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14th March, 2024

The recurrent conflict between Israel and Palestine has consumed too many lives! It is time to give the bloody and incessant confrontation a permanent solution.

In 1948, Britain’s Lord Balfour finalized Britain’s arrangement to settle Israelis on a stretch of land that had been native home to the Palestinian people for a very longtime.

The initial proposal was to carve out a space for the Israelis in Africa’s Great Lakes Region, namely in Uganda or Tanzania.

Today, we have a most disheartening and undeniably genocidal confrontation between the Israelis and the people of Palestine being represented by obdurate Hamas.

I must say that Western leaders have so far failed to use their political advantage to resolve the crisis in question. The idea of playing skewed politics to the detriment of peace is totally unacceptable.

Israel has continuously seized tracts of land from the Palestinians, while subjecting them to apartheid treatment.

The Palestinians are no saints to the sustained and seemingly unsolvable mayhem in the part of the Middle-East.

Hamas’ latest attack on Israel is as horrific as Israel’s retaliation. We need peace in the Middle-East! The world needs the peoples of Israel and Palestine to bury their weapons and to embrace themselves on the basis of an equitable United Nations (UN) arrangement that will not be subject or open to meddling by any Western or Eastern hemispheric State-actor.

I call on the United Nations to establish a buffer-territory between Israel and Palestine. I suggest that buffer-zone should be named: United Nations City.

I say to the people of Palestine that the State of Israel has come to stay in its present location. I also assert that Israel’s right to Statehood should and, indeed, must be extended to the people of Palestine! I can assure all that once there is no bullet flying from Gaza, Israel will not react.

Previous Agreements such as The Camp David Agreement and The Oslo Accord do not deny the people of Palestine right to Statehood. The problem in relation to implementing those Agreements has been Israel’s security fears and the Western leaders’ skewed meddling in Israel’s favor.

There is no gainsaying that Western powers’ pro-Israel interventionism is quietly and powerfully underpinned by racial sentiments.

Known as Ashkenazis, the people now referred to as Israelis are Europeans who are as human as the Palestinians are.

Where there is love, there nothing that cannot be shared. It is possible to get the peoples of Israel and Palestine to live together in peace and in shared prosperity. What is needed is the political will by dominant State-actors such as America, Britain, Russia and Saudi Arabia to bring both parties not just to accept each other as having the right to sovereignty, to peace, to prosperity and to happiness, but to allow each other the liberty to live accordingly.

As a form of clear expression and proof of its genuine commitment to peace, Israel should stop further land-seizures and work with the UN towards returning all lands seized from the Palestinians after the 7th of October, 2023 attacks to the people of Palestine.

The world needs peace! Peace is a priceless asset that breeds happiness for all.

I call on Israel, Hamas, Iran, Hezbollah, and other parties that are directly and indirectly involved in the conflict to ‘sheath their sword’! I insist that they should not carry-out further hostile actions.

Finally, I urge the United Nations to set-up modalities for implementing the solutions here-recommended without delay.

My Divine Love And Blessings! 

Cc:     UNO Secretary General

          Members of the UNO

Satguru Maharaj Ji, the distinguished and venerable spiritual luminary, stands as the sagacious and esteemed Head of the One Love Family, an amalgamation of both Nigerian nationals and individuals hailing from diverse corners of the global tapestry, who have been bestowed with the ineffable and transcendent gift of Divine Knowledge by the venerable Satguru himself. Within the sacred and harmonious folds of this cosmic familial entity, there reside Nigerians of multifarious ethnicities, encompassing the rich mosaic of Igbos, Yorubas, Hausas, Efiks, Idomas, Binis, Urhobos, Igallas, and a myriad of others, all bound by the common thread of spiritual enlightenment and a shared aspiration for a united, harmonious, and flourishing Nigeria. It is with unwavering commitment that we, the members of this eclectic family, ardently strive towards the realization of a collective vision for a Nigeria that transcends the boundaries of ethnic diversity, fostering unity and prosperity for the greater good of the nation, the entirety of the black race, and indeed, the entirety of humankind. Phone No: +234 803 719 2667 Email: [email protected]

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One of the pictures taken from the programme had Adeboye sitting on a royal chair with the name of the king of Orile-Igbon visible on it.


14th March, 2024

The Living Perfect Master and founder of One Love Family, Satguru Maharaj Ji, has reacted to a viral picture of the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, sitting on the throne of Oba Francis Olusola Alao, the Olugbon of Orile-Igbon in Oyo State.

Pastor Adeboye had taken his evangelism programs ‘Let’s go afishing’ to Orile-Igbon in Surulere Local Government Area of Oyo State.

One of the pictures taken from the programme had Adeboye sitting on a royal chair with the name of the king of Orile-Igbon visible on it.

