unacceptable.

“We must warn the United States that the case of Nigeria at this hour is a different ball game. Any act inimical to the peaceful atmosphere enjoyed in Nigeria and Africa may be met with disastrous consequences for America, the karmic reaction could only be best imagined.

“America cannot, and must not stampede Nigeria with frivolous and mischievous security, so-called intelligence reports. “Nigeria holds the ‘ACE’ to intelligence and security surveillance, throughout the world because The Satguru is the Chief Security and Spiritual Head in the Universe.” ….. Press Statement by Satguru Maharaj Ji on America’s Goof, “Nigeria May Break Up” In Maharaj Ji Village on June 30, 2005.



Former US Ambassador to Nigeria, John Campbell, had severally predicted that Nigeria will not exist beyond 2015. He first made the controversial prediction in 2011. Again, in August 2014, the former US Ambassador reiterated his prediction that Nigeria would not exist beyond 2015. In the build-up to the 2015 general elections, he said, “Nigeria will cease to exist as a nation beyond 2015.” In his words, “My view has not changed about the serious challenges Nigeria faces. I think the challenges are more pronounced than they were before the Boko Haram insurrection began in the North. Political life is also unsettled by the approach of the 2015 elections.”

In his book, Nigeria: Dancing on the Brink. “Nigeria, the United States’ most important strategic partner in West Africa, is in trouble. While Nigerians often claim they are masters of dancing on the brink without falling off, the recent vacuum in government authority, the upcoming 2011 elections, and escalating violence in the Delta and the North may finally provide the impetus that pushes it into the abyss of state failure.”….. Extract from Nigeria: Dancing on the Brink, published June 2013.

Also, in his examination on Nigeria’s 2019 general elections to the America Council on Foreign Relations in Washington DC, he is quoted as saying, “The poor quality of this election cycle and the low and declining number of voters do not inspire confidence, and some Nigerians have begun to question whether democracy is right for their country.”

Subsequently, in 2021, the duo of John Campbell and Robert Rotberg have described Nigeria as a “failed state”. In an article titled, ‘The Giant of Africa is Failing.’ Extract from the article, “Nigeria’s worldwide companions, particularly the USA, should acknowledge that Nigeria is now a failed state. In recognition of that truth, they need to deepen their engagement with the nation and search to carry the present administration accountable for its failures, while additionally working with it to supply safety and proper financial system.” … Published in “Foreign Affairs Magazine”, May/June Edition, 2021.



However, in a bid to avoid the karmic reaction and disastrous consequences for America, the United States earnestly dispatched the American envoy to come to Ibadanland where Maharaj Ji Village is located, to denounce the evil America’s wish, for Nigeria to break-up. Hence, former US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Terrence Mc Culley came down to the Holy City of Ibadanland on Thursday, February 1, 2012 and proceeded to “America Club,” Jericho, Ibadan, Oyo State to beg the Creation for forgiveness for Americas’ transgression against Nigeria.

While denouncing the evil American wish, the former US envoy “insisted the US has never predicted that Nigeria as a nation will be no more by year 2015. He further continued, “if the US had believed that Nigeria would break up by 2015, it would not have involved itself in the developmental programmes, aids and grants to the country.” “The United States considers Nigeria its most strategic partner in Africa, and I am very optimistic about Nigeria’s future.” ….. The Vanguard, February 2, 2012.



These views were further echoed by his predecessor, Mr James Entwistle, in January 8, 2015, while speaking to some journalists during an interactive session in Lagos, said, contrary to previously held notion, the United States Government has said there are no signs that Nigeria will disintegrate before, during or after the February general elections.

The US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. James Entwistle, who however, acknowledged that Nigeria was facing “big challenges,”, stated that the problems at stake were surmountable. According to the American envoy, Nigerians should “throw out of the window” the idea from “some think-tank or somebody outside the (US) government” stating that Nigeria would fall apart in 2015.

“But in my opinion as the US Ambassador to this country, I am not worried in the least that Nigeria is going to disintegrate in 2015. Regardless of what someone may have said, the question is that we are now here in 2015: Do we see signs that Nigeria is going to disintegrate or fall apart or something? I don’t know what you think. But I don’t see those signs.

You can see from the above, the behavior, attitude and expressions by the intervention of the internal affairs of sovereign nations consitutes viz-a-viz a threat to a sovereign nation’s existence, which has been the ploy again and sinful ways of destabilizing countries of Africa. This could be said to be tantamount to savagery, political turmoil and destabilization in the region but for the presence of the Divine Father of Creation, Satguru Maharaj Ji who prevented and blocked it from ever happening.



Primate Ayodele who presents a book of prophecy to the public every year had in 2010 declared Nigeria would split, adding that it didn’t matter whether the citizens prayed or not as it was God’s wish.

Again in 2017, Primate Ayodele emphatized the nation would break up precisely in 2035. In his fresh predictions, the prophet said, “Already we are working towards breaking up. He warned that if Nigerians fail to appease Tafa Balewa’s spirit and these other powerful forces,the country will break up peacefully.



This prophet of doom, while stating his 48-point prophecy for Year 2020. Said among others, “the cabal holding Nigeria to hostage will pass away and then the Nigerian nation will break-up. He said, “Divine judgment on the cabal will begin this year 2020 and there can never be peace in Nigeria until Nigeria break-up as revealed to me by the Living God.

No. 45 of my 2016 prophecy (God of ancient Prophets, said except by accident, presidency will remain with the North for the next 12 years.) I stand by my prophecy because I see nothing in those southerners now clamouring for the country’s No. 1 seat.



Prophet Joshua Iginla in a prophetic video warned of coming events revealed to him by God are scary, adding that he saw a dark cloud pregnant with an evil baby. According to the prophet, “oh Nigeria, our land of Glory, I weep for you because you are already injured and bleeding. “who can stop this bleeding and flow of blood? I can’t tell you what I see. May history not repeat itself. In reference to
events of 1966.
“Mark all I have said in parables. My spirit boils. God has been revealing to me some things that are hard for me to say. We need to pray for Nigeria. “I appeal to those in authority to be cautious and sensitive because the cloud is dark and it is pregnant.
“And the baby that is about to come from this pregancy is an evil baby. I will repeat myself, the cloud is dark and very pregnant with an evil child.”

From the foregoing, it is obvious Primate Ayodele and other prophets of doom are the new voices of treason who have been used to cause mayhem, destruction, fear and panic in the lives of the people. They can be said to be junior neo-colonialists programmed as their foot soldiers to cause trouble not only in Nigeria but in Africa in the name of the Paper Tigers, they have been using namely God, Allah, Jesus, Yahweh, Jah, Gott, Elohim, Jehovah etc. One may ask whether there is a Nigerian air, a Soweto air, an Ontario air, a Cincinnati air etc. The answer is capital NO!

The concept of God, Allah, Jesus etc., is a primordial defective, rusticated opium way of life, which has over the years almost succeeded in destroying the lives of the African with inducements of scientific and technological finished goods to make a Nigerian, an African feel a sense of false life. Not knowing that their minds are being conditioned and manipulated. The end result is that through trial and error, the pure energy is replaced with impure ones that gradually impoverishes the person to become a victim of eventual death.

So, with The Satguru, you will be one with Maharaj Ji, your heart will be pure and your body becomes the Temple of the Creator for good things to flow naturally like the air, sun, moon, water etc. and one can incarnate and live longer than the European trap of seventy-one years.

I have reiterated in the past and I repeat once again, anyone who voices doom on Nigeria and the world in the face of The Satguru’s physical presence on the earth planet should be prepared to rest the doom on his or her own head. And so, my dear friend, live your life to the fullest without anxiety and fear. My love and blessings.



Satguru Maharaj Ji stated in His Press Release; A SOUTHERNER WILL BE PRESIDENT IN 2023, COME WHAT MAY! REF SGMJJ/OLF/04/019/1641. Dated Nov. 03, 2019.

Power-hungry Northern Oligarchy should stop the rabble-rousing that the North will retain the office of Nigeria’s president till eternity. It will be re-called that the same Oligarchy class from the North in their unrelenting bid to destabilize Nigeria and failed during IBB’s tenure reemerged in General Sani Abacha’s tenure as Head of State in 1994 used Sheik Abubakar Gunmi and Prophet Adewole to destabilize the country by illegally proclaiming on NTA Network News that no Southern will rule Nigeria in their life time. The Satguru countered that demonic pronouncement through a Press Conference in order to stabilize the country and restore people’s confidence that Nigeria belongs to all of us.

The duo died and went to Oyinbo heaven, in the sky, by the time Satguru Maharaj Ji released OBJ, a Southerner, from Prison and catapulted him to ASO Rock Villa as President of Nigeria. Nigeria in its current recovery state does not need a Northerner or Southerner as President per-say. What is important is one good Nigerian who will love Nigeria and Nigerians irrespective of tribe, tongue or religious leanings.

But for Nigerian leaders who are not awake and conscious of the twoterms arrangement, between the North and South, I had to step in to stop the cheating habit of the North and to say categorically that after Buhari’s second tenure in office, I will surely raise a good man from the South among those who made the sacrifice to avert the political turmoil that could have led to war to rule Nigeria in 2023, come what may!

I have been working relentlessly hard over the past three decades to ensure the unity and indivisibility of Nigeria, which I declared New Holy Land of the Universe, for her to lead the world into the Golden Age of Life and those who are working to derail this objective will be visited by the Koboko of Divinity. They are hereby warned because Nigeria is not their private estate. All Southerners interested in contesting for the Presidency and wish to win should come for My blessing later ooo.



A well-deserved victory, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu against all odds, became the president of Nigeria. Going against seventeen others contestants at the just concluded February 25, 2023 General Elections. Of all the elections Nigeria has ever conducted in recent past, the 2023 general election, can be said to be the most credible, free and fair election conducted by President Buhari after Nigeria transitioned from military to civilian rule in 1999.

The rumor mill were constantly grinding churning out all manners of make believe stories just to question his person and discredit his integrity. Through it all, he was steadfast; moreover he had Satguru Maharaj Ji blessings. Therefore, he had no reason to fail.

