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In the Kingdom of the Living Perfect Master, service occupies a very significant position. It is the carrier of the Grace of the Master to whoever gives, or renders the service.

Service is whatever is done to help any living being without expecting any reward. “What the right hand gives let the left not know” – referred in the Bible to the manner service is to be done. It has to be completely selfless, unforced and unannounced. Service is done to Guru Maharaj Ji only because every face is Guru Maharaj Ji and is the focal point and object of total Devotion.

In order to encourage the rapid spiritual growth of a lover the Master Guru Maharaj Ji sometime gives a special service to anyone to carry out. No matter the difficulty involved in executing such a service, the Satguru gives an equal amount of Grace to enable the one to carry it out perform. When service is given like this it tests the sincerity of lovers. It is always to be remembered that unwanted interruptions in the carrying out of a special service rub the lover of deserved Grace as well as hinder the spiritual growth of both parties i.e. both the intruder and the one given the special service to carry out.

Service can be in any form from sweeping, and washing a dirty toilet, giving one water to drink, washing dirty clothes, helping and aged woman across the road; provided it is done without expecting any reward. Any service done with a motive behind it carries no Grace.

MAHARAJ JI is the Lord and Master of the Universe, the manifestation of the Creator. Our experience makes the manifestation a reality.
Before Him all nations on earth shall be subjugated for PEACE, LOVE and HARMONY. GURU MAHARAJ JI ushered in the GOLDEN AGE. The key to Advanced Technology has been given to us. Now, by virtue of our devotion, we must do what we have to do in this GOLDEN AGE. We must eschew ego racism and rivalry and hence the ONE LOVE FAMILY. Come and enjoy practical solutions to your problems-physical or spiritual. Reach the depths of the prevailing economic depression. Make it a duty to be present in order to share of the Divine Grace Free… COME, SEE GOD ALIVE WHILE YOU ARE ALIVE


The Living Perfect Master needs your request for Divine Knowledge and or your support in anyway possible like provision of land/structures for establishing Conflict Resolution Centers (Ashrams) in your area and/or radio/television airtime to getto pass this message of love to the next person, who does not know that her/his mind is programmed to serve other economies as a passenger to die at anytime and place. In case of cash, send offering ormiteto

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