The pictures were posted online by RCCG PR, the public relations media team of the church, across all its social media pages.

Maharaj Ji said: “Adeboye was once a mathematician and when he finds out that his colleagues who retired, some don’t even have a bungalow or car and that’s why he decided to go for the masses in the name of establishing a church.

“The church is where we wake up to learn; where people go for salvation but the reality on ground is that churches have become business centers. I remember one prominent lawyer, Femi Falana (SAN) who accused Baba Adeboye of operating a business center and not a church. The Creator is not there to admonish them to follow the principles and laws of nature. Premedial Europe was the sanctuary of churches and religious groups but in modern times now, all churches have been turned into clubs where people drink; have fun and why? It’s because Jesus the Christ is not there.

“Today, for Baba Adeboye to say his son who died was given by God and taken by God has now become non-African because there’s nothing of such in nucleus culture. In nucleus culture, the love is there that the young shall grow and the elders too but children don’t die before their father, if so, it means something has gone wrong and what has gone wrong? What has gone wrong is that we have been emasculated by foray of monocultural values by equating our culture with religion which begets sin and repent whereas Divinity says don’t sin so, you can see that religion is an ideology.

“For Baba Adeboye to go and sit on the throne of a king means he has thrown justice, liberty, honour, tradition and culture into the wind. Unless the Oba want to tell us he was not sworn with Ifa while he wanted to ascend the throne and if he’s sworn in with Ifa, then Baba Adeboye has done something wrong and if he knows what the karmic reaction would be by the Ancestors, it is very important that the ‘Royal seat’ should be changed if something worthwhile would happen in that town because it’s a taboo, the consequences is gradual insanity, poverty to death.

According to Maharaj Ji, “It is either Baba Adeboye is ignorant of what Oba stool is or he’s arrogantly flexing muscle because he owns the largest congregation of the aguntans, but Baba Adeboye forgets that fact that he is grossly ignorant and empowered by imaginary unsubstantiated tales full of woes and misery that the colonial masters have used and still using religion supported with slush funds to destroy the Alajobi culture which is the foundation of the human race. The Biblical Prophets didn’t mess with the thrones of their kings. And shame on the fools with the crown.”

“It’s unfortunate that an elder, who should know better about the Nucleus African Yoruba culture, customs and traditions, keeps insulting our sensibility in order to promote his business and his foreign religion over our own. While we have tolerated their insult enough, it’s time we stand up against any form of insult to our heritage. Adeboye should be warned to stop his arrogance on our traditional rulers or have us to contend with.”

“A mere cleric insulted the whole of Yoruba race, tradition and culture.  This sacrilege must be stopped.

“It’s funny to see members of RCCG under the manipulation of the CIA ascending the throne of Obaship in the Southwestern States recently. Is that why Baba Adeboye now feels he can be sitting on their throne?

“This is what happens when politicians instead of Ifa chose our traditional rulers, most of them don’t know their right from wrong and the dangers inherent in such taboos.

“In the Yoruba race, he goes yo sit on the throne of a king when he’s not an heir apparent. He should know its against the culture of our land. If the Oyinbos come to belittle, decimate our culture, he is not the one to be used to do that. We know that they used force to enter Africa at that time to turn things upside down, but with the presence of the Light, the Europeans have started confessing and begging for forgiveness.

“Can the Chief Adeboye please realize what happened to king Saul when he abdicated the advice of God not to allow for animals to be brought into town and lost his position in shame and disgrace?

“But now that we are gradually becoming aware, it is not for us again to be used like the way it is now. Maybe, Baba Adeboye doesn’t know African history that we are the nucleus race.

“Baba Adeboye should bear in mind that any act overtly or covertly that tends to emasculate our culture is an act of rebellion, and total recolonization and therefore it is a treasonable felony case in an advanced economy such as ours that should attract the attention of the African aristocrats, lawmen and workers as well as the youths in order to stop this act of aggression and threat to our co-existence.” Maharaj Ji professed.


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The Sultan of Sokoto


14th March, 2024

The Sultan of Sokoto is interestingly silent over the unprecedented economic hardship in Nigeria.

Does the Sultan have a phobia for confronting economic hardship? Is he is humane or humanitarian? We need him to intervene in the hardship happening. We need his frank words of truth and encouragement. We also need some good portion of the affluence in which he prays five times daily to the desert-relishing Allah of the Arab world.

The Sultan is recognized as the spiritual head of all Nigerian Muslims. The hardship occurring across Nigeria is not sparing Muslims.

What does the Sultan have to offer as solution to the tribulation? What is his spiritual solution to the situation? Or is he no-longer the spiritual head of Islamic Miyetti Allah, the criminal gang that has been visiting genocide across Nigeria, snatching innocent men, women and children from sleep and farmland and slaughtering them excitedly in the name of Allah?  