At the climax, we saw pictures of needles attached to President Tinubu arms when he returned from his trip abroad, just to convince Nigerians their president was truly sick and not fit for the presidency. Some even went as far as saying he had a double just like in the case of the out-going President Buhari, where we heard of one Jubril from Sudan. At the end, glory be to Maharaj Ji, a Southerner became the President of Nigeria without Nigeria breaking up or going to war before, during and after the elections.

I can assure you, this is the first time we are going to experience a true African President, who would deliver not only Nigeria, Africa and indeed the entire human race. All he needs is your co-operation, suggestions, recommendations and readiness to abide by the truth of our common humanity and in the spirit of one love, you will be able to put the pain, agony, hatred, insecurity, recklessness, impoverishment, confusion and state of hypochondriac that has turned our people into beggars or displaced and even made us to use our private cars for taxi, will be a thing of the past. Thanks Maharaj Ji.


El-Rufai while addressing a group of Islamic scholars said among others that he ran a “Muslim dominated government in Kaduna State, which has successfully been replicated at the federal level.” This statement credited to the ex-governor that they have succeeded in making Nigeria an Islamic state is a claim only out of hatred and deceit.

The ordinary and ignorant man on the street have been conned to believe that Islam is the only true religion. For example, the late Alhaji Shodeyinde in an interview some years ago, when asked how he became a Muslim, narrated how he came into the faith. According to him, as a young man residing in Isale Eko, some Oyinbos came and introduced the religion to them, telling them about Prophet Mohammed. He only decided to join Islam because the Prophet Mohammed not only did his job but got married as well unlike Jesus Christ who was said to have died for the sin of men.

In the same vein, King Henry VIII, who formed the Church of England in the 1530s was born out of his desire to annul his first marriage without the papal approval. This infamous split led to the king severing all ties with the Catholic church. According to history, it allowed the king to divorce the first of his six wives and marry another wife who would possibly fulfill his longing for a healthy male heir since he didn’t have a male child to succeed the throne.

In the case of Nigeria, the promoters of religion are luring people with money in order to give credence to a well thought out illusion. Unknown to the people, the scriptures were stolen from Oyo-Ile and doctored to suit the narratives of the Whiteman god in the sky that one must die in order to meet in heaven. They removed every semblance of our Black history from it and changed the Holi Name, Maharaj Ji to God, Yahweh, Elohim etc. This was done to mislead the Blackman who are the custodian of all cultures in the world.

If God truly created religion, why are there so many unanswered questions about His existence or lack of it? A closer look will reveal so much lacuna. If God is Omnipresent, why did the books say I must die to see Him in heaven? If He is Omnipotent, why do I call on Him to be saved, yet I continue to wallow in afflictions? If He is Omniscient, why do I have to pray yet no answer? Invariably, if one follows religion, death can come at any time. One subjects his/her life to the whims and caprices to the idea or notion that the Creator gives and takes. Hence, it is God’s will if one dies at any time. With so much damage religion has caused, you will find out that religion is aimed permanently at destroying the Black race.

The Black man have been duped for many centuries to believe they are inferior in all respect to the Oyinboman. The Oyinboman have created a world full of impunities, wickedness and other vices under the guise of sin and repent so that the Black race may be driven under water just like the great Atlantis deluge, when the world was still one big land mass. History gives account of a people of sophisticated civilization in the world that ended when it was swept under water.

In order to suppress the Blackman into believing that religion is the answer. Many have been sponsored to propagate its false doctrine. Just imagine, Bimbo Odukoya died, T.B Joshua died, Boko Haram killing, acts of terrorism everywhere etc. yet people are calling God, Allah, Jehovah, Angelus etc. it is all a farce.

Sudan, Somalia, Mali etc., are living testimonies of the havoc created by religion. See where it has led these countries to. For example, in Nigeria, let something happen you will find all manner of religious arguments come up and then the killings start. In the South, everywhere you look, you find it littered with buildings that preaches a particular faith. The whole programming is propelled by the church for one to believe that Jesus will touch you and you will fall; deceitfully promoting the name Jesus while concealing the fact that this feat can only be achieved with the use of African science. Even the Oyinbos who brought Christianity to us never performed such. Or where was it recorded in the scriptures that there was a touch and fall session as we now see so-called men of God display in our society today?


Whereas, they used religion to suppress us with the aid of the barrel of the gun. There are so many countries who have banned religion in their state. Because religion is an opium of the masses, that talks about dying to see God in heaven. This has been the bane of universal freedom, peace, progress and tranquility. They have conned the Blackman into disregarding their tradition and culture. We now find ourselves ignoring our Deities and Oracles which Maharaj Ji left behind during the Atlantis deluge that saw the breaking of the large land mass into pieces that we today make reference to as continents of the world then Maharaj Ji found Himself in the East.

The case of Utah is an example where the authorities have banned the bible from elementary and middle school libraries. saying the books exposes bad faith process and are vulgar or violent in nature. Emphasizing that the bible is most likely to create doubts, fear and propagate the acceptance of violence in these young minds. Also, it has been established in the state of Utah under legislature that “no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office of public trust or for any vote at any election, nor shall any person be incompetent as a witness or juror on account of religious belief.” In China, religion is discouraged on a wide spread basis. Tajikistan, also has significant restrictions against the practice of religion in general and in Europe, most of the churches have been converted to pubs.

Now, see what religion has done to our society. Today, we have wide spread killings, corruption, broken homes, terrorism, sicknesses and diseases, accidents, sexual pervasions, kidnapping, yahoo, pill popping and all manner of disasters has become our lot. And so, the socio-political and economic life the Blackman is seeking by looking up to the oyinbos for direction is but an illusion that is far-reaching.

We are in trouble because the European refuse to believe that the Black man is the first man on earth and civilization started from Africa. We don’t need to buy books, cry and shout for the Creator to hear our plea. We don’t need to die by accident either. Do juju again because we can’t produce anything and so there is so much struggle and fight for the meagre resources at our disposal.

Little did they know that to achieve scientific and technological enlightenment and advancement these can only be gotten through the experience of the Creator within him, through the receipt of Divine Knowledge which can only be revealed by The Satguru of the Time. His Divine Knowledge is the panacea! It will undoubtably ensure social coherence because you will experience that love and bliss from within. Knowing that the power Maharaj Ji will be by your side to reveal to you everything you need to make it and achieve your goal in life. Just like any organization, there is always a hierarchy of power. We have the chairman, managing director and others who will ensure it attain its objectives. Thus, the idea of hurting one another is uncalled for, because it will help in breaking the impunity that religion has imposed on us as individuals and society at large.

Receiving Maharaj Ji’s Divine Knowledge is the only Key to save humanity! Surely, we do not want a city that is be built, but nobody to live in it. Today, disasters like tornado, volcano, tsunami, cyclone, Hurricane etc. has become the order of the day, these can be stopped by using the Holi Name Maharaj Ji. But these disasters are increasing on a daily basis because religion has subjected man to live on a trial and error basis.

Today, with the Light in you, you will be profoundly blessed and humongously possess the power to increase in abundance. Situations where you find people sell their properties for medical tourism will be a thing of the past, which is as a result of ignorance of the presence of the Creator in our lives.

We must know that this world is not a cosmic joke. It was created by one person who is on the planet now. He has asked us to use His name and we won’t pay fine for ignorance anymore because we will be well off like the bee that makes honey. We will be gainfully employed as an additional gift of life to erase scarcity, poverty, accidents and other vices, which is the cause of the present situation where patronize the finished goods of those who are using gun and pen to destroy the world. This must stop from your homes by calling Maharaj Ji, the true name of the Creator.



I. Create an Altar of the current Maharaj Ji by setting up a special place (table or stool) consisting of a piece of clothe of any color except blue, spread on the surface, a picture of Satguru Maharaj Ji placed on it with some fresh flowers with nice fragrance placed on or in front of the picture. Leaves we can used when fresh flowers are not available.

II. Every morning or in the face of difficulty, speak silently to Maharaj Ji about the problem through the fresh flowers held in hand, after which they should be placed on the picture.

III. Note that the flowers are to be replaced every morning. Always use fresh flowers to talk to Maharaj Ji. Artificial flowers should not be used.

IV. There is no limit as to how many times one can call on Maharaj Ji for help or as to the daily frequency of using fresh flowers to seek Maharaj Ji’s intervention.

In a situation where there is no Altar (photograph) of Satguru Maharaj Ji of Our Time, you don’t have access to the internet to download an Altar, visit any of The Satguru’s Ashram nation wide, simply get a plain sheet of paper, draw a big Zero and put two smaller zeros to represent the eyes draw a nose and a mouth and under it, write MAHARAJ JI. Maharaj Ji will answer you nonetheless. The potency of the Holi Name is still the same.


Yes, it is as simple as that. What you need to do is to communicate silently and sincerely from your heart and Maharaj Ji will do listening to grant you all your heart desire as well as guarantee your safety 100% on Land, Sea and Air. Just try, test and experience before you believe. From the above, you will come to the conclusion that the philosophy about Christianity, Islam are all matters of the mind because if truly and sincerely God existed and carries the omnipotence, omniscient and omnipresence of the Creator, He would have like the air that everybody is breathing, right and wrong appeared to man constantly and consistently without prayers.

Therefore, you can see that the statement in the scriptures that says “you search the scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life and these are they which testify of Me. But you are not willing to come to Me that you may have life.” John 5: 39. Can be seen to hold sway now that Satguru Maharaj Ji is here.

Hence, the whole world, particularly the Blacks who have been at the receiving end of all kinds of toxicism has no option because the idea that the Black culture and civilization is a taboo while the White mono-cultural values have not helped either have finally been put to rest by the presence of The Satguru in a dark skin. It also ends the feud between the Whites and Blacks as to who and what is the Creator? That they have been given hybrid names like God, Allah, Elohim etc. to destroy the nucleus race painfully, silently and criminally.

In other words, with whatever have been said and are still saying, the books they brought are toxic. i.e., to kill the Black man. Thus, you find out that all the names and titles given doesn’t conform with divinity.


Alaafin of Oyo



Unfortunately, many have died believing in a God that is up there yet no one is willing to go meet Him! For example, is TB Joshua, the founder of Synagogue Church of all Nations, who is well-known for his touch and fall deliverance sessions, but when satan touched him, he went to the world of no return, heaven in the sky, an illusion.

