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The arrival of a Living Perfect Master is not a matter of happenstance; it is a divine orchestration. Such a Master is sent forth when the Supreme Parent perceives an excess of turmoil, confusion, and widespread dissatisfaction among humanity. By a remarkable transmutation, the Divine takes form in human guise, manifesting as an Avatar, Messiah, or Messenger. This incarnation serves a profound purpose: to instill harmony, elation, and serenity within the human fold. In any given era, it is said, there exists but a single Living Perfect Master—our unique spiritual lodestar.

“I have not come as another colonial power. I am not here to con you. I am not here to preach a religion. I have not come simply to divine data formulas for your economic problems.

I am a Father; that Father you have been waiting for. I have come to take you away, and across the Ocean of Maya beyond good and bad, to experience the end of human perfections. To swallow your death, misery, accident and give you your life back. To teach you technology from within and the riddle behind difficult creations. Don ‘t believe Me, do the talking wherever you are and I will do the listening”.


Circumstances warranting the coming of Living Perfect Masters have virtually remained the same from time to time. These include a breakdown of moral and ethical values, the presence of all indices of darkness, i.e., socio-economic and spiritual depression. The period is normally characterized by an imminent catastrophe if unchecked; the events that happen are usually beyond human control.

Satguru Maharaj Ji, the Living Perfect Master, embodies the quintessence of love, compassion, and mercy. He is a wellspring of wisdom, an advocate for peace, harmony, and the spirit of unity. As the fount of the Supreme Primordial Energy, he is the sustaining force behind the entire cosmos.

From the Living Perfect Master emanates a profound energy that acts as a catalyst for myriad positive transformations. Individuals and communities who embrace, love, and steadfastly follow the Master find themselves at the center of an economic resurgence. This spiritual connection not only fuels a robust economic boom but also fosters significant advancements in technology and ensures a stable political climate. The palpable shift in spiritual consciousness brought about by the Master’s influence promises to lead not just to national liberation but potentially to a harmonious global awakening.

A PERFECT Master embodies the essence of the life force within us. This life force is impeccable, eternal, and uncreated—it cannot perish. However, it is often obscured by the cumulative impact of humanity’s negative actions, much like a gem hidden under layers of dust. Just as there are masters in diverse disciplines, so too exists a guide in the journey of self-realization. The one who unveils this self-sustaining Energy within, revealing its magnificent potential, is known as a Perfect Master.

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