The Sultan of Sokoto is a core and commanding member of Nigeria’s neo-colonial ruling class that has persistently refused to embrace Maharaj Ji’s divine presence and non-relenting outreach in the battered Republic by Euro-Arab design and orchestration.

I have been speaking repeatedly about a new global Order and of the critical importance of Nigeria to the birth and reign of the new Age of global peace and abundance for all.

I have, for over 40 years, been calling out to Nigerian leaders to refrain from bleeding Nigeria into their private coffers and into the deep vaults of Eurasian authorities. I have been calling on them to do the right things for Nigeria – for Nigeria’s progress.

What is happening today is a most harrowing consequence of the stubbornness of Nigerian ‘leaders’ that insists on looting Nigeria and mobilizing ignorant masses to rant and kill for them i.e. to intimidate voices of opposition to their brigandage and perfidy.

The unprecedented economic heat in the country is; indeed, a special opportunity for the Sultan of Sokoto to prove that he is a positive spiritual head and that he is truly fatherly. I must say that the heat does not need rhetorics and prayers. Both are spiritually and primordially useless!

The situation needs the Sultan and other members of Nigeria’s extant ruling class to do the right thing. Can they? Will they?

It gets to a stage in the brazen looting and in the habitual stifling of a country when the nation’s vaults run dry on everybody.

Brigandage is not constructive. It is destructive. Looting does not enrich the nation. It impoverishes the country. Nigeria has, naturally, arrived at an increasingly hot cross-road where the voice and actions of the Sultan and his comrades in neo-colonial rascality will either worsen the fire or will quench it to the benefit of all Nigerians, irrespective of tribe, religion or location.

The Sultans of Brunei, Kuwait, and other parts of the Middle East preside over affluent economies. How come the Sultan of Sokoto has been reigning over a wretched economy? Is the Allah that he prays to everyday different form the one that Arabs patronize?

I humbly call on The Sultan of Sokoto to break his conspicuous silence! He is our revered head of Nigerian Muslims whose word is law over the Koran-wielding vandals who have looted Nigeria into its current state. 

May Allah grant him the will to speak to the nation’s actual redemption before it’s too late!

My Divine Love Blessings

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Your Ref:____________________


Date: 28′ March, 2024

News-reports speak to a claim by Gani Adams, the Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, that President Ahmed Bola Tinubu is plotting to assassinate him.

It is imperative for Me in My position as Divine Father The Omoloju Obatala and Oduduwa incarnate to intervene in this highly distasteful distraction.

No human-being is spotless. And this granite truth applies to Gani Adams and to whoever he claims is designing an assassination project against him.

The political reality of Ahmea Bola Tinubu’s status as President of Nigeria the largest population of black people on the planet, transcends the pettiness and parochials that leadership players in Nigeria are wort to exhibit over critical existential issues of our only Republic.

Gani Adams is said to have accused Mr Tayo Ayinde, the Chief Of Staff of the Governor Of Lagos State, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, and Sunday Adeyemo, otherwise known as Sunday lgboho, of serving as hirelings in the alleged assassination plot.

Looking deep and objectively at the matter, I here-state that Gani Adams is better-of realizing that he has no moral premise to claim victim where the unwavering Law of Karma holds clearly that man will always reap what he sows.

Is there actually an assassination intention set against Gani Adams? The onus of proof lies with the accuser. In this case, the accuser is Gani Adams, the same Gani Adams who was used to ‘quench’ sound-brain Fredrick Faseun – the founder of Odua People’s Congress (OPC)!

After Ganu Adams’ brazen hijack of OPC with his thug-life status and reeking goons, what is the state or condition OPC today? Divided! These are the people against him not Asiwaju. Remember, a group use the OPC under Gani Adams to build a house on my land on the expressway and are using everything in their power to alter Court Judgements given to us 22years ago.

It apears Gani Adams has been settled to keep OPC ineffective and incapacitated and now living large as the National Coordinator of Federal Government backed OPC against the interest of the Yoruba up to May 29, 2023.

By whatever circumstance, we have Bola Tinubu as President of Nigeria the high-potential country that frontline international forces are bent on destroying!

There is a big difference between the person and the President. If Bola Tinubu were not President of Nigeria, Gani Adams can very well rant his bile at him to any end of his choosing.

Gani Adams’ current assassination plot rant is consistent with a past accusation of Sunday igboho of serving as the hit-man who sent Chief Bola Ige to untimely grave. That accusation gathered disturbing dust across South-West Nigeria. Good enough, thorough and objective investigation was able to prove that Sunday lgboho had no hand in the murder of Chief lge.

Several years after Chief Bola lge’s passing, Gani Adams is declaring Sunday lgboho an agent of another unsubstantiated assassination agenda, this time, against him – Gani Adams!