Also is Pastor Bimbo Odukoya who made a payment for death. Just as she arrived the airport, the passengers flight was full, so she paid extra by exchanging a seat with a fellow passenger because she didn’t want to miss her appointment. As a motivational speaker and pastor to speak at Port Harcourt in the next one hour about Jesus. She didn’t see her death because she was spiritually blind. She did not receive the Divine Knowledge of Maharaj Ji, where The Satguru connects one with the Creator sustaining us within and opens the inner/third eye of the individual to know what will happen in the next hour. This means there is nothing inside the books judging by the way she crammed the scriptures; she simply would have quoted one or two verses in the books when confronted with danger! Even a university student would have gotten a first-class result, if he took his studies seriously. But she lost her live.

We have Sammy Okposo, the gospel singer who gave beautiful rendition of praises to the God in the sky. Shortly before his death, he had held the Okposo Praise Party in Lagos, where he led the congregation in an intense praise and worship session to the Oyinboman God. Little did he know his life will be cut short. According to reports, on the day he died, he sat on the chair watching TV before sleeping, from his sleep, death came and robbed him of his life. Dying at age 51, he didn’t attain the three scores much less ten age milestone. And the list is endless. Many of our best brains have been lost to this farce/spiritual yahoo called religion, a horse on paper that you can’t ride. The God who is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, yet you have to die to go see him.

We have been cheated for a very long time, it is high time we free our selves from this dog-eat-dog game called religion. When you know the Holi Name that saves, protects, guides and gives 100% guaranteed safety on land, sea and air, then you are finally and completely free. The scriptures said, “my people die for they lack knowledge.” (Hosea 4: 6) this is the knowledge of who and what he is. i.e., the knowledge of the Creator within man. Try Maharaj Ji today, it is the original/true name of the Creator that was there at the beginning of creation which was changed to God, Elohim, Yahweh, Tetragramaton, Gott etc., by the European Elites at their illegal Conference in Constantinople in AD 21 and AD 60 and that was the beginning of humanity’s problem. This Holi Name has never failed and will never fail.

Merely by watching the news around the world, will reveal to you that all is not well with the people of the world because one finds it very hard to believe that the Oyinbos will build a cult of nepotism, when you seen the whole world been fought on the screen with the photograph of Robert Powell who is animating the name Jesus Christ with heavy propaganda against the world. Should we call it racism, no? should we call it nepotism, no? Should we call it tribalism, no? Because, it is a criminal act of terror, horror that should not be allowed to go unchallenged. Each country of the world must be prepared to ask the film makers to please release all the proceeds to charitable organizations in the world and a letter should be sent to the United Nations, while we ask all the 195 countries of the world to please take steps to redeem it because we believe that a strong spiritual background is the only basis for invention, peace, progress and tranquility in any nation.

Today, we can’t allow individualism to obstruct the grace that has touched us to come together into the One Love Family of old. That is why we beckon on you to take a step. Use Maharaj Ji and you will find eternal peace of mind.



  1. Satguru Maharaj Ji is Omnipotent
  2. Satguru Maharaj Ji is Omniscient
  3. Satguru Maharaj Ji is Omnipresent

Satguru Maharaj Ji’s omnipotence means His is capable of being active in any form and in any dimension. As an omnipresent being, He has the capacity to make Himself present at multiple places at the same time addressing different situations with the required perfection. He is omniscient in the sense that He is capable of creating anything at any realm of Life or in any circumstance of need.

Satguru Maharaj Ji is not against religion but claims He is the proof that the Creator is love and like He did in the past, He would never abandon His children in time of confusion, hence His presence on planet earth. Central to Satguru Maharaj Ji’s Appearance on earth is to save humanity from destroying themselves and usher in the Golden Age of Life of abundance, love, peace and unity and phase out the Kali Yuga Age of destruction and human holocaust.

It is worthy of mentioning here that the Holi Name Maharaj Ji which is derived from Sanskrit, the Mother tongue of the human race, was replaced in the Bible and Quran with God, Allah, Yahweh, Gott etc. by The European Aristocrats in their illegal Constantinople Conference of AD 21 and AD 60 and that was the beginning of the problems of mankind.

It can be said unequivocally and unquestionably that Satguru Maharaj Ji is the Chief Whistle Blower of the Universe of the Century by revealing the Original True Name of the Creator as Maharaj Ji which gives 100% guaranteed safety on Land, Sea and Air.

We confirm that the Spiritual dynamics of Maharaj Ji’s Messiahship is We confirm that the Spiritual dynamics of Maharaj Ji’s Messiahship is Divine. It is about empowering man with the Knowledge of how to utilize the quantum of Divine energy in him or her to achieve redemption from the problems of earthly life. He is the Revealer of the Divine Light that dwells in man. He is the Teacher of the primordial art of connecting with and projecting forth this Great Power of Life and productivity. He guides and protects man along the path of divinity. He is more or less the Physical and Spiritual face of the Creator, i.e., the human personality in whose form He appears to man.

Who else is given the Special Blessing to Captain the Golden Age Boat of Life except This Great Friend of old manifest in Africa, precisely South-Western Nigeria, where civilization started in spite of tons and tons of colonial books tagged as religion, Eureka! Eureka!! Eukera!!

Try, test and experience Maharaj Ji with whatever problem-sickness, accident prone, witchcraft attack, marital problems and infertility etc., before believing. Satguru Maharaj Ji is there for you 24 hours day and night, in spirit and your dreams non-stop and by calling this Holy Name your safety is guaranteed 100% on Land, Sea and Air. You do the talking sincerely from your heart and Maharaj Ji will do the listening.


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Truth speaks for itself no matter how long it is suppressed when the right time comes. So, now is the time for us to know what skeleton and corruption lie behind the façade of Olumba Olumba Obu and the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star and in fact our so-called religious leaders.





Truth speaks for itself no matter how long it is suppressed when the right time comes. So, now is the time for us to know what skeleton and corruption lie behind the facade of Olumba Olumba Obu and the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star and in fact our so-called religious leaders.

The fact is that, whenever the True One comes, He always meets situation like this: Man and religion is like a man married to a single wife and in the Nigerian set-up, we have Christendom and Islam established by the colonial forces with their gigantic organizational structures supposed to be catering for the needs of the masses and do everything possible to make sure that no new bride comes to compete or displace their position built on ignorance of the masses to further perpetuate slavery.

It is like natural for the first wife as in any family set up when a new bride comes in, the former resorting to so many intrigues – quarrels, protests, fights, blackmail etc., to make sure the new one does not have a foothold.

This is the situation the Perfect Masters always meet whenever they come. It happened in the time of John the Baptist, Jesus, Oduduwa, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha and many others. Therefore, when this Phenomenon Satguru Maharaj Ji appeared on the Nigerian scene with the
practical solution to all problems plaguing man not hinging on belief and faith; needing no fasting, chanting, burning of candles and incense or special bath, quite unique and different from the usual thing in the churches and mosques, there was no other way than for them to fight against Him ignorantly.

Many who started this sterile old war of attrition have gone into oblivion like Sheik Gumi, Jabaar, Mukadem Balogun, Prophet Olabayo, Dr, Ajagbemokeferi, Prophet cos etc. Olumba Olumba Obu, with his fake claim of mastership is just one of those used by the cabal and C.I.A. forces to fight against this Power now in Nigeria to save mankind. He felt threatened, thus set into motion all his anti-Maharaj Ji propaganda machinery, using an occultist turned evangelist tagged a “Truth Witness” after having lost his power base- Mfon Abasi – a mermaid.

O. O. Obu’s claim of mastership is as false and baseless like someone calling himself a king when he is not ordained by the rightful kingmakers. No one can ever be a Perfect Master by mere claims but by Divine Providence duly bestowed on one by a bonafide Master who reveals
the Divine Knowledge. Therefore, a natural change of baton of mastership must take place and that was exactly what happened with Satguru Maharaj Ji on 1st January, 1980 in London when Divine Knowledge was revealed to the present Satguru Maharaj Ji by His predecessor Shri Prempal Singh Rawat, the Golden Boy who changed America from darkness to light in the early 60s and 70s.

In the premedieval history, there is this name which no one can have, be you the wealthiest man, the king, president, emperor, field marshal and so on except he is given by only Divine Providence through the bonafide Master. That supreme sacred name is Satguru Maharaj Ji which is Sanskrit, the original mother tongue spoken on earth.

In Sanskrit, Sat means the True One or Truth; Guru means One who takes one from darkness into Light while Maharaj Ji is King of kings of all Hearts. Therefore, literally, Satguru Maharaj Ji means; the only True Master of Life, the Resurrector and Incarnator of Life and the practical

With this background, this pamphlet will enable you to know the true nature of Satguru Maharaj Ji and the impostor, O.O. Obu and his likes. Their falsehood has permeated every fabric of the society, everybody is being tied down spiritually denying the people the right to experience the Light Dimension. Satguru Maharaj Ji has therefore ordered all the religious leaders, both local and international to declare His presence to the world and release all His devotees to Him in One Love Family or else face the consequence.

Mark you, Pastor Kumuyi, Papa Olumba Olumba Obu, Dr. Ajagbemoke feri, Archbishop Idahosa, Prophet Olabayo, Pope John Paul II, the Arch bishop of Canterbury, Ajagora, Archbishop Okogie, the Imam of Mecca, Bishop Ganaka to mention but few, know that Satguru Maharaj Ji is not an Indian Name. It is the True Name of the Creator manifest in human body. It is this Holy Name that the European elites sacrilegiously silenced from the holy books. But, because man proposes but the Creator disposes; that is why Satguru Maharaj Ji is here in our midst to fulfil the prophecy in the book, Revelation Chapter 3 verse 12: “I am coming with a New Name”. Yet, these leaders are keeping quiet and not allowing the people to be saved from death, misery and agony in the midst of abundance because, maybe, they have forgotten what was said in the scriptures in Luke Chapter 11 verse 52. “Woe unto you Lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of Knowledge; yet entered not in yourselves and them that are ready ye hindered”. So, cast your votes where your life is so you can experience heaven alive and be able to re-incarnate forever on this earth.

