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The Living Perfect Master Satguru Maharaj Ji Giving Satsang

The term is of Sanskrit origin. Sanskrit is the mother language of all languages on creation. It means “the company of Truth. It is a gathering of all who have realised the Living Perfect Master’s Knowledge and by His Grace are practicing it. They testify to the reality, truth and authenticity potency of the power of the Satguru. “In doing this testimony Premies (Lovers of Guru Maharaj Ji) state what life was with them before they were found by the Satguru and having been found what life has become. It unveils future life to the lovers.

Satsang is one of the pillars of strength of a premie through which the remembered that unwanted interruptions in the carrying out of a special service rub the lover of deserved Grace as well as hinder the spiritual growth of both parties i.e., both the intruder and the one given the special service to carry out.

Service can be in any form from sweeping, and washing a dirty toilet, giving one water to drink, washing dirty clothes, helping and aged woman across the road; provided it is done without expecting any reward. Any service done with a motive behind it carries no Grace.

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