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A person who has been given Satsang about Guru Maharaj Ji and who is now a regular listener at the Satsang hall. Although, he is not eligible to give Satsang officially, his most salient attribute is that he is begging to be selected by Guru Maharaj Ji and given Divine Knowledge. The Aspirant is the one who has to clear his heart and house of all vestiges of charms, occult and related materials and old concepts. He must strive to come to Maharaj Ji clean. Above all, he must make himself receptive to Knowledge through a sincere desire in his heart. In fact, he is the one who is just about to surrender. How long he stays on the begging roll popularly known as ‘queue’ depends on the level of love and sincerity in his heart. However, this does not prevent him from experiencing Guru Maharaj Ji.


“Aspirant” or new-comer in Satguru Maharaj Ji Kingdom refers to someone who intends to receive this Divine Knowledge, that is, “aspiring”. Naturally this journey is the genuine original desire of every human being the journey to “Self-realisation”. Consciously or unconsciously, this is what the human being strives after every day, as explained in the Knowledge Within; all that his soul is concerned about. So, when fortunately, an Aspirant arrives eventually at the beginning of this journey, he is “unaware seeker” who needs to be guided, cautiously, right through the “clinics”, now a foetus in creation’s womb, till Satguru Maharaj Ji eventually gives him/her, birth. Transition from Aspirant to Premie.


At the Ashram/(Satsang Centre), the newcomer is first of all registered. This is normal recording of an individual’s identity in order to know who is who.


From Registration, the new-comer or Aspirant is ushered into Satsang Hall, i.e. the portion of the Ashram that is set up, purposely where the discourse goes on, manned by Premies who come out and give their experiences; and where even Aspirants, as they continue to understand can talk directly to Maharaj Ji by themselves, through the Altar. Satsang peels the veils of darkness and ignorance that perennially tie down the soul of man. By concentration the Aspirant is gradually being prepared for the actual giving-day of the Knowledge. All is summed up in one word “surrender”, i.e. to stop doubting The Master and to accept the gift of life free of charge. That, nobody ever came in contemporary history to challenge all to call him anywhere and time, and he will manifest to assist. That we should not believe but Try, Test, and Experience Him before believing.


Another further step nearer Knowledge. Through Satsang, Aspirants are made more familiar with the ethics that avail in the practice of Knowledge, which they are queuing for, so that they will be able to understand, to that extent, acquaint more and prepare, in advance. No Aeroplane can fly without the radar control system. If it did, it will never be able to land safe. So it is in this point, “at a quarter to Knowledge”, that Aspirants are equipped, “theoretically” about those virtues prevailing upon the lives of person in Light. Namely, for instance that when once Light is given one can no longer go into darkness again, either by delight or mistake. Also truly, obligingly, Love becomes a mandate; and, no more destroying of life, etc. The totality of these lessons constitutes the ignorance of the desiccated life outside there today, where pornography, cannibalism, corruption, pervertions, drug addiction and the other impurities of life, in that derailment, reign for choice.

Rather the Aspirant is made to know at this point, “Knowledge is the final launch, for an Aspirant”, so that if he may change his mind, in time, he could still drop. But the moment he is air- borne, no turning back, for good. In other words when one is revealed Knowledge and becomes a Premie, then you must love, be peaceful and in harmony with the Creation.

But devotion, in true practice of Knowledge, to this Love and Grace, makes a Premie to grow from moment to moment, day to day, and always, for the blessed ones the sky is the limit.

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