The Light Is Back Again:

The Father of Creation, Satguru Maharaj Ji is back again to replant all souls and lead man across year 2000 in fulfillment of the Creator’s wish to ensure this world does not perish under the yoke of erring man’s karma. Like it is usually the case, history is about repeating itself. That is man, out of ignorance or as a result of lust, ego, greed, hatred. anger, desires and attachments borne out of the influence and control exercised by elemental forcers (the witches, emere, ogbanje and mermaids) under the cover of religion especially in this nucleus zone, are not responding to the message positively enough.

Nigerians have taken religion as their occupation and source of livelihood in material terms because the long disconnection from the Masters has created a vacuum, which the witches have infiltrated to introduce religion and blindfold us. The end result is the loss of spiritual essence in man which is the God Energy in us. Those who have benefited immensely from this religious imposition are not at peace. They want to maintain the status quo and make others believe Satguru Maharaj Ji is not what He is. But you can never cover up the Light – it will burn you! Now nemesis is catching up with O.O. Obu and many religious lackeys, political opportunists, spiritual vampires and all these elemental agents controlling everybody on the continent before Satguru Maharaj Ji’s manifestation Gumi, Mukadem and a lot more have failed in their efforts to stop Maharaj Ji. The junk newspapers have gone oblivion. Law enforcement agents have been used but now they becoming wiser.

O.O. Obu started scheming in so many ways making his followers to accept without questions by publishing the book “Spiritual Battle” in a desperate effort to cover up for losing his power base – Mfon Abasi, a mermaid who has surrendered to The Satguru. You cannot defraud the
Light. O.O. Obu’s claim that he is the Jesus is interesting. A Master who preaches from a holy book should be a clown. A Master or Godhead is the Essence of Existence and source of everything – the Alpha and Omega. How does one read to demonstrate love?

We now lead you through to know these agents of negativity implanted among the nucleus children to mislead everybody. Listen to Mfon Abasi, formerly Mrs Joy Akpan tell her own story about O.O. Obu for a start (as extracted from page 7 of daily Sketch of Wednesday, November 28, 1990).

Olumba Olumba Obu Is My Spiritual Baby:

“When I was a small girl, my parents gave me as a house girl to a family in Uban, Cross River State. By then, the water spirit which gave me to my parents had started to manifest in me. For most times, I would live in many of the rivers at Uban. But there is one particular river, blue,
stationary and very deep which I disappeared into once, for a very long time (One and half years).

“When I eventually came out, the troubled couple just gave me back to my mum. But once home again, I briefly disappeared again into the River at Ibi-Akpan (River where Olumba and Brotherhood get their holy water today!) Here, the part of the O.O. Obu story too starts.

“I was in the Ibi-Akpan River for six months this time, as “queen” while my husband, the king (of rivers) and I honeymooned together. On the last date for me to come back again to see my mum, the king told me he would like to mark it with a special gift to someone; that anyone who comes first to the river in the morning I should give him/her this white bird (a dove).

“Incidentally, Olumba Olumba was the first person to meet me and I gave him the bird, with an instruction, that “you must love all the faces you will see as from today!” Then, he should keep this bird in his backyard and on the next morning he (Obu) should come out and hand over all his own properties to the first person he would meet and start afresh – build a church and continue to use this power. That was the beginning for him.

Olumba Olumba Obu Is My Spiritual Baby:
“I have not come as another colonial power. I am not here to con you. I am not here to preach a religion. I have not come simply to divine data formulas for your economic problems. I am a Fa – ther; that Father you have been waiting for. I have come to take you away, and across the Ocean of Maya beyond good and bad, to experience the end of human perfections. To swallow your death, misery, accident and give you your life back. To teach you technology from within and the riddle behind difficult creations. Don ‘t believe Me, do the talking wherever you are and I will do the listening”.
How Olumba Olumba became “Obu” (Cray fish):

“I (Mfon) and Obu (till then Olumba Olumba) continued with this relationship, plus playing our games, which included sometimes having to go for outdoor activities in the evenings at the river places. One day we went like that: I changed into a big fish while Obu changed into a bigger crayfish. Something carne into me and I really wanted to show him something gamely. So, while the fisherman came and I ducked, Olumba was safely caught in the man’s nets, before he could change away from the crayfish form.

“Once out, it was then he started to beg the man not to reveal this discovery, promising to give him anything he wanted. Me I was watching. This was how the last name ‘Obu,’ was added to the end of ‘Olumba Olumba’. This story is well known in Cross River State.

How I Left Olumba Behind and Surrendered

“By 1985, when Satguru Maharaj Ji came I was in Lagos and married with kids. But this did not hamper my double natured life, i.e., as “spirit” and human at the same time. For the first time in my life, I saw a different new world, that was real and a ‘riddle’ of all my past experiences.

“l was sent to trap Satguru Maharaj Ji, but I got trapped in the end because Maharaj Ji’s Power is Supreme and Divine.

“All I can now do is to queue for Divine Knowledge. I started practicing Divine Knowledge in my own little way and experiences started flowing beyond my mermaid level. As a mermaid, I manipulate a lot but I had no peace. But with Knowledge the world has changed. I no longer have bad dreams and other problems of life I thought were natural.

“After receiving Knowledge, O.O. Obu came with Oschoffa (late of “Cele” Church) and I explained to them (in my experience, that is “spiritually”) that ‘that Great Power of all powers” has come and that me, I have found my true home. “First, Oschoffa came to surrender the “key” which I gave to him but shied away from the fact that he had to also “come out” (confess) publicly like I have done.

“l gave this experience to Satguru Maharaj Ji then at Iju, but I was shocked that only three days later I opened the papers to read be (Oschoffa) had a ghastly accident on Ibadan-Lagos Expressway. He had died actually!

‘But as for Olumba Olumba Obu, he continued to send people to me and my people both in Lagos and Cross River State, begging that Satguru Maharaj Ji should give him a little more time to gradually “give up”. Swiftly, he promoted my mum to “Elder” position in the church and continued to make many advances and promises to me, but meantime in the spiritual world, a lot of things were going on.” That was Mfon Abasi herself.

The Mysterious Bird Gift to O.O. Obu:

The white dove manifested from the river and given to O. O Obu by Mfon Abasi is the power base O.O. Obu is using to sustain his church. This bird has physically manifested as a 28-year-old Akwa Ibomite from Uyo. He is Ememabasi Umana, who is known in the larger society as
Andy. He was the pivot of the contract that led to the elemental power transfer and, as a matter of fact, the power itself extended in human form that sustains O.O Obu and the Brotherhood Church.

“l am the son of Mfon Abasi. That was in the past world before I came to Satguru Maharaj Ji” he blurted out in answer to his relationship with Mfon. He expatiated further. See, I’m the king of all rivers. I was married to the Queen of Indian Ocean, who is the queen of all seas and we had our abode in that particular ocean, it was while we were there that Mfon Abasi came to take power from us. We gave her some elemental powers alright but actually I was that power which she later gave to Olumba Olumba Obu, by then I had already manifested as her child”.

How was this effected? Ememabasi warned that, “it’s all a matter of spiritual projection, a question of wavelength, if you come to the language of the sea, the way vowels are pronounced are not the same with what operates physically. “O” has more momentum in the spiritual measure of wavelength in the sea, and this is the “Alfa” range. So, the O. O. O is the momentum of 666, the power level which is my real name. I am Olumba Obu personified! The Obu power is me. The physical body is just a satellite body.”


Is this not contradictory to Obu’s stance in own congregation that he is of a Divine mission? Emem retorted sharply: “Any stark illiterate can come and say I am a Professor, I am a Doctor, and so on, but the way I know Obu, he is the strongest power in the whole universe in the demonic world”. Here again another contradiction reared its head which he neatly explained: “It is not to infer that Obu is stronger than Mfon Abasi the spiritual mother. Mfon is higher; it’s like the relationship between a mother and child. Agreed that the mother brought the child to the world, but if the child works hard enough, he can climb to heights that the mother could not attain. He might get a PhD while the mum might just be a school certificate holder. That is the simple situation”

Where is Olumba Olumba Obu?

At the height of provocation against this Divine Power called Satguru Maharaj Ji as perpetuated by Olumba Olumba Obu and his followers, as false publication titled: “Spiritual Battle” was published and circulated all over the world linking Maharaj Ji with a spiritual/mystic Tibetan kind of cult or practice with criminal intent of covering up the truth. In the book, Maharaj Ji was said to have finally surrendered to O.O. Obu. It is a false propaganda meant to project O.O. Obu as the Master of the time….. a CIA ploy.

No one should be deceived about the said book – the spiritual battle. It is more or less a satanic verse. O.O. Obu is ready to declare that Maharaj Ji is the One of This Time. He can no longer continue to hide. His delay is just because he is spiritually weak and so is being manipulated by the cabal forces to mislead the people. That is the case of Euro-American controlled forces which invaded Africa to continue their spiritual subjugation of the Ignorant children of the nucleus culture. These forces always project the weaker, “white” horse to fight the genuine, “black” one in the political, economic, social and spiritual arena. That is, they sponsor the
wrong horse like it happened in the case of the scriptures where it will not be easy to know that the scriptures brought were meant to confuse the people the more. Not until human beings realize what the scriptures are: will they know that religion or scriptures cannot give man his life. There are millions of O. O. Obu adherents who are being drowned in the Ocean of Maya (illusion) under the pretense that salvation is within their reach. As we get round the end of the century, O. O. Obu, who claims to be Christ come-back, said he will effect judgment of some kind. This is an illusion because judgement time is now.

Human beings get paid for their actions while alive, and will continue to be imprisoned spiritually when they leave this body without the Master’s blessings. So, before it is too late, followers of O. O. Obu who are being used by the CIA and its like should come into the Noah’s Boat now. Satguru Maharaj Ji, being that Merciful Father, whose service is to save all Souls irrespective of their offenses, reminded O. O Obu of the karmic effects of his fighting the Light. Maharaj Ji made it clear to Obu that he would go blind and lose this Essence except of course he debunks the claims in that false publication. He refused and kept mute. That was the beginning of Obu’s troubles.

