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This is the physical structure where the Lord, Satguru Maharaj Ji lives with devotees, who are Premies and are referred to as Ashram Premies. In some cases, there is an infusion of Ashram Service Premies.

The Ashram is the closest physical link with the Master. It is also the most exacting for discreet living, spiritual growth and a frugal outlook. Its main thrust is the realisation of the soul through the practice and application of the teachings of the Master for the Mastery of life. However, Guru Maharaj Ji does not live permanently in any Ashram.

He is everywhere and always where the vibrations are clean. Satsang, Service and Meditation are regular features of the order in the Ashram. The meals provided in the Ashram are the vegetarian type and are usually complete with locally sourced ingredients. An Ashram is always a model of Love, Peace and Harmony being full of pure vibrations.

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