“Igboho has the greatest respect for all the Yoruba Elders, Traditional rulers and leaders and has refused to allow his supporters to terrorise and attack non-Yorubas. The only enemies he and the Yoruba people have are the foreign Fulani terrorists that are in our forests and that are kidnapping and killing the Yoruba people.

Gani Adams is too far down the food-chain for President Tinubu to be bothered about. I recall Gani Adams once called Sunday Igboho an illiterate.

In relation to the President of Nigeria, Gani Adams is worse than benighted!

I hold no brief for President Tinubu, but suffice to say that our current President has his good deeds that should be highlighted over the kind of attitude we see and hear Gani Adams projecting at him.

It takes a man of crude thought-process to raise the sort of allegation that Gani Adams expects right-thinking members of society to endorse against Mr President without unassailable evidence. Does Gani Adams know what it is or means to be the President of a country? Is he conscious of the grave implications of him – a political and mental ant, accusing Mr President of planning to kill him? Of what substantial importance is Gani Adams in Nigeria’s political equation at Federal level where President Bola Tinubu now operates?

Until Gani Adams is able to tender “rock-solid’ evidence to authenticate his allegation, to the Presidium of Obas (the 9 Children of Oduduwa), not the here-recommend that his finger-pointing at public for consideration. I here-recommend that his finger-pointing at President Tinubu, Sunday lgboho and Tayo Ayide should be regarded as one of his episodes of fleeting psychosis.

Is Gani Adams (and other Nigerians of his ilk) aware that Nigeria is the destined geo-political, geo-economic and geo-spiritual dynamo for the resurgence of black civilization and for the world’s return to tranquility? At this level of consciousness, national survival ranks far higher in importance than the pedestrian proclivities, the kindergarten questions and the childish claims that excite and aggrandize Nigerians of the Gani Adams typology.

Besides, as Aare Ona Kakanfo, Gani Adams should not be heard expressing fear of death or of assassination! Was he not fortified in line with the ancient spiritual tradition of Yorubaland as it relates to the installment and sustenance of its supreme warrior? If he truly was, he should be man enough! He should be silent. In other words, he should be noiselessly proactive in the face of any significant threat to his existence.

I assert that people of genuine enlightenment who occupy the kind of position Gani Adams sits on today, engage the nation and its President with nationalistic fervor. They set aside personal and pedestrian issues to dwell on questions of critical importance to the survival and success of the Republic. They ally with the President in the best interest of the country until the very second his tenure expires.

It is rather unfortunate that what we have in Nigeria; for now, is predominantly hooliganism masking as patriotism, by which the country and its entire range of assets are committed to primitive material accumulation to self, spiced with psychotic acquisition of congenital and career harlots.

I call on Gani Adams to focus on the responsibilities of his traditional office. Instead of pointing bionic fingers at President Tinubu, he should be working round-the-clock to protect Yorubaland from marauding Fulani herdsmen and their likes. If he does this, the Ancestors of Yorubaland will lavishly bless and protect him from whoever, whatever!

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu made priceless contributions to the demilitarization of Nigeria’s political space. He is a notable icon of the Nigerian struggle for democracy. He has raised many people from poverty to prosperity and power. Bola Tinubu does not claim to be a saint. He has many times admitted his human frailties, quite a number of which are obvious. Be that as it may, he is President of Nigeria and chairman of Ecowas States and should be met with positive words and actions in order for Nigeria to outlive its ever-prowling adversaries.

President of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu has in his grip, at least 25% of the power of the entire black race. He presides over an African country that Eurasian imperialist hegemons are determined to ravage and sink beyond redemption, in other to deny the black race its destined return to freedom, power and glory.

No nalion, civilization or empire on earth has excelled without the special facilitation of Light-Workers (i.e. Children of Light) produced by successive Living Perfect Masters. President Tinubu now has the golden opportunity to make use of Satguru Maharaj Ji’s Children of Light to drive his regime to gleaming and unforgettable success. I look forward to Mr. President’s appropriate action in this very important regard.

Before I end up this message of Love, I would like to strongly beg the Aare to tender sincere apologies to the President, for what has happened because the culture of Alajobi as laid down centuries ago which has been the platform the elements in Creation subsist on, does not allow disrespect to the Elders and today, President Tinubu happens not only to be our Father but the Father and leader of the nation.

The law is the same including my very self as the custodian and coordinator of all the Gods and Goddesses, Oracles and Deities in the world. I Love You.

Finally, I call on President Tinubu to work assiduously to leave a glowing legacy as President of Nigeria. He should strive to succeed where his predecessors failed. He has Allah, God, the Constitution of Nigeria, The Executive, The House of Assembly, The Judiciary, and the Kings of our land to back him up.

Maharaj JI's Love and Blessings

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