In 1992, many adherents were told O.O. Obu, the leader of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, was corning to Ikot-Ekpene and Port Harcourt. As a result, everybody gathered to see the self-proclaimed Jesus of Calabar. But, little did they know that because of the taboo committed
by Obu and the ignorant followers through the said book (The Spiritual Battle) claiming the final surrender of Satguru Maharaj Ji to the spiritual supremacy of Obu, that the Creator has reprimanded him and he is blind. And so, within the few days the adherents waited in vain and
up to the moment of going to press, Obu never appeared. The question now is: Where is O. O. Obu? Is he dead or alive? It is hoped he does not disappear oooh! That will be too bad!

The only solution to his problem is to get a picture of Maharaj Ji with some flowers by the side of it i.e., to set up an Altar in his home. With this, Olumba Obu will be sure to backstage again and will be very hale and hearty. But to ensure that, he has to come and surrender physically
to the Supreme Power-In-Person, Satguru Maharaj Ji. Ego apart, this life needs to be preserved.


After the spiritual arrest of O.O. Obu’s spiritual mother, Mfon Abasi, O.O. Obu decided to preserve his assumed sanctity. To prevent the secret from breaking his church apart, O.O. Obu launched an attack on Satguru Maharaj Ji and commissioned a self-acclaimed occultist, Evangelist Lyke Nathan Uzorma to write the “Spiritual Battle” that would portray O.O. Obu’s spiritual supremacy over Satguru Maharaj Ji. A false propaganda machinery was set in motion to offset matters and like any other rebellious child who wants to claim equality with his source of existence, he had to depend on make-believe rather than natural sequence to claim the role as the Sole Spiritual Head of the Universe.

To accelerate matters, Lyke Nathan Uzorma, an Evangelist heading the Brotherhood Church in Benin was commissioned in early 1990, to head the spiritual ministry to offset the misfortunes of O.O. Obu. The back inside cover of the “Spiritual Battle” with ISBN: 0794-3040, has this to say about lyke U. Nathan, a student of comparative religion, metaphysics and noctic sciences and the author of several books, is a Nigerian from Umuokpoko Village in Isu LGA, Imo State. He was called into the Brotherhood fold on the 14th September, 1982; he was ordained as Prophet in 1985 and promoted to Evangelist in 1986, and he received the appointment of a “Truth Witness” from the Holy Father on Thursday, 24th August, 1989”. Between January and December 1990, lyke and his team had visited Maharaj Ji thrice in Maharaj Ji Village and once in Iju all in subtle and cover attempts to circumvent facts to suit their purpose.

The book got published and circulated world-wide. According to the book, there was a series of spiritual encounters in which Satguru Maharaj Ji has surrendered to O.O. Obu as the God-head. To forestall any karmic effects on Obu, Satguru Maharaj Ji swiftly advised O.O. Obu to denounce his publication and render public apology. The apology was necessary to ensure Obu continued to live.


Satguru Maharaj Ji made it clear to Obu that ah offence against the Holy Spirit is not pardonable. That is, if Obu did not apologize he would go blind for daring the creation and leading innocent souls into deceits.

That apart, the writer of the book, lyke Nathan, started having numerous spiritual encounters he found impossible to ignore since they touched on his existence. While Maharaj Ji was in a programme in Lagos, lyke Nathan diverted his travel plan from Kaduna and landed in Satguru
Maharaj Ji Village on August 11, 1992. The appointment card he filled to have audience with Maharaj Ji reads: “to surrender and apologize and seek protection” for his false publication about Maharaj Ji.

There were three separate interviews conducted on both video and audio cassettes on the 11th, 13th and 15th of August, 1992 in an attempt to assist lyke to ascertain his purpose of visit. He recounted the bitter spiritual experiences. Among them were that he met Maharaj Ji sitting majestically on a throne where he was expecting to see O.O. Obu. Maharaj Ji said that lyke had no reason defending Obu, if he was the One. He also asked why lyke wrote such a falsehood against the Father. It was then lyke was given a date to appear in the Village to apologize and surrender to Satguru Maharaj Ji. There was another experience where Satguru Maharaj Ji vibrated the rays of the Sun on lyke’s face which nearly blinded him and later ordered O.O. Obu who appeared in chains before Maharaj Ji. An argument ensued between Obu and lyke when both were trying to deny the source of the false publication.

The following are excerpts from the three video interviews which explain the purpose of writing the Spiritual Battle, lyke’s spiritual encounters that compelled him to surrender to Satguru Maharaj Ji and his decision to come to the Village and other issues that explain the relationship between religious fanaticism and propaganda, pretense and Truth, Godhead and other relevant pronouncements by lyke himself.

SP ORBIH: What prompted you into writing the book, “Spiritual Battle”?

IYKE NATHAN: At the time I was writing, I believed O.O. Obu was


These are some of the imperialist agents being used to mortgage the people’s conscience and sustain spiritual enslavement. They are now asked by Satguru Maharaj Ji to disengage and embrace the Light, if they should cross year 2000 and enter the Golden Age of Life


the highest manifestation God and whoever is not the highest must not be allowed to operate and deceive others.

MR AKINULI: (Formerly Deputy editor, now Editor, Sunday Sketch) How did you go about your research to arrive at the fact that Maharaj Ji had surrendered to O.O. Obu your leader?

IYKE: I had made three trips to the Village and to Iju, my coming to the Village was to subdue Maharaj Ji and prove to Him that two cocks cannot crow at the same time and place; that our Lord, O.O. Obu is the Christ incarnate. I am an Evangelist of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star and a “Truth Witness”. I have made a lot of publications. Our purpose was to snatch a picture of Maharaj Ji and ourselves in the Village and publish it to prove Maharaj Ji’s surrender. We did but could not get the picture but still went ahead to publish the book.

SP TONYE OWOLO: What finally brought you here? Are you not here as a spy pretending to have surrendered to Maharaj Ji only to step up your propaganda?

IYKE: I have had enough personal contact with Satguru Maharaj Ji upon which I was able to write that book. And if I want to continue the propaganda warfare, I don’t think Jill be here. I have enough materials about Maharaj Ji to write whatever I wanted. My being here is as a result of my spiritual encounters with Maharaj Ji. I have held many positions in various mystical groups before converting to Brotherhood. Everybody has his way of spiritual research. Even though Brotherhood does not teach astral projection, I have my own way of spiritual contact.

You know I predicted in the Spiritual Battle that a time shall come when the Federal government will close down all Ashrams of Satguru Maharaj Ji in the country under the leadership of Babangida, As is usually the practice, I have to take steps spiritually to ensure that the prediction comes true. I was therefore, spiritually empowered like a spiritual assignment – to make sure the prophecy is fulfilled. I did many things and what I experienced are some of the reasons for my coming here and now calling Maharaj Ji the Lord, the Ultimate God-head.

AP ABDUL MUSA: What did you see to convince you that Maharaj Ji is the Ultimate?

IYKE: Those experiences are personal and I would only disclose them when I meet Satguru Maharaj Ji.

AP BABATUNDE BAMGBALA: We have been empowered by Satguru Maharaj Ji to relate to you. Don’t forget, should you become a Premie, you will sit on the Satsang seat and say everything you now feel is personal.

AP KAMINIA ITUEN: There is no secret here. It is even your saying them that lead you to seeing Satguru Maharaj Ji faster.

IYKE: I shall relate the experiences just because you mentioned Satguru Maharaj Ji as the One who has asked you to interview me. In one of my spiritual researches, Satguru Maharaj Ji almost blinded me with the Sun. The Sun came nearer to me and Satguru Maharaj Ji came out of it and the radiation of the sun nearly blinded me. He was asking me why am I publishing Olumba Olumba as God He said that I should come and see Him. I was trying to deny that I was not publishing O.O. Obu as God. He also said that if O.O. Obu is really the One, he would be able to talk and defend himself. Maharaj Ji then ordered O.O. Obu and he appeared. I was surprised at what I saw of O.O. Obu – he was in chains he wasn’t himself.

In the experience, O.O. Obu, the leader himself and as a matter of fact, in the name of Maharaj Ji, he told Maharaj Ji that he should ask me….. that I am the one who…, as if I am to say whether he (O.O. Obu) is God or he is not God. But the position he was there … I was not happy.

AP ADEBARE OBOROWA: What was O.O. Obu’s situation which made you not to be happy?

IYKE: I cannot say everything. All I know is that I am not here to talk about O.O. Obu. He has been personally nice to me. He never offended me. I am here on my own convictions. I am not here to talk about others. You see after those spiritual encounters on many instances, and the
things I said… consequent to the things I saw, I either deceive myself or I wouldn’t want to deceive myself. The truth is there, I agree I may have been playing a role in one way or the other. But what I want to face now is reality. There’s difference between reality and propaganda. Even my coming here is not an easy decision. After I had decided to come here
after our convention in Kaduna, there were a lot of frightening writeups against Satguru Maharaj Ji – some are in my bag here by Vintage, Climax – to discourage me from coming. Despite these, I am here because I had to resolve to be here even if it mean cutting me with a knife.

AP KWESI ADÅYI: The form you filled to see Satguru Maharaj Ji reads, “to apologize and surrender and seek protection”. What do you mean?

IYKE: My physical and subjective experiences gotten through spiritual investigation actually convinced me. Nobody forced me to be here. So, I am here to apologize to Him and if He accepts, I will be alright. I will not regret my coming here – that is my inner conviction. Everybody has been waiting for the Master. I’ve been doing my own research and now I’m convinced Satguru Maharaj Ji is the Master, that’s why I’m here.

SP ADEBOLA EZE: You said you had numerous experiences, but you’ve told us only one. Let’s have the others. When you tell us, it is Maharaj Ji you have told.

IYKE: You see, these things are so personal…..

SP MFON ABASI: lyke Nathan, you know me very well. If everybody here can deceive you, I think you know I cannot. What is there to hide about your experiences? Don’t make as if you don’t want to achieve the purpose of your coming here. Say everything and be free.

IYKE: There is this particular experience that has more less made me decide to be here and now I am talking to you. In that experience, I was moving beyond this plane. I had projected myself and was conscious I was heading for the Ultimate throne of the Creator. All I was expecting to see was O.O. Obu….. that is in the heavenly throne. I saw this wide, well -illuminated road and finally arrived. The person I saw on the throne as the God-head was Satguru Maharaj Ji. At first, I was disappointed. But Maharaj Ji looked very friendly and His countenance gave all assurances for me to overcome my guilt. He told me I have up to August 28, 1992 to denounce my claims in the “Spiritual Battle” and all my false propaganda to project O.O, Obu as the Ultimate. I know what that meant in view of my other experiences.

When all was clear to me, I started plotting my plans to get here because this is an issue hinging no longer on ego, propaganda but personal conviction, life and what I’ve been looking for. Having finally decided to surrender to Satguru Maharaj Ji, I know the most important thing is to ask Satguru Maharaj Ji to forgive me because I wrote the book. I know certain areas in my publication that I personally manipulated and I can identify them. But the fact still remains there’s nothing I do like that without the leader’s approval and blessing.


AP M. OROSO: Do you know that there is a natural law, in which once they are broken, and whenever you go against them, there is a karmic reaction on you?

IYKE: That’s why I am here!

MR AKINULI: Are you now ready to denounce your propaganda in the media?

IYKE: What I believe is that if Satguru Maharaj Ji accepts my apology and He agrees, I shall on my own take steps to correct the wrong propaganda about Satguru Maharaj Ji. I wouldn’t like a situation where my statements shall be printed and circulated. The harm was done by me. Allow me to write to correct the wrong. I would not mind going to tell O.O. Obu. You can follow me to him to tell him I’ve now found the Truth. But it will be ridiculous to advertise me when I can do it on my own. Even brothers and sisters in Brotherhood would be surprised I could do such a thing because I have a name.

SP TONYE OWOLO: Are you not here because of royalty dispute over the book or because you have a succession interest in the church which we understand has now become the right of O.O. Obu’s son; Roland?

IYKE: In the first place, I have published a lot of books and I’ve never complained about royalty. And if it’s a matter for money, I can assure you, I’ll never be here because you are not going to pay me back. As for succession dispute in Brotherhood, it is the leader who determines who succeeds him or it is by a spiritual selection that has nothing to do with
my presence in this Village. Do you know what it took me to decide to be here?

AP KWESI ADAYI: Are you not here to pretend, ask for forgiveness so that you can receive the Divine Knowledge and add it to your mystical and other powers?

IYKE: I experienced a lot spiritually that influence me physically. I feel I am now a disciple and as a matter of fact, I’ve talked to many people about Satguru Maharaj Ji. A few days back in Kaduna, I talked to Prof. Okpaku about Maharaj Ji and His Divine Knowledge and despite his
pronouncement last year that he would challenge Maharaj Ji, I believe he knows who Maharaj Ji is. At the end of our discussion on Maharaj Ji, he remarked that I am a liar and I replied but he is a bigger liar, and we both laughed it off. I’ve sent many people here for Knowledge out of mu conviction that Satguru Maharaj Ji is the Lord of Our Time.

Now that Satguru Maharaj Ji has been able to manifest the highest Power which convinces me, and from what I’ve been able to deduce- spiritually and physically, I actually want to receive this Knowledge to know if there’s any other person giving that Knowledge. Because, if there’s
something you can do which is exclusively for you, you may be the One. So, if Maharaj Ji is the One, I don’t see why I should continue deceiving myself. We are all looking for Him. For now, I want to confess my sins and I don’t give a damn of whatever happens. But I prefer the consequences than allow my conscience to offend me.

SP MRS IGWE: Why are you shivering and feeling uneasy? Are you feeling cold? You are among lover of the Creation and you are 100% safe. Feel free, relax and express your thoughts freely. That is how Maharaj Ji will forgive you.

IYKE: I’m free, it’s only that I’ve been feeling cold since the interview started. ….. Remember, I came here on my own as earlier stated. I know the level of my experiences. So, before I decided to be here, I had considered all possibilities, harassment or beating by devotees because I
wrote against their Master. There were reflections from newspaper reports since 1990, and even my personal confrontation with Maharaj Ji in Iju, which I know were not commendable. But I remember one thing, after the Iju visit where I confronted Maharaj Ji, I was surprised He gave a vehicle that late night which took us to a bus stop. I am resolved to be here. No fears at all.

SP CHIEFTANO ASHIRIBA: What is your concept about God and God-head. Why do you believe Satguru Maharaj Ji is the God-head?

IYKE: I am a mystic student. I have written and read a lot myself. Some of my mystical books are in my bag here. I know at least seven people being worshipped worldwide as God – Harold Klemp in USA, Maharishi Yogirishi, Bhagawan Soaham and Sant Sai Baba in India. Eckankar head, Sun Yung Moon in South Korea and Ajagorah in Lagos. Uku Steward in Benin City, Jolly Jodu and some guys. What matters is who actually is the God-head – there must be one! This is different from propaganda’ The conviction is mine. This is why I am here. A True Master must be able to manifest at the Highest Consciousness and be capable of communication with his disciples, leading them into the spiritual realm, into subjective experiences. I am convinced that Satguru Maharaj Ji is the True Master.

AP UDUAK ABASI: Why do you feel you now need protection from Maharaj Ji?

IYKE: After I had written the Spiritual Battle, the leader was highly pleased and in a personal dialogue he warned me that as from today, if I go back he will “slap” me and the slap means something ….. perhaps with life at stake. I understood the message. Now that my conviction
and focus as to what the Truth is has changed, I need to be careful; that is why I want to be the one to re-write to correct the negative effects in the book. The leader has that power to mean what he says. That is why I wrote to Satguru Maharaj Ji talking about surrender, confession and

SP OLUFEMI ORBIH: Satguru Maharaj Ji is the Ultimate, and provided you come to Him with a clear conscience, be rest assured no force here and beyond – can scratch you. You are in the safest hands in the universe.

IYKE: That is what I want! In fact, like I have said over again no one physically compelled me to be here. It is out of my search for truth as against propaganda. Now that I have experienced the truth there is no need fooling myself.

AP KWESI ADAYI: Can you tell the world you are not under duress to say the things you have been saying? Now that it is clear your arcolade “Truth Witness” has its own limitations, how are we sure you are not just saying things that make you find your way out of here.

IYKE: See, Maharaj Ji is hearing me and I cannot continue to fool myself. What I now call truth is real truth because it is beyond desire to defend anybody. I have no covenant or I have nothing at stake defending Satguru Maharaj Ji. As for being compelled or is it under duress …… it is very funny. I have many friends since my arrival here and I am surprised myself. This Village is just unique by itself. I discuss a lot with many friends. I really feel free.

SP ASHIRIBA: How do you feed here?

IKYE: I am given food free twice daily in the canteen there and occasionally, I buy snacks …… and enjoy them a lot. The brother who made the arrangement told me it is an order from Satguru Maharaj Ji.

MR AKINULI: How will you assess the Nigerian press especially these soft-sells which write a lot of things that put Maharaj Ji in a negative perspective?

IYKE: I told you, I had my own reasons for my own part in my book because I felt Maharaj Ji was a false prophet and I believed then He could not be allowed to deceive people. Beyond that, I was doing propaganda work for the Father, O.O. Obu. I don’t think I am in a position to discuss what others do. My concern now is to face the Truth. Those journalists have their own reasons and it is not for me to assess them.

SP OLUFEMI ORBIH: what role did you play as a propagandist machinery of O.O. Obu in relation to his assumed role as Christ incarnate?

IYKE: Emh….. the leader has confided in a few of us including his son, Roland. By this secret plan, immediately he passes away, the body would be secretly disposed of and would be announced amidst jubilation and victory over death, that their Papa has disappeared to the great beyond. This is to portray him a super human being, in fact. the God- head. The objective of the secret plan is to keep the church intact. In such a circumstance, his son would succeed without any leadership tussle since it would have a divine order of succession.

AP UDUAK ABASI: There are widespread stories among Brotherhood flock that O.O, Obu is blind. What do you have to say about that, and are you aware that it is the karma O.O, Obu is paying for daring the Light, Maharaj Ji, in the “Spiritual Battle” you authored on his behalf?

IYKE: I feel it is not my responsibility to talk on O. O. Obu. My being here should have nothing to do with O.O. Obu or Brotherhood. I don’t want to look ungrateful to the leader. Allow me to concentrate on myself and the reason for my being here.

AP OROSO: Aspirant Iyke Nathan Uzorma, I call you Aspirant because you are now queuing for Satguru Maharaj Ji’s Divine Knowledge. And like you said you want His Knowledge. We congratulate you for your courage in taking this bold step and now that you want to apologize for your rebel activities, surrender and receive Knowledge, we now come to the end of the interview. Feel at home. We wish within a few days you’ll become Premie Uzorma.
What’s your message for Satguru Maharaj Ji?

IYKE: Thank you all, I would want to see Satguru Maharaj Ji personally. I have intimate experiences I shall only discuss with Him. You know… when you want to apologize to someone you can’t feel so good when it becomes an indirect affair. He is now my Lord and I beg He allows me meet Him. (End).

From the dialogue, it is obvious lyke Nathan Uzorma, like he called himself, had played the “rebel” but met someone more than his physical and spiritual wits. His negative propagandist role for O.O. Obu and his metaphysical background have enabled him now realize that Satguru
Maharaj Ji is the God-head. So, his coming to Satguru Maharaj Ji Village is more or less due to the ultimatum given him spiritually, giving him a date to report in the Village. He knew the extent of his involvement in their own fight in trying to hide the Light from the people. His aiding and abetting role with O.O. Obu has put a lot of false claims resulting in the latter’s large followership. Since Obu’s power base had been exposed by his spiritual mother, Mrs Joy Akpan (now Mfon Abasi), they had to devise a plan to destroy his followers after Obu gives up the ghost. If O.O. Obu’s plan were not exposed, but allowed to materialize, they would have succeeded in killing the people’s souls and misleading them into destruction.

lyke Nathan Uzorma spent over two weeks in the Village and was queuing for Divine Knowledge. Having experienced the hospitality of devotees and lovers of the Creation and having been assured spiritually of forgiveness, he left the Highest Spiritual Centre of the Universe on the false promise of going to Jim Nwobodo’s daughter’s wedding in Enugu

“Iyke, you have up to 28th August 1992, to come to Satguru Maharaj Ji Village to publicly denounce this false publication.
“Iyke, you have up to 28th August 1992, to come to Satguru Maharaj Ji Village to publicly denounce this false publication.

where he said he was going to conclude a business deal and return for Knowledge within a week. That was the last we saw of the religious rebel writer. Today, the same lyke Nathan is now singing the glory of Arch bishop Idahosa. It is no longer O.O. Obu since his former leader’s secrets have been exposed by Satguru Maharaj Ji. For Iyke too his last battle is to save his former leader’s face via occultic astral projection which gave him the bitterest spiritual experiences in his life. Just a few months after leaving the Satguru Maharaj Ji Village in Ibadan by late August, 1992 after realizing Satguru Maharaj Ji is the One, Iyke is now singing a new

Mermaid Agents in Religious Garb:

From his latest book titled: “Occult Grandmaster Now In Christ” published in May, 1 993, Evangelist lyke Nathan Uzorma narrated his 21 years in conscious occult operations as wicked and negative essence of demonic manipulation from 1 971 to September 1992, when he met Christ face to face after ten good years of operating freely and undisturbed in the Olumba Olumba Obu Brotherhood. Rather than being discovered in the church, Iyke joined in 1982, he rose through the ranks becoming a power broker, confidant of O.O, Obu and trustee of the organization. He was ordained Prophet in 1985, promoted Evangelist in 1986 and later appointed a “Truth Witness” in 1989. So, all the years he spent with O.O. Obu was not for Christ.

If a highly possessed person like lyke Nathan operates successfully in the church and society undetected, one wonders how many church leaders are involved in such games toying with lives of millions in their congregation that are as blind as bat. From the new book by lyke Nathan, he is a factor behind the fall of O.O. Obu because he, Mfon Abasi and few others manipulated Obu into claiming the Universal Mastership only for Mfon to retreat on seeing the Light, and for lyke to push the weak old men from surrendering to Satguru Maharaj Ji through false testimony in the book titled’ “Spiritual Battle”. Others around kept mum knowing
that if the false claim ploy backfires with O.O. Obu paying with his life, they will step into his shoes to control the money-spinning enterprise called Brotherhood of the Cross and Star.


….. Iyke, a self-confessed expert in the art of manipulation, foresaw the end of the road with O.O, Obu and quickly came to Satguru Maharaj Ji to beg for forgiveness, probably warm himself into the One Love Family and possibly start another propaganda only to realize that Satguru Maharaj Ji is beyond what his little cunning brain could comprehend. Now, he has pitched tent with Bishop Idahosa after helping to destroy O.O. Obu. What is the future with the charismatic preacher at war with Ogboni Fraternity over his alleged membership which is an open secret?

Since lyke is very versatile in writing with willing financiers to publish his works, he should attempt to describe Jesus Christ and his message whom he claimed to have met face to face. Birds of same feathers flocks together, fraternal Idahosa and occultic lyke Nathan may attempt to divert the concentration of the people from Satguru Maharaj Ji with fake propaganda sponsored by C.I.A. agents in Nigeria, they have failed woefully before even starting.

lyke Nathan in the book also claimed to have been a party to sending over 30 million girls to the planet in 1986, to destroy the world indirectly by killing the men through compulsive and arbitrary sexual practices. Since he claims to have decamped to Christ, what about these devilish women; how will he eliminate them; how will he produce those he has already destroyed? Such karma is too much for him to carry thus, the need for him to receive Divine Knowledge soonest. Even Saul later surrendered his anti-Christ stance to embrace Jesus becoming Paul and to date, one of the greatest soul winners of all time. Satguru Maharaj Ji is
ever-loving and caring and will accept lyke Nathan once he is sincere.

If lies and falsehood reign for centuries, it takes Truth no time to over take it. Truth is timeless and constant; it needs no witness to validate or testify to it. Today, it is universally accepted that Satguru Maharaj Ji is the True One; the Holy Name that never fails for this era. Na ‘chop chop’ dey keep religious leaders’ mouth closed from revealing this Truth. Only Maharaj Ji can erase karma resulting from past activities, give new life and guarantee peace, love and bliss forever in human life.


Iyke Nathan, O.O, Obu, Idahosa, Ajagorah and others should make hay now as it’s never too late. Better late than never. Iyke is not yet ready to surrender his demonic mermaid powers knowing very well religious worship allows for anything provided you can say it loud: “l am covered by the blood of Jeee…sus” or you claim to be ‘born again” but … by whom (you may ask)? the holy ghost? (how holy is a ghost)? There you are!

Now from lyke’s latest propagandist book “Occult Grand Master Now In Christ”, the secret is open and the truth is now known to the world as to lyke’s powers ….. mermaid energy. He tried it on Satguru Maharaj Ji and you all now know the result, lyke has re-opened his lying machinery in support of Idahosa.

In the said book, lyke confessed that all occultists, etc., are anti-Christ and therefore demonic agents. He also recalled the destructive spirits that have besieged the earth planet since July 1986 and who are to operate till July 1997. What lyke has failed to mention is who or what force is going to terminate their existence by 1997?

He simply said they would be replaced … He failed to inform the world the role he is personally playing that makes him run away from Satguru Maharaj Ji – a Truth Witness indeed! So, if lyke was using his demonic occult powers to promote Obu, where does he stand when it comes
to finding out the negativity inside him? Is Iyke sure proclamation of Idahosa or whoever he feels is the right way, enough for him to attain the Ultimate and free himself? lyke wants more experiences for him to know what he is looking for.

Like Saul in the Bible, the world is still waiting for lyke to fully surrender to the Real Truth, if he deserves the tag Truth Witness. He should come out of hiding in the religious/occultist darkness, pretending to be a Christ apostle, Iyke should stop being a “Truth Weakness”. He should not wait for truth to chase him out of town. He and his former leader Obu better drop their passions and allow Satguru Maharaj Ji to take them across Year 2,000. The Noah’s Boat of this era is here. Do not allow materialism drown you.

We are glad lyke has realized that mermaid influences in most human beings. But has lyke and his father, Olumba Obu asked to know the forces propelling them into fighting the Father of Creation Satguru Maharaj Ji? Come and rest under the Universal Umbrella, drop the negativities inhabiting your system and become a Paul. You may not be called Paul anyway but all those mermaid tags like ‘lyke” and “Nathan” will give way to a nucleus name for your soul to have eternal bliss. As for Olumba Olumba Obu he has another chance to declare his stand now and get his eye sight back, else he is living on borrowed time.

Important dates to celebrate annually and mark that one can receive direct, practical and positive blessings from the Creator.

20th Dec, 1947
The physical birth of Satguru Maharaj Ji

9-17 Nov.
Golden Age Festival (Holy Pilgrimage)

29th May, 1993
Official declaration of Nigeria as the New Holy Land Today

17th April, 1987
Founding of Satguru Maharaj Ji Village

1st Jan, 1980
Spiritual birth of Satguru Maharaj Ji

17th July, 1980
Manifestation of Satguru Maharaj Ji in Nigeria

Dec 10, 1957
Birth of Grand Pa, Shri Prenpal Singh Rawat – the
predecessor to Satguru Maharaj Ji


Satguru Maharaj Ji Village
The Highest Spiritual Centre of the Universe
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011, Oro-Ohoror
Quarters, Uwheru, Delta State.

1, Amarata Layout, Behind Azikoro Pry School,
Azikoro Village, Yenagoa, Bayelsa

The Living Perfect Master, Satguru Maharaj Ji warns “Avoid Blue color because it is mermaid and dangerous. Red is love not blue which the colonialist said is love because their eyes are blue.”


Try, test and experience Maharaj Ji with whatever problem –
sickness, accident prone, witchcraft attack, marital problems
and infertility etc., before believing. Satguru Maharaj Ji is there
for you 24 hours non-stop daily and by calling this Holy Name
your safety is guaranteed 100% on Land, Sea and Air. You do
the talking sincerely from your heart and Maharaj Ji will do the


You can talk to Satguru Maharaj Ji, on these Sweetest Lines in the world!

The New Holy Land
of the Universe, Ibadan.

  • 09030901007
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Satguru Maharaj Ji is NOT a Religion. He is “the Comforter”, the Living Mediator
to link us back with the Creator.

Many people have a wrong impression that perhaps Satguru Maharaj Ji is a Religion, or have a fear that receiving Knowledge might disturb their former religions. Here Satguru Maharaj Ji answers some of their questions.

Ques: Does the Blackman need the church and the mosque at all?
Ans: No, they don’t. Both are part of the colonial empires.

Ques: What is the difference between the church/mosque and Satguru Maharaj Ji?
Ans: In the church and mosque they are being guided by the books since the books cannot talk; God is not in there, so the tendency is like saving your money in the bank but you are told to collect the interests after death. But Maharaj Ji will connect you with the Ascended Masters,
takes you across Time and Space, He breaths the Holy Spirit into you, then you are born again and you become resurrected; with the power to reincarnate

Ques: Do you believe in Jesus?
Ans.’ Yes, I believe in all the Ascended Masters….. Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha …… to mention but few. They are with me. This is why if you receive my Knowledge, all will be there to assist you. If you fail they will all reject you.

Ques: What happens if a person dies without accepting Satguru Maharaj Ji?
Ans: The person is lost forever! There are so many of such lost leaders wandering about.

Ques: Is there any miracle at all?

Ans: Miracles are the traps to catch converts. Actually, anybody can perform miracles — the whole situation is like this; illness, diseases, always occur to people who have not received the Light and because they are in darkness, they are being injected with these vicissitudes of life that manifest as accidents, sickness, bad business etc., so whoever say he has healed someone by miracle, it is just that they are using those actions to thwart the attention of the people from Satguru Maharaj Ji. Because it is their life, the Light, the Knowledge that people need; not money, food etc. once they have it you find that sickness is just a fine for ignorance, and death is the price of disobedience to the Living Perfect Master.

Ques: Maharaj Ji, you are in Nigeria now. You say you are the Living Perfect Master and Nigeria is having problems, what are you trying to tell us?
Ans: If you find that your crops are not yielding well, what you do is you replant the crops, one by one, i.e., you start from one stick to the rest. The problem is not Nigeria, money, food, drink, etc., it is the individuals who are no longer yielding fruits. So, each and every person has to be
replanted. The Knowledge has to be given to every cassava, each person. That is the moment Nigeria has changed in the eyes of that people. Until then he is the only person who is not saved… and the world will have been saved.

Ques: Does one need to see Maharaj Ji before his problems are solved?
Ans: No, right where you are, in your office, home etc. talk to Me silently and I will come to show you who and whatever is disturbing you. Then you will be convinced that this is the True Father whom you have been looking for. But you should not forget the old saying — “what does it profit a Man no gain the whole world, and lose his soul.”

Ques: Does Guru Maharaj Ji believe in “life after death”?
Ans: Once one dies, he never comes back. But when the Knowledge is given, it is that soul that will take another body again and again to serve under the true Living Master or whoever comes after Him.

Ques: Who are you?
Ans: I am the Father of all; animals and the entire creation.

Ques: Is Jesus going to come again on earth?
Ans: Capital No! It is the Creator that always comes back in different forms since the time of Adam to the present Satguru Maharaj Ji. No one can show you the true picture of Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha and all the Ascended Masters excepts you receive My Divine Knowledge.


An Altar is a quiet place from where one can communicate with the Lord and Savior of the Universe, Satguru Maharaj Ji. As proof of the potency of the Lord and Savior of the Universe of our time Satguru Maharaj Ji, one needs to set up an Altar in one’s home as an indication and guarantee of His presence. An Altar consists mainly of a photograph of Satguru Maharaj Ji, a fresh flower placed beside the picture. The base or stand of the Altar is to be dressed with a new cloth of any color except blue.

Fresh flower must be presented to the Lord at the Altar daily mainly in the morning to replace the old one. It is advisable to drink the water from the Altar and also use the flowers from the Altar in preparing Divine Tea by boiling the used flowers with water, pepper, alligator pepper, ‘uda’, and ginger. After boiling, filter and serve the tea hot. No sickness, witchcraft or any elemental force will attack you anymore.

A lady had an experience after taking the Maharaj Ji tea. She had been certified by a medical doctor as having appendicitis. A devotee who lived near her advised and gave her Maharaj Ji tea, made from Altar flowers. After having drinking it continually for three days the sickness vanished phiam! That was when she decided to try and know more about Satguru Maharaj Ji’s Divine Knowledge in 1985 and is still with Maharaj Ji.

  1. Satguru Maharaj Ji is Omnipotent
  2. Satguru Maharaj Ji is Omniscient
  3. Satguru Maharaj Ji is Omnipresent

Satguru Maharaj Ji’s omnipotence means His is capable of being active in any form and in any dimension. As an omnipresent being, He has the capacity to make Himself present at multiple places at the same time addressing different situations with the required perfection. He is
omniscient in the sense that He is capable of creating anything at any realm of Life or in any circumstance of need.

Satguru Maharaj Ji is not against religion but says He is the proof that the Creator is love and like He did in the past, He would never abandon His children in time of confusion, hence His presence on planet earth. Central to Satguru Maharaj Ji’s Appearance on earth is to save humanity from destroying themselves and usher in the Golden Age of Life of abundance, love, peace and unity and phase out the Kali Yuga Age of destruction and human holocaust.

It is worthy of mentioning here that the Holi Name Maharaj Ji which is derived from Sanskrit, the Mother tongue of the human race, was replaced in the Bible and Quran with God, Allah, Yahweh, Gott etc. by The European Aristocrats in their illegal Constantinople Conference
of AD 21 and AD 60 and that was the beginning of the problems of mankind.

It can be said unequivocally and unquestionably that Satguru Maharaj Ji is the Chief Whistle Blower of the Universe of the Century by revealing the Original True Name of the Creator as Maharaj Ji which gives 100% guaranteed safety on Land, Sea and Air.

We confirm that the Spiritual dynamics of Maharaj Ji’s Messiahship is Divine. It is about empowering man with the Knowledge of how to utilize the quantum of Divine energy in him or her to achieve redemption from the problems of earthly life. He is the Revealer of the Divine Light that dwells in man. He is the Teacher of the primordial art of connecting with and projecting forth this Great Power of Life and productivity. He guides and protects man along the path of divinity. He is more or less the Physical and Spiritual face of the Creator, i.e., the human personality in whose form He appears to man.

Who else is given the Special Blessing to Captain the Golden Age Boat of Life except This Great Friend of old manifest in Africa, precisely South-Western Nigeria, where civilization started in spite of tons and tons of colonial books tagged as religion, Eureka! Eureka!! Eukera!!!

If there is anybody who says, Satguru Maharaj Ji is not
The Father of all Creations, The Redeemer,
Lord and Saviour of Our Time and the Pump Action Gun
that swallows Satan, Poverty and Underdevelopment,
he/she or group should swear publicly with the Holy
Books, namely The Bible, Quran, Gita, the Deities
and Oracles etc., and or his/her family and all the
elements in Creation, namely the Sun, Moon, Star, Air,
Water, Earth and Fire and see what will happen to
that person within the next twenty one days,
for deceiving a fellow being to death.
… our generations will never die anymore.


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The Arti is The Satguru Himself. He is ordained from heaven to prove that the Creator is Omnipotent, Omniseen, and Omniscience. He manifests instantly on request. The Satguru takes the bodies of all beings to rescue any person who sincerely calls Him. He makes you walk on water and allows you always to enjoy full protection on land, sea, and air. He gives the Grace to receive special respect and assistance from all and He is more or less the Gateway to all known and unknown secrets and events. He is the library of everything in Creation. He sometimes comes like a bird, antelope, spider, or crab to resolve any issue be it on science, social, economic, or political confronting you anywhere anytime, and in any condition. Through Him, we have known that all things in Creation have life and can be talked to for clearance of any doubts about the nature of things. Maharaj Ji is the Spiritual Teaching Hospital, Universities of Possibilities, and economic emporium whose love, mercy, and compassion transcends the entire human existence. He is humanity’s last hope today and through Him, the unnatural vacuum created about the WORLD TEACHER and our search for God has ended because with Him we live in Heaven on Earth.




Satguru Maharaj Ji The Light of the World

Meditation begins in the form of our Master
Adoration begins at the Feet of our lord
Concentration begins in Words of our Master
Liberation begins in the Grace of our Lord

Jai Guru dev MAHARAJ JI
Your glory fills the world
protector of the weary Aand the weak
You bring the death of attachment
You bring the mind true detachment
Save us from the ocean deep
jai Dev. Jai Satguru Dev

Creator, Preserver, Destroyer
Bow their heads and pray to You
All bow and pray to You
Scriptures sing Your glory
Scripture sing Your sweet story
Your virtues are ever true
Jai Dev. Jai Satguru Dev.

Chanting, fasting, charity, austerity
Never bring you knowledge of the soul
Will never reveal your soul
Without the Grace of Satguru
Without the Knowledge of Satguru
Rites and rituals won’t reach the goal
Jai Dev. Jai Satguru Dev.

In the river of bondage to maya
All are swept out to sea
All are sinking in the depths of the sea
Guru’s Boat is the Holy Name
Guru’s Ship is the Holy Word
In seconds He has set us free
Jai Dev. Jai Satguru Dev.

Anger, desires, attachments
Rob us of eternal life
Take away our heavenly life
Satguru gives true Knowledge
The Sword that kills our problems live
Jai Dev. Jai Satguru Dev.

Religions harp their own glories
Call me to follow their own path
Welcome me to follow their own way
The essence of all was revealed
The seed of all was revealed
I walk on the true way today
Jai Dev. Jai Satguru Dev.

Nectar from Satguru’s Feet
Is so Holy and it cleans us of sins
When He speaks darkness flies away
When He speaks darkness cannot stay
Doubts removed, new life the begins
Jai Dev. Jai Satguru Dev.

Mine, thine, earth, health
Give them to the Lotus Feet of Love
Give them to the Lotus Feet of the Lord
Give Yourself to Satguru
Sacrifice your all to Satguru
be united with the blissful Truth
Jai Dev. Jai Satguru Dev.

Bible, Gita, the Koran
Sing the glory of Your Name
They all sing the glory of Your Name
Angels sing Your glory
heavenly hosts sing Your praises
They find no end to Your fame
Jai Dev. Jai Satguru Dev

Desire have robbed me and left me
In the darkness of the night
Trapped me in the darkness of the night
Guru gives Holy Name and Light
Guru gives Holy Name and Sight
Cross the ocean by His Love and Light
Jai Dev. Jai Satguru Dev.

Many past forms You have taken
Now we have come in You control
Again You have come to save the soul
In this time of darkness
To lead Your devotees from darkness
You have come as Hansa the pure soul
Jai Dev. Jai Satguru Dev.

Come to the shelter of Guru’s Grace
Come with your heart and your soul
Bring Him your heart and your soul
Cross the worldly ocean
Cross it by your devotion
And attain the Supreme Goal
Jai Dev. Jai Satguru Dev.

Jai Guru dev. MAHARAJ JI
Your glory fills the world
Protector of the weary and the weak
You bring the death of attachment
You bring the mind true detachment
Save us from the ocean deep
Jai Dev. Jai Satguru Dev

You are my father, and You are my mother
You are my bother and You are my friend
You are richs, You are wisdom
You are my all, my Lord to me
you are my all, you are my all
You are my all, my Lord to me

GURU MAHARAJ JI, my life is within You
From You I was born, and to you now I go
Forever I’m Yours, my longing is endless
This heart of mine aches to be one with You
Forever I’m Yours, my longing is endless
This heart of mine aches to be one with You

Whenever I look, Your face is before ne
Your golden Love malts all my troubles away
I give You my heart, for in You it will mellow
MAHARAJ JI my Lord, my life is your play

Oh wondrous Lord, my GURU MAHARAJ JI
Your Grace is a river that flows on and on
You fill my heart with Your Love overflowing
Please let me come home, find my rest at Your Feet
You fill my heart with Your Love overflowing
Please let me come home, find my rest at Your Feet

Our Lord is the Maker of all things created
He keeps them and brings them all home to His Word

Our Lord is the Superior Power in Person
I bow down before such a wonderful